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on November 27, 2012
After a long search and consideration I bought this cover, if you already own a shuffle this one is to go for, otherwise maybe you can pay 150$ for a underwater shuffle which sound cool.
So back to case, they arrived yesterday, so I took them for a spin. Just perfect, easy to set up, they stay on your ears; you don’t feel them while you are swimming. What do yo except more?
I use it with audiobooks so I cannot comment on pure sound quality.
Listen a book while you are swimming was a very good experience; it was like somebody telling you a story in a submarine, with water sound coming. The water sound is just a background noise so don’t worry about it.
My only worry is that sealing clip of the case seems little fragile, I hope you can replace them easily if they break.
This was my first try so 5 stars, I will write an update after a month.
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on August 27, 2011
Swimming is a great workout, but boorrrrinnnnggg. I can only listen to myself breathe so much. I researched waterproof mp3 player options. I chose this one because 1) the waterproofing was separate from the mp3 player and 2) it was small and unobtrusive. I wanted them separate because then if the waterproofing didn't work due to user error, I was out less money for the electronics than if I bought a waterproofed mp3 player. The second was because I didn't want a bunch of bulk while I'm swimming. I thought about a case for my (already owned) ipod touch but I thought it would be too bulky for my arm. Instead, I bought a new ipod shuffle and this case. I couldn't be happier. It is super-easy to use -- you put the shuffle in the case, plug in the headphones, click it close, and press play. That's it. I actually use it for podcasts a bunch because that's easiest for me to zone out while I swim. The headphones deliver as-good-as-can-be-expected sound quality. They fit well -- I have a hard time finding headphones that will stay. The medium sized foam plugs fit well AND are water tight. They are FAR more comfortable than the squishy white earplugs I used before to keep water out. The biggest benefit is that I'm swimming even more because my workouts are so easy. So if you've read this review, go to the top of the page and click "Add to Cart"'s really one of the best workout purchases I've ever made (and I've made a lot!).
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on November 11, 2012
It is an incredible experience to swim with music, especially at night. This product is perfect in every respect: the sound quality, the water seal, the length of the earplug wires, and the light weight. It is so comfortable that you will not feel it on the back of your head. However, to use it effectively you must experiement with earplug sizes and choose the ones that fit perfectly in your ears. Most of us don't care much about the correct earplug fit when we are above water. If one falls out of our ear we just put it back in, even if we are running. Under water, however, you cannot afford to have them fall out. Here are 3 important tips: 1. Many of us have unequal ear canal diameters, so experiment with unequal ear buds, 2. pull your ear back when you put the earplug in, and 3. make sure your ears and the plugs are perfectly dry before you put them in.
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on February 26, 2013
Below is the review I initially wrote. I can't describe how pleased I was with this product. But after owning it for several months, on my last pool swim water got in (the unit was closed properly) and my iPod is permanently ruined. What a drag.


Swimming can be so tedious. I love the zen repetition of swimming a mile in a pool every day...except for when I loathe the repetition of swimming a mile in a pool every day. I absolutely love this device and have found it 100% foolproof. No leaks after 3 months of continuous use--even in the ocean and surf of Mexico.

Other reviewers have noted-and I concur!-that pulling your headphones out too quickly will dislodge the drill bit-like rubber earbud covers which create the watertight seal (well, actually it's not really watertight, but the water that does fill around them conducts sound wonderfully). Anyway, if you do that (get the rubber sheath stuck in your ear) you'll probably find it a breeze to dig it back out BUT putting that thing back on the little earbud post is hell on wheels. Took me two hours to do it once, so don't attempt it on your way out the door to your swim. The night before (maybe with something calming like a glass of wine) is the best moment.
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on October 28, 2013
The first time I used this device, I was amazed at how good the sound was! I listen to dubstep which is heavy on bass and drums and the clarity was really good! I didn't know how awesome it would be to swim and listen to music at the same time. I used it about an hour the first time I went lap swimming. I was having so much fun with it that I didn't want to get out of the pool!

