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on March 14, 2016
I bought this cable to run from a new video board (EVGA GeForce GTX 950 2GB -- to drive a 1920x1200 led display.
The monitor works fine using its DVI connector, but I wanted to use the HDMI output from the video board as the sound quality is supposed to be better than what's on my MB. (I have a separate splitter to pull the sound out from the HDMI cable and feed it to the sound system.)

I first tried a direct connection from the video board to the monitor using this cable. With that I got a display which was badly hosed. There was a rectangular. yellow glob of "garbage" at the top left corner of the screen, and the rest of the display was shifted to the right by more than an inch. Also the characters on the screen were "blotchy" - something I've never seen before with this board. and I could not use the cable in this setup.

Now normally I use a KVM switch (4 computers, 1 monitor, 1 mouse) but I had tried the cable going direct computer-to-monitor and that configuration was not usable. So since this "ideal" connection was not usable, I tried connecting via the KVM switch anyway. (It's an upper-end 4-port KVM switch from IOgear and sometimes things work differently with it from the way they do if directly connected, and so I decided to try it to see if there was any improvement.)

I was very surprised because after shutting down, changing the connections to connect via the KVM switch, the display came up just fine. Or so I thought.

I do not run windows, but run several releases of Linux and Solaris instead (I make my living doing this, and Windows does nothing for me so it's not in the picture). When I booted up the system came up in text mode (giving me a 240x75 display), and it was absolutely perfect.
So after logging in I started X-windows (the Linux GUI environment). No good. The screen went blank but never came back, and eventually I had to log in remotely and kill the server. After MANY experiments (and an equal number of manual scrubbings of the test and reboots), I finally figured out that in this fashion the video card was not getting feedback from the monitor and it simply would not work IN GRAPHICAL MODE in this configuration either.

Out of curiosity I also tried this cable on a different machine which has an older graphics card which has an HDMI connector, and the results were essentially the same: it simply did not allow the system to work properly GUI (graphical) mode.

So I must conclude that some people have written that this cable works with windows, it does NOT play nicely with Linux (at least with a high end graphics card like the one I listed above), and it is not usable for its intended purpose here.

This is the first such cable I have tried and I will try at least a couple of others before I give up on this effort.

I cannot comment on its usability under Windows, but I cannot recommend it to anyone running RedHat EL6, Fedora 23, or Suse. And of course I will be returning it.
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on December 20, 2013
I bought this cable so I could connect my HDMI-equipped laptop and PS3 to a computer monitor that has a DVI input.

This cable worked flawlessly in both applications. I was most concerned about the PS3 and to my surprise the picture popped up on the screen instantly. I'm using the Dell S2340M ISP monitor and the picture looks way better than it ever did on my 32 inch Vizio (which looks pretty damn good). Since I had my PS3 hooked up via HDMI before, no settings needed to be changed other than routing the audio to the RCA connectors. DVI does not carry audio, so even if your monitor has speakers, you'll need extra cables going directly to an audio system/speakers.

*Note: I believe you'll need a monitor that is HDCP-compatible if you want to use it with a gaming console. So make sure you're monitor has HDCP or else this cable won't do anything for your PS3.

This cable is very long, which I love, and it comes with little plastic covers protecting each end. It feels very sturdy and I'm very happy with my purchase. I plan on buying another one soon. For less than $6, how can you beat it?
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on November 18, 2010
This cable lets me use my HDTV as a computer monitor, and it works great. If you're wondering how, it's easy (these are Windows Vista instructions - other operating systems may vary though all Windows systems are probably the same or similar):

First, turn off your computer. Then connect the DVI jack on the cable to your computer's DVI output and the HDMI jack to an available HDMI input on your TV. Use your TV's remote to select that HDMI input on your TV. Then turn on your computer. When it boots up it will send the video signal automatically to your TV and you're in business.

