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UPDATE 7/16/14: After submitting a claim to Amazon's A-z Guarantee team, I have been refunded 100% of the item price.

After having the camera for nearly one week it has started showing more problems. It has started indicating the inserted microSD card is not present at times. I can't get any files to lock (which is a must if ever I need to record something important). The video quality at night is awful, and in full daylight the colors are washed out.

I think I'm going to upgrade to the B40/A118 dash cam as it is more discreet and apparently had better build quality. Just have to find a good Chinese Seller.

Original 7/12/14:
Seller: SUNWEB
Item is counterfeit as others have mentioned on here too. Took 3 weeks to ship to my address so all the negative reviews came in after I purchased it. If you head over to dashcamtalk you can see the characteristics of the counterfeits. This item fits them, the files are all in AVI format and 1080p at 25fps. The 25fps means it uses the older processor and you can tell when comparing to youtube clips of the real product that the image quality is worse, you can barely read the license plates in the counterfeit version's video. The audio quality is good though. There is a present "hiss" though, which occurs even on the real G1W's.
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on May 29, 2014
Worked great for TWO days. Now it just shuts off and restarts every other minute. Too bad because when it worked it was what I was looking for in design and size. But now it's just a $56 doorstop.
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on July 25, 2015
Item I received was exactly as advertised. Ordered from 'S mart Gizmos' and fulfilled by Amazon. The picture quality is stunning for the price. It records in .MOV format. It has the HDMI output. No issue with an inferior knockoff here. It came with a fairly detailed instruction book. I'm using it with a Polaroid Class 10 32GB MicroSD card. I used a black Sharpie marker to hide the chrome bezel around the lens. I also put a small piece of electrical tape over the white LED light near the lens. That LED has no use while you are using this unit as a dashcam. These two changes make the unit less noticeable behind your windshield. The suction cup mount is very secure. I purchased but have not yet used a cheap rearview mirror bracket on ebay which I assume will make the unit even less noticeable as it will hold it back a few more inches from the windshield. The power cord was long enough that I was able to hide it under the headliner, behind the windshield trim on the passenger side and then under the dashboard. There is a bright red LED on the power plug that I also covered with a tiny piece of electrical tape. Only two minor gripes: 1. The SD card goes deep in the slot and is a bit difficult to remove. 2. The recorded audio has static at one second intervals but is not loud enough to be a concern.

Consumer guru Clark Howard says it's a good idea to have a dashcam in your car. For the price and performance I'd say this one would be hard to beat.
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on June 24, 2015
I've been using this neat dashcam for just under a week, so far it's worked as expected. I turn on my car, my cig lighter turns on, it powers the camera, it powers on and starts recording, I turn off the car, it beeps and turns off. It has recorded in 3 minute intervals and already has gone through the memory card and looped through and started recording over the first videos. This is the legit version that does the .mov videos.


So far the only problem I've noticed is the sound. I get a random buzzing noise intermittently and also a little digital noise when the internal clock on the display changes numbers. You may need to wear headphones to hear the buzzes and digital chirps. Other reviews don't have this noise, I have tried in two different vehicles, with combinations ranging from turning off cell phone for interference, turning off radio, headlights, plugging into the radio usb, plugging into the cig lighter directly, plugging into a usb port into the cig lighter, but I still get this same noise on all variations.

Here's my example video:
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on March 27, 2015
For this low price, I expected worse. I read other reviews and ultimately chose this one and I'm not sorry. It's been almost a year since I put it in my car and it still works. The biggest hassle about this is the menu system. It's about as clunky and clumsy as you can get to work the buttons and make the right configuration choices. But once I got the hang of it, I set it up one last time and left it that way. Excellent instructions can be found by searching other reviews. Some great guy put his own write-up that saves the day. I remember one reviewer mentioned that the suction cup fails across the black surface grid they use now. For me, it has not been a problem. I was able to stick it on the black and even half on and half off. The mount has loosened up a little and the video will shake. I solved my problem by sticking a toothpick in the plastic thumb release. I'm guessing heat warped the mounting catch. The video clarity is a little disappointing but it would probably be clear enough to prove my innocence. Night time video is barely tolerable. For all of these complaints, I still am happy with what I got for the price. Maybe next time, I'll spring for a more expensive model for the front of the car and put this facing the rear. Here is an edited video of my drive home...
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on August 2, 2014
I bought this camera from the seller Zeagoo and it is a "fake". It turns on but goes blurry after about 5 - 15 minutes producing terrible quality files. The legitimate version produces files with the extension .mov. but the camera I received produces .avi files. The camera also gets very warm after a few minutes. The "real" version of this camera costs about $50.00 and up and is very nice for the price. If you are paying less than that, I would dig a little further to ensure you are not buying a fake. I ended up purchasing another from a legitimate seller on ebay and the difference is worlds apart. Do some research on the different processing chips inside these cameras and you will quickly learn the difference.

My mistake should be your your research on this camera and make sure you are buying a real version!!
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on July 10, 2014
Seller: Sunweb

So everything works but after the excitement wore off I noticed that the video quality was very poor. As if I was back in 2009 looking at an iPhone 3Gs screen while taking a pic. Everything was jerky and fuzzy. Nothing like the Youtube videos I saw.

