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on December 28, 2011
I've been with H2O wirless for about a year now and last month they cut my phone off 10 days early of course on a holiday weekend. So We thought it was an oversight so I just paid the phone the next day and would deal with it when they opened again on Monday. They said it was cut off for excessive use. Really where is that in the contract? what is the cut off for unlimited minutes? No answer other than read the contract. Spent 2 days calling being lied to, hung up on, being told to call back & talk to the Billing Dept. Okay fine after another hour wait on the phone....there is no Billing Dept. Customer Service is billing. There is nothing they can do. Read the contract. I have it right here in front of me which paragraph as I don't see it. They didn't have time to discuss it. Really???????? finally got a supervisor after putting in a trouble ticket. they agreed to give me an extension of 6 days not the 10 they shorted me. paid my bill... My phone was to stay on till the 30th of Dec. On Dec. 24th off goes the phone no calls in or out only text is still on. Holiday weekend again....Office closed on Monday for the holiday...Tues submit trouble ticket they never called they resolved it & closed it without talking to anyone. So today Wed the 28th we speak to a supervisor and it was shut off for excessive use again of unlimited talk. We have our minutes used lets see how they compare no that is a privacy issue. It's my minutes!!!!! Told read the contract. what??? how about you read that part to me & show me where it says that. What does Unlimited Talk and Text mean to You??? Did I miss something! Has anyone else had this problem? Now I need to switch to another service who can you trust today. They said if I pay the bill they will give me a courtesy extensioere we are again Holiday weekend needing different phone for different service & I have 3 days after Dec 30th to save my phone number. Thank You H@o Wireless. My recommendation...Go elsewhere
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on March 1, 2012

I was tired of overpaying for contract cellular service, and decided to give these guys a try. It was about $10 for the sim, then the monthly fee. So far, it has worked quite well for us. Data is fine, phone is fine, text messaging is fine. As long as you aren't trying to watch NetFlix on your phone or something, for normal email and standard 3G data use, there are no issues. MMS messaging does not work (txt messaging does, but picture messaging doesn't) unless your iphone is jailbroken, and you jump through a few hoops. (they can give you detailed instructions on what to do, if this feature is important to you.)

The H20 Wirless service uses the ATT network, so as a result, even if your phone is locked and not jailbroken, it will still work for voice, data, and standard text. The competitor, SIMple mobile (or whatever they are called) uses the Tmobile network (and Tmobile 3G frequencies). So if your locked phone is TMobile, use them. If your locked phone is ATT, use H20. Either way, you will get a much better deal.

Yes, it takes a long time on hold to talk to someone. (online chat is faster). If you are just paying your bill however, or making basic changes, etc. That can all be done online. I'm willing to put up with a little hassle if I ever need to talk to these guys, in return for not owing my first born child to a contract cellular provider.

$50 a month for all you can eat Voice, Text/mms, + 250Mb data (fine for my wife, using maps, email, etc. not even close to using up her data allocation)
$60 a month for all you can eat Voice, Text/mms, + 1000Mb data (heavier users)

Basically, if you have WiFi at the home, and do your heavy downloading there, and use normal data for when out and about (maps, email, web, etc.) This great, and far cheaper than contract cellular rates.
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on January 5, 2012
The H2O Wireless (Locus Telecommunication) may have cheap plans, but the customer service is the worst I've ever seen. Their web site is easy to navigate, because there is almost nothing you can do over it, other than give them your money. They charged my bank account through their web autorecharge service, but did not honored the transaction toward my prepaid minutes. Means, they took the money and did not provide anything in return. I spent days (yes, days) over the phone 1-800-643-4926. I experienced long waits (~40 minutes) after which my calls dropped as soon as I finally had gotten to a rep. Of course all to no avail. To cancel auto recharge you'd need to spend hours on the phone, and experience dropped calls, only to find out that it CANNOT be done immediately, it will have to go through their "billing department". That department is dysfunctional, as it knows how to charge your bank account but is not competent to credit your minutes balance. I filed a case with BBB, and filed charge dispute with my bank. Don't buy anything from this business, you'll find lots of other complaints on the web against H2O Wireless. Explore other prepaid providers - whatever you find will be better than H2O Wireless.
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on October 12, 2014
This info might help others choosing this option for an iphone. 1. The sim works in an AT&T locked iphone 5S. 2. Once SIM is installed you need to go to h2owirelessnow and register for an account. You can't activate online because the page will ask for an activate PIN. 3. Call the customer service number from another phone and indicate that you want a new phone number and want the "minute plan". You then enter the actafast number for the sim and the IMEI number for the iphone and some other needed info and in a few minutes your phone and number will be activated. Probably need to restart phone at this point as well. 4. Go to h2owirelessnow, log in and purchase minutes under recharge by credit card. I chose the $10, 90-day plan. Check it all out by making a call.
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on August 3, 2013
I have been using one of the big carriers for a long time (obviously, it is not AT&T) with my Blackberry Pearl 8100 (no 3G capability). I am only interested in voice calls and thus 8100 has been fine. The problem is that this carrier does not have sufficient and consistent signal strength of 2G in my area, thus missing many calls at home.

