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on November 12, 2013
I just bought two of these for my Honda Element. I figured at this price, why not get two? If it fails or gets busted or something, I'll have a spare ready to install. Right out of the package I liked it. It seems solidly built, seams and finishes, etc, all look like "quality stuff". Just like the picture, it has a sort of charcoal black/chrome finish that should go well with just about any vehicle. The small instruction booklet is written in poor english, but can be understood. It says it will fit in any "keyhole" (in some aftermarket installations - if you never use your key, just your remote - you can remove the lock cylinder from your trunk lid and install the camera in the hole for a "flush" professional look)... but there were no additional grommets, seals or trim for that type of install. I just installed it like most people do - outside the vehicle, bolt onto the bottom side of a horizontal surface (install with screws going "up") and run the wire straight into the hatch through a nearby hole. Many people will need to drill a hole somewhere, and to pass the connectors through, that hole will have to be almost 1/2 inch diameter (and of course, there's no grommet supplied to plug that hole when you're done). I've never installed one of these before, but managed to figure it out with about 3 hours work. The hardest part is getting the wiring neatly run from the camera into the vehicle, then under and behind trim panels, etc, all the way up to the dash (wired to my in-dash Pioneer DVD). Once up and running, the picture was excellent. Can't complain about the image one bit, day or night - very clear.
There are red / yellow / green grid lines in the image, but do NOT necessarily mean that "just park it between the green lines and you're safe". They work only as a reference point (and you have to make sure you never bump the mounting position of the camera, or your reference points will change). Other reviewers are right: objects ARE much closer than they appear. But I think it just takes some getting used to. Example: If you look in my rear view mirror, and see a car behind you nearly fill your view out the rear window, well that car is probably at least 12 or 20 feet behind you. If you look at my back-up camera screen and see a car nearly filling the screen, THAT car is about 6 inches from my rear bumper!
It is advertised as "170 degree Viewing Angle". I don't know how they could possibly come up with that. What I see on the display screen in my car is about 100 degree view. Still it is about what I expected to see. And I'm pleased. My local installer wanted about $400 to put his brand of camera in my car (and he didn't want to be too specific about the model number, brand, etc). I installed this my self for under $25. I am super happy with the purchase so far. Will follow up in a few months to let you know if it's still working, etc.

May 21, 2014 - Follow-up: I've probably driven about 5000 miles since installed, and it still works great. It has been through a Carolina winter (chillier than most this year, but not like a Yankee winter). I've only washed the car a few times, and seen some rain... no leaks, or other problems yet. In the rain, droplets on lens will blur the image, but dries off eventually. Backing up into direct sunlight (near sunrise or sunset) it is almost impossible to see anything... but, that's to be expected. Overall, still satisfied. Still 4 stars.
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on March 19, 2014
I've used two different $15-18 back up cameras that are on the plastic strip that attach to the top of the license plate frame. Both old cameras were not sealed and water fogged the inside, making them essentially useless. The internal LEDs added insult to injury when the lens was fogged on the old cameras. Their night vision and clarity of their picture was only fair, even when new.

This device is amazing in the clarity, color and night vision it provides. Just blew me away as compared to the others. I used the old plastic strip and used short screws to fix this camera to the license plate and that was it. Been through a rainy month in Georgia and so far so good. If any degradation happens I will repost here.

The quality of construction is better than the other plastic cameras but the real test is in the quality of vision it provides, especially at night. I rode in a friends new GM SUV with their back up camera and this device was ever bit as capable but has better color. What made it so nice was the pavement at night shows up well so you can tell if there is any object in the way.. .

UPDATE: As of April 2014, this camera continues to work flawlessly, even with a month of heavy rains. No problem with internal moisture fogging the lens. Crystal clear vision is great and colors are true. This camera does not have IR LEDs to light up the pavement, rather the vehicle back up lights have to be used for illuminating the area behind the vehicle. As you might tell, I really like this gadget.
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on November 10, 2014
Clear video quality with a little fuzz at night. Power wires are short and thin; I accidentally ripped off the ground wire with not too much strength. The connection from camera to video signal extension cable was not solid and tight, so I had to twist and wiggle it to get clear video. Overall great value.
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on August 5, 2013
awesome camera, has a clear and crisp image with no interference or fuzziness at all id buy 100 more before i bought anything else. its unbelievable that you can get such an awesome product for under $15
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on February 26, 2015
To begin, I've worked with and installed cameras for years (analog, HD-SDI, IP, etc). Most of these for cctv purposes which run nonstop, but also in vehicles occasionally. It seems unfair for me to disparage a low-priced camera, but here we are.

I understand that this camera is only intended to be used for short periods of time, so I won't knock it for overheating issues- though it does get hot fast and will probably burn out quickly.

The built in scale is garbage, but it wasn't advertised as precise or exquisite, so this shouldn't count as a negative either.

The camera image is reversed with no on-board menu for white balance adjustment, gain, etc, but for a cheap camera (designed for a simple task), what would you expect? None of this stuff was promised to be included anyway (though cheap board cameras of the non waterproof variety included these features for the same price).