Note that this cable will only transfer the video signal (not the audio) to your TV. You can either listen to the audio through your computer's speakers or you'll need an additional cable to send the audio to either your TV or your stereo system.
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on January 5, 2012
Just hooked this cable up to my display and computer and much to my amazement, there are tiny green dots all over the screen. If I hold the cable or bend it a little, the dots go away and the screen is clear. Everything hooked up tightly, no pins are bent, etc. Must be something within the cable itself. I have the cable bent a little right now and have something sitting on the cable to hold the bend and for now no dots...I will keep it this way until a new cord arrives. Live and learn I guess. I will be purchasing a new HDMI/DVI cable, but this time I think I will look elsewhere.
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on December 14, 2012
This seems to work fine for some people and some devices. I was planning on using it to hook into a mobile video production studio to add my computer (has an HDMI out) for graphic overlays and such. Turns out this is not the right cord. The item pictured is a 24+1 pin DVI-D (d stands for digital) cord. The item I got was a 18+1 pin DVI-I cord. This distinction doesn't matter for all devices, however it does for my studio and the signal could not be read.

Just be weary that the pictured product is not the one you get, unless they simply mixed mine up on accident. The product description was rather vague, so I should have been weary of that. If you really need a DVI-D cable, this one seems to fit the bill:

I returned this one immediately and ordered the other. Assuming my refund comes from the seller, will report back and on that experience.
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on April 14, 2012
I have a TV with various inputs, including component, S-Video, and of course a couple of HDMI, and I wanted to connect my computer (to watch an episode of Survivor that didn't record on my Tivo because of a season pass snafu!). I hadn't even thought of just hooking up the computer straight to HDMI - I was browsing the various DVI-S adapters when I stumbled on this - both the cheapest solution and the best! Now we have a flawless image from the computer. My DVI doesn't put out sound, so we have to watch on the TV but use the computer's speakers, but it has good speakers which are close to the TV anyway so it isn't an issue - otherwise I could splash out and buy another adapter since my TV has a separate audo input.

So if you have a computer near your TV, for just five bucks and a few days wait, you too can start watching Youtube and old Survivor episodes on your TV! Why wouldn't you?!
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on May 2, 2013
Not much else to say about the cable. The price, quality and fast shipping were all perfect. Definitely keep in mind if you need this type of cable.

On a technical note, remember that the max length of a DVI cable is dependant upon the equipment providing the signal. Expect at least 15' as a guarantee for most electronics, though some provide a strong enough signal for up to 30'-50'. The same goes for HDMI, the maximum length is dictated by signal attenuation and the gauge of the wiring, but expect at least 15' for sure.

DVI doesn't support audio, so don't expect audio to work through the cable.
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on June 26, 2010
I have 2 PCs that I wanted to connect to my 32 inch 1080p TV. My Gaming PC and my browsing PC (aka "dirty computer") I needed 2 cheap cables that would fit the bill. I held off making a review coz I wanted to test them out for at least a month of heavy usage and I can certainly say that I didn't have any problem with them whatsoever. One thing people should be aware of is that most companies are trying to market hdmi cables and hdmi/dvi cables like they were doing with the analog rca/component cables. hdmi, dvi or any other digital cables either work or don't work since the signal is digital. Even if the signal weakens or get some interference, as long as the required amount data goes through, you will not see a difference. It's not like an analog signal where you will see image degradation because of signal loss or interference. A digital signal will either show you the picture or no picture at all... there is nothing in between! Don't believe in marketing!!!
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on September 16, 2017
Definitely worth the purchase. No need to have a whole ton of adapters just this cord. It's a pretty good length and works well with my pc and projector. I've had it for about 17th years and it's still going strong.
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on January 18, 2012
I purchased this for $7.60 in September 2011. The PC I connect to my HDTV only has DVI outputs. My HDTV lacks any DVI ports, being equipped with only VGA and HDMI ports. Therefore, I had previously used a VGA connection between with a DVI to VGA adapter to connect my PC. The picture quality was mediocre, with a faint flicker.

I purchased this cable and HD movies now look fantastic when played. The cable is well made and connects snugly to the DVI and HDMI ports on my PC and HDTV respectively. The length allows me to conceal the PC in an inconspicuous location, while maintaining perfect picture quality. Also, I would suggest buying this cable instead of an adapter, as an adapter may not always fit onto either the PC or the HDTV and may block other ports.

Simply double check that your DVI output or input is compatible with the connectors on this cable. My PC's DVI output utilized DVI-I, so this cable fit the bill.
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