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on October 9, 2012
These protective lens pouches are surprisingly well made. The neoprene is thick enough to provide sufficient cushion between lenses in any backpack or camera bag, though I would not try dropping a lens on the floor while it is in one.

Each of the four pouches is a different size. The largest just holds a Sigma 70-300 with lens hood still in place for quick access to shooting (yes, the pouch still closes). The largest should accommodate a Canon L series lens, but without the lens hood attached (the diameter of the lens will make it a tighter fit). The next to the smallest easily holds an 18-55 kit lens.

On every pouch is a belt loop. Each one is closed with a nicely appointed drawstring and self-holding hard plastic loop-lock, like those found on jackets and outdoor gear. While it does not open on its own, it is easily slid open for rapid access to the lens inside.

Others have reported an unpleasant smell with their pouches. While I can smell something if I lean into the pouch, it is not readily noticeable otherwise (I think I will avoid wearing one over the nose on my face, just in case...LOL).

When I find low priced quality products it just makes me smile. I am very much smiling with regard to these very inexpensive pouches. They will do well for me for keeping the lenses free of dust while on the shelf and protected from bumps while in transit. Other items, like expensive flash units, can also be protected by the smaller pouches. These are a real bargain.


Updated 10/13/2012

I liked the original batch so much I bought another set for the rest of my lenses and flashes. This batch does have a very slight scent, but based on my last set I think it will dissipate quickly.
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on April 29, 2014
I bought this set of lens pouches because they are inexpensive. The quality is about what you'd expect for under ten dollars. On a couple of the pouches, the seam near the drawstring is only sewn in the neoprene, not in the nylon trim along the top of the bag's opening. This seam will probably start to rip the neoprene unless I hand sew it at the nylon trim. After that improvement they will hopefully hold up well enough.

Other than the problem mentioned above, the rest of the pouch is sewn together well. There's a cheap plastic clip which is sewn to a piece of webbing on the side of the bag. The webbing is plenty strong and if the plastic clip breaks you can replace it with a cheap metal carabiner.

I bought these pouches primarily to use with my Sony Nex-6 camera and lenses to protect them while keeping them in a larger bag. The medium pouch is a good size for the 55-210 lens (with the lens nested inside the lens hood). The pouch is wider than needed for this 4/3 lens, but a little extra room is better than too small. As a bonus, the large sized pouch is a big enough to fit the Nex-6 camera with the 16-50 lens attached (even with the eyepiece cup attached). So if you're looking to protect your small camera and a lens or two, this set of pouches could be all you need to buy. I also bought a neoprene "wrap" type cover for the Nex-6, but I'm not sure I'll bother to use it or just use the large pouch from this set.

For the low price I get a couple pouches I'll use plus a couple extras I can use in the future or use to protect some old lenses I have in a box.
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on February 25, 2013
Excellent set for the price.

So far I have only used the 3 smaller pouches. Starting from the smallest I store: 50mm, 18-55 mm, and 75-300 mm.

These pouches could easily store slightly larger lenses. The thick neoprene keeps lenses protected. Drawstring top is easy to operate and there is a clip (for clipping to things I suppose).

Some reviewers complained of a strong chemical smell, and that is true. New, out of the box there was a strong smell. However, it dissipated quickly.

I am quite happy with this purchase.
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on February 25, 2014
I needed a few extra lens pouches and from the reviews, these looked good. I received them today, and they are made well with a thick neoprene material, closing loop, a snap holder, and a side loop strap that's stitched in. They are heavier than the felt type material pouches I get included with my Nikon lenses.

However, two differences I noticed on these compared to my Nikon pouches. First, the bottom of these neoprene pouches are the same thickness as the sides. Meaning there is no extra padding on the base. Not a real big deal since the neoprene is thicker than the Nikon pouch and does have a little sponge like softness to it.

Second, these neoprene cases seem to have been design to hold the older, more narrow lenses. What I mean by that is that many of the newer lenses today have built in AutoFocus motor. On Nikon they call it AF-S (or G type lenses), on Canon it's USM, and Sigma it's HSM. Those tend to make the lenses a little wider. Also, most lens hoods invert so you can store it over the lens by reversing it. Well, with the increased width of the lens, plus the lens hood around it, most of my lenses are a tad too wide to fit into any of these cases.

