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on May 10, 2013
I have given this to several employers and they all had an "Oh Wow" moment when they read it. The explanations of potential liability both for guns in the workplace and "gun free" zones was outstanding. It has caused the "no gun" signs to come down, and CCW to be embraced in several places. Either way, at least the employer will be making a more informed decision, or may seek out the advice of an attorney. If you own or manage a business, this is a must read. If you are an employee who wants to know your rights. it is for you too.
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on April 17, 2016
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on January 1, 2014
Every CEO considering a firearms policy in the workplace should read this and discuss with counsel. It is not a "feel good" decision w/o consequences.
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on September 24, 2014
not what I had expected, lots of unnecessary stuff.
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on December 21, 2008
very interesting reading am interested in our second amendment and where it's going with the new political party
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on August 24, 2007
The idea of having a firearm is hard for some to grasp, however as the world grows harder and we, the people, see more and more cases of the government being unable to defend us, many more people are starting to realize that "When seconds count, the police are still minutes away". The police are there to clean up after a crime and take a report, rarely will they arrive in time to stop a crime once it has begun.

Think about it, if someone enters your workplace and starts shooting, what are you going to do? Call 911? How many people can this madman kill before 911 responds? Is that acceptable? NO! If even one person at your workplace was armed, they could stop the crazy man much quicker then waiting for 911 to respond.

Does this mean you should take the law into your own hand? No, just take your life, and lives of those around you, into your own hands. Legal firearms owners are responsible, and have training, and understand that a firearm is a last resort, life-saving tool. It is nothing to be afraid of in properly trained hands. It is simply a survival tool.

As an employer, I allow all my employees, who are properly licensed with the state, to carry a firearm at work. It makes sense. We are all safer for it.

That is the point the author tries to make, that having a gun at work eliminates the wolf-in-the-pasture scenerio. You are no longer a helpless sheep when the wolf enters - you are capable of protecting your own life.

We all need to be more responsible for ourselves in our daily activities, and this is just one more way to do that.

Reading "Guns in the Workplace" will enlighten you to the reasons and advanteges of letting your employees carry at work, and why you, as an employee, should do so.
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on January 9, 2007
There is a need for a book to advise the hundreds of thousands of concealed-carry licensees on how to deal with the workplace, and to advise the employer as well, as to options, and real risks vs. hyperbole. Gary Kleck, Don Kates, and many other serious criminologists have provided ample evidence that concealed carry makes workplaces more safe, not less, so that 'debate' need not be re-visited every time the topic comes up, yet employers and risk-management advisors tend to only consider one side of the issue, and this author provides an overview of the (more factually substantiated) other side.

I've worked in many pharmacies and emergency rooms where numerous professionals (pharmacists, physicians, and nurses - NOT just 'security guards') were carrying concealed firearms. Holdups and confrontations, which are inevitable in those environments, were always handled to minimize risk to all, with never a shot being fired, and only a few times did anyone even have to reveal the presense of their firearm (i.e. we'd let the robber have the drugs and money, as long as they didn't start hurting anyone). Thus, most of the 'bad guys' and NONE of the general public, ever suspected they were seeing armed pharmacists, physicians, or nurses. In some areas of the country (notably the safest), some one in ten adults has a carry permit, so like it or not, there are many armed employers and employees, often without guidance due to the private nature of carrying a firearm.

This author exposes this vast protection-oriented world to the public, including employers, and it is a world they need to see; too many people only see firearms on television, and only cops and robbers have them.

Having many patients who are female victims of rape and assault over the years, and who have learned the hard way why not having a firearm can be dangerous, only to see them stripped of that protection (or having to be deceptive and defy company rules), I have come to appreciate the dilemma many employees face, and many employers are sympathetic to, but have no source of information about.

I'd like to see more books on this topic!

Andrew Johnstone, RPh/MD
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on December 3, 2006
The aim of this book is encourage employers to allow guns in the workplace. The author's premise is that this creates a safer work environment. I heard a radio interview with the author and he kept returning to his central point: if an employer doesn't allow guns and the employees are somehow subjected to violence, the employer could be sued for not allowing its employees to defend themselves. La de da. Anyone can sue anyone at anytime for any reason, but whether a lawyer will take the case or a court will hear it is a completely different matter. The authors could sue me for writing this review!
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