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on December 12, 2016
Works well with Alexa. Not the greatest Bluetooth speaker, but it has enough punch to use at the beach and around the pool. I have had on for years and usually get about 3 or 4 good hours before having to recharge. I always connected it to my phone and enjoyed sound where ever we were.

I recently got an Echo Dot and found an even better use for the little JAM speaker so I ordered another one. I can leave this plugged in and it stays connect to the Dot constantly. It doesn't have the best bass, but we have enjoyed telling Alexa to play Christmas music and listening through it. If I want to go sit in another room or go to the basement to work I can just grab the speaker and take it with me. I have a 3800 square foot house over three levels and this thing works everywhere in the house with the exception of one bathroom upstairs on the farthest corner of the house. The echo is on other side of the house so I wasn't really surprised.

For the sounds, range and battery life you can't really go wrong as inexpensive as this thing are. I bought the first on because we were using it around water and I didn't want to be too upset if it got wet and messed up. Works well with Echo and doesn't disconnect as long as you leave it plugged in to charge.
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on May 21, 2015
I kinda loved this speaker. Low cost, sounded so great, and attractive jar of jam inspired packaging (jam to music or jam in a jar. Get it?😀), which turned out to be prone to scratches. Totally effective in filling a room with sound. But after having it 5 months, the damn thing up and died. I mean so dead. Don't know if it was the rechargeable battery or some part that gave out. No luck charging it. So disappointed; it's not the money. It's the letdown which came after months of talking it up to friends, and giving myself some metaphorical pats on my back for my wise choice. I bought the Cube to replace it, and so far, so good. Will be back with another obituary if the Cube proves to be a dud, also. Happy listening.
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on April 6, 2015
Really attractive to look at and has great volume compared to my laptop's little speakers. It's lasted a year so far but I didn't use it as much for several months in there. It's nice to have the play/pause button along with the buttons for adjusting volume. The on/off switch is on it's base so it's easy to forget to turn it off but if it dies you can still play it while it's recharging. It's nice that it can charge without being turned on too. I don't use the bluetooth because I've found that it's staticky.

One note if you're not using bluetooth: You'll need an Auxiliary cable to connect this speaker to your computer/ipod/tablet's audio jack. The speaker does not come with one.
FYI - An Auxiliary Cable is just a cable for connecting two Sound-playing devices. In this case it will look like the cable on some headphones except with a plug sticking out of both ends (as opposed to a plug on one end, head phones on the other). Both ends of your Auxiliary cable should have a male(sticks out) plug that is 3.5mm in width.
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on April 8, 2016
I want to start this review with the feature that I've found most impressive, it's battery. I was shocked to find out these speakers can really hold a charge. Normally when you don't use electronics for a certain period of time the battery still drains out. Not this product. I charged it, but left it sitting in my bathroom for more than a month (was away on a trip). I came back and really wanted to listen to my music while in the shower. On a whim, I tried it and was shocked, they came on without an issue. No low battery indicator or anything very cool.

That aside it's been easy to pair it with a number of different devices. There's a code on the bottom of the speaker along with an on/off switch. The side has the volume buttons. I haven't found a need for those as long as the volume was turned up on my device, but it could be quite useful for someone who desires extremely loud music. An auxiliary cord can also be used. This can help preserve the battery but I've also noticed a subtle difference in the volume.

I wanted to test how loud it could be. I was switching out my seasonal items. This involved going from the basement, through the ground floor, and proceeding upstairs. So I set the speakers on a table in the finished basement and turned it up. I didn't even have to max out the volume to be able to hear it moving between 3 floors. It's quite powerful. I was curious about how loud it could be but didn't want to disturb my neighbors so I didn't probe any further.

Without a doubt this has been one of my best electronic purchases in recent history. After my experiences I've bought 5 more to hand out as gifts for other people who have all loved them. Mine is going on three years now without incidence. So if you're even contemplating this purchase, I say go for it! You won't regret it.
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on October 17, 2016
this is the one of the earliest and most popular BT speakers of all time. When BT speakers first came out many years ago, this JAM BT speakers ruled the world for entry level speakers. I bought couple of them before and they were very good value (well, at that time) and worked very well.