I decided to give H2O wireless a try: bought unlocked Nokia c2-01 (2G/3G) from Amazon, bought a H2O SIM card at BestBuy, then activated a pay-as-you-go plan ($10) online. The activation process is reasonably simple and the signal strength is good (because it is presumably using the AT&T network).

Now, I was ready to transfer my mobile number to H2O. The process was a little bit more complicated. This time, I bought SIM from Amazon for 10 cents. The online form to transfer the number requires a few more pieces of information, like the IMEI number from the cell phone and the Airtime PIN. I did not know what the Airtime PIN is. So, I contacted the customer support, which was not successful (did not get through to the live agent). The live chat did not work either. Finally, I sent an email, which was answered within a few hours. It turns out that this field is optional (the number-transfer form does not say so). Within an hour or two after submitting the form online (I chose a monthly plan), my current phone stopped working (SIM no longer functional). A good sign. There is no instruction for the next steps. After trial and errors, I clicked "Recharge" then "Do you need a PIN" on the online menu and searched my mobile number. I managed to go through the process and the phone/SIM was activated. By the way, I used the same Nokia c2-01 for this activation.

As you can tell, the customer support is not one of their strengths. But, the signal is super and the price is right.
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on January 10, 2014
I purchased this SIM card on Amazon because they were $10 in the stores. I bought mine for $0.03 each. I ported two numbers from ATT to H2O. The port process on the first line was hung up because of my mistake, I entered the account number wrong. H2O customer service e-mailed me, told me of the error after about 24 hours and I resolved. The port was completed less than 4 hours later. Both lines ported, I received e-mail confirmation and I'm now saving quite a bit of money on each line for the same service I was getting.

I see many complain about H2O customer service. I have called them twice and chatted once and it was great each time. All reps were respectful, helped me get the answer I needed and explained the process in full. For those considering the switch, let me make it very simple for you:

1. Don't cancel your previous service.
2. Go to the number port page on H2O wireless website.
3. Fill in appropriate information and make sure it's correct.
4. If you were an ATT customer, the account password/PIN (if you didn't set one) is the last four of your SSN.
5. In less than 24 hours, you'll receive an e-mail from H2O.
6. Login on their website, click on Recharge and choose the plan/minute plan you want and go from there.

You will not regret making the switch. Those who need MMS on the iPhone must jailbreak their phone so you can get access to these settings. If you talk to people with iPhones, picture messages will work through iMessage. It will only apply to picture messages to those without iPhones.

I hope this helps you make the decision to switch, I'm glad I did!
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on October 17, 2012
These guys are perfect if you're on a budget and have an iphone but don't want to go to any of the big 3 carriers. Since they piggyback on AT&T's network, you'll get equivalent speeds. At work customers would struggle to load their coupons on their sprint/verizon phone (and they'd hold up the line) so i'd have to whip my phone out to load it myself, which was faster. All from a $50 plan!

I thought i'd be happy and ignored reviews like what i'm about to write about h2o. Had them happily for a few months until they charged me twice for one month. I paid a bit earlier to get data back, but I guess their systems didn't register that and when the day came to auto-refill, they charged me again.

