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on December 27, 2014
Don't be fooled by the pictures posted. I bought this for a bit over 30 bucks and for the same amount of money I would have bought a CK extreme slim fit shirt which would have been way better than this. the material is paper thin ans has a very cheap feeling to it. the finishing is nothing of what you would expect of a good brand. I don't live in the U.S. and I got this through a mail service, so sadly I can't return it.

I'm not a negative person or someone who's fond of giving negative reviews, but trust me this is a cheap shirt. you don't want this in your wardrobe. you're better off buying another reputable brand. I personally (6'3, 191 pounds) find the CK Xtreme Slim Fit to be the best for me. I still can't believe that they sell this for over 25 and 30 bucks. this should be listed for 10 bucks max.
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on March 19, 2015
Excellent fit for the price! This is the first time I order clothes online and I was worried after reading mixed reviews of this shirt, but honestly this is one of the best dress shirts for this price that I have ever bought. You should know what a Slim Fit means, so I see that lots of people were complaining about this being too small, check the size chart before ordering. I am 5 "6 , 150 lbs. If you have belly this may not the right shirt for you. I have really small love handles but the cut is great that it covers them and cannot be seen XD. I'm wearing a Asian L ( Medium USA ). I will definitely buy more colors. Also, some people may say that the fabric is cheap, but I have always said that even if you wear a 5 dlls t-shirt as long as you know how to pull it off you'll be ok ;) The red one is not as tight as the white one, even though they are the same size ( US Medium )
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on July 27, 2013
I ordered one of these shirts to test the sizes, since so many people appeared to have trouble with them. I normally wear a US Large (have a few Calvin Klein shirts that are "slim fit" in that size). I'm 6'1", 200 lbs. I'm not really in shape, but I guess my weight spreads evenly. I have a tiny bit of a tummy when I don't stand up straight, and I would say these shirts fit perfectly -- and help my posture!

These shirts seem every bit as durable as my $60+ CK shirts, and I personally think they fit better. There is just physically less fabric, so when I tuck them in for work, I don't get a bunching of fabric that I constantly have to try and even out. I could stand them to be an inch or two longer, as the back may come untucked a couple times a day (I work in a data center, so sitting/standing/pulling cable/etc...).

I also like the stiffness of the collars. Even with collar stays in my CK shirts, they seem to sag (I don't wear a tie to work, else this probably wouldn't be much of a problem).

After I got one in and tried it out for a day, I ordered four more. I'm extremely happy with them. I checked out some other styles from H2H, but didn't find anything that struck me (I like plain, button down shirts that I can roll up the sleeves on...a little design isn't horrible, but I do wear them to work). I will definitely check back from time to time, as I think the quality/fit/everything of these shirts warrants my attention.

Thanks, H2H!
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on February 9, 2017
We bought these in white, grey, black, and navy in the size US Large, Asia 2XL. My fiancé is 6'2, 208lbs, athletic build. There are some inconsistencies. The black one was the most fitted with no lines or seams and one cuff button. The other colors have these seams down the front of the shirt and two cuff buttons. The darker colors don't show the seams as much but the white one is see through and definitely noticeable. The black one hands down looks the best but the others still looked fitted just not as slim. My fiancé liked the slight stretch the shirt had. Overall good buy but we found another vendor with slightly cheaper shirts that looked better.
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on April 30, 2015
I normally wear a ....... Stop. This is the foolish way to order clothes online. Small, Medium, Large, I don't care. These are generic sizes. Always, always, always use measurements. If you don't have a flexible tape measure go to Walmart or the dollar store, into the sewing section and buy one. Now use it to measure yourself and your existing similar clothes. Then compare hose numbers to the numbers in the description. Armed with this information you can make the right choice so you don't have to say, "I wear a medium and they told me to go one size bigger so I got large and it STILL doesn't fit."

Also, look at the picture. This is clearly a form fitting V-taper shirt. It's not supposed to be baggy. It's supposed to hug you and show your form. If this is not the shape of your body, don't buy this shirt. Go to any department store and buy a shirt that hangs off you like a curtain if that's what you want. The reason to buy a fitted shirt like this is because you want to show your shape, you want it tight. Not "can't bend my arms tight" but you want it to hug you. If that's not what you want, but a regular shirt, not one like this. This isn't the equivalent of a normal "slim fit" either. "Fitted" or "slim fit" shirts in the department store hang off of anyone that's in shape because you have a small waist but reasonable chest and shoulders. Just look at the picture, it's obvious what type of shirt this is. This will actually hug your form.

