Customer Reviews: HAAN HD-60 Duo Sweeper and Floor Steamer
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on November 26, 2011
Had purchased a Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner, 46B4 from a local Sears store, but after reading reviews of how the Haan would disinfect in one second rather than 15 seconds we returned the Bissell to purchase the Haan.

Quality of the Haan seems to be much higher than the Bisell. Construction is very solid, and doesn't feel as flimsy as the Bissell did. When my wife and I were steaming with the Bissell it seemed very heavy, and would flex in the middle of the handle if you were trying to moving it around a lot. The Haan does not show any signs of flex, and seems to be just a higher grade all together. The floor pads are also a much higher quality pad, and hold up a ton better than the cheaper bissell.

The steaming function is also on a whole other level of steaming. The Bissell would just seem to get the floor wet, and wouldn't produce a ton of steam. Once the Haan is warmed up it steams like crazy. That gives me a better feel of how well it is actually cleaning. The Haan also dries very quickly which I am assuming is because of the higher temperature of the steam. The Haan has a nice attachment so that you can run it on your carpet to disinfect your carpet also.

The sweeping function is the only reason I have given the Haan a 4 star instead of a 5 star rating. The sweeping function on the Bissell seemed to work a little better, and pick up a little more off of the floor.
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on January 16, 2012
I brought this primarily to clean my kitchen floors after our toddler started eating solid foods and getting some of them on the floors. With each feeding, there is some food that falls on the ground and it means constant cleaning to keep up.

SWEEPER: It has a good sweeper. Picks up small as well as larger pieces of dried food and other stuff pretty well. Just don't run this sweeper over wet food as it may get into the brushes. The sweeper switch can be easily turned on or off using your toe.

STEAMER: This was the main reason I purchased this appliance. It starts putting out steam in about 30 seconds. You have to go slowly or multiple times over a surface to properly sanitize it. After cleaning I can feel that the tile is much more cleaner with all shiny/sticky stuff gone. The pads get fully wet after some time of cleaning and once this happens, you have to switch to the extra pad which is also included. Otherwise a wet pad pushes dirt around without doing much cleaning.

You have to keep in mind that this kind of steamer is NOT the magic mop you might be looking for. It sanitizes the floor and also gets most things except dried food from the floor. Many times we have some dried cereal or bits of mashed/pureed food that are tough to get off the floor even within a few hours of drying. I usually steam those areas for about a minute and then run this mop more than a dozen times back and forth to get them off. Works most times but still nothing beats the old fashioned mopping. But the high temperatures produced here ensure that the floor is sanitized; something which helps me as our toddler sometimes picks up stuff from the floor and puts it into his mouth. So this is a good sanitizer but an OK mop.

I also use it to quickly steam my wooden floors once in two weeks and they get real clean. (Careful though, you don't want to get your wood wet. On a scale of 10 if the speed I use to go over tile is 4, then wood is somewhere around 8. With a faster pace you ensure the woods does not get too wet. The packaging says this can be used to steam wooden floors also.)

COMBO: The sweeper/steamer combo is great as one can finish off both jobs in one pass. The swivel feature is great. When I first got it, it seemed so fluid that I thought I might have a tough time getting it to go where I wanted. But once you get the hang of it, it flows like a symphony and you will enjoy getting in all those places in the exact angles you want. Kind of fun. I hand-wash and air dry the steaming pads. You can also machine wash it if you wish.

Overall a good sweeper and steamer that sanitizes and cleans well, except for dried food which takes so much effort that sometimes its easier to just get on the floor and scrub it off the old fashioned way. I would recommend this appliance to anyone who needs frequent and quick cleaning of their floors. Also recommended for those who like a slow and thorough sanitizing once in a while.
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on January 19, 2012
Ordered with high hopes, but this doesn't quite measure up. An electric broom (most effective on hard floors, no suction for carpet) and a mediocre steamer. I have a dedicated Eureka floor steamer and Miele canister vacuum cleaner, and was looking for something in between for fast cleanups. Not quite one or the other, your experience may vary.

The box states the sweeper can be used on carpet, but this would only be useful for sweeping debris off the surface of a rug or carpet, not any sort of deeper cleaning. The broom part is a motorized beater/brush bar, which sweeps the debris into an up-front, easy-to-remove clear dustpan/bin.

I did like the fact that the steamer has a translucent water bottle, very nice to see contents, so you know when to refill, a feature my Eureka doesn't have. Alas, the steamer function on this Haan is very lacking; the steam emits from a solitary row of 15-16 vent-holes in the bottom of the unit, in the back of the bus, about two-thirds of the distance, front to back, of the floor plate. It does heat quickly, but this one row of vents isn't much cleaning power, and certainly isn't helpful when trying to clean the edges of a room. The included pads seemed sturdy, but I gave this Duo only one try and quickly realized it wasn't quite what I was looking for.

