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on March 24, 2015
I needed a replacement chair for home that had a large frame and solid components, since I am 6' 3" and 290. The majority of office chairs creak ominously when I sit on them, this one seems solid so far. I chose this one based on user reviews, web research on good chairs for large people, and price point. Based on the weight of the chair, design and assembly it looks like it will likely hold up well.

Construction: All frame components are steel and seem very solid.

Pro: Seat cushion is firm, backing is mesh, so it is cooler and lumbar support is adjustable and provides a good back support. I am in the middle of the sitting height adjustment, so it works for me. Recline tensioner seems nice and stiff so you do not go flying backwards when reclining.

Con: Arm height adjustment at its max seems a little low for me, but will likely be okay, this may be an issue if you are taller or have a long torso. Would be nice if they offered a higher back or head rest, but will not likely use this chair to recline all the way in, so not a significant issue.

Logistics: Box is about 65 lbs and a little bulky, so you may want assistance in moving it.

Packaging: Parts are well packaged with simple directions (assembly is so easy you may not need the directions)

Assembly: Assembly is straight forward and can easily be performed solo in 15 minutes. I would advise using a cordless drill with a 3/16" allen bit. I placed a pillow under the seat cushion, and placed the cushion, cushion side down near the edge of the table. There are 16 screws in all. Make sure and thread by hand prior to tightening them with drill.

Armrests height is adjustable from 5 1/4" (low) to 7 5/8" (high) - measured from seat. Even at high adjustment it seems a bit low.
Armrest width is adjustable from 20 1/4"(at armrest) 23 1/2"(at support bar), to 22 1/4" (at armrest) 25 1/2" (at support bar)
Seat Height adjustable from 18 1/2" lowest to 21 1/2" highest (measured from floor to seat top)
Recliner has adjustable tensioner and can be locked in the upright position.
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on January 21, 2016
Solid sturdy desk chair. Seat is not as soft as hoped. Full tilt (seat and back of chair) is nice, but does not go as far back as I'd like. Seat width is good. Seat length is not long enough (needs to be at least two-three inches longer for those with long femurs). Height of chair is good. Rolls easily across tiled floor (chair can get away from you if not careful). Arm rests are solid plastic and need to go up at least two more inches. This chair is built for big people, but not as much so for tall people. It easy putting it together (took about 35 minutes with a kitten trying to help) and using the box it came in was quite helpful as recommended by others in the reviews. I gave the chair a 5 because it is well made and will last for years. It's really difficult finding a desk chair that is truly made for tall people who have long femur bones. One thing the manufacturer could do is make the back of the seat adjustable so one can make the seat longer.
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on July 1, 2015
As a web developer, I routinely put my office chairs through torments that would make professional product safety testers shudder. Few have lasted more than a year and a half. So when I say that this is one of the better chairs I have purchased, I say so from the standpoint of someone who has tried lesser chairs and found them wanting.

First off, this thing is extremely heavy. That, plus the sheer size of the chair, means that you'll probably have to have a second person to help you. Bear in mind that while the HON VL705 is advertised as a "big and tall" chair, its width is only a few inches more than that of an average office chair, while the height only goes up to my shoulders (on my 6' 0" frame). If you're a very tall person, you might consider buying a different chair. There is a manual lumbar adjustment feature on the back; although it doesn't go up terribly far, it will be adequate for most people. The casters are heavy-duty and glide smoothly. You could easily retrofit this chair with an even better set of casters. Finally, the cylinder on my chair was welded and machined properly, and operates smoothly.

As with any office chair, I would recommend picking up a little tube of blue removable thread-lock (even though the bolts are already coated with some) and assembling the chair with the help of an electric screwdriver or impact driver, instead of the allen wrench that comes in the kit. Making sure that everything is tight and will *stay tight* helps your chair last longer.

As other reviewers have mentioned, the armrests are comically short. When my arms are literally resting at my sides, my elbows can make contact with them. But they will provide you with no comfort or support while you're actually using your arms. The chair isn't as comfortable as others I have bought. That said, you're probably better off trading a little comfort for something that's built like a tank. For these reasons, and these reasons only, I'm giving this chair four stars instead of five. But in this price range, for a nice wide chair, you aren't going to do much better.
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on March 15, 2016
I wanted to like this chair, but it's just too uncomfortable to spend hours a day in, for me, anyway.


