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on February 12, 2013
After trying out a Skinomi screen protector for my 3DS XL (which was absolutely horrendous), I decided to go for this one from several recommendations made to me.

The bottom screen protector went on flawlessly. They have a pretty nice system for applying the screen protector (when it works). My favorite part about the bottom screen protector is the friction. There is very little! The stylus feels very similar to the way it does on the naked screen, a big plus.

The top screen gave me a bit more trouble. My first attempt failed miserably. The applicator method (the bottom layer that slides away) ripped and ultimately ruined the application process. I had contacted Amazon to get a replacement, which they happily obliged. The second one came and the applicator worked. However, there was a ripple in the actual screen protector that, no matter how much massaging I do, will not come out. It has left a elongated bubble in my top left corner. I have tried to reapply to no avail. It's a deformity in the material itself, and it's apparent when I lift that part of the screen protector off the screen and see how the material itself is actually "dented". It's not hair, it's not dust, it's an actual "dent" in the screen protector. Unfortunately, me being anally retentive about these things, will not settle for this. I will likely have to try and get a third replacement or go for another solution.
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on August 26, 2013
Purchased a 3DS XL and the first thing I usually do is protect it. So I went looking for a protective screen. Previously with our DS Lite, we went with a HORI and it has held up so I went looking towards HORI again. I had no trouble applying the protective screen. The steps are basically, clean the 3DS XL screen with supplied cloth, set protector on screen, while held down by tape, slide out underneath film, protector covers screen, smooth away bubbles, finally, remove top film. This method helps avoid dust and lint as much as possible from dropping in between just before one applies the protector (I hate it when that happens). I'll be honest, in the end, I had a small bubble that could not be removed, it was on the very top edge, but I just left it. It wasn't worth the hassle of removing and reapplying, and possibly introducing new lint and dust in the middle.

There are two camps on whether protection for the screen is required. Some say as long as you wipe before each use and make sure the pen tip is not damaged in any way, the factory screen will stay scratch free. Others say it's only a matter of time and it's going to scratch in due time. Personally, I rather protect it right out the box so I recommend it and I would definitely buy it again.

UPDATE 8/31/13: Ok, I mentioned the little bubble that was on the top on my top screen? I undid the screen protector from the corner to that area and carefully re-applied the protector back. No bubble anymore. The HORI screen protector is thinner than the common smartphone and tablet protectors so it was easy to lift and bend back. Usually, the smartphone and tablet protectors are thicker and for those who do not have the experience with them, they are rather stiff and reworking just a small area can be sometimes hard. Originally, I gave 4 stars, revised to 5 stars for the ease of re-application.

Please click YES if my review have been helpful to you, it will encourage me to continue writing and updating my reviews, and leave a comment if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer if I can be of help.
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on July 13, 2013
Most of the screen protectors I've used are really annoying to install. These screen protectors are extremely easy to install, are invisible, and don't interfere with the touch screen's operation. Installation on the touch screen is a bit more difficult, but overall it's hard to get bad results if you're patient and careful.

Some suggestions:
- The alignment of the bottom screen protector is very important. It's slightly smaller than the screen, so you will want to not put it too close to the edges. It's a little hard to align because of sticker overlap, but it can be inspected carefully. If it overlaps the edges, then it will create a bubble that can't be removed.
- Install both screen protectors under a bright light. This makes everything easier to see.
- Don't use the included cardboard to remove bubbles! It has very rough edges that can scratch the screen protectors. Instead, use a fingernail over a microfiber cloth.
- The instructions on bubble removal are not very clear. Place your fingernail on the center of the bubble then make a circular motion moving towards its edges. If the bubble does not disappear, then slowly squish it to the edges of the screen protector. When it reduces in size, you can try the circular motion again.
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on December 21, 2013
I've applied screen protectors at least a dozen times to other electronics I own, including the hori DSi screen protector, and if I've ever messed it up it's been my fault. I felt that this was not the case for this item. The instructions are extremely vague and can easily give you the wrong impression about how the screen protector works.

The cleaning cloth that was included to prepare the screen just wiped fine dust onto the screen, so I had to clean it with my own glasses cloth anyway.

The included piece of cardboard to remove bubbles scratches the screen. In fact, the screen is extremely soft and scratches very easily, not to mention the very strong glare it gives off.

Then there's the price. $9 gets you one protector for each screen. If this product was half the price, I would still not recommend it, but at $9, I feel insulted. Avoid at all costs.
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on March 25, 2014
I've never found myself wanting to review an item on Amazon... but this item really surprised me. I wanted screen protectors for my new Zelda 3DS XL but I wasn't looking forward to applying them because I've had a bad history of putting them on by myself.

I received these in the mail last week along with my 3DS and put them to the side as I was delaying the inevitable.

I mustered up enough bravery and motivation to give these a try. I was a bit intimidated at first when i opened the package... there's quite a few more steps than I am use to seeing. (plus the Japanese writing didn't help). But I figured out what I needed to do and attempted the touch screen protector first... peeled the last layer back and inspected... SUCCESS! only a tiny air bubble that I was able to get rid of.. it looked perfect!. But can I do it twice in a row?

