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on September 27, 2015
I received this product well before the expected date of arrival. This product does as advertised. I tried using it with the G230 to make it a G430 (G230 is the same as the g430 except for a 3.5mm to USB) but sadly didn't work. It was probably because of the driver preinstalled. That was my bad for assuming it was and has no part in a removal of a star. Don't buy this item if the internal sound card is working. There's not a big sound much difference. Unless you are using this on Mac because of no mic input then don't buy. If this review was helpful hit the yes button under the review.
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on August 20, 2012
I've read many of the reviews on this one, and I'm not disagreeing with them, but for what I'm using this for it works pretty well with a few caveats.

First of all, I'm using this on a PowerMac G4 Cube with an Apple Studio Display, and have only used the buttons on this a few times, so I haven't experienced the button failures that others have.

I'll try to outline the unit with my experience.


Pretty standard packaging, nothing fancy here. The unit was well packaged and was received without damage. It was delivered pretty quickly and no shipping issues to note.


It feels pretty solid to me, the casing is a solid plastic. It uses a standard, full-size male USB connector to plug into the computer, or laptop. There are three buttons on the case, volume up, volume down, and mute. The buttons feel pretty solid to me, you don't have to apply a lot of pressure to actuate the buttons and I suspect some of the failures might be due to using too much pressure, but again I haven't used the buttons that much so I don't know how long they might work if used regularly.

There are two lights on the top of the unit, the green light indicates that sound is being transmitted, the red light seems to be an indicator for the microphone input which I have not used yet.

There are two 3.5mm inputs on the end of the unit, one is green for the audio output and the other is yellow for the microphone. Kind of odd to me since most mic inputs are colored red, but not really an issue.

This is advertised to transmit 7.1 channel surround sound, I don't know as I have it hooked up to a clock radio with stereo sound only, but it sounds plenty good in my experience. I have doubts about any connector being able to send out 7.1 discreet channels of sound over one of these 3.5mm connectors though, and if you are an audiophile you might not be happy with the sound quality on a bigger setup. I'm not an expert on these things, so check with online resources if the 7.1 is an important feature for you.


It's plug and play, no software needed. I found that for the G4 Cube it is too long to plug into the bottom of the Cube itself, with the 3.5mm cord plugged in it was about about 1/2" too long and I was using a L shaped plug. If you tried one of the standard straight 3.5mm plugs it would be about an inch too long. Anyway, I plug it into the USB port on the back of the Studio Monitor, and while not nessesarily pretty, it's very functional.

I use this to play music from my G4 Cube to the clock radio and simply use the OS X controls to adjust the volume. When I have used the adaptors volume buttons I found that it also adjusts the volume in iTunes (the slider). Neat that it works that way.


It works as advertised, that is at least in my experience with stereo (2 channel) sound. Good volume, sounds as good as any of my smaller speakers sound.


Easy to use, no special software needed. Many people might not realize that USB ports are capable of outputting audio these days, all USB ports 1.1a and above can do this. Most ports today are 2.0 or if you have a newer computer they might be v 3.0 ports, and they will all output audio.

Volume adjusters onboard for quick adjustment of audio, especially if the computer is in screensaver mode or the display is asleep, you can use the volume buttons for adjustment.

Standard 3.5mm jacks on the unit, for speakers, headphones, microphones, etc...

Indicator lights for activity monitoring.


Ok, this thing sticks out about two inches from the USB port once connected. I suspect that if you use it on a laptop or something like and hit it often with your legs/etc... that it will eventually wear out or break. There are smaller, similar adaptors to this one that might be better for that kind of use.


This is probably one of the main factors for purchase, it's fairly inexpensive and is one of the main reasons I bought it. It might not last forever, but it also is less expensive than many of the other ones I could find. For what I'm using it for, and the price I paid, I feel the price is pretty reasonable.