That said, I find my normal, older AF lenses (for Nikon, the D Type), seem to just fit. So my point is, if your lens isn't that wide, these pouches will work well. However, my 105mm 2.8 AF-S VR Micro won't fit, nor will my Sigma 10-20mm HSM, and even my small Nikon 50mm 1.4G with the lens hood inverted just makes it, width wise. These neoprene cases need to be a little wider.
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on April 3, 2014
I bought these because when I'm hiking, I usually have an extra lens along with me, but I don't want to keep reaching into my backpack to get it out. These are a good way to have the lens accessible but protected. They're certainly not the best lens bags, but at $9.95 for the set (as of April 2014), it was worth taking a chance on, especially for something I use once every few months. I like the neoprene sleeves more than a dedicated lens case, since these can go in my camera bag and not take a ton of space.

A couple of things to note:
* They are not weatherproof. While neoprene itself is, the drawstring closure is not. It doesn't really seal the pouch: the drawstring is more to prevent the lens from slipping out. So they'll protect your lens from, e.g., getting splashed when you step in a puddle, but they won't help in a rainstorm.
* The belt loop on the small bag is not usable unless your belt is narrower than 1". All the others fit a typical belt, however.
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on April 6, 2014
In my opinion, the picture makes it look like they hold similar diameter lenses that have a longer focal length. This is not the case. The small one holds almost any lens between 14-150mm pretty well. However, from the second smallest to the largest, the diameter gets much larger and they do not hug the lens well. I am just not impressed by it.
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on May 14, 2014
These are great pouches. The Neoprene is thick and bouncy, perfect for protecting your lens. I was expecting these to fit my collection of E Mount lenses, but these are pretty big. I can actually fit two of my lenses in the second pouch sideways. I have a 18-200 mm lens in the third pouch and there's still plenty of room left inside. The 4th pouch, I don't even use because it's so large. Also at $10, it's a very good value.
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Love these pouches, especially the thickness of the material. I have a couple lenses here that did not come with their original lens pouch and I feel like these totally do them justice. I wish the drawstring at the top was a bit easier to clamp all the way closed but it's not impossible. Just may take a second or two longer than expected. Going to buy another set soon and start keeping other things in it instead of lenses to consolidate room in my bag. Definitely a good buy.
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on December 18, 2013
These look nice, and are pretty well constructed. Their usefulness will be in how well they live up to your expectations once you get them loaded up and ready to use.

Each one of the set are a fair bit larger in diameter than the 35mm bayonet SLR lenses I wanted to protect. The smallest for a standard 35mm wide, the next one up for a normal 50mm, and the next for a 135mm tele. The largest one was a bonus for anything from the gadget bag that could fit it, like an old table-top tripod, clamps, cables, etcetera. Length or diameters of the pouches weren't bad, just 'generous'. Every one of them is sewn to shape, and come with a wide-ish side-strap along their entire length where the plastic clip is attached at the top.

The one thing that didn't work quite they way I expected was the drawstring and the pouch's 'mouth' stretchiness. With the thickness and un-compressability of Neoprene, the drawstrings take a bit of effort to get closed and cinched with the pinching-type buckles used to lock them when you want a really tight fit. Again, not terribly bad, but not as quick, effortless, or as tightly closing as I assumed they would be when I first saw them.

As for protection, they offer quite a bit given the material used (think of a diving suit's combination rubber/cloth 'skin'). I wouldn't intentionally drop them for a bounce test, but it offers much more than nothing, and without the rigidity and bulk of those cardboard style tube cases that aren't flexible or easy to use with one hand when you're in a hurry for a lens change. You can leave these open and clipped onto a suitable belt or sling for easier access. These aren't waterproof, but they offer a lot more protection from accidental spills or puddle drops than almost anything else at this low of a price.

All in all, they're practical and worth the cost of admission.
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on June 12, 2013
For the price it's hard to complain about a set of 4 pouches for $11. The construction is fairly solid. It does what it's suppose to do.

Now for the downsides. First is that the drawstring doesn't close very well. I mean I'm not expecting a waterproof seal here. The drawstring and the material lining of the lip make it difficult to close. Depending on the pouch size, I can still easily fit 2-3 fingers into the pouch when the drawstring is pulled all the way.

Second is that the choice of sizing is very awkward. As you can see from the picture, all four pouches gradually increase in size. The smallest pouch is only maybe useful for a short prime lens. The largest pouch is big enough to fit larger telephoto lens. (I would think no sane person would ever protect an such expensive lens with a ~$2 pouch). I feel most people who buy this just want cheap protection for their lenses without having to carry a large camera bag or backpack. I would suggest that the manufacturer instead package 2x of the two middle sizes, which would make much more sense for the target market.

Last, the smell of these are horrible. I would let them air out for at least a day or two.

Overall, I can't really complain much because of the price. At ~$2 a piece it fulfills its purpose. If I paid more for these pouches I wouldn't hesitate to rate this 3 stars or below.
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