The camera image itself is poor and flickers a lot, though I was expecting this as well. Sellers love to put "HD" in the title because high definition is a buzz word that many people love to here. Ultimately the camera is somewhat lower than 420 tv lines when using a calibrated image to judge the resolution. Cheap analog cameras these days are 700 tv lines (or 960) as a standard, but on a small screen you can get away with lower resolution- you're not trying to read fingerprints anyway right?

So why did I rate this camera 1 star? It was advertised as 170 degrees of viewing. For those unfamiliar with wide angle lenses or fish eyes, the image usually gets heavily distorted without advanced calculations taken into account for the curvature of the lens. Cheap wide angle cameras suffer from this distortion, so I was prepared for it. However, this camera is somewhere between 110-135 degrees of viewing based on my rough tests. I did not care to use any advanced techniques as the camera was clearly and woefully short of 170.

For a layman this is a three star camera at best. It was too cheap for me to bother returning, though I know that I will eventually desire a replacement once this burns out.
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on December 24, 2014
Purchased Dec 2014, Finally installed this camera May 2016. As of August 2016 it is no longer working. Apparently it is not as waterproof as they claim because water has penetrated the camera body and destroyed the internal electrical components.
Don't waste your money if you plan to use this camera in an outdoor environment. Their IP68 rating is questionable. IP68 rated devices should be able to withstand submersion from a few hours to as much as 48hrs. My camera has only been exposed to rain and vehicle washes by hand.
Item is also described as "Built in Night Sensor, still provides the best image in dark condition", Mine has no vision in the dark unless "dark" is considered an image. If you have no need for night vision this might work for you.
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on November 16, 2014
I first purchased the Kenwood CMOS 320 ($275), and then the Rydeen CM2-T150B-PRHD MINy ($62 on Ebay) and the HDE E336 ($15) at the same time.

Kenwood CMOS 320
I bought the CMOS because I have a Kenwood Excelon 991HD head unit. The unit has built in configurations for Kenwood CMOS cams and "Others". So naturally, the Kenwood was a no-brainer, even at the super expensive cost! Well, when I got the CMOS, I enjoyed the high level of configuration, but I was supremely disappointed by the fact that it had a "fish-eye" view. Like looking through one of them round elevator mirrors. So I returned it.

Rydeen CM2-T150B-PRHD MINy HD
This cam wasn't bad. I bought it because I saw a review on youtube where a professional install company had installed a cam in my model of vehicle (GL450), which is very difficult to customize. When I installed it, it was very respectable and didn't have the fish-eye look that I (personally) don't like.

HDE E336
I actually bought this one at the same time as the Rydeen because the price of both combined were way cheaper than the CMOS. I ran the wires for both the Rydeen and the E336 and then toggled the video inputs so that I could see the differences. I kid you not, the E336 was ever so slightly better! Both cams were a tiny bit grainy (absent in the CMOS), but the overall clarity was about the same... Having said that, the E336 was bit better with brightness and color. Honestly, if the Rydeen was $1.00 cheaper, then I think you could make a case for calling [it] a better buy... but the reality is that the E336 was only $15 vs. the Rydeen's $62!!! What???

My advice, buy this cam and the other one you're wavering on. This is one is so cheap, you should be OK to experiment... Once you get them, plug them BOTH up and send the one you think is the loser back. Now if the other one is more than $10 more than the E336, then just buy this one and know that you're getting a very good cam! My rationale is that even if the other cam is better, I'd be surprised to think that it's $10 better (if that makes sense). Like the Rydeen, based on your tastes, it could be argued that it's better... but NOT $47 better!

On a final note, I only gave this cam 4 stars because it is slightly grainy... Honestly, I wish I could've gave it 4.5 stars! Or to put my opinion in to better perspective, I just ordered and received a 2nd HDE E336 cam to use a front view camera.
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on June 17, 2015
I was waiting until I had used this camera for a couple of months before writing a review. The camera works great, with a clear color picture. The backup lights on my car are adequate enough for the camera to have good night time resolution. There are gridlines on the camera, and while not perfectly aligned they are close enough. Most importantly, after several trips through the car wash the camera still works properly and has no rust. This was one of my main concerns going in and the main reason I waited for the review.

If your wondering, I installed this on my Chrysler 200, feeding a 7" Magellen GPS. The GPS fits the lower console opening perfectly and the camera is mounted on the trunk lip just above the license plate. I used an iPod Nano AV cable to interface it, with a female to female RCA adapter and it works perfectly. The backup lamps on the Chrysler are 12v incandescent (all other lights are LED) so the camera was able to get it's 12v feed properly.
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on April 13, 2015
Good camera for a fair price. Added this to my RV camper, more as a driving camera to see my rearview spots while driving (if changing lanes). Wired it to 12V switch as opposed to backup lights so I can activate it while driving. works well now for the last 2 months, and have had no troubles with rain to this point. Will see how it survives a camping season and winter freeze!
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on August 28, 2017
Cheap alternative to fancy RV cameras. We mounted this on the rear tire of the travel trailer with a video/power cable running up to the hitch. Then another video/power cable into the truck cab where it gets power and connects to a 7in monitor. We did have it going wirelessly using power from a fuse tap but it wasn't as reliable. This is our second camera because the first one was cut on accident and it worked so well we stayed with it.
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