I'll keep my Eureka steamer and Miele; cleaning the hard-surface floors in my house will remain a two-step process.

This item may be useful for someone with a very small area to clean, such as a dorm or efficiency apartment, or to keep in a remote location in the house when cleaning a lightly-used area, but for any sort of heavy or thorough cleaning, this just isn't the sum of its parts.
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on May 22, 2012
The Haan HD-60 sweeper and floor steamer is a terrific, intelligently designed product. I use it to sweep and clean the following items in my house:

1) Kitchen and bathroom tile floor
2) Large-area carpets
3) My best area rug that I've only had professionally cleaned before
4) Pet stains occasionally made by my aging and forgetful cat
5) Although the product does not claim to clean grout, the grout on my tile floors seems to looks better with each steaming. Maybe the grout will continue to brighten up with continued steamer use(?)

Here's what I like about the HD-60:
1) The design is very good. I assembled it myself in under a minute. The sweeper, water tank, debris bin, pads and floor rests are all detachable and easy to wash.
2) The steam is very hot and very fast.
3) My house smells so clean after I use the steamer.
4) The unit is compact, light and easy to push around.
5) Sweeping and steaming at the same time saves time and work.

Here's what might be improved about the HD-60:
1) The steamer head is too wide to fit between the toilet and the wall behind. Haan might want to offer an attachment to steam tight spaces.
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on March 4, 2012
About me: I'm a professional housekeeper with high expectations. This product was not purchased to use in my clients' homes, but specifically to use in my own kitchen and front and back door high traffic areas.

A fantastic purchase (LOVE the convenience of vacuuming and steaming all at once), but you should know that this is not a deep cleaning product, but something to use in high traffic areas on an everyday basis between more thorough cleanings. The reason for this is that while it does a good job of keeping main larger areas looking clean and fresh, it does not get tight up next to baseboards, as the suction area for the vacuum is just far enough back from the front of the device to keep it from getting right up to tight spaces, and the steaming area is even further back. It is super at cleaning everything else, and if you have a good steamer for deep cleaning (I recommend shark's pro pocket mop model) and a good vacuum (I also recommend Shark's Pro Navigator--I swear, it's just as good as a dyson, even better in several aspects, better, and half the price), you'll be very happy with this uber-convenient product!
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on January 1, 2012
I am really liking this HD-60 steamer but am really disappointed by Amazon's price policy whereby price changes are not honored within 2 weeks of purchase... I mean, I paid $129 just 2 weeks ago and its now down to $99- that is so ridiculously steep a price drop that it makes me laugh that if I wanted to return it I could, yet to get a price adjustment is impossible. Something's seriously wrong with this price policy and after being a prime member for several years the policy ought to be seriously reconsidered

As for the sweeper part of the machine its kind of a waste- not vacuuming prior to using this product is a mistake- pushing dust balls around the floor is kind of counterproductive and that renders the sweeper attachment pretty useless. I purchased this version for the swivel feature and I'm really glad I did- the floors look and feel pretty fantastic. In any case at $99 this is a no brainer. 4 stars instead of 5 for sometimes pushing around dust bunnies that were missed by the vacuum.
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on June 18, 2013
Update: After using this for a few weeks, I have broken down and ordered another bissell steam and sweep. There are many things I like about the Haan (it's lighter, it swivels better, and you don't have to deal with a trigger,) but it's biggest weakness is that it just doesn't produce as much steam. So, it can't get up dried on food or heavy dirt. After using this for a couple of weeks, it just doesn't get the floor as clean as the bissell. I'm not sending it back though. I do still like it. I figure I will use the bissell weekly for my main clean and use the haan for in between when I just want a light clean. I will be more apt to just pull out the haan because it is very light weight and easy to use. Unfortunately, the down side of that is that it just doesn't steam as well. The sweeper function of the haan and bissell are comparable. But my floors aren't as clean with the haan. There are still clean generally - just not dried on stains. To be fair, I have two shedding dogs and kids. So my floors get a lot of abuse. If you live in a home without kids, pets, or a lot of people, the haan might work just fine for you. It is the dried on stains that the haan can't handle. And you can go back and forth over it endlessly and it still doesn't get the stain to loosen and come up. But the bissell does without a problem. You just hit the trigger an extra time. I wish I could combine the light weight design of the haan with the power of the bissell. But they both have their pros and cons.

I bought this after going through two bissell steam and sweeps over the course of about a year and three months. My first steam and sweep lasted me about ten months. The motor seemed to burn out. It stopped producing steam. The second unit lasted about five months. The trigger broke on that one. I liked the steam and sweep well enough to be honest. So when the second one broke, I decided to see if there were newer options. I decided to go with this one because you don't have to keep the trigger down to get the steam. There is no trigger with this one. It's just constant steam. And that is nice, but it comes at a cost. Here is my comparison of the two cleaners on things that are probably important to you.

