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on April 18, 2013
I bought this because it had the highest ratings at the time. It worked okay the first couple weeks, I used it 2-4 times a week. It was pretty weak but enough to get the job done. After a while it was acting like the battery was dying, it could barely move. I changed the batteries and it was STILL so weak that hitting the side of the glass would stop it. Couldn't be fixed, had to throw away.
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on December 12, 2015
I rarely give anything 5 stars but this is a fun little gadget. It has a delicate little frothing head, although, so store it where it won't get crushed by spoons, spatulas or other things regularly found in kitchen drawers. I designated a tall cup in my upper cabinet and after washing and drying, I just slip it into the cup and it's safe.

Tips - Scald your milk but don't bring it to a boil because it won't froth as well if you do. Also, err on the side of caution the first time you use the frother and don't fill the cup too full with milk or your latte blend. Experiment with frother depth. Insert the frother deeper to blend liquids but if you just want a foamy head, keep it near the top where it can pick up some air.

This is a neat little gadget and I use it in the evenings to prepare a decadent milk-based drink flavored with salted caramel syrup. It's a perfect alternative to a coffee-based drink that contains caffeine, which totally keeps me awake at night. I add a couple of tablespoons of salted caramel syrup to 3/4 cup of milk and put it in the microwave just until the milk scalds. A scald is indicated by tiny bubbles on the top. That's one minute in my microwave but yours could be slightly different. Use a large mug for this. Then, insert the frother all the way to the bottom of the mug and as you froth, lift it slowly to the top. It takes about 15 seconds to create a hot delicious drink.
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on April 15, 2018
I cannot tell you how many frothers I have tried. I have bought expresso makers that had built-in frothers. Stand alone frothers. I thought the more costs that are in SP. I never got a small device under $10 would be the one thing that actually works so well. However, nothing works so simple and is so easy to do then using this little device. It’s amazing. I’ll even let you in on a secret. I was fixing breakfast this morning and I was scrambling eggs for French toast batter and I had just made my coffee. I looked over and saw the Aerolattee and thought why not??? I used it in the eggs for just a few seconds they were blended so smoothly. The French toast were absolutely perfect this morning. It did not feel like the eggs put any stress on the device. Now I would not recommend trying to mix anything with a consistency thicker then eggs. However, I will from now on use this on my coffee, scrambled eggs, and French toast. What a pleasant surprise. It’s also made very well. It is not cheap and flimsy. And it takes up very little space. I don’t like having it on the countertop so I simply just put it in the corner of a bottom kitchen cabinet. When I need it I just reach down and pick it up. Clean up is simple! Just read the directions before you use it. I always thought that you had to use warm milk. However, it’s specifically asked for cool milk. And like I said it’s worked every time! Well worth the money!
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on February 20, 2016
Although this Aerolatte worked initially, only a few months later, the on/off button was not working properly. Soon after that and changing of batteries, it still did not work well and I finally got tired of trying to make the on/off button work, and I put it aside. I just recently got it out again, trying to revive it somehow--giving it new batteries again, but the button is incredibly difficult to move up or down where it should be an EASY movement. At this point, I would NOT buy another one. Actually, I am going to write the company. I definitely did not have a good experience, and I am kind of surprised the product was so defective. I'm going with another brand this time around, hope you do, too.....
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on December 10, 2012
I love lattes and while I had a cheap flotther before, it died so I needing to replace it when I saw this in the Lightning Deal. Five stars because I love what it does and it does it well. I can make the foam as thick as I want it and its fast. It comes with a stand that I can leave it at the counter next to my coffee maker so it's very handy.

One word of advice, which is why I think my old frothier died is that I used to lay it down after rinsing it and maybe water got into the motor. The stand makes it stand with the motor down so I always make sure to dry it and do a quick spin to get rid of all the water before storing to prevent water from running into the motor.

It comes with batteries ready to use so I really recommend this to anyone wanting the froth but not quite ready to buy a latte machine maker just yet.
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on May 28, 2016
I purchased this in 2016 to replace an earlier model Aerolatte I bought in 2010. The newer version is better feels quite solid, unlike the older model. The on/off switch was loose and worked only about 80% of the time on the older version, but this model's switch is much more solid. Also, the thickness of the "connecting rod" (connecting the handle to the frother whisk at the end) is thicker, so it does not wobble and I suspect will bend less.
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on October 27, 2016
I really want to return it. I used it twice and the batteries ran down. I've replaced them and again the batteries seem to run down quickly. It has very weak blending capabilities, not nearly what I expected. I wonder if this is a "damaged one".

****Update. I officially hate it. I used it 5 times and it no longer works. Just 4 over the allowed return date. I can't believe you can't get an exchange when an item doesn't even work for 30 days. A total waste of money.
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on November 7, 2017
If I have a complaint, it's that a fresh battery makes the device spin so fast it may throw liquid out of your cup.

The other annoyance is that the stand is not bidirectional. You can only orient the device in the base ONE way. Not sure why that design choice was made.

Finally, the switch sticks a little bit. My wife finds it harder to turn on and off than she'd like. My man-hands don't have any problem with it, however.
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on October 29, 2014
purchased this one as a duplicate of one I have at home, this one was destined for use in my office. Was pleased, even very pleased with the performance of my first one.

However, the second one failed to function.
-replaced the batteries
-jiggled the case around to make sure the batteries were engaged
-remove, reinstall after confirming that I had the battery polarity right
-tried the original batteries again, just in case.
-tried my batteries in another device to confirm they had "juice" (they did)

So, will keep the one that works, and consider whether the aggrivation of returning a device that fails to perform upon arrival is worth the value of the device, or just write this off as a learning experience.

I note that I had purchased two "travel" devices from the same manufacturer, and had the same ratio of success.... one worked, the other did not. So, maybe that is the "hit ratio" for this particular manufacturer.
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on April 23, 2011
I bought this little magic frother sent from up above after I realized that, yes, I could make a decently frothy mocha with a whisk, but when it came to my beloved chais, well, that was a different story. No matter what, all my elbow grease would only get me this serene pond of chai with no froth whatsoever. Such a letdown. Side note: it's important to call out that my chais are made with Starbucks' concentrate warmed together in a single pot, therefore the concentrate truly stunted the frothing potential of the milk. Yes, I could probably heat them in two separate pots, but...come on.

So I did some research (read: like three Google searches) and found that this was probably the best bang for my buck when it came to milk frothers online, so I bit. It came several days later, and I have just been overwhelmed, knee-deep in foam since its arrival. This frother has more or less taken over the kitchen. It gets in the chai/milk mix and says, "Hey, chai. Shut up a minute. I'm going to froth you now." And it does. Better than I ever got with just a whisk.

I posted a picture of a nice foam mountain atop my chai for you to understand that this is the real deal. Just buy it already. Do it. You, too, can create foam mountains!
review image
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