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on May 26, 2011
I think people expect these tablets to be the end all be all and its simply not the case. Its not a laptop or desktop. It's a bigger version of your Android phone. That's it. The good and bad:

* Touchscreen works well for resistive. Wasn't sure what to expect, but a light finger touch does the trick. Acceleramator works almost too well when turning the device end to end.
* Battery life is great once you turn down the screen brightness. Was fully charged out of the box and I used it for 3 hours and was at 60% battery life and most of that was with brightness up fully as I as figuring out all the settings etc.
* Having an expandable SD card and 2 USB ports is great, especially for loading .apk apps from another computer.
* Settings are extremely easy to configure. Just go to setting and get your wireless and location/time/date set up and you're off and running right out of the box.

* Not all the apps are available in the app store. Apparently after some research Google only turns on select apps for certain devices, ie it may not be available for your type of mobile device, in your location, or on your mobile service provider. Developers have the ability to target applications to specific mobile devices based off screen size, mobile service provider, or location. I could not find Nook, Pandora, Facebook, Kobo ebooks, etc. Not a huge deal as all you need to do is Google the .apk file, go to the website, download it on your desktop, and then move it to the SD card, but it would be alot easier if was found in the market. But not a dealbreaker considering the money you save. Also, I generally find app versions of Facebook, Twitter etc to be watered down versions of the online experience, so I really prefer using the Browser installed vs applications for these things. If this is a big deal and you're thinking well, I should get something like the Xoom running Honeycomb, remember, Google just announced Android Ice Cream Sandwich due out at the end of the year, what that is, is basically them combining the mobile operating system and tablet system into one, so that all apps and functionality will be available for both, instead of having two. So basically Honeycomb I suspect is a passing fad and will be useless soon.
* Webpages can look a bit off as they are really rendered by the default browser for a phone and not a full 10 inch screen. Better off on some things to use Opera, Dolphin, or Skyfire browsers, just my observation. I downloaded Opera and it looks amazing.

Thats about it. Again, if you are like me and check email alot and are web intensive and get sick of the 1 hour laptop battery life, lugging it around the house, the heat it produces sitting on your lap, you'll love this tablet pc. Its ridiculous to spend over $500 on these things new as they just aren't capable of doing a ton of things that a laptop can do, but I would highly recommend this tablet to anyone, especially the 10" size. The 7" tablets just aren't large enough in your hands, unless you are a child. To anyone putting stock in the negative reviews....don't. Remember America is full of people whose idea of being tech savvy is pressing the power button and expecting that to be all you have to do. Also, like all products, there's gonna be defective ones, which is where some of the negative reviews are coming from. Make sure you order from an American supplier and not China. I cringe at the thought of a delicate tablet being shipped from China individually and making it here in one piece vs shipping them in bulk to an American distributor. I love this tablet and am was an extremely good purchase!
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on September 27, 2011
Tablet arrived, worked well after charging for all of 20 minutes. After that, the internal memory locked up, refused to download anything to internal storage. Contacted the manufacturer, who directed me to reset the device to factory defaults, which, much to my dismay, is impossible! The manual directs the user to Menu > System Settings > Privacy > restore defaults which doesn't exist. They suggested I root the device and install the latest available version of android, which, I'd be comfortable doing, if it wasn't for the "SUPER PAI III" refusing to perform basic file management operations, which would more than likely lead to me bricking my brand new tablet. Camera doesn't work, refuses to recognize a mounted SD card, refused to take pictures, refused to view streaming video, refused to stay connected to the wireless router 3 feet from it. Refused to delete anything downloaded to it during the 20 minute operational window (one wallpaper, handfull of apps). Refused to remove my google account, so now I've had to change my google password because of this thing.

I am not a technical noob, I've built every desktop I've owned since 1996 (Age eleven) and never damage a single piece of technology of mine or anyone else- I am careful, respectful, and gentle with technology. I still have my 133mhz 7' toshiba tablet that's over 10 years old, and not a scratch on the screen or the surface of the original hard drive, and this "SUPERPAI III" was treated with more care than I treat my ancient tablet, and it died in 20 minutes.

TL;DR - if this "internet" thing is a little too flashy for you and you'd like to stay connected to the internet on your sleek new tablet with an Ethernet cable plugged in for access, and not have access to things like streaming video, or basic file management, this is the tablet for you.