-Nice heavy duty construction
-Easy to assemble


- Not adjustable enough
- Back too upright for constant use
- Armrests don't adjust high enough


I knew this chair didn't have all the adjustments that others do, but I was hoping it would be comfortable enough. It isn't. For a chair listed as big and tall, the seat depth is pretty short, which means pressure on the backs of my legs at mid-thigh. The armrests, at their highest setting, don't quite reach my elbows, I have to slump forward for the armrests to be effect. I'm not that tall, 6' 250lbs.

I'm returning it.
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on March 10, 2016
This is a comfortable chair, but it is certainly big, as in wide. Almost too wide. I am 6' 3" and not terribly overweight, but should definitely be hitting the gym. I was shopping more for the "tall" aspect than the "big". I wanted a strong chair that would last me. I have no doubts that this will. I just wish I had read the measurements a bit more as the arms are so far apart that it takes some getting used to.

Update 4/11/16: The left arm pad has developed a crack. I will get in touch with Hon and see if I can get a replacement.
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on September 12, 2016
First, let me say I love this chair! My employer bought me one for work and I loved it so much, I bought one for my home office! I'm a big girl and I need a big chair. This fits the bill. It's comfortable, adjustable and rolls easily. It is also tall enough that I can sit back and feel comfortable. I also like that it feels very solid. As a larger woman I was always worried that cheap work chairs wouldn't hold up well. This one is great. Although this doesn't come assembled, it only took a few minutes to put together. I didn't use any other tools but the ones included and didn't even need another person to help me. Directions were easy to follow as well. I'd definitely recommend this office chair.
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on December 22, 2016
What I look for most in a chair is construction quality. I'm a very big guy, weighing in at around 425 lbs, and I spend a lot of time at the computer...that means most of the chairs I've tried broken, even other so called "big and tall" chairs. I've had this chair for many months now and it's still going solid. Most of the chairs I've used had some sort of flaw in the structure...everything here keeping your weight is made of some pretty hefty steel.

The one complaint I have is the quality of the armrests seem to be sub par, the cushioning material started to break off not too long after I purchased it but it stopped shortly afterward...there's a couple chunks missing but otherwise it's still intact.
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on October 12, 2013
I work at home from time to time, but when I'm home, I spend a lot of time in my home office. I've gone through at least half a dozen office chairs in the past decade. I generally buy used or reconditioned chairs from used office equipment stores. I've had ok results with those chairs, but finally decided that I needed a new chair that was built for my size (6'4", 390 lb). This chair is very good. The base is solid, the casters are free-wheeling (I almost roll out the door of my office on a hardwood floor). It is wide and seems quite sturdy. The back support is good, although the lumbar support does not lock in place, so you have to adjust it from time to time if it slides. The price is good. I paid about as much for this chair as I have for reconditioned first line office chairs -- and they didn't hold up.

Note that while the chair is a HON, it is also their "Basyx" line, which is a little lower end and doesn't come with all the features of the regular HON lines. That means the armrests aren't as robust and the seatpan moves with the seat back. Once you get used to the quirks, it is still a good chair.

The next question is the durability of the fabric and the lift piston. We'll see how that goes.

Net is that this is a chair suited for the larger person, sturdy and appropriately sized.
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on October 25, 2013
I wish I bought this chair years ago. My job requires all day in a chair. If I'm not in a chair staring at my monitor I'm not getting paid. So, that means a good chair is a high priority. After years of standard office chairs I finally came to terms with the fact that my non-standard size means a standard chair won't fit. I bought this one.

Almost instantly I was able to relieve some upper back pain and with the addition of a taller desk (Ikea Galant) and keyboard tray (fellows w/ mousepad) my carpal tunnel / arm pain was relieved. for years I just dealt with being sore, blaming my physical condition, but with the right equipment i'm now comfortable in my office.

There are a few drawbacks. I wish the armrest padding was a little more forgiving and not concave. Being able to angle the armrests in would be better too, if I lay my arms straight on the rests my hands are on either side of the keyboard. Lastly, I wish the back was adjustable and could be leaned a little more forward.

The pluses outweigh and drawbacks though. The arms are nice and wide and adjust in and out. The chair is sturdy and even under my weight doesn't flex, creek or otherwise make me feel uneasy. The bottom cushion is fantastic. its soft, comfortable and doesn't feel like I bottom it out when I sit down. No pinch or pressure points anywhere on this chair.
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on November 1, 2014
Very disappointed in this chair. I am WELL UNDER the weight limit for the chair, and after less then two months the chair has sank 2+ inches and is starting to lean. I am assuming this is very poorly made. I have used better chairs that cost half the price of this chair. Stay away!
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