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on May 17, 2013
I use these 5 days a week, roughly 10 to 14 hours a day on film sets. In the past similar items have lasted about a year then need replacement.

I've been buying similar head sets for 15 years at 100 bucks. Only in the last couple years have I been able to get them for 25 or so. Now at under 15 dollars it cant be beat.

The sound quality on this unit is good and no one complains about what I sound like so there you have it. I've had this one a few months and know issues.

Shipping was fast. Yes cords are long but a little E-tape and your squared away.
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on February 6, 2017
I work as a film technician. All of us wear these as it's completely impractical to have an "open" walkie talkie without a headset or to use an over the head "boom microphone style headset. Long ago, there was an American company day, Otto's, I believe and only the Hollywood sound shops carried their headsets, they'd last about 6 months and they cost about $100. You'd buy a pink tip (they are sold here on Amazon now too) to replace the clear silicone ear plug because the ear plug this and the old ones came with blocked any other sound from going into your ear besides what was blasting through the ear plug.
Times have changed and we have these available for this incredibly low price. They will last a few weeks or maybe a few months and then you'll need to replace them. That's just the deal--stock up. Buy a few and have a couple reserves. Either the microphone switch will fail or the ear piece. Rarely is the walkie the problem, but sometimes that happens too; they are rented for us and get loads of abuse. Anyway, buy a few. Get the fitted pink or black ear pieces that allow air and sound to flow--it'll solve the problem everyone is complaining about with ear bud falling out. And it'll give you an acupuncture treatment at the same time--I swear. You'll really love it.
This brand, HDE seems to create the best sounding inexpensive surveillance headset to work with a basic Motorola walkie. I just bought another brand--(Crystal Clear Communications) and used for the first time today--it sounds like someone is talking to me through a broken speaker out of the bag.
HDE was better. I'm buying more of these.
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on July 27, 2014
I have been buying these items for a couple of years now. And they have been working like champs. I am a film technician so I am fairly rough on my tools. However, lately it seems that the manufacturing quality has been reduced, because the last 4 out 5 that I have brought have broken after one day of use. At first I thought it may have been a freak coincidence, but after 5 in row it is now clear that they are just straight garbage. The clips that attach to the ear piece break off after the first use.
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on March 9, 2014
I, like so many of the other reviewers, work on set. I've never had a problem with these breaking on me. The construction is fine, as is the sound quality.

The only issue I've run in to is that the ear pieces included never seem to fit my ear correctly. But then again neither do bud earphones on the whole.

I've bought no less than 10 of these so far, because I've been so impressed by them. I keep extras in my kit bag, in case anyone higher up than me needs a headset.

You should buy one. Just don't buy all of them, because then there wont be anymore for me.
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on May 7, 2016
I work in the film industry and these headsets are essential. I was tired of having to use one of production's and so decided to purchase my own. I had several people tell me that a cheaper headset would be problematic, but this headset had been phenomenal. It fits a standard two-pin walkie and all parts are durable. I like that the two wires are separate allowing for maximum functionality. My one concern with the headset pertains to the Mic. The plastic button is slightly too big and occasionally gets stuck depressed in the cavity. A fix - just lightly shave down the one side that is sticky or cutout a piece on the perimeter of the button. However, I've only had the button get stuck maybe three times over the course of a year - so not that big of a deal. Really, this is a great headset for the price. Quality.
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on February 29, 2016
Kept breaking. The clip to speak into has a button to press down on and that kept breaking. The silicon piece that goes into your ear kept detaching from the piece to the point where I had to hot glue to together. Bought 2 before i had to go without (4 month time span). Came to the point where I had to hold in the connector to the walkies and twist it a certain way just to hear my Co-workers.
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on June 18, 2015
This headset seemed to be well made when I opened it. Wires are pretty heavy and everything seemed good until I plugged it in. The earpiece worked for the first 10 seconds it was in my radio then it stopped working. The mic worked great and still does work fine but the ear piece stopped working immediately after I inserted the headset into my Motorola talkabout 250. The pins on this radio plug are also a bit narrow for the two pin wholes. I had to really stretch them apart to get them to fit. That may be why the ear piece stopped working but it's not the radios fault or even my fault it is just poor build quality. I wish this headset would of worked because it would of been great, but it broke instantly.
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on March 9, 2017
I've been buying these headsets for several years now. This is something I wear everyday, all day, for as much as 15 hours at a time, for my work. So I'm happy if I can get six months use of of a headset. I put these guys through hell and defiantly get my monies worth.
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on November 16, 2016
Okay so I purchased this "thing" for lack of a better word and I have used it on just a handful of projects thinking it was a great buy. Unfortunately as of a few days ago, the device went kaput on me and doesn't work whatsoever. I thought it was really affordable and great at first but I'm extremely disappointed with how poorly the device is made and the defectiveness of the product. It made me look foolish trying to communicate with people and others not being able to hear me. I would not recommend this again.
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on November 24, 2013
I have had this product for not quite two months, and so far it has performed as you would expect. It is great for the crowded and noisy environment where I work as a hand held mike is frequently difficult to hear.

A plus for me was the price, the earpiece I replaced with this was $35 and it lasted around six months.
I will update this review if/when this earpiece fails. (The co-worker who told me about this item had his original fail in just under a year.) I did purchase two in order to prevent being without an earpiece while waiting for a replacement. This worked out well for my co-worker who "borrowed" my spare until his replacement came in. (He had ordered two to have a spare as well.) I suppose we have to accept the idea that these won't last forever, and the reasonable price of this one makes it easier to swallow when it does fail.
I would recommend making sure you blow the sweat out of the ear tube to try to avoid damaging the speaker. (I work outside part of the time during the summer months and as I work in Phoenix, that can be an issue.)

I would prefer that the packaging be a little sturdier as I use it to store the earpiece when not working. (We don't have a locker, so everything I use has to be transported to and from the work site.)
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