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on January 7, 2012
When I'm getting something that's shipped from China, I automatically have my doubts. When that thing is less than 4 dollars WITH shipping (which happened to be free) I'm a little bit more apprehensive. Well, I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas from somebody. I used it to buy a very decent tripod and a camera case. I had a few dollars left over, and saw this little wonder. I didn't expect much from it. I actually expected it to be a cheap piece of crap that breaks after a few minutes of use (or doesn't work at all). But for 4 dollars, I thought I'd take my chances.

Well, this came almost a full two or three weeks before it was expected to get here. That itself put a smile on my face. However, it was a in small, rather vulnerable packaging shipped through China Post from Shanghai. I must say, it has been a wonderful experience. Some other reviews have noted the brightness of the mouse's light. They're concerned because on regular optical mice, there is a laser built into the mouse that you should avoid direct eye-contact with. However, the reason for the brightness of this light is because it's an LED light. Mine happens to be blue, others have noted that theirs are red. You should avoid staring at it since it's a very bright light, but you need not be overly cautious. Treat it like an LED flashlight. You normally wouldn't spend a minute staring into the blazing light, but you also don't freak out if it shines in your face for a moment.

Now, regarding the usage of it. It is really wonderful. There were no instructions included, but it took me a whole of 30 seconds to figure it out. For other mice, optical or the rather outdated ball, you need a flat surface for the mouse to work. Even on some flat surfaces, the mouse will be jittery or won't work at all if the surface doesn't fall under certain standards (color, uniformity, reflectiveness for example). With this mouse, you have no such problems. I can use it on the palm of my opposite hand, on my pants leg, on a table, on the palm rest of a laptop, and any other surface I've tested. You can hold it like you might hold other mice, with your whole hand, though you'd operate the mouse buttons and scroll with your thumb. If you do that, you just set it down when you're going to type. It has two little legs (about a centimeter each) on the side opposite the mouse buttons so you can rest it on that. You can also use the Velcro to mount it on your forefinger, using your thumb once again to control the mouse buttons and scroll. If you Velcro it, you can just type while it's still on your finger.

It takes a little bit to get used to fine-tuning your mouse movement, and I wouldn't use it for gaming, as it isn't as precise as other mice. But for other day to day routines, it works very well. I am extremely pleased with this mouse, and for $3.88, I doubt I could have gotten any other product that would be as useful as this.

Side-note: With the LED being so bright, you could easily use it as a flashlight if you wanted to read in the car. It just needs USB power, which means you don't actually have to plug it into a computer for the light to turn on. There are many adapters that allow you to feed power through a USB, as many products, phone, iPods, etc. can charge through a USB. There are wall adapters and car charges for this.
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on April 14, 2016
this thing came suprizingly quick... i love it... it does take a while to get used to tho... i am annoyed that its hard to reach the scroller with my thumb... and note there is no middle/scroll button... i almost broke the scroller finding that out.. origionaly when buying this i thought i could point it like at the wall or oat the Monitor but no it has to be literarly touching the desk/table to work... but works on my desk and suprizingly over tabe stuck to my desk too! its nice that it works on most surfaces :D i was only disappointed about the position fo the scroller and its not SUPER Confortable to have on for a ling period of time... but over all ive had no other Problems with the mouse yet :D
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on June 30, 2015
This device arrived (from smartshoponline) and, once plugged in, was recognized by a Windows 8.1 laptop as being an HID-compliant mouse. The buttons worked and the light comes on, but no amount of repositioning, changes in angle, etc., will get it to move the cursor on the screen. The shipper has offered a full refund, so no loss other than the time spent waiting for it in the hope that it would solve a problem.

It arrived in an unpadded plastic envelope/bag, with no box or instructions, so I have no way to know whether the problem was bad manufacturing quality control or damage in shipping (there was no evidence of physical damage, but I don't know what the sensor is supposed to look like).

Three additional comment for those who might be interested in these: It is an interesting design and might be very useful it it worked. I've got relatively thin fingers by US standards but the velcro strap is barely long enough to fit. It could be easily replaced, however. And it absolutely cannot be used left-handed -- you need the thumb to work the buttons or wheel and they are just on the wrong side when it is on the left hand. I thought about using it upside down or pointing inward, but there is no provision for changing the angle of the light beam, so it would end up pointing upward. Even if that problem could be solved, there is no setting in the Windows mouse driver for "reverse direction" even though there is one for "swap buttons".