This is a pretty good adaptor, and for what I'm using it for it works great. The price and durability seem to be about in line in my opinion, it doesn't feel "rock solid" but it doesn't just fall apart either, it seems like I'll probably get a lot of use out of this, and it's an inexpensive solution for my problem which was getting sound out of a G4 Cube (there is no 3.5mm jack on the G4 Cube, the only way to get sound out is via USB).

Overall I recommend this item, but check to see if it fits your needs prior to purchase. There are many options available for an adaptor like this, and most are fairly inexpensive.
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on May 2, 2014
It is STEREO not true 7.1, just to be clear about that. No software shipped with it because Window will download a driver automatically and extend the Windows Sound control panel with a couple extra options: Bass Boost, Room Correction, Virtual Surround, Loudness Equalization. Using iTunes as a music player I think Virtual Surround and Room Correction suck. The lyrics drop in volume compared to the instruments and much of the music sounds under water/garbled. Just leave the enhancements off. It is good for being a completely separate audio device. So if you want to designate one microphone for most of the PC but your headset for Skype or a game it would let you do that. Maybe you want to be able to send audio from one room to another... You could just switch the playout device to the USB stick and have your music play on the patio instead of your desk speakers.
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on January 9, 2011
I read the reviews and i finally decided to buy this product. I too have suffered a problem with the audio jack on my sound card, unfortunately this is a 5 year old toshiba satellite and its hard to find a replacement sound card for it. I still don't like the idea of USB sound cards just when you think about it...latency is my initial thought.

Upon unboxing, it is a simple and flimsy device, since the sole purpose of this device is to replace my old sound card i decided to use a usb extension cable to fee up the surrounding space. I do agree with some reviewers that this can collapse on itslef after a few clicks and massive clicking of the volume button. If you are connecting it to speakers or volume controlled head sets place the device's volume on high and use the speaker volume to regulate the volume, this will prevent unnecessary pressure and will prolong the life expectancy of the product. Also you can still use your windows audio display panel to regulate the volume, if your laptop has that nifty little button that button is still defaulted to recognize the main sound card, i used it on my emachine and dell inspiron and the volume buttons work well on it to regulate.

The quality does work nicely i've tested it out on a 7.1 encoded audio, and did a comparison on a standard dual speaker channel, on the device you hear more of the bass which is good and when the treble needs to come in it slices through and all the subtle mid's are blended. Unlike the standard dual channel which you can't distinguish any of the ranges. I used a sony MDR head set as well as my Creative Cambridge Sound works speakers (these are 10 year old speakers) to guage the sound quality. I haven't tested it yet on my Studio Monitors, although i am just scared to do it it might just catch on fire.

I have split the function of my internal sound card and my usb device for the mic out put since the quality is much better on my sound card i have set them to work harmoniously. The mic function causes a loud annoying hiss and i can't stand that and it makes the audio hard to hear while a live call. So when i use YM or Skype i have the mic setting on my internal sound card and my speakers and ringers on the USB device, and when i did the test call i can hear the voice clearly. Note that various internet connection will vary and the quality will vary as well as the latency time.

Another issue are BSOD in my experience then again my laptop has gone through hell in 5 years and i've abused my system so it could be unrelated but i've noticed when i unplug it my system tends to crash, however even if its even unplugged it still crashed so there fore i can confidently say that it far from being related. I don't new systems may be better able to handle it than my old pentium 4.

There is this hissing noise i hear, which ...ehh for .99 cents i can't expect perfect quality. The casing is cheap plastic and cheap LED and circuit boards from probably Thailand. So what else do you expect you really get what you pay for. If your on a budget and don't really want to buy a expensive replacement sound card or a external device sound card this is the product for you. If your like me and are really into your audio quality then go find a person who has steady hands and a soldering iron and get the jack fixed, or buy a new replacement sound card or invest in the more elaborate and expensive external sound card. Bottom line this gets the job done and for a dollar hey its a low risk product[...]
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on July 5, 2010
I purchased one for myself and recently one for my daughter for use on our Laptops - both of which use Windows Vista. You may have to go into your sound set up and make the USB Soundcard your DEFAULT and Save that option. Once you do that - if you fail to plug the USB soundcard in, it will revert to the original sound card set up so you wont be without sound. JUST DONT ManHandle it - and treat it right and it will treat you right :-)

The main reason I purchased this for myself was my HP Laptop's built in sound card did not deliver even reasonable quality microphone recording. This little jewel (USB soundcard) did the job!

