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on August 20, 2011
After reading a ton of reviews of all types of steam mops, I finally decided on the Haan brand. This new model, the S-60 seemed to address the issues from previous models like no swivel head and too short of a cord.

The product arrived extremely fast and was ready to go except for one large screw that attached the handle. The mop is very lightweight and attractive (not like that really matters, though!). I was leary of the small water tank at first, but found that it held more than enough water to do all my floors - but I have only a 1000 squre foot house. The water heated within 20 seconds and has a slight ticking noise when it heats, but that seems to go away once it gets going. The mop produced a significant amount of steam and did a good job cleaning my tile and my wood floors. There are 2 separate settings for mild steaming and full steaming so you can adjust for wood floors, which I like. The head swivels easily, which made it very easy for me to get beside the toilet. There was slight wetness once the pad started to get wet, but it dried very quickly. The only negative I would mention was the fact that the mop didn't really do anything to a spot of dried on tomato sauce on my floor, it softened it up, but the pad didn't have enough scrub power to get it off. I really didn't expect it to, as it was a thick sauce! Overall on my hard surface floors, I found them to be squeeky clean and they didn't feel filmy as they had in the past with cleaning products.

As for the carpet steamer, it doesn't really help bring up stains, but I didn't expect it to as it doesn't have water and suction like the commercial ones you can rent at the store. It did freshen my rugs nicely and I felt satisfied with that.

Overall, while I think this unit is a little pricey, I believe that compared to other units I researched, the Haan reviews have been consistantly positive and the price is not that much more than brands with lackluster reviews. I would recommend this product.
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on June 28, 2011
It works great. HAAN made improvements on the SI-20 model. That model had a shorter cord and did not have a swivel head, this one does. It is important to note that of the steamers on the market, the HAAN series are among the few whose steam is actually 212 F at the exit point (mop head). This allows the HAAN to sterilize, not just break up stains and clean up messes on the floor. The carpet tool also works well; carpets appear revitalized and the little bugs (mites) that live in them get eradicated by the heat/steam. I highly recomend this item to others considering a steamer purchase, and those considering the SI-20, it's a no brainer, get the 60.
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on October 21, 2011
The Haan steam mop will definitely replace my mop but it takes some patience to get good results. I think the people with the really bad reviews are expecting too much and think it will just bulldoze over all you caked on dirt that has been there for years. Just like regular mopping, you have to make sure the floors are totally vacuumed and loose dirt free before you use it. Otherwise it just pushes around loose dirt that wasn't picked up. For tough stains you have to set the steam mop on the stain for a bit to loosen up and then it will come off. I think it starts to work better after the microfiber pad is wet. At the beginning when the pad is dry, it seems to not do much.

The different settings for low and high steam settings is a good feature. You don't want to be pushing a lot of steam in hardwood floors. The mop will not work well on porous surfaces. For smooth flooring like tile, laminates, and hardwood is where it works the best. Some of the marketing claims that say it will sanitize your floors and remove 99.9% of all germs is not really an issue.

I would like to see some pads that have a hole or thinner area where steam ports are so there would be more steam getting to the floor. I may have to do some experimenting.

All in all my floors are really clean with less effort and hassle. Worthwhile purchase.

-Works good on smooth surfaces.
-Heats up fast
-Quality build
-2 steam settings
-Pivoting head
-Much less hassle than mopping.

-Not really any negatives except that it doesn't just bulldoze tough stains in one pass.
-Doesn't save time over mopping.
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on October 13, 2013
Two years ago I purchased my Haan after getting very tired of cleaning my wood and tile floors with Swiffer products and having to deal with residue on my floors. My babies were crawling all over the floors at the time and picking up leftover grime and who-knows-what leftover chemicals from the Swiffer. After a lot of research, I chose the Haan brand because it seemed to have better reviews than other brands and was reasonably priced. I chose the Haan SI-60 because I was worried about the high heat damaging my wood floors. The multi-level feature wasn't too relevant in my case, however. Our wood floors are rather durable and unvarnished, and having left it on high for 15 min in one spot on accident hasn't affected my floor at all. So, after two years, here's what I like about my Haan:

1.) It is a lifesaver if you're pregnant: it's so light-weight and does an excellent job without the pain. No having to bend over and scrub at stubborn spots by hand anymore and no breaking a sweat when you have to mop the entire house.
2.) I'm not ashamed to admit it: I use it to clean the walls--use a clean pad, of course, and test your paint--mine holds up fine to being steamed (this may be where the low setting would come in) and use it for the large spaces of wall that have been soiled by 5 pairs of little boy hands digging in the dirt.
3.) It helps clean gunk out of carpet! Though it comes with a carpet cleaning doohicky, I just put the mop without it on top of an icky candy blob one of the rugrats spit out on the floor and voila! it had dissolved into nothingness in 20 seconds. Mind you, it is not meant to steam clean the entire expanse of carpet, but to loosen stains.
4.) It cleans the wood floors very evenly--I've forgotten what streaks look like.
5.) It's tough on stains--for the stubborn stuff, just let it sit on the spot a little longer. I've tackled crayon, play-doh, food that's hardened into cement on the wood floor.
6.) It gets very hot, very fast, so it dries quickly (but just in case, don't let the kids walk too close to it on bare feet).
7.) It uses no chemicals, just water, so I don't worry about kids and pets rolling all over the floor.
8.) It's been manhandled a bit by my boys, but so far as held up just fine.

