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on December 14, 2013
I have tons of these adapters, some are cheap, some are expensive. This one has a high rate of defect. Buy 4 and expect 2 of them not to work. Horrible. It's almost just worth buying the $30 adapter if you your time is worth $10 per hour or more. I wish amazon would show the rate of returns on their website so we knew which products did this.
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on November 3, 2014
Looks "OK" when it finally works. I've had this for over a month now and it has not worked more than it has. Plugging it in gives a constant flickering on and off until you wiggle it to the exact precise position (that changes every time) that it will decide to work, and even then the picture will have artifacts in it. I've spent more time getting the picture to show and stop turning off my main monitor than actually using it.
It is highly unreliable as I had to switch computers to do a presentation because the picture kept cutting out. Once you FINALLY get it to show a picture, wait about five minutes without touching anything and POOF! Like magic, the picture is gone.
Yes it's a cheap adapter, but it is cheap in more ways than one. You don't get what you don't pay for with this piece of trash. Speaking of trash, that is where mine is currently residing. I found the one way to get make it more reliable is to tug on it until the entire wire comes out of the casing and then hit it repeatedly with a hammer. I think I can rely on it to never flicker again.
I expect better from HDE.
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on October 26, 2014
This adapter never did work correctly. The computer wouldn't detect the monitor, so the computer always went back to it's default resolution, not the monitor's resolution.
I thought it might be a problem with the computer, Intel NUC. The Intel NUC worked OK using a HDMI monitor connected to the computer's HDMI port.
Later I though about it and ordered a cable, Mini display port to the VGA input on my monitor. That worked perfectly.
Computer detects the monitor at it's correct native resolution.
I am using this cable now and have thrown away the adapter.
(SANOXY 6 Feet Mini DisplayPort Male to VGA Male Cable which I purchased from Amazon.)
That cable took over a month to arrive while the adapter arrived in a few days.
I would have given the adapter no stars but that is not available.
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on January 20, 2014
Bought this June 24, 2013, and had trouble getting it to work, keep switching and unplugging and suddenly it just started to work (spent time on phone with Apple).

Fast forward to Jan. 19, 2014, shut Mac down to install a PCI card and second monitor (using the HDE adaptor) did not work upon rebooting. To make a long story short, spent 7 hours of my Sunday troubleshooting by myself, with Apple Tech, finally went to apple store at 4 PM and they discovered the HDE Mini DisplayPort to VGA adaptor was bad. Replaced with Apple adaptor, and everything works perfectly.

The lesson? I try to save money when I can ($9 for the HDE vs. $29 for the Apple), but in this case it bit me in the tookis, and ruined my Sunday. I will probably continue to use inexpensive cables and adaptors (Monoprice is terrific), but occasionally you pay a high price for frugality. C'est la vie.
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on January 23, 2015
I Recently Purchased This And I've had It Atleast 39 days. I'm new to the mac world so I was assuming that I was the reason that it didn't work.

I connected this to my macbook pro (mid 2012) and to my Dell monitor. The macbook recognized my monitor right away. But my monitor wouldn't recognize the macbook. So I pondered what the problem could be. I was thinking that I needed to do something in the mac settings or download some sort of drivers for my monitor. We'll I couldn't find or figure anything out.
Then one day I thought, maybe this adapter was faulty. So I ordered a different adapter. As soon as I connected the new one, my monitor instantly worked. So it's obvious that this adapter was bad, for some reason it wouldn't send signal to the monitor from the mac.
The adapter that I purchased was off of eBay by User ID- (sum-saver) for under $7 with free shipping. I hope this helps.
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VINE VOICEon August 1, 2013
I recently lost the Thunderbolt to VGA adapter that I bought with my Apple MacBook AIr. I was about to leave to give a seminar and I needed a replacement. I saw that I could order an OEM from Apple though Amazon for $29.95, but then also saw this one for $9.25. Having had the experience of ordering several new iPhone 5 USB cables from another vendor for far less than the Apple price that also worked perfectly, I thought I would give this a shot. Bottom line - it works exactly as the OEM piece and is also an inch or two longer in case you need the extra length for some reason. No reason at all to pay $29.95 when you can get the same functionality for $9.215.

Highly Recommended.

J.M. Tepper
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on February 25, 2016
If you are looking for a dongle that won't cost an arm and a leg, look no further. My pervious dongle went haywire. It was splitting the screen right in the middle. After looking I didn't want to spend the official apple price for one and I found this one here. Price wise you really can't beat it and it worked without any connection issues. From day one, clear picture and easy connect/disconnect. I still have it and it still works well.
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on October 13, 2017
The thunderbolt adapter decided it wouldn't connect anymore ... after 12 months. Worked just fine up until then. Other thunderbolt adapters are working fine but this one will not insert far enough to engage the pins.
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on December 20, 2014
These are Chinese knockoffs of Apple products and while they work on the lowest resolution (thus 1 star) they are clearly not anywhere the quality of the real Apple product and do not work with retina display at all.

Edited 3 weeks later: well I spoke too soon - they stopped working - and after spending 45 mins on Apple chat to determine the problem followed by 45 minutes on the phone with Apple service, we determined that these knockoffs do not have the capacity to operate at the high resolution rate that Apple requires for its connectors....

so I have just returned both of them: it cost me lost productivity trying to work out what was wrong - and 90 mins of troubleshooting. When I connected a genuine Apple product it worked pertectly - I guess I learned my lesson....cheap Chinese knockoffs are exactly that - cheap Chinesse knockoffs - and they dont work properly.
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on October 8, 2013
Purchased 2 of these to use with a Late 2012 Mac mini since they say they are "Mac compatible". They did not work correctly, and one one of them had a glob of hot glue left on the outside of it from the manufacturing process. Although they are designed this to look like the Apple-made counterpart, the technology is not the same in this device. I was able to get: 1) no video, 2) video coming in for about 1/2 a second every 10 or so seconds, and 3) occasional constant video with strong flickering every 1-2 seconds. Never anything that looked normal, and only #3 with the CRT display. Tested with LCD and CRT monitors.
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