Steam Output: Honestly, not having to press the trigger is nice. It's very nice. I didn't realize how much I hated to push that trigger until I didn't have to do it anymore. However, that said, the steam output on the HD 60 is low. With the bissell, if I approached a stain, I could sort of rev the trigger to get a high burst of steam, almost like revving the engine of the car. This isn't going to happen with the Haan. You have the same level of steam and if you hit a stain the best that you can do is to take it back and forth over the stain countless times. I wish this had a trigger just for a burst of additional steam.

Cord Length: They are about the same. Both have nice long cords. If they could make one of these that was cordless, I'd be first in line.

The Sweeper Function: Honestly, if you read the reviews of the steamer / sweepers, you'll notice that most negative reviews come from people who say the vacuum part of it stinks. And it does if you expect it to be a vacuum. It's not. It's a sweeper that depends on the spinning bar to pick things up. There is no real suction. So you can't expect to put it to a very dirty floor with lots of debris and have it work and not leave anything. This is true of both the bissell and the haan. I have two dogs that shed a lot. So if my floor has a lot of pet hair, I hit it with my cordless hoover vacuum first. I don't expect a sweeper to get tons of debris. This said, I do miss some. And my dogs may walk back over the floor before I get to steaming it. In those instances, the haan will pick up what was missed. It does get pet hair and sand that I didn't get the first time. But I would never expect it to be my sole vacuum. That's just not realistic. The Haan design makes it easier to remove the debris. The container lifts off the top and is easy to empty (and there is a good deal to empty even when I vacuum first.) With the bissell, it's harder to reach because it's on the bottom.

The Corners And Under Cabinets And Baseboards: This is another place where people complain. Because the sweeper part is in the front, you can't get completely in corners. I knew this going in. But I will say, because the haan has a pad that protrudes from the unit and isn't flush like the bissell, it is much easier to get the extra corner of the pad under the cabinets and corners and then kick it out so it can be cleaned. So in terms of corners and under cabinets, the haan is better.

The Water Dispenser: The Bissell is better here. It has a much bigger dispenser that pops in easily. The haan has a little button you have to push and the whole thing feels like it could break at any time. I don't like the water dispenser on the haan, but it's not a deal breaker as long as it doesn't break.

The Weight: Both of these are light. The haan might feel slightly lighter.

Swivel Head: This is one place where the haan wins. The bissell doesn't really swivel easily but the haan does, which I really like.

Overall Cleaning Ability: Here is where I'm a teeny tiny bit disappointed. Because the steam output seems a little less with the haan, I don't think it gets my floor quite as clean as the bissell. I am talking only a slight difference, mostly on stains. I will say that both units give me a clean, shiny floor that feels good on my feet. This says a lot considering the pet hair I deal with and the debris my kids and dogs track in. Both units get my floor looking great again. I have laminate and steam cleaners work best for me because they don't wet the floor too much. (I tried the hoover floormate and it was a disaster.) So as far as steam cleaners go, this is a good one.

My floor is clean. It's light and easy to use. I like the swivel and I like that it gets into corners better. It picks up left over debris as good as you can expect from a sweeper. And not having to push the trigger is very nice. I am happy with it. It makes quick work of my floors. But I was happy enough with the steam and sweep too. I am definitely keeping it and I hope that it last a little longer than the bissell. Honestly, I think if you don't expect it to work like a dyson on filthy floors, you will be very happy with it.
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on January 4, 2012
For a mere $99, I can't imagine a better buy for floor cleaning. Solid machinery, heats up almost instantly, even looks fantastic! I've had a Steamboy, purchased via Amazon, for several years, and finally got sick of pretending it worked-- it seemed more like a prototype than a finished product, cheap & leaky. THIS thing, on the other hand, seems flawless! I've only used it once, so hope today's performance continues. The simultaneous sweep/steam thing worked like a dream on my tile kitchen floor, and the sorts of spots that the wretched Steamboy never dealt with vanished instantly with this machine. Haven't tried it on carpet yet, but with a couple of dogs, plan on having to do so at any time (sigh)-- hoping it'll mean the bigger carpet cleaner can take a break.
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on July 31, 2012
Don't buy this product. I liked the steamer but the sweeper broke in 3 months. Yes, there is an one year warranty, but you have to pay the shipping charges to return it which with UPS are around $55.00. The Post Office will not accept big boxes. Amazon's policy after 30 days is the same. I would have given this product more stars because it's lite and because of the steamer, but it's braking down easily. The sweeper can not collect pet hair. Human hair stuck in the brushes have to be removed manually. If you want a steamer buy it separately.
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on July 3, 2013
Hard to find a good steamer with a sweeper/vac that actually picks stuff up. I found the Haan to be a pretty good system for getting the floors "reasonably" clean in between deep cleans. Problem is that it broke (no longer would steam), and Haan replaced it because it was under warranty. Now the second Haan just broke and no longer steams! Both units were used maybe < 10 times total before breaking.
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