I don't have any cons to mention, since I really love all the features. But I'm also realistic, so I will mention some pointers:
1.) You will never be able to clean grout by steam mop alone. Sorry, just a fact of life, and I've researched the topic...unless you own one of those big industrial monstrosities that blast grime into nothingness.
2.) You do have to sweep before you mop. Duh!
3.) The pads don't last forever. If you mop as much as I do, you will wear out the pads. For me, after a year and a half, my pads have become pretty bald.
4.) Occasionally, you will have to clean tighter corners and edges by hand. There's a vent in the floor in the kitchen that tends I've noticed has had to get a little extra TLC as the mop pad can't get the dirt immediately around it.
5.) I wouldn't recommend putting just any water, tap or purified, in it if you live in an area that has hard water. Just speaking from experience with my irons. Even with a water softener and osmosis system, my irons would spit out calcium, so I always used distilled water in my steam appliances.
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on February 14, 2015
I purchased this item from Amazon for $129.95 in May 2013 and have owned this product for 18 months, during which time it has been used twice a month by my housekeeper. After 36 uses, it simply quit producing any steam which financially comes to $3.60 per use. I contacted HAAN Customer Service and was advised that since it was out of warranty and they have no authorized repair stations and it cannot be repaired. "Tough Luck." So if you don't mind having a product that you can trust for just 12 months, the HAAN brand would be for you. As for me, I will not consider HAAN products again in the future. What simply awful customer service!!!!
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on October 19, 2011
I agonized over all the steam mops for weeks and finally picked this one. Easy to set up and worked perfectly on first try. I do not like to use chemicals so I had previously been using a high end product with a microfiber pad specifically for my sealed hardwood floors, but wanted them a bit 'cleaner' as I have a cat and dog. I have a lot of hardwood flooring (over 3000 sf) and one fill of the tank did it all, plus. I was concerned about too much water, but I set this on the low steam setting and it works beautifully. Lots of steam but did not leave floors wet, just noticeably cleaner. They sparkle!! It even removed a sticky oily spot of something that I was not able to remove by even hand scrubbing. The microfiber pad works fine, rinsed out with no problems. I was so thrilled I moved on to my slate and ceramic floors at the higher setting and was just as pleased. The slate is a bit of an uneven surface, but it moved well and did not leave any water puddles. I also have Flor carpet tiles in the kitchen and living area so thought I would try the rug attachment even though I have a super Hoover carpet cleaner. I wanted to be sure water did not collect under the tiles. It worked great, giving the carpet a quick, fresh steam without too much water. The swivel head is nice and the unit moves well over the floors and carpet. The cord length is perfect, the unit heated up quickly. Well worth the price. Also nice that it uses tap water and you can demineralize it after a bit if you need to. I wish I could find a handheld one that worked as well.
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on April 10, 2012
I have to say, after owning a number of steam mops, I'm impressed! This mop leaves my floors so dry, I actually lifted it up to see if it was really working. (Which, of course, the manual tells you not to do, because you might get burned. I was not injured, because I was using my brain.) I was surprised at how hot and wet the microfiber pad was, because the floor was drying in seconds and while using it, it didn't seem to be producing that much steam. The mop is very light, and as long as the pad doesn't become over-saturated, it's a breeze to push. It has removed dried on stains in the kitchen better than any other steam mop I've owned, although it's important to remember a steam mop isn't going to instantly blast the stuff away like they appear to do in the infomercials. It gives my floors a clean, residue-free feeling that really hasn't been beat by any other mopping system. The swivel head is perfect, and maneuvers easily without swiveling when you don't want it to. The low profile head allows the mop to reach under cabinets, appliances, etc. I also like the microfiber pads much better than the other brands I've tried. They are stiffer and actually have some texture to them, which allows them to better scrub that dirt and grime without damaging your floor. The tank seems small, but goes a long way and has been perfect for my needs. They claim the steam actually exits the unit at 212 degrees, which is hotter than many of the well-known brands, and the temperature microbiologists at the EPA claim is suitable for household cleaning and sanitizing needs. (Hopefully, you won't be performing surgery on your floors, so autoclave level sterilization is simply not necessary. On the other hand, I certainly wouldn't allow my hospital to sterilize their surgical insturments with my Haan.) Overall, if you are in the market for a steam mop, I'd definitely recommend this one.
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on February 17, 2013
So...I have been agonizing over which steam mop to use for MONTHS...literally since last summer. I have read reviews, asked around to both friends and at stores and finally decided on this one based on the positive reviews and it seeming to have the qualities I desire (higher temp, ultramicrofiber cloths and ease of their use, longer cord). I just received it two days ago and I used it for the first time today. I am reserving full judgement for my second and subsequent uses, but I am pretty happy and will recap my experience and the pros and cons...