So I contacted the seller, they offered me $5 and told me to keep the piece of junk since they said if I ship it back to China at my expense that's what I would end up with. Felt like a scam to me where they sell you a crappy product and hope enough people give up that they make their margins. I contacted Amazon and via their A-Z guarantee I was able to get a credit to my account. Afterwards Sunweb contacted me and said they credited my account and please remove the A-Z claim. I didn't see any money come into my account so screw that sh!t.

At this point I still love Amazon. I still hate Sunweb. And I still am waiting on my dashcam which I ordered from a different seller who had good ratings.

Edit 1: I ended up buying the following from Spy Tec -

It's what I should have gotten in the first place. The video quality is what I expected but it cost $22 more. Better than buying junk though...
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on July 23, 2014
BEWARE - Choose your seller carefully!

I ordered 2 of them on separate dates. The first camera received was a counterfeit version from seller "Sunweb". Sunweb did not reply to my messages to return item - poor service! Camera was dark brown, instead of black, had memory card errors, and the suction cup torn, and instructions were in broken English. The second one, ordered 1 week later, from seller "babyjj0526" was a good one is works well!

Does a great job of doing what it's intended to do. I like that it can take stills, too. With a 32 gig storage disc, I'm getting 2.5 hours of driving video, at highest quality settings, before looping. LOVE the audio recording default!!! Any thought that comes in your head, you can just talk about it out-loud, and you have a recording of it for later! Can also be used to talk out-loud license plate numbers and narration of an accident scene: default set to capture EVERYTHING going on :)

To save disc space (delay looping), turning off the audio recording will make a HUGE difference, and give you privacy while driving as well. I didn't realize how many things I say out-loud in the car until looking through a recording the first day I got this! If you say things you don't want anybody to hear... I'd turn-off the audio recording to get that privacy.

Horrible Directions! BTW... the default settings it comes with are actually well thought out. Just use the top 2 buttons to work it between (1) video, (2) still pics, (3) replay modes. Use the up/down arrows do the zooming.

The mounting bracket is plastic - horrible idea! There's a reason why doorknobs are made of METAL: plastic gears / latches would wear out too damn quickly! I'm concerned with how long the plastic latch functions, before I have to duct-tape the camera to my windshield.

For the price - OUTSTANDING!!!

UPDATE: After using it the second day, I decided I wanted one for the rear window, too! I just purchased a 2nd one, memory card, and cigarette 'splitter' (to run both cameras at the same time). I'm liking this idea! I'm guessing a road-rager who sees a camera pointed at him may chill-out a little (if not, that why I got a bat and bear spray! :)

Since I am purchasing a second one of these, and encouraging my family members to get one... I've got to up my rating to 5-stars. Considering the tremendous value for the price, a plastic part isn't such a big sacrifice (sacrifice for the price).
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on September 24, 2014
I love the clarity of this dashcam. It looks better on the dashcam itself than when you upload as a computer file, but even the computer file is excellent. The product feels cheaply made since it is lightweight and I can't imagine it would withstand any drops, so carefully take it out to the car and then leave it in there. I keep this camera in my center console when I am not driving. Do not leave attached to your windshield even for "just 5 minutes" because it will bake inside the car and could potentially cause damage.

Pros: excellent image quality should you ever need the movie files after an accident
Affordable price between $50-60 for the images it gives you.
Records audio as well (but this can be turned off)
Ability to record different loops--so if you ever need the file, you can more easily find the specific minutes you need. I have my loops set for 5 minutes, but I believe the other options are 3 or 10 minutes. The camera will also loop back over to the start of the memory disc once 32gb is filled to capacity.

Cons: the power cord is awkwardly placed and the cord could eventually be worn away. I loop the cord around my rearview mirror to kept keep the tension loose
The manual is the best-worst Engrish I have ever seen. It may be a little awkward trying to interpret the instructions but the overall setup is easy.
Making sure not to plug the product in until after the car has started. But this is a general rule for any electronics in the vehicle.

Make sure you pick up the appropriate micro memory card. This dashcam will only accept 32gb or less. Do not get a 64gb card. I would also check other reviewing websites to make sure you're not purchasing any knockoffs. I tend to read wirecutter and consumer reports.
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on December 1, 2015
Still working! This is my 18-month review with this dash cam and it's still working great and keeping me protected from the sea of moron drivers that abound. Very easy to navigate the menus although for me this is a "set it and forget it" scenario as I have been fortunate to not have needed it. I did witness some road rage a few months ago (I wasn't involved) and after I got home was able to pull the 5- minute video off the 32GB mem card I have in this and email it to the local police very easily.

My setup for this camera is that the audio is always recording when the car and device are on (just in case) and it records in 5 minute segments, recording over previous FIFO (First In First Out) 5 minutes segments once it fills up the card. It shuts off when the car is off automatically and is plugged into a cigarette lighter. I plan to eventually hard wire it to the car ignition but haven't gotten around to it yet.
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