No problem, I thought. I hit up the online customer chat and the rep told me I had to fax all of these things for a refund. I decided to call the actual company and the woman opened a ticket for me to resolve it, so I decided to also have my bank dispute the extra charge. A few weeks later and yesterday I randomly lose service. I assume that maybe my sim card broke, or there was an outage. Neither. I go on their website and check my balance...

"Your Phone number seems not to be ours. Please try with a correct Phone number." They KICKED ME OFF their network, because I disputed an extra charge. Seems like some petty revenge. So I paid $50 for just half a month of service, just to end up also losing my number. Who gets kicked off a network? This isn't the graceful "you haven't paid us for x amount of time, you're losing service" kick that the bigger carriers do, feels like I got pushed into a pool with my phone at a college frat party.

So yeah, get h2o if you want still, but be careful. I was planning to switch to ATT for the iphone 5 anyways, but now I don't have a phone with service until the 5 is in stock again.
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on December 21, 2013
The rating down one is because the customer service and voice quality.
Many online reviews complained this service is junk, which is not true. I was scared to use it when I saw those reviews. However, thanks Amazon-Mobile 123 sells those SIM for $0.01 with free shipping, thus I bought three (3) of them to try and I give my comment and rating here to help people are reading review for H2O wireless.

As many others experienced that 611 call waits a long time, and then been cut off when you started talk for help. It is not clear the person has no knowledge to answer the question or what, calling 611 to a live person is very difficult. However, live chat is better way to go. If you are not sure how H2O will work, get a SIM card, activate the account, and call 611 or chat online to clear every issue you have before adding money to your account.

I am using the same AT&T phone and I hear some noise and low volumn over H2O SIM card than using AT&T SIM card. Assume both SIM cards use the same wireless station because H2O uses AT&T service. It is not clear why the quality is different; maybe there is re-routing.

Activation is easy by just call their 1-800 #. Online activation seems not working well; it worked after I have activated account over the phone. When activating the account over the phone, do not try to set up a pin even though the machine asks you to do so. It will fails because the pin can be only set after credit card is added to your account.
Once you activated your account, go online to recharge your account within 30 days by choosing no pin option, then it will guide you to set up everything.

More about H2O SIM cards. "AT&T Compatible Standard SIM Card" and "Direct Dialing GSM Sim Card Starter Kit" are the same.
They both are standard (Mini) SIM cards and they will come with the same package. No difference.
"Micro SIM CARD KIT - works w/AT&T & Unlocked Phones" is one half of the size of the standard SIM card mentioned above.
If you do not know what to use, buy a standard SIM card, which can be cut to Micro SIM card (using a scissor).
These card can be used for any plan.

More about service. Only monthly plan can have SMS blocked. For $10/20/30 pay-for-go plan, H2O do not block SMS for you, so be careful about it.
You may change your phone number by calling them or Chat with them, but according to someone's review, vendor may disseminate your phone to others then you get annoyed by unwanted SMS or call.

This is good for people not using wireless phone very often.
After every use, it will immediately tell you the balance. However, H2O does not provide any record for usage.
The last problem is that 5 cents vs. 10 cents charge per minute. I have worked with their Rep. over Chating for a while and I finally get some answer:
(13:31:05)SUPPORT: Allow me to inform you that the calls are being to charged since the phone starts ringing.
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on December 16, 2011
stick with at&t gophone they canceled my texting plan the terms of service is all lies international sms is forbidden costumer service doesn't take time to explain they disconnect the call after telling you short simple answers take 30 minutes to get one on the line, I did not hesitate to go back to at&t right away
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on May 17, 2012
We tried the $25/month plan to save money. It was OK but we ran out early every month so we renewed early. Usually better to use their unlimited plans. However, the customer service is the worst I have experienced in my life. The third month we renewed our balance went to $25.06 and the expiration date advanced 30 days, but the phone would not work. Customer service rep said our new balance would not be usable until the OLD expiration date. NOTHING in the payment process told me I was buying calls for a future date. Over the next few minutes our balance and expiration date moved all over the place. Calling back, the rep played dumb and said our expiration date is now TODAY and our balance is ZERO. Also our login stopped working a few minutes later. I am highly educated and know how to troubleshoot, cooperate, and communicate. They unfortunately give nonsense, lies, and totally useless responses on the phone.
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