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on July 30, 2015
I REALLY loved the WHOLE series, but now I'll miss it; now that I got to the last and final episode! It was fun, interesting, mystery, excitement and everything rolled-up in one whole series!
I did miss at first when Emma didn't come back on the final season, but I soon got to like Bella a lot! I also missed when Thomas left, but was SO happy he came back to Cleo on the final episode :))!
The show is about 3 girls that mysteriously become mermaids and find themselves, become great friends, have LOTS of adventures and help each other in times of trouble and problems, and a true and lasting friendship! It has BEAUTIFUL scenery, fantastic special effects, and as mermaids they look absolutely real! It has an interesting and mysterious ending that at last helps you to understand the mystery of Mako Island, as well as their meaning!
This series is worth watching, over and over again; I absolutely LOVED and enjoyed it immensely; I know that most anyone will, so I give it 2 thumbs up! I do think though that teenagers would like it more then smaller children, they wouldn't really be too interested in it! I do though and I'm in my 50's.
P.S. I feel I should let everyone who reads this review know that I'm actually talking about all 3 seasons lumped into one review! I know that season 2, Emma is still in it, so when I review it, I'm actually reviewing the WHOLE series! Perhaps I'm getting ahead of the series for some people who haven't seen it, but if they're like me, they'll watch one season right after the other because you get SO hooked on it that you WANT to know what's going to happen! It's impossible not to just keep on and on watching, like I did! It's GREAT!!!
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on April 29, 2015
One definition for science fiction is that you change *one* scientific fact, amd explore the consequences that result. This isn't science fiction. If the girls get wet even by spilling a drink, they turn into mermaids, but if they drink a glass of water, that doesn't count and if they sweat, that doesn't count, and apparently they never get licked by a friendly dog. So ignore the inconsistencies and din't call it science fiction, and this is a highly entertaining show.

Think "Nancy Drew". This is oriented to appeal to young adults, but many of us were once teenagers, and this provides a way to fantasize about the teen years. which in fact, were the most difficult decade for most of us, but apparently were wonderful for Frank and Joe and Chet and Iona. These girls don't have angst over their appearance or whether Brad loves them, which is understandable, given that they look like perfect Barbie-doll models, and all the science-fiction fans (we're NOT dirty old men!) wonder where the clothes go when the finds appear, and where they reappear from when they revert to human form. And the clothes are going to be wet from the girls swimming, so so how come those don't revert the girls back into mermaids?

This appears to be an Australian show, and I don't know that it ever was on CBS/ABC.NBC/FOX, but the show is better writing and better acting than most American series. I've noticed that many of the best TV series have a rreally catchgy theme song, and I don't know if that's simply that the best show pay close attention to all the details, or they know that nobody wants tune to another channel while the theme to Hill Street Blues or M*A*S*H is playing, and by the time it's over, it's sorta late to changer channels. In any case, while we're told not to judge a book by its cover, it's probably true that you can expect a great TV show if there's a great theme song. Which makes me wonder why "Checkmate" and "77 Sunset Strip" aren't in wide syndication.

The girls have the courage and poise of women in their mid-20s, which makes dirty old , we, ug, make that science fiction fans like me feel less threatened; they seem like wonderful grand-daughters, not gaol-bait, and we don't worry about their safety since they're quite capable of fending for themselves. Just like Veronica Mars. If you like one, you'll surely like the other, and either series is engaging enough to watch straight through, with minimal breaks for inspecting the plumbing and studying the insides of your eyelids.

This series stands up to the best that HBO, Showtime, PBS, and Amazon Originals have to offer - and there's nothing here to make parents blush. On a scale of one to five stars, I'd give this one a six.
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on October 31, 2015
Wonderful experience! (Purchase, delivery, and viewing.)
I loved this series when it was first aired, and now that I have Season One in my scaly little hands, I've been going through it over and over again. The girls are always thrilling to look at, (OMG!) without being cheap and overly revealing, the other actors are perfectly cast for their roles as well, and the stories while trite and playful at times, keep me watching, giggling, and full of magical tingles. (Please avoid the full moon while watching.)
The story-lines swing from mysterious and magical, to comedic, and occasionally terrifying. The constant battles to keep their powers safe and secret, with the help of bf Lewis, are serious enough to satisfy most viewers - mature or otherwise. (WARNING' Suspension of disbelief is required...after all, these ARE mermaids we're dealing with.) :)
Keep in mind, that somehow this series has managed to keep an older man like me interested. (again, OMG!) At the same time, I can't imagine a single adult in the world, feeling uncomfortable at providing any of the H2O series to children of any age. Sitting beside them while watching, might also turn most adults into kids again.
There's no smoking, drinking, cursing, stripping, shooting, etc., yet somehow the writers have managed to keep the stories romantic, interesting and appealing. (IMHO)
So take the plunge! Dive right in! Succumb to the Siren's Song and buy this disk(s). If you find that I am wrong in this generous review, please send me some angry hate-mail and a few copies of pewdepie's latest adventures. I could use a good laugh.
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on February 4, 2016
Good show for kids. The characters are likeable and the stories are simple but entertaining. There are villains, too, so don't expect all the characters to be squeaky clean. The protagonists sometimes have their faults, too, but it's all part of the show and makes for pretty harmless story lines. Explicit violence and sex allusions take a back seat - nearly completely absent from all shows. A nice change from other children shows. The shows won't leave your children asking about adult matters. And, in the end, the good guys, or gals, always win. A fun show.
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on March 27, 2017
Love this series. I've watched it at least 7-8 times. Too bad it ended it was a nice series. Two of the ladies went to Vampire Diaries. I had to own my own copies cause you never know if it will last in production. I will watch this series for years to come.
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on January 9, 2017
I really enjoyed this series. It is family friendly and their little adventures were funny and entertaining. I wasn't fond of Claire Holt leaving the show but Indiana Evans did a good job. I wish there had been a couple more seasons.
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on March 7, 2016
My girls (5&8yo) and I really enjoy this program. They also loved "Just add magic". We are hoping for a second season of that show. In the meantime, we discovered H2O. There are over 20 programs per season, and I love letting them watch a show or 2 here and there bc there aren't any commercials. Even though the girls are teenagers in this show, they aren't snarky & disrespectful like so many of the Disney channel shows (and did I mention no commercials?) The boyfriend/girlfriend stuff is mostly about friendship and respect, and I appreciate that. There is a little kissing, but not French, and no sexual undertones. Mostly, it's about magic and girl empowerment.
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on January 23, 2016
I am too old to enjoy this as much as I do, but I can't seem to care. I watched it for my two TVD and TO stars, but Cariba is definitely a new favorite actress! And her romance is by far the hottest one on the show (but Lewis and Cleo are truly adorable!). The main villain of this season was so annoying, but that was part of the fun! I can't stop watching and I'm gonna be so sad at the end of S3.
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on November 24, 2012
These ladies really make the show! ...and Lewis is hard not to like. I cant say I loved Charlotte but that only means she did a great job in her role! ready for Secrets of Mako Island, 2013!
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on November 24, 2015
My two girls love this show! They are now watching all of the seasons a second time. It can come off a little cheesy at times for adults, but there are plot lines that appeal to tweens and full of drama. Its also fun watching life unfold in Australia, with their accents and Aussie slang. There are some situations such as boyfriend/girlfriend issues and love triangles that you should be aware of. I'd recommend it for ages 7 and up.
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