It does NOT have special FX or anything like that, but its good for the money. And of course it delivers better sound than my Laptop too.
My daughter is still not sure how to set hers up - I will have to install it for her. While I have not tried this on XP - I would imagine, XP will install with little to no hassle.

I have not tried it or know of anyone who has But I do not think it will work on Windows 7.
Windows 7 is a hard animal to please when finding the right SoundCard used for Recording/Singing and have quality FX too. If anyone finds such a sound card for Windows 7, let me know.
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on December 29, 2014
Here's my side of the story, just because the external part of the product is cool doesn't mean that the internal contents of this product is cool. When I connected it to my PC or Mac for example, it's simply just blinked and it sounded like a wave or simply just mutes and unmutes at the same time. When I saw the comments that the product is falling apart, I could see that in my own eyes. When you look at my other external hard drives, and the one you are currently looking at. I have a summer one that looks like this one but without the lights and without the volume controls and it's green. The only mistake they have is the gluing it is the worst, if you could see that they've basically glued it at the wrong side which caused the defect. If you wanted to work they would've included a software are a driver for it because I can't really fix it at all. It's even easy to put back for Pete's sake. Never buying this from this company ever again
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 17, 2014
works like a champ. I have a headset that is used for gaming. I use it for rosetta stone language software, and it requires that you plug them into the microphone and headphone jack. Unfortunately, my new expensive laptop, (UNBELIEVABLY) does not have a mic jack. SO---what to do? I got this and I'm glad I did. It converts my headset into USB and everything works as advertised. I can use it on any computer now, and not worry about finding the various jacks. Great product!
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on April 10, 2014
This product does exactly what it says it does, and is the perfect fix for our computer whose audio jack went out. Rather than spend big bucks to fix the computer, this does the same thing as the audio jack for practically nothing. It is sturdy and of good quality, and looks much more expensive than it is. We've used it for a month now with no problems.

I took off a star because it was suppose to get here in two days and took almost two months. It shipped from Hong Kong and almost immediately the tracking option was unusable and the approximate shipping date changed to a month out. If you don't mind the wait, it's a great product, but don't order it if you need it right away.
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on January 2, 2015
I have a load of headphones, but also a couple of virtual 7.1 headphones.

I first tested my SteelSeries Siberia Elites (7.1 ready) on a DTS 7.1 test file. Sound was in all 7 channels, etc, it worked.
Second, I tested this product with my SteelSeries Siberia V2's, I didn't really hear any 7.1 at all, maybe 5.1, but definitely not 7.1...
Third, my Razer Kraken Pros, There was a notable difference in sound quality, 7.1.
And lastly, my HyperX Clouds, definitely some difference there.

So to my conclusion, it depends on the headphones you wear. If your headphones are snug on your head, as in they have no issue with being loose, then this product can be for you.
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on January 24, 2012
Just got mine today, took like 4 days to get here so am pretty impressed with that. The 3.5 headphone jack on my netbook has some issues you have to wiggle the cord to get sound to come out of headphones so rather than spend $100+ to get it repaired at a shop I bought this little gizmo... and its great... no disk installiation nessesary just simple plug and play. It has great sound quality and I love the fact that it has the volume buttons right on the device... Highly reccomend to anyone having issues with the stock headphone jack on their laptop/netbook it is a great fix for under $5 im thinking about getting another one so i have a spare... Great Buy!!! Oh and as a side note the specs on the little card that came with it said it would work with xp and vista.. I am currently running win7 ultimate and still had no issues with installiation!!!! Like I said just plug it in reboot your computer and you are in buisness!!! :)
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