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on April 28, 2013
Ok i bought this to connect my wii to one of my many monitors i have sitting around.i seen a review which said they used it for there wii and it worked fine so this is what exactly i wanted it doesnt work my monitors and tv didnt detect it.i tried the vga port on my tv just to check.i even had sum vga male to female connections and tried my monitor that had the cable built into it with male vga and no im gonna try vga out on my computer to the tv and see if thats what its for.for 3 bucks its no lost but if its the oppisite of what i wanted it for the comments are misleading.
here are some videos to learn from
ok it worked for an older laptop 900 mhz with tv out to an old crt tv(cuz didnt work as i thought it would) fault for impluse buying without reading fully and going off some comments especially the wii one...jackass
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on January 29, 2011
I bought this in an attempt to upgrade the video quality of my gamecube on my 32" vizio hdtv.

the tv doesn't have an s-video input, and I wasn't willing to fork out the cash for the component cable that is so rare these days, so I was hoping to use the vga input in my tv(which in itself does work for sure, I've used it) as a sort of work around to at least get the s-video quality.

it didn't work. I don't know exactly why, but the tv said that there was no power connected and it was shutting off, which is basically what it says when nothings plugged in at all. I even tried several different combinations of cables thinking that for some reason it might be the issue, but still nothing.

the cable itself came very quickly, appears to be made of good quality equipment, and to my knowledge should still connect to a normal monitor just fine. that's is why I gave it 4 stars.

I'll probably still use this if I ever travel around, it can essentially hook up to any system that has a set of composite cables, so there's no reason not to just grab a monitor and play anywhere.
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on July 14, 2013
I tried connecting Wii to 2 different monitors with no success. Neither monitor was able to detect the vga connection from the Wii, and the monitors work with the computer. I don't understand why this adapter has audio jacks going into a vga connection; the red & white jacks must just deadend. I tried every permutation of red white yellow to red white yellow, just in luck. Turned Wii on and off, monitors on and off, nothing helped.

I bought a separate adapter (not from these guys) to connect the Wii red & white audio rca jacks to a headphone jack that my computer speakers can plug in to, and that works fine. So I have sound but no image.

Even with all the bad reviews, I took a gamble...and lost $5.
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on February 22, 2013
This cable will not and is not supposed to connect a pc/mac/desktop/laptop to a TV.

even if you have TV out capabilities on your video card and the software to support it, this product will not work! It is not meant to link a computer to a TV.

do not buy this product if you are trying to hook up your computer to your TV. It will not work.

With out even trying it out, you can tell it will not work simply because the RCA cables have all 3 components two of which are audio! your VGA port on your computer is video only! this product is extremely misleading and is very attractive due to the price. Do not be fooled and do not waste your money!

you have been warned.
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on December 6, 2013
I bought this hoping to play Wii on my VGA monitor, based on some reviews that claimed it was possible. It's not, at least not for my particular monitor. The only thing I've found that does make it work is the LCD TV Box by Supera (also Mygica, I think they changed their name), no longer available on Amazon but occasionally on eBay. (I recommend that product highly by the way, as it let me hook my Xbox 360 to PC speakers, which otherwise also doesn't seem possible with common components).
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on July 22, 2012
I read a lot of previous reviews to make sure this is what I needed. I was trying to connect my game system to my computer monitor. didn't work. I tried every combination and setting I could imagine to get something to happen, and asked several friends for advice, and no luck. I tested the monitor port by using a normal VGA cable to connect my laptop to the monitor, and it worked great. I hooked the game system up to the tv to make sure its cables worked, and it was fine. Played with the settings on the system, but with no change. Tried hooking up a DVD player instead of the game system, no luck. Out of curiosity, I tried using this adapter to connect my laptop to my tv, and again nothing happened. So I don't know if I got a dud adapter, or if things just didn't work out. I'm guessing it just wasn't what I needed to do what I wanted.
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on October 13, 2012
This cable arrived very fast and feels like it's made pretty sturdy, but I'm not even sure if it's what I needed. I wanted something to connect my original Xbox to an eMachines LCD computer monitor, but this thing just doesn't work for that. There was no documentation or even a hint as to how to use this thing, so reviews and comments were all I had to go on. Several reviewers at the time I bought this item said that the product's description was wrong and that this device was for the exact thing I needed it for - connecting a game console to a computer monitor. That's what prompted me to buy it. All I can definitively say is that it does not allow you to play your original Xbox on an eMachines E202H LCD monitor.
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I read the reviews - mostly bad and complaining that you can't use this to hook a laptop to a TV - and saw some success or comments about hooking up a game system to a monitor. Well, PS3 + this cable + LCD monitor = nothing. I've resorted to using a 1985 TV, small 13'' tube, as my gaming device for my small room instead (did require an RF modulator, but that worked).

Anyways, don't buy this. It doesn't work for laptop to TV conversion nor Game System to LCD conversion.
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on July 22, 2015
A few of the other reviewers have said something along the lines of they're 'pretty sure this is just cables put together to look like a thing, but it cannot work.'

YUP. Waste of money; it does nothing, in any scenario. I got duped. Shoulda done more research. Luckily it wasn't MUCH money wasted.
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on May 19, 2017
Didn't really use because it requires a special graphics card that made this incompatible with my laptop
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