I'm 5' 10", 155 lbs. I have a 40 inch chest. I wanted this thing as tight as possible without being painted on. Because I got this to go under an equally form fitting vest. So I got the Medium, which was listed as 40" chest. It fits just right. I hear machine drying it will shrink it so don't do that if it's already perfect. Also, it's not wrinkle free, but you already know that.
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on May 4, 2016
I usually don't write such negative reviews but these H2H are a bust in my book. I must say I really tried to give these shirts respect but I really feel they are cheaply made. They are paper thin and the collars are VERY weak. By weak I mean that are not sturdy at all. After wearing it for awhile the collar will look all out of place and just horrid. I have a desk job and don't even move around much so when I get up and have to manually try to get the thing to look right it's a real pain. The products is just a bad buy if you ask me and I bought several of these. I now go with a more expensive but much better brand in Arcteryx. You have been warned about this product. I can't give it really any props. These shirts say they have to be dry cleaned as well. Stay away and go with a better maker. Please!
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on January 4, 2015
I would like to love these shirts. I bought three in three different colors because I thought I couldn't lose at this price.

First the PROS (based on early experience):
*The colors are great. They are rich and just a great hue. I have gray, wine, and black.
*The fabric is great. I saw some concerns about how thin it is, but I don't see that as a problem. I have shirts with this weight of fabric that have lasted fine over the years. They breath well and the feel is nice.
*Cut. Yes you have to go super large. I got 2XL and it just fits me as would an athletic fit 18in neck XL shirt. It looks really good out of the box.
*Wrinkle free. Well yeah. Mostly. Like many of these fabrics it takes your body heat and moisture to make that happen, but it does seem to happen.

Now the CONS:
*What is going on with this collar? It doesn't work well with a tie and it doesn't work well without one after you wash the shirt ONCE. That wash sends the collar into some kind of weird twist so the pointed ends start going upward. Could you iron it to send it back? Maybe, but that's the point of wrinkle free shirts. This alone would keep me from ordering more, which is unfortunate because it seems like a pretty easy fix.
*The gray one I got (unlike the wine and black) looks like it has been washed and worn once before b/c it has the weird collar problem out of the box.
*I'm not sure how long the wrinkle free will stick. I'm still making an assessment on that. Most of my W-F shirts always stay that way but the gray one makes me leery because it doesn't really seem to be going the same way as the others. Makes me question quality control.
*There were some weird button thread issues with the gray shirt, like fit and finish issues. The black and wine seemed to be fine.

Overall, I will pass on additional purchases. I am sad about this. If they added about $2.00 to the cost of these shirts I bet they could fix the collar problem and sell more shirts to people a second time.
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on January 1, 2015
Regarding the fit. I am 6' 4", 205 lbs, 41 chest relaxed, 13 bicep relaxed. The size large is almost tight across the chest. Were my chest 42 inches relaxed it would be a compression fit garment. If I Hulk out my chest and lats it gets tight and the placket starts to gap. My waist is 35 and the fit is more generous there, but you should not be any bigger in the belly than 35, and more slender would look better. Fit on the biceps is near compression arms relaxed. If I flex out my biceps to 14-1/2 inch then it gets restrictively tight. If not for the slight spandex I think I could split the seams on the arms. My usual sleeve length is 37 inches, and I could use another inch of sleeve length on this shirt, but it doesn't look too bad.

If you want a fitted dress shirt to show off your work in the gym then this is your shirt.
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on September 20, 2014
6ft3 200 lbs and the fit is as good or better than any other dress shirt off the rack. I truly do like the way it fits.
Blatantly bad advertising. I purchased the Red which in no way shape or form looks like the one displayed. These Asian brands love turning up the saturation in PhotoShop. The red is far closer to a generic dark red you'd see in JCpenney. So if youre getting this stick to shades not colors.

My biggest gripe ? ... Wrinkle free ????? You could give this thing a dirty look and it would crumple into a ball of wrinkles. A gallon of starch cant help this thing. Seriously the material is not quality but I wasnt expecting it...however its a wrinkle magnet. Even after a good steaming it within an hour it looks like you just crawled out of bed. Its a shame because it really did fit superb , a great cut.
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on May 9, 2017
This shirt is fantastic. It is an Asian type sizing which they clearly make aware in the description so it fits snug, but that is the best part. Dress shirts on the market today usually fit like a parachute and get bigger in the midsection so they look terribly goofy when tucked in. This shirt stays slim in the abdomen so it is perfect for guys that are a fit and go to the gym. With that said, it isn't too tight on the arms like shirts can be when slim in the midsection. I love these shirts, always wear them to formal and casual events, ALWAYS get compliments, and am about to buy more.
If you want to wear the shirt and not have the shirt wear you, this is a very, very good shirt and great value.
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