What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR Video is the highest quality video available today. Where Ultra-HD was about improving picture detail by adding more pixels, HDR makes those pixels better. HDR offers greater brightness, shadow detail, and more color than traditional video. The result is a more true-to-life video experience revealing greater picture detail than ever before. Dark, shadowed scenes reveal more detail, bright objects jump off the screen, and colors are more vibrant.

Which devices currently support streaming HDR content through the Amazon Video app?

Amazon Video has three certified devices through which HDR can be streamed: LG, Samsung and Sony. Specific model information is below:

  • HDR10 models: EF9500, EG9500, EG9600
  • HDR10 and Dolby Vision models: UH9500, UH8500, UH7700, UH7500, OLEDG6P, OLEDE6P


  • HDR10 models: JS8500, JS9000, JS9100, JS9500, KS9800, KS9500, KS9000, KS8500, KS8000, KS7500, KS7000


  • HDR10 models: x850c, x900c, x910c, x930c, x940c, x800d, x850d, x930d, x940d

What content is available in HDR through Amazon Video?

Amazon Video has HDR content that is included with your Prime membership as well as movies, including top Sony titles that are available to buy.
Included with Prime:

  • TV (full seasons): Bosch Seasons 1 and 2 (second season also available in Dolby Vision, Mad Dogs Season 1, Man in the High Castle Season 1, Mozart in the Jungle Seasons 1 and 2, Red Oaks Season 1, Transparent Seasons 1 and 2
  • TV (pilot episodes): Good Girls Revolt, Highston, One Mississippi, Patriot, The Interestings, The Last Tycoon, Z: The Beginning of Everything
  • Movie: CHI-RAQ
  • Documentary: Coral Reef Adventure, Dolphins, The Living Sea, Van Gogh: A Brush with Genius

Available to buy:

  • Movie: After Earth, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Chappie, Elvis and Nixon, Elysium, Fury, Hancock, Men in Black III, Pineapple Express, Salt, Smurfs 2
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How do I find HDR the content in the Amazon Video app?

You can only find HDR titles within the Amazon Video app on an HDR-compatible TV. Next steps include:

  • Open Amazon Video on your HDR-compatible TV
  • Scroll down until you find the carousels labeled "Included with Prime Ultra-HD TV" or "Ultra-HD Movies."
  • TV shows and Movies available in HDR can be identified by looking for the "HDR" or "Dolby Vision" badge on the detail page for a particular title. The badge can be found under the key art image within the title's detail page.

What picture settings adjustments are needed on my HDR-compatible TV to make the HDR video look ideal?

Settings needed vary by TV make and model and personal tastes, but here are our recommendations:

  • LG and Sony HDR-compatible TVs automatically apply the best picture quality adjustments.
  • Samsung HDR-compatible TVs should have the picture quality settings adjusted to "Movie" mode. We also recommend disabling "Auto Motion Plus," "Digital Clean View," and setting the sharpness to zero (0).

What picture settings adjustments should I make to my HDR-compatible TV to make non-HDR video look better?

Optimizing the picture quality on your HDR-compatible TV for non-HDR content can vary by TV make and model as well as personal taste. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • For LG TVs, we recommend choosing "Cinema" picture mode.
  • For Sony TVs, we recommend choosing "Cinema Home" or "Cinema Pro" picture modes.
  • For Samsung TVs, we recommend choosing "Movie" picture mode.