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on March 12, 2015
I didn't expect it to come with an extra section on the cord like a PS3 usb cord. Once I saw the cable I was worried if It would even fit behind my TV. Upside down HDMI ports are hard enough as it is to insert a regular HDMI cord with...I didn't need some extra section on it that's not bendable to make it harder or make the cord useless on my tv. It was a headache getting this cord in...but it was 2 bucks so I cant complain too much.


No signal. Worked once the day it was received (Cable Box) and then I moved it to a device I wouldn't use much (PS3). I go power on the PS3 today and I'm getting no signal on this cord. I proceeded to try the cord across all the ports and different devices (Cable box, PS3, DVD Recorder) and still no signal. I tried my other hdmi cables across the ports and those are fine. This cable is crap.

Go Twisted Veins for 10 bucks. You get three 3ft braided hdmi cables, one 10ft braided hdmi cable, a right angle hdmi adapter, a cleaning cloth and keylight all for 10 bucks. I wish I would have before.
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on January 1, 2017
I'm not an expert but this cable seems to do just what I wanted. I needed a second HDMI cable to handle 2 up-converting DVD players to the same TV (plenty of HDMI ports on the TV). I had stolen the one since it also had the RCA cables and connected to the new DVD player. When this arrived I connected it to the first and moved the port the other was using (used to HDMI1 for the one device).

It works fine. I can't see any resolution difference between the two HDMI ports - both using DVD players.

I saw from the reviews that initial tests seem to be fine but problems were reported when it was moved to a different device and then moved back. That implies some weakness in the cables themselves. Since I don't plan on moving the cables around for a LONG time, that's not much of an issue for me.

All I can say is I can now use both DVD players in upconverting mode with no difficulty (other than the fact that they both accept the same remote signals -- that's a bit of a pain).
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on June 18, 2016
Better than pictured since the plastic over the connector isn't at all bulky and there is no blue stripe or branding. 1 1/2" of strain relief and hood, 1 7/8" to the end of the connector. No ferrites, but prefer it that way for a lighter cable. Wire a bit stiff, but nice and thin at 3/32" diameter. Ordered two, arrived fast, and both work. Construction seems fine: nothing is loose or bent, and the plugs insert and remove smoothly. Seem perfect for home use. Maybe get more robust ones if you plan to use them in a business conference room being bent and plugged in several times a day. Those $10 or more retail cables are such a ripoff.
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on June 23, 2016
After 2 months of use, this cable no longer works. This product is clearly bad. DO NOT BUY.

Moreover, the one I received did not match description in terms of appearance (I included a photo so you can see for yourself). As you can see, the wire is very thin.

I'd recommend spending a little extra for a higher quality cable. Without a doubt, this product is junk. Again, do not purchase this product.
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on November 2, 2016
I got this set because i was tired of spending 30 dollars on a 6 ft HDMI cable at Best Buy. These were easy to justify because, lets face it, if they end up crapping out on you, you're only out of pocket 3 bucks.

In my use, it has been spectacular. I got it so I wouldn't have to keep getting up and fiddling behind the TV when I wanted to go from my Apple TV to my PS4. Now, I am not sure what kind of specs they are most compatible with, but I am sure some older generation hardware may have a few bugs sending a good signal through these cables. But then again, I would have to say its probably more so that the purchaser received a bad cable.

Buy one or buy a couple, I have faith that they will work for you the same way they have worked for me. And, again, at 75% of the price you would end up paying in store, they're more than worth the gamble.
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on October 10, 2014
OK. First things first. This review is for the 6 food Category 2 HDMI cable that sells for $2.95 (at present)

Next, I have owned this cable for one day. It just arrived in the mail this afternoon. Therefore, this review is based upon my initial impressions. And the fact that it seems perfectly functional and I have no issues with it so far.

So. I ordered this cable to be used with a Philips HD media player because the HDMI cable that I was using was just way too short. I remember paying a lot for that cable and not really wanting to pay a lot for it but not really knowing there was an alternative.

Anyway, I needed to move the media player farther away from the TV and obviously, a short cable makes that impossible. I wanted a longer cable but I didn't want to pay a lot because frankly, it's just painful to pay a lot for a cable. Even if I kind of can see where an HDMI cable is quite a bit more complicated than, say, a composite cable. It makes sense to me that it might be more costly to manufacture a perfect HDMI cable. So in a way, I can understand an HDMI cable costing at least $10. But I didn't want to pay that.

