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on August 20, 2015
Ok, I'll start with saying... I love wine items. I have gotten into tasting and enjoying wines over the past few years, and I have bought various aerators and decanters and other items related to wine. I bought this item when I was going through a stage where I was comparing aerators. I still have it today, and still pull it out on occasion. It is effectively being compared to a Vinturi aerator and other "stopper" types that I have.

Now, I'll freely admit this one doesn't do as good a job as the Vinturi, which is why it gets 4 stars rather than 5.
If you use this, it probably opens the wines up about 50-75% as well as the top of the line types, but that is still a lot better than not using anything at all (assuming you want to open a bottle of red and use it right away - which lets be honest, is what most of us want to do). This was based on taste tests between various models on various reds and comparing pours using 1. no aerator, 2-4. various aerators and then tasting.

One thing I do like, is that if you seat it properly in the bottle, you get a nice pouring spout. Granted, you have to trust the aerator to stay in (it always has for me) because in order to get the best aeration you can from this, you have to tip the bottle significantly (as true for all stopper types).

So, it has always worked well for me and for the money spent, I think it's worth having it in the drawer for wine tastings.

An alternative perk... many people may not even notice if there is a taste difference (so sad but true) but they will think it special that you used something like this.
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on March 16, 2014
Love this little aerator. I use it faithfully to bring out the flavors in my favorite reds. It seals nicely in every bottle without leaks and runs through the dishwasher without issues (2 months and counting). Beware, the pour is slow but the reward worth the wait! Why are you reading this? Buy it. It's 5.95. That is half the price of that bottle of red you just bought and it will taste twice as expensive after you use it. Just kidding about the boxed wine but I did hook you into reading this review, so just buy it already. It's an aerator, not a condo.
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on September 12, 2012
I own several "Vinturi" as well as other brands of aerators... this one is my favorite. I pour wine as a job and I find these perfect. They attach easily on most bottles, unlike most brands that you have to hold, or use a stand or put a straw down the bottle. They make almost no noise at all, unlike all other brands that slurp and burble loudly enough to disrupt shows and conversations. The spout makes them drip and splash free, even when you're rushed and pouring quickly for a bunch of people. Finally, you can be really precise in how much you pour with these because the pour is slowed down to an exacting amount, which is really handy when pouring for tastings.

I will probably buy even more of these. I'm ready to give away all my old aerators.

Oh - and if you doubt such a handy piece can do the same job as a good decanter, think again. I've poured before/after and after/before comparisons on many wines and there is a very distinct difference that is easy to notice.

The only thing that could possibly improve these would be a built in air tight stopper attachment.
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on June 5, 2013
I had been interested in these things for a while but wasn't sure if they really made a difference. Then a friend of me who's Dad owns a winery told me that aerators can help make a $10 bottle of wine taste like a $20 bottle of wine. I still wasn't convinced, but this was cheap so I got one. Then I did a blind taste test. I left the room and asked my girlfriend to pour me a glass of wine, then pour a second glass from the same bottle but using the aerator. The difference was clear. I told her which one tasted better and she said that it was the one she poured with the aerator! She was as surprised as I was!
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on February 22, 2011
I've been using wine aerators almost 3 years, I have Vinturi, VinoAir, Rabbit Aerator by Metrokane and Menu. But the Menu could't be considered an aerator, it doesn't aerates the wine at all. It is only a wine pourer nothing else. If you are looking for a wine pourer and aerator, I strongly recommend VinoAir. But if you would like the best aerator, choose Vinturi or Magic Decanter (both aerators are exactly the same, the difference is the price) if you decide to pay more for vinturi, it will be only for the brand.
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on January 22, 2014
When I saw 4/5 stars for this item, I decided to order three of them. They were shipped directly from China and took 15 business days (21 calendar days) to arrive. The long deliver time was projected by Amazon, so I wasn't shocked. But when they arrived 2 of the 3 items were broken. With both, the plastic intake funnel where the wine enters was broken in two pieces and stuck inside.

So obviously I initiated a return... Only problem is Amazon requires you SHIP IT BACK TO CHINA at a cost greater than just buying a new one. Regardless, I'm not going to take any chances when only one out three arrive unbroken.
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on August 8, 2013
I bought this as a cheap stocking stuffer gift for christmas. 9 months later it's still being used and haven't heard any complaints with it. I don't think it aerates as good as other solutions, I also bought Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew Wine Opener + Aerator, Foil Cutter & Extra Spiral - Red which seems to introduce a lot more air mixture when pouring.
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on September 26, 2014
This wine aerator cost me 79 cents including shipment from some obscure province in China.
And, it was worth every penny of the price until I read in the newspaper that the Chinese have discovered a loophole in a trade agreement that makes the U.S.Postal Service at taxpayers expense subsidize the cost of shipment.Not good.
I can't really rate how well it works because the seal of the aerator is too small for many wine bottles and the wine pours around and out the neck and makes a huge mess.
As I stated,worth all 79 cents of the price!
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on September 3, 2017
did nothing
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on May 5, 2014
Let's be serious. When you open a bottle of wine do you drink just one glass? This aerator is perfect if you are having a few drinks, expecting to finish the whole bottle in one night or are serving wine at a party. You just stick it in and pour each glass until the bottle is empty. It's a secure fit. Compared to an standard aerator that costs $15-20 this is a steal and way more convenient (unless you are just having one glass). Also I take the cork and set it inside the aerator like a temporary cap when I'm not pouring if there's still wine left in the bottle.
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