The 2nd time I used it, I was about an hour into my swim and the right earbud went out. It started making crackling noises, as if the wire had a short in it, then it died. I'm kind of surprised that the wires for the earbuds are so thin and there's no support or thickening where the wire attaches to the earbuds like other earbuds I use. The earbuds are slippery to handle in the water and positioning them is a little difficult if it falls out and you have to put it back in with wet hands.

I would have given a 5 star review if the unit was still functional. Something I paid $75.00 for should have lasted for more than 2 hours of usage. I am returning it for a refund because Amazon won't replace it. I will try the Sony, next. I wish this unit was still working because it was one of the coolest pieces of technology I have ever had and the benefit of having it was immediate.
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on September 26, 2011
The sound can get muffled at times however it was not significant enough to hamper my enjoyment of this product. Buying the advanced earbuds might eliminate this, I do not feel that I need them though. The first time I used them I had to remind myself that I was here to swim not to sit at the bottom of the pool listening to my music. I do not swim extremely long distances but it sure makes it more enjoyable. Very easy to use the external buttons and the unit does not interfere with my googles at all, you don't even know its there. I have not had a problem with the earbuds falling out.
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on September 28, 2012
I do love the H20 Audio Interval. It really has changed my life. I'm a daily swimmer, and I've always wondered if a product existed that does what the Interval claims to. Since getting the Interval, my daily workouts have now doubled in length. I'm no longer just "in my head" in the pool (not the best place for me to be when trying to relax). The Interval performed perfectly for 4 weeks. The sound is really good -- much better than I would have guessed, it fits really well, and the controls are simple to use. At first, I had a few of the earbud problems others report. Then, I read the instructions (what a concept!), which suggested putting in the earbuds DRY, and since doing that, they've never once popped out. On a couple of occasions, the sound in one ear has dropped out, but the issue hasn't lasted very long. So far, so good.

Then: yesterday. After swimming for 30 minutes, suddenly the music crackled for a couple of seconds, then abruptly stopped. I got out of the pool, completely dried off the case exterior, and opened the Interval to find the inside completely filled with water, and my iPod completely submerged.

I dried the iPod off, and tried to use it with my regular earbuds, and also in my car on the way home. It seemed dead. This morning, however, the iPod had returned to life, and it's been fine all day. Yea, Apple!

So, bottom line: Amazon is replacing the Interval for me, and I'm crossing my fingers that my experience was a fluke. I really do love this product.
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on December 29, 2012
This is my second h20 audio iPod case for swimming. It had an older version for a few years and then upgraded to this one more recently when i had some issues with the old one (which the company was very responsive in helping me with). Both times I did a lot of research on mp3 players for lap swimming and overall I think this is about the best one out there.

My only caution that i tell everyone that asks me about it, is from my experience, swimming with headphones takes some getting used to and the sound quality isn't exactly great. It was probably a good week to get used to it and I still have issues getting them to stay in during my swim from time to time. That being said I still really like them and it is worth any minor problems to be able to listen to music while I swim!
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on May 2, 2012
I've gone through several different music systems designed for swimming. This was a great product because it's all in one. The headphones comes attached so there is no trying to plug anything in. The ipod shuffle fits perfectly inside and the buttons are easy to figure out by touch and feel since they contraption sits on the back of your head. The music is nice and clear. The early versions of swimming MP3s made the music sound distant and allow. I also have the Finis Swim MP3 which also worked very well. I got me through some very long swims. I've only had this for a few weeks but so far it works great. I swim up to an hour without any problems at all. Also I wear a swim cap and have very long hair so there is some cushion between my head and the item. I'm not sure how it would feel for men or for people that don't swim with swim caps.
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on April 21, 2012
I love to swim but my gym stopped piping music into the pool area so my workouts were getting tedious. I had been looking for something to use in the pool for music but hadn't found good reviews on any product until this one! I love it! I took other's advice and read the directions, tested for leaks, and fitted the earpieces prior to my first time in the pool so when I got in the pool the first time it was perfect! Without a swim cap one ear bud did seep a small amount of water after 10-12 flips/turns freestyle but still played and music was so enjoyable I did 15 extra minutes without noticing it. Awesome for those of us who like the backstroke and breast stroke - water didn't get into the ear at all!!! Highly recommend this product! Bought one for my husband as well and he loves it. He has had zero water in ear.
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