Now, of course, there are plethora of BT speakers and very difficult to choose what to buy, specially for small, compact entry level speakers. I travel a lot and I needed a small BT speaker that does not break my wallet. So, I decided to give it a try once more. I believe that last time i bought this for myself was about four years ago. Now four years fast forward, the price has come down about $15.00.

Since i have tried out and owned a lot of smaller and entry types of BT speakers, I had a pretty good idea how this should sound to be competitive against the other compact speakers out on the market. Everything worked good. it looked sharp and I just loved the deep red color and had no trouble connecting with my phone and computer. After listening for a while and comparing with other similar price range speakers, I have realized that JAM has not made the improvement on the sound quality of this BT speaker. Bit hollow and tinny sound signature without tight bass.

It WAS a very good BT speaker 4 years ago, but technology of BT has improved tremendously and Jam has left behind.
There are many other speakers that has better sound, longer battery life, even with smaller foot print. So, I decided to return and give others a try.
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on July 27, 2015
I ordered this because my dad has one and the sound quality is really good for being a small speaker. However the first one I got had a broken LED. The LED is coming through the crack. The battery LED only shows when its RED, through the crack, and the blue never shows. I get the same thing with the Bluetooth LED showing through the crack instead of on the Bluetooth icon.
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on March 11, 2017
I purchased this speaker after I had given my other portable Bluetooth wireless speaker I owned to a family member. I was so happy to be receiving this item only to be disappointed when it got here. After removing from package I plugged this speaker in and started charging it. After it was fully charged I then started to get it to sync to other devices in the house like my ipod. Well it took awhile to sync up to that. I then tried my tablet to sync with this speaker the same thing happened. It took awhile to sync. I don't know why this speaker had such a hard time syncing to devices. Its very frustrating. When I would get a device to eventually sync to this speaker it would play music but only when the speaker was still plugged in. If I took the speaker and unplugged it from the charger it would shut off and stop playing music. So this speaker would only work if it was plugged in the whole time even with it fully charged it would still have to be plugged in to work. It won't work off the charger. I ordered other items that were shipped with this speaker and Amazon didn't even send me any paperwork in the box with all my items when it arrived. I never received my order receipt that most people send with delivered packages and I never received a return label for anything. So how am I suppose to return this defective item without it costing me anymore money. I think unfortunately I am stuck with this defective speaker. I just wanted to give a review to warn others that if you plan on using this speaker without it being plugged in than don't purchase this speaker.
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on January 11, 2017
Good sound quality for the price, but the unit has an annoying feature of telling you what you are doing. I'm using this in an office, I do not need it announcing "powering off" when I turn it off, or "incoming call" "call rejected" "paired" "charging" or "powering on". Trust me, I am aware that it is powering on, I turned it on.
Bought it to have my music be LESS disruptive to my office, this makes it far more disruptive. Wish I had kept the packaging, because it would be going back. Instead, it's going into the trash.
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on August 8, 2014
This is a terrible product which I think has been using paid "reviews" in order to bolster its sales ranking. Either that or Amazon is getting a cut on this product and is posting these false comments itself. The battery runs out very, very quickly and the Bluetooth loses connection every few minutes. However, when it is plugged in directly to its source and connected to a USB of another computer at the same time, I must admit the sound is quite good and loud for a such a tiny cheap little plastic speaker. That said, why in the world would you want a speaker that both needs to be plugged in to another computer for power AS WELL AS your tablet, smart phone, etc.??? Give me a break. What a waste of money.
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on June 21, 2014
Nice little speaker with good sound and obviously very portable.

BUT, you have to turn it off EVERY SINGLE TIME.

You charge it and grab it to go. Better have made sure that it was in the off position -- or you will have no tunes. Listen for 15 minutes while cleaning, hit stop to take a call that lasts 30 minutes -- better have hit power off or you will be cleaning in silence.

Maybe you guys are more organized than me and have better attention to detail. But, it's 2014. Auto off has been around for awhile now. It's just kinda stupid that the functionality is not incorporated into device. I have two larger portable speakers that function that way. Got this for the size convenience. But it's not a convenience if it doesn't have power!

Also - you have to have your phone pretty close to get a connection. I live in a one-floor condo. If my phone is back in the kitchen, I can only make it to the middle of the condo before I lose the connection. So, when cleaning, I generally just take both with me. With the larger speakers that I have, the phone sits in a cradle - so they are already together. so again, from a convenience perspective, I did not benefit from this purchase.
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