A slightly more rugged one of these, ideally with Bluetooth (even if that required a separate box strapped to the wrist of back of the hand) would be _really_ useful for today's Windows-based tablets and convertibles. But this isn't it.
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on November 30, 2013
This is the oddest little mouse I've purchased in a long time (this from a guy who oonce got a mouse shaped like a Colt .45 to satisfy his four year old son's whim), but you know what? this ridiculous thing works for me.

Let's get the CONs out of the way:

First, there's no way to sit this thing on its laser, so if you put it down and it tips the wrong way, or if you're wearing it and you lift your hand to scratch your eyebrow, blammo, you get the ol' red laser in the eye routine, which isn't a threat to one's health but it sure is distracting.

Second, it takes a while to figure out how to work with this sucker, and it IS tricky. With the thing strapped to your finger, it's definitely a challenge to do a "click-plus-right-click" which of course you do all the time.

Third, since there's no way to leave the mouse in an "at rest" position, the mouse will ALWAYS return position data to the OS, and THAT means that you can forget about your screensaver kicking in, or sleep mode, unless you figure a way to put the poor little mouse in an unmoving position.

But if you DO figure a way to work with this mouse, it's a great little tool. I'd never use this with my desktop, but this LIVES in the laptop bag, and it's SO much better than the UNPRINTABLE thumb pad. I can use the laptop anywhere and this mouse works on my shirtsleeve, my pant leg, I've even used it against the palm of my left hand, and the side of my head once, just to see if I could. No mouse pad required, which is good cause that's not a look I like, the whole mouse pad strapped to the head thing.

Eventually, I came up with a rig that lets me put the mouse at rest, too, so I even solved my screensaver/sleep mode problem.

If you're only going to be using your laptop at a nice flat indoor table, or in a cafe with lots of table space, then get a regular mouse, But if you've ever found yourself sitting on a park bench trying to write out an inspiration before it gets away and the darned thumb pad is making everything twice as hard as it should be, think about this silly little mouse.

I wear it on my middle finger, not my index finger, and I sort of roll it around so its sitting on the top of my finger which leaves the buttons and scroll wheel accessible but not in the way.

One caveat: Definitely NOT for people who use their left hand for the mouse - I'm ambi so I tried it, and the rocker switches for the left and right mouse buttons are all wrong...
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on September 2, 2012
I wanted something to use with my laptop while sitting on the couch & when I travel on weekends. The $5 price makes this worth a try. I really like it, although it has only been a couple of days & I am still figuring out the best way for me to use it. Sometimes I wear it as a ring on my vey 1st knuckle - othertimes I hold it like a pen. I guess it depends if I am doing a lot of typing & don't want to put it down. I really like the scroll wheel. That is the best part. Scrolling on mt laptop is a pain. If you like to do quick scrolling, say for ebay or online shopping, this is perfect, even if you don't use it as a mouse, just scrolling. The 1200 dpi makes it a little too quick for me if I use the mouse on the hard surface space next to the trackpad. But using it in the sofa is fine. It is just the right response speed. there is a metal wire & 2 tiny plastic feet on one side to rest in on something, but like others, I removed the wire & might remove the feet and/or velcro ring if I decide I like it better as a pen. But then again, I could use the vacro to stick it on the cover of my laptop. So overall, it is just what I wanted. I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5, for the mere fact that I have had it only 2 days & am still figuring my best approach to it.
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on February 5, 2014
I read about a similar product last year and I couldn't wait to try one out. The low price made the choice a slam dunk and I got one. The idea is that you can use the mouse and the keyboard almost simultaneously without having to move your hand a foot to the side to pop the mouse each time you need to move your focus on screen.

Unfortunately, the mouse produces super sensitive responses on the screen and it is not supported automatically in Window's pile of auto-recognized drivers. The switches are a bit stiff and pressing one causes the mouse pointer to move far too much or far too little if the mouse light moves over a non-reflective area on the desktop.