One note: I am a bit confused b/c some of these reviews speak of an on/off switch,The model I received does not have one, so I am a bit confused if I got baited and switched...also, I have checked twice today for reviews to see what to expect before using it and the price switched twice on the same exact product...just something to make note of, I guess...

First of all, let me say, I am slightly OCD about the cleanliness of my floors (hardwood, granite and marble and persian rugs) and also do not like to use chemicals to get them clean. So, suffice it to say with a big muddy dog and 2 young kids, it makes for no small feat. I have recently been boiling a few teapots full of water and literally getting on my hands and knees to pour and scrub 1000 sq. feet of granite/marble and double microfiber mopping the hardwood floors with vinegar 3-4x per week. This has been exhausting and frustrating to say the least. We take our shoes off at the front door and still ruin white socks with dirt from who knows where?! So, my big expectations and hopes are to have clean white socks, rather than switching to black socks as we have done....

I will say that expectation was not met on this first try. I did the white sock test, and while it is better than before, I assume it will take a few cleanings to get the floors to this level of cleanliness (at least I hope :/)

*Very easy to use with minimum assembly straight from box
*Price ($80)
*Lightweight and easy to push (my 6 year old mopped the entire kitchen easily)
*Feels and looks like it is well made
*The carpet attachment really seems to refresh carpet..I smelled the dog smell being vaporized (slightly gross)
*the cord is more than long enough to do three rooms of my house (which is not small) without having to change plugs
*the floors are streakless and feel much cleaner (my husband even said they felt nicer and looked cleaner...and he doesn't notice much about the house ;)
*telescopic handle for taller folks but worked fine for me at 5'7 without pulling it out
*2 different settings for hardwood and tile, but both are sanitizing
*water dries quickly and no puddles
*quick 20 second heat up
*floors were actually hot after cleaning
*stands up on its own

*floors did not pass the white sock test, but hopefully will after subsequent uses
*wish that it also came with a looped microfiber cloth to get in the grout

Honestly, had to grasp at straws to get the cons out... i will update with further use. I am hoping to be able to add that fifth star ....Hope this helps.
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VINE VOICEon January 8, 2012
An outstanding product. High value for the money. After comprehensive research on the Shark and many other makes and models, our focus narrowed on the Haan SI-60, which boasts a 25-ft cord (Haan SI-35 cord is just 19 ft.) Many very nice features: two steam settings (cooler for wood floors, hotter for tile), very lightweight, a complete swivel pivot head, and it's free-standing (won't tip over). It won't dent or scrape baseboards. No more swishing of mops and just moving dirt around. Best of all, you'll get a super-clean, heat-santitized floor. Your bare feet feel the difference. No need for vinegar or chemicals in the water, so it's a winner for babies, pets, any floor-dwellers who lick their fingers or paws. Please know this is not a vacuum! You should vacuum, sweep or Swiffer first. Be realistic: heavy, week-old sauce spills might need some hand-scrubbing yourself before the Haan treatment. Our home has wood cabinet baseboards, so thankfully this machine doesn't blast steam at the baseboards but keeps it on the floor edge. One con: the cord is black, and our baseboards are white, so if you drag the cord around corners, the black might leave small black marks like many vacuum cords (though we haven't seen any yet). Not uncommon, and easy to wipe clean with a damp sponge.
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on October 6, 2013
I hate mops and buckets and smelly cleaners, so I got the Haan.
Very lightweight and takes up very little room for storing between uses.
I like it a lot for my 2 small floors. Kitchen and bath in my tiny studio.
Heats up instantly and the steam cleans well and with no cleaner smells, toxins or allergens.
Just a tad awkward placing on the pad and removing the pad. If the pad gets soaked, you have to use another one, because it won't continue to glide. Since my floors are small, this isn't too big a problem. For cleaning a large space might be a pain.
It only comes with 2 pads, so I bought an extra pack of 4.
They wash by hand or in the machine, but you should air dry them.
This is like choosing cloth diapers over disposable. If you're willing to put in a little extra effort, it has a "green advantage"
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