If you like your computer to work for you, not against you, there are tablets on AMAZON that are cheaper, better, and won't fry shortly after being taken out of the box. Try anything Sylvania or ACER if you want lowest price without sacrificing quality.

Bad product, someone at the manufacturer needs to learn quality control. The words "HDE" don't appear anywhere on the packaging, this is about as generic and low quality as it gets, even the manual is printed on a printer running out of ink.
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on November 8, 2013
I bought 2 Super Pad tablets, 1 for myself and 1 for my husband he's not to computer savvy as myself and I'm not that good but I thought that I will get both of us something where to keep us occupied while the kids are on the desk top. After the 1st hour with my tab I decided to give one of my children to play with it ....the Wi-Fi connection kept dropping, I was not able to load facebook or any of my other apps, the weather widget in the home screen did not give me the option to change or even remove from the home screen.... kept coming back once the tab switched off and on, I couldn't even search without a problem....getting pass these issues the tablet don't hold charge for long.... sad thing now is that the children don't even want the tablet.......these postings are so important and helpful for newbie's like myself but if you are looking for something look at something else don't waste your money on not in the living in the states to get a refund...... so just lost $200.00...................
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on July 31, 2011
I just got this tablet. I got it for the price. The quality matches the pice.
I would not recommend getting this tablet because:
1. it is slow. You get constantly messages "email is not responding" = with the options "quit" or "wait". If you click WAIT in 2 minutes it finally deletes the message.
2. While you can select to sync your info contacts. etc. it is yet to do it.
3.the contrast and color is mediocre at best.
4. You check on e books- NOTHING except for the manual. Go to Google Books and there aren't any.

I short you get what you pay for. I paid $100 and the rest in points I have accumulated via my AMAZON VISA.
I would not say it is worth the money as you get more aggravation using it than not having a tablet.
I would join the voices of those who said SAVE YOUR MONEY. I was going to take it with me to MExico.
I think I will be better of with my IPOD.

Just to be fair:
It is very intuitive so it is easy to figure it out how it works. And one more thing. It claims it has a manual. THE manual is your only EBOOK. So if you need to figure out how to get it to turn on, GOOD LUCK, because you do not have a printed manual.
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on December 26, 2013
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my daughter, she opened it and we started downloading apps from the play store and 20 mins later the battery went dead. so we put it on the charger and now the touch screen doesn't work. I called amazon Christmas night to inform them about it and was sent return postage for a FULL REFUND. This item is garbage DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I will be taking my daughter to walmart to buy a tablet today. she was so excited when she saw she had a tablet just to be disappointed that it was not working. what a horrible thing to happen to a child on Christmas.
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on August 21, 2011
This tablet is very buggy and you don't get flash 10.1 like they advertise you don't get the full android market you can only download free content. i did some research on this pad and it turns out there are many knock offs of the real flytouch 3 the real one is made by ibex and has real flash support the way to spot the differences is by the model number which should be DISCO10 not P401 so steer clear of this tablet i have already been suckered by this knock off!!! here is a link to a real ibex made flytouch 3 [...] and also here is where i got my info about this knock off.[...]BUYER BEWARE!!!!
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on December 24, 2011
Usually when you have a good experience you don't tell anyone but when you have a bad experience you tell everyone. That's what I am doing here. I bought this tablet as a gift for my wife because the other tablets are out of our price range. Well, I definitely got what I paid for. The touch screen is very unresponsive; nothing at all like the touch screen on my cell phone. The seller also said the item was new but it was clearly used as it had music and video files from the previous owner. I was disappointed in the tablet that I requested a return within a hour of my wife opening it. Stay away from this tablet.
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on November 14, 2013
There is no such thing as a Super Pad III and that is what I was sent instead of the Super Pad II. Also, The item was supose to be NEW and it was not. The battery life was less than 40 minutes after being fully charged. Other than that.. it's an awesome item. But the battery life sucks and the memory was only 4G and the other one I bought, was supose to be a 4G and it was only a 2G. I was ripped off and I sent these right back..
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on January 2, 2014
This is a Super Pad!! It is amazingly fast and has real size USB ports. Has everything realy!! Great deal!!
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on November 1, 2013
the way I expected the super pad two to work it is not working at all like that, I even want to return them I just get them sitting home and doing nothing with them, I think I wasted my money on it but can I return it cause it is still in the condition it came with, battery quick to run out not stable I mean I regret in getting this super pad two.
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