I'm looking forward to the next upgrade. Eventually, they'll get it to the point of being a cap that reads your brainwaves and tracks you eye focus( I used to work on projects like that ).
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on February 4, 2012
For the first time over 10 years of purchasing here, I got a defective item. The usb "jack" was bent nearly flat on one side, of course making it impossible to use. I contacted who I believed to be the provided and was asked to give them a photograph of the item so they could determine whatever it was they needed to determine. The thing only cost a little over $3.00, so it wasn't the price that was causing an issue. I had been negatively surprised to find out that it going to be sent to me from China.....not from Chinese workers or sites here, but from China.....sent in just a padded envelope through regular mail routing. It was about 16 days getting here.\
Maybe my attitude is in the way of many things, but I expect to support American businesses and American workers and not any time during the shopping/purchasing process was I made aware of the origination of this product. And now I'm expected to go to further expense/effort to satisfy them that the product is damaged and not usable........ Will not happen.
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on April 12, 2011
I was intrigued with this unit because it seemed that I could use it do draw with in the Linux Gimp Image Editor. It works reasonably well. I liked that it did not need special drivers like the graphics tablet (which are tricky to get to work on Linux). I like the very low price and do feel it is worth the cost to get one. I find that for regular use that an optical mouse or trackball is better than this unit. But I found that for drawing that this unit allowed for steadier less shaky movements that are harder to do with a mouse or trackball. There is a little bit of a learning curve with it. The buttons feel a little cheap plastic like. One button actually fell off but snapped back into place with no trouble. I found that holding the unit more like a pen gave more control. I still needed to wrap my finger around with the velcro holder, because otherwise it is hard to work the buttons. Different surfaces give different levels of control. I found the best so far was actually a CD case, but have yet to fully test a number of surfaces. All in all, I am glad I got it and it did serve as a kind of digital pen and is a bargain compared anything else. It may not have the full power of a graphics tablet, but I found I can do decent drawings with it. When I use it, I have both this unit and a trackball plugged in, running a kind of "dual control", with each being used where they are better.
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on July 31, 2013
I like this mouse. What I use it for is more or less an emergency mouse when I am working on a computer and I cannot access the regular mouse or keyboard. So for me it is more of a troubleshooting tool than something I would use all day. It does seem a bit awkward to use, but if the choice is between this and no mouse at all, this thing is great. The size is what makes it perfect for troubleshooting; tuck it away and you will always have a mouse.
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on May 23, 2012
I've been using a compact mouse on a 1600 dpi setting with my laptop until my left button started losing sensitivity to my clicks, so I decided to get a new one. I found this in my shopping and since it was only $1.50 at the time, I decided to try it out just so I could review it. (I noticed the price increased between the time I bought it and the time I received it in the mail.)

The sensitivity setting I mentioned above is quite a bit more sensitive than most other mice I have used, and it is a lot more sensitive than any of my friends prefer. That said, 1200 dpi is also very sensitive, especially for a device with little weight. A normal mouse has a large surface area to create friction which stabilizes its position. The finger mouse attaches to your finger, which makes it susceptible to every tiny twitch that your finger makes, including every time you want to click something or use the scroll wheel. The high sensitivity means that the cursor will follow all of these tiny movements. There is another model on Amazon with 800 dpi. That one might work better with this concept, but I can't say as I haven't tested it.

The placement of the buttons is a bit awkward, but you can get used to it over time. While the mouse is not designed for left-handed use, I managed to use the buttons and scroll wheel with my middle finger, although reaching the right-click required some effort. Ideally, the software would allow me to orient the axis in any direction I wanted, so I could reach the buttons no matter what, but such is not the case. Another reviewer tried simply holding the mouse without the finger strap. I tried this, but I did not find using it any easier. Instead, I found it more difficult to hold the mouse in place. I did not have trouble with the wrist strap cutting off my circulation though as the other reviewer had mentioned; I simply loosened the Velcro.

The laser light is very bright, and I could easily blind people with it. While many laser mice power down the laser when the mouse is idle, I don't see this happening here. It also keeps trying to track when you put it down. I have it plugged in right now, and my cursor is slowly twitching around the screen as I write this.

As for basic expectations, the mouse works right out of the bag and doesn't require any instruction to use. This is good considering I received no documentation at all. The product also arrived ahead of schedule.

Overall, I'd say this is an interesting concept, but it does not provide a better experience than a mouse, a touchpad, a nub, a trackball, a game controller, or a stylus, all of which I have used. To be fair, a few design changes, externally and internally, would make it better.
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