Cleaned the top screen of smudges/lint and began to apply the 2nd sticker. This time when I went to pull the last layer back... I had a freak-out moment.. I thought I peeled everything off!!!! But when I inspected closely, it was still on there.. just that it was near INVISIBLE... had I not seen the air bubble I left I would have definitely thought that I peeled everything back and ruined it..

Both screens applied like a dream. The small air bubbles I left were easily removed. Never have I been so successful at applying screen protectors. If I can apply these without failure... so can anyone else!!!
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on December 7, 2015
Perhaps the only reason someone wouldn't give this five stars is if they didn't apply the protector properly and realize that they had to get another one, but if it is applied correctly it protects the screen like a charm. I had my protector on for at least 2 years now and it still sticks well after bringing my 3DS all over the place to play games with friends. My two screens always remained crystal clear when playing games and if there were some dirt and fingerprints on the protector, it was easy to restore the screen to its original pristine condition with some wiping.

Nevertheless, I think the important step in getting the most out of this product is during the application process itself. The product seems durable and would last very long, but the state of the screen that you'll be playing with depends on how carefully the instructions were followed. Specifically, the product comes with a microfiber cloth and a small cardboard piece, which were all very useful. The microfiber cloth removes the dirt, grime and oil before application, and the card helps you to push out bubbles underneath the protector before they get forever trapped underneath the screen (without scratching the protector!).

Also, I know it might be common practice to use lighter fluid to clean the screen surface before applying the protector so that dust particles would not cling onto the surface by static, but I somehow managed to keep most of the surface dirt free without it while applying the protector, so it is possible to have excellent screen protection with the tools that were only given in this product.

tl;dr This product is great after 2 years of use and quality of protection depends on how carefully you apply the screen protector.
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on February 9, 2016
After noticing a heartbreakingly deep scratch appear out of a nowhere on my top screen, I knew it was time to get a screen protector. I did a lot of research, and everybody on said that the HORI protectors win out over the competition, so I took their advice and got this one. I don't know if mine is defective or if everybody on the 3DS subreddit was lying to me, but this particular screen protector was a terrible investment, and one for which I'll be trying to get a refund.

The application of this screen protector was a cinch; the instructions were clear, and everything worked out fine (other than the applicator ripping diagonally, but that wasn't much of a problem). I suppose it does do its job, in the sense that it does protect the screen.

The actual top screen protector, however is made of the most scratchable material I've ever seen in my life. Using the cardboard air bubble remover put huge permanent scrapes all over the protector, and even just wiping it off with the included cleaning cloth made it look like I rubbed sandpaper on it. It was ruined within minutes of applying it.

The bottom screen protector does appear to function quite well, as the stylus doesn't tear right through it like I had expected, so I'll be keeping that one when I return this terrible product.
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on October 14, 2015
Wow, amazing. The perfectionist in me had decided to finally peel off my poorly-applied 3DS (XL) screen protectors and try again—and I'm glad I did.

Initially I was really put off by these, of course. They seemed very needlessly complicated, with all these little plastic tabs hanging off. (I think there were four tabs in all?) I sat with the instructions for a long time, baffled. Finally, still uncertain, I decided to get started. I used a little screen-cleaning solution with the included cloth (I don't think the cloth would have been effective on its own, as it is kind of dry and papery and definitely not microfiber).

The first "tab" you remove just gives you a temporary "sticky spot" so you can carefully align the screen protector and hold it in place. From here, everything is very clever and painless: you remove the backing from the screen protector *from underneath*, ensuring a perfect and relatively dust- and hair-free application. As with pretty much all screen protectors, there's still the final painstaking step of "scraping" errant air pockets and "bubbles" away, but the screen protector itself has a temporary protective film on it, promising that you won't scuff it up during this all-important last step. Voila! Finished.

Having skimmed the reviews before writing my own, I realize I must not be as meticulous as some of you, because the actual process of applying both screen protectors took me about three minutes. That said, I think "speed" worked in my favor here, and I worked fast enough to not trap any dust. The end result is virtually invisible, and I'm very pleased.

I'm a little bit of a HORI fangirl because their products are so consistently well-designed and high-quality, but I never expected such thoughtful design from a pair of *screen protectors*. Again, a really nice product; glad I splurged.
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on February 13, 2015
When I purchased these screen protectors I wasn't expecting much. I wanted to protect my New Nintendo 3DS XL from any screen scrapes, dings, or scratches that could possibly happen... so I was will willing to pay a high cost for these. Upon receiving these screen filters, I can say that will be purchasing this brand from now on. The instructions are very thorough, and the screen filters went on very easily - with no bubbles. The end result is perfect, and I highly recommend this protect. I'll be purchasing HORI screen protectors on any future needs. Overall, I was very happy with just how easy they won't on with their 4-tab system.
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on August 10, 2013
I didn't initially have a difficult time putting this on the 3DS XL screen. The top filter went on without any issues or air pockets.

The bottom filter had to be reapplied about three separate times. I couldn't get out all of the air pockets in the bottom filter, regardless of what I did.

Also, each and every time I applied the bottom filter, the touch screen would not work correctly.

The small cleansing cloth that came with the filters seemed to only apply more fragments to the screen and filters.

In the end, I left the top filter on, but just decided to leave the bottom one off because it became too much of a hassle with the air pockets and the touch screen not working correctly.
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