I had no idea what to expect really. Because $2.95 with free shipping is less than the price of a meal at a fast food joint. But for such a small sum I was willing to take a chance. When the cable arrived, the only thing I really noticed upon inspection was that it's a little bit thinner than more expensive cables. But it's not as thin as I was expecting after reading some of the reviews here. It looks and feels thick enough to handle the job it's made for. If you plug it in and forget it, it should be fine.

Obviously, it's nothing fancy. There's no fancy bling on the plugs or the sheathing. The connectors do appear to be gold plated but I'm far from an expert in gold plating and I wouldn't know fake gold if I saw it. Nevertheless, it shouldn't really matter. I've been using cheap RCA cables with no gold plating all my life and the only thing that ever killed them was if the wire inside broke or something. I kind of doubt HDMI is any more demanding on that aspect of things.

At any rate, I honestly don't know how they can make a profit selling these at this price. I mean, you can tell by looking at it that it's nothing fancy but it still costs money to manufacture and ship them to the US from China.

Finally, the application I bought this for is not that demanding. The media player is technically an HD player but I never play anything more demanding than 720P (My TV won't go above 720P, actually) and the sound and video seems just fine with this cable. I can't see or hear a bit of difference and now I have a cable that's long enough to put the player where I want to.

It remains to be seen if this cable will last a while (if it lasts a couple of years it's well worth the couple of dollars). But as I see it at the moment, this is probably one of the best deals I've ever gotten on Amazon. 5 stars on value alone.
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on September 2, 2015
This is my second time ordering these hdmi cables and I'm glad I found these because they are great quality at great value. They sell cables for 60 dollars at stores like best (my dad brought one for 50 when hdmis were somewhat new (smh)) The first one was broken when my brother snatched my laptop when the cable was still connected and consequently, the tip came off. They would of lasted until my death if he didn't do that. Fast forward two days and these were at my door steps. First thing i noticed was that this was a lot thicker than the first one and was packaged nicely for such a cheap wire. I have no idea why they made it thicker but the quality is the same and it takes more material but I guess it gives the user a better impression that it will last a long time. I don't have the heart to throw away the broken one so now it is my makeshift bike cable lock lol. But get these, and not from ebay. The quality is way better and the shipping is so much faster. And ESPECIALLY don't get it from the store.!
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on March 19, 2015
The other day in a store an employee recommended me a brand name HDMI cable for 80 bucks which was ridiculously overpriced. After doing some research and a comparison I found out that there is no significant difference between the cheapest generic HDMI cable and an overpriced brand name cable with regard to color reproduction. You can even search for some studies that were done that says there is no difference between the cheap and more expensive cables.


• The picture quality of this 3$ cable is the same as a brand name cable that ranges from 80$ to 200$
• Did not experience any disconnecting issues
• Good quality build and does not feel cheap


Nothing yet, the cable still works without any issues and even if there was a problem it would be easy to replace it because of the super cheap price that ranges from 1$ to 3$ most with free shipping.

Bottom line:

Save your money and do not fool yourself by thinking that paying more for some popular brand name HDMI cable will give you a better picture quality. Instead, buy this cable without getting tricked into buying a brand name for 20 times the price for the same quality.
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on November 11, 2015
I was so impressed with the quailty it was unbelievable.This is a heavy duty cable, with a think outer shell to prevent noise from interrupting the signal. Picture is perfect with no lag between my ps3 and my Samsung TV. This is a must purchase if you need a great durable hdmi cable that can hold up to chewing by your cat or dog!!!So these connectors have been connected and reconnected numerous times without a single failure or compromise of any kind. And the sound and picture quality that I get, especially with the newer SR 6005 Marantz with its 24-bit/1092khz DAC's and Anchor Bay Video processors is absolutely spectacular!
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on January 8, 2016
Should have bought a different cable I guess. This thing didn't even work once. I just wanted it so I wouldn't have to switch the HDMI cable from the satellite box to the WII U when I used it. So the new cable came in and I plugged it into the Wii U and powered it on and...nothing. No visual on the TV, just the gamepad. Okay. So I swapped the cord from the SAT box and I get visual on the screen for the Wii U. So I take this cable and plug it into the SAT box and get a no signal message on the TV. So I think maybe it could be the HDMI 2 port on the television, So I go back through the whole thing with the HDMI 1 port which I KNOW works. Still nothing. My conclusion is a defective cable. Sellers return policy is see Amazon's policy. Amazon says it's ineligible for return. Great... In to the trash it goes.
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