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on December 25, 2013
Go ahead and read the 1-star reviews first, let yourself get scared silly, then come back and read THIS review, and you will quickly see that the problems the 1-star complainers are experiencing are because THEY WON'T READ AND FOLLOW SIMPLE DIRECTIONS, so the problems they describe are their own fault. Those who followed simple directions gave the laptop 4 to 5 stars.

People will throw away 100+ hours every month watching mindless television programs, but they won't invest just a few hours of their TV-watching life to learn how to use a computer. Instead, they want manufacturers to make dummy-proof software so they don't have to actually READ (God forbid they might have to sacrifice an episode of some mindless television program), and if the manufacturer doesn't assist in enabling people to NOT take time to learn how to use a computer, then the manufacturer is vilified by those same people for not making dummy-proof products. Furthermore, the non-learners want the manufacturer to develop a laptop with the performance of a $1,500 unit, yet the non-learners want to pay less than $300 for that same laptop! ....go figure.

Ya just can't fix stupid.

But take the experience of the "I-don't-want-to-learn-how-to-use-a-computer" complainers and be warned....when you first open and launch Windows 8, you will be presented with the option to select EXPRESS Setup or CUSTOM Setup. If you do as all the nay-sayers did, and you mistakenly select Express Setup, you WILL have a slow-running laptop on your hands that constantly updates itself and throws popups at you. However, if you wisely select CUSTOM Setup, you can easily disable all the unnecessary background apps that are not required for Windows 8 to run, and you will have a quick and fast little laptop like all of us that gave it 4 and 5 stars. Don't be intimidated by the setup process. Microsoft has made it as dummy-proof as they can.

HOWEVER: Simply going through the Custom Setup process and disabling all the unnecessary apps isn't all. You also need to run (and then TURN OFF) Windows Automatic Updates as well as ANY other non-essential software that wants to force itself to run in the background. It's fairly simple. Keep reading....

I've owned several different laptops over the years (Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sony brands), and I can confidently say this is a GREAT little laptop. I wanted to get something small and compact for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas 2013, but since most of the websites she visits require Flash, that immediately disqualified anything with Chrome OS, Apple iOS, and Android OS. So I wanted to find a small laptop with Windows OS as well as MS Office and a touchscreen. When I found this laptop in December 2013, I was excited because it offers so much for so little. However, I was skeptical because it was brand new to market and as of 12-15-2013, there were almost NO reviews out there I could rely on. However, I invested 2 hours on this laptop before packaging it and handing it over to my daughter for Christmas, and I can confidently give this little beast 2 thumbs up.

It IS very small - perfect for a young kid, teen or college student with small hands. It is NOT for someone with large hands or bad vision (the small screen really shrinks everything down). However, it's perfect for fitting right into a purse or backpack, and it comes with MS Office which is perfect for students (more on the MS Office installation further down in this review). It's very thin, very lightweight, durable, and very compact. It has a quality build to it - not cheap and flimsy. My daughter already dropped it from 3 feet off the floor and it didn't crack or dent, and the hard drive wasn't affected in the least.

(Feb 2015 UPDATE): It's been over a year since I purchased this laptop, and this little thing is still going strong with no problems. Because my daughter likes to download games and play online games on it, there are many sneaky background apps that make their way into the laptop and slow it down, so I perform monthly cleanup maintenance on it using "CCleaner" at Piriform(dot)com. I use some others, but CCleaner is my general-purpose go-to clean-up app to remove unnecessary software, remove background apps that auto-start when the laptop boots, clean out the cache, and cleanup the messy registry junk left behind by the the bloatware constantly being downloaded.

On that note: Be advised that the Number 1 cause of computer slow-downs is antivirus software. Windows 8 comes with 'Defender', the replacement for the prior Windows Security Essentials. DO NOT make the mistake of installing an additional antivirus software on this machine UNLESS you deactivate Defender! If you do so, you will virtually kill this machine's ability to do much of anything. Myself, I don't use any AV software, because I know how to effectively remove infections (most of which are trojans), but I realize that for the average user, an antivirus application is required. That being the case, just remember that Windows 8 comes with Defender already installed and activated. Do not make the mistake of installing an additional AV program unless you deactivate Defender.

Now let's continue with the point of this review:

REMEMBER THE WARNING YOU MUST HEED: when you FIRST power this unit up, you will be taken through a series of Windows 8 setup processes before you can use it, as well as setting up a personal Microsoft account (don't worry, no money or credit card required). This is where the nay-sayers all went wrong. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to NOT select "Express Settings". If you do, you WILL regret it, because this unit only has a 1 gHz AMD processor in it. There are a great deal of background apps and services that are defaulted to launch on Startup and constantly seek updates (including Windows 8 itself, and its protector Windows Defender). Due to limited processing speed and memory on this laptop (in order for HP to sell it for $300 or under), all those apps running in the background will result in slow operation and response times. However, if you choose the Custom setup process, you can disable many unnecessary processes and updates that are not needed to run Windows 8. But don't forget Windows Updates! Keep reading...

I advise NOT to set Windows to Automatic Updates. You can manually update Windows yourself (I usually do this once a month). Those processes are still available whenever you want them - but they do NOT need to automatically load and run in the background each time you start this laptop, so disable all the unnecessary apps and set them to manual, or they WILL slow down your laptop. Here's how: Once you have completed the Windows 8 Custom Setup process, you will need to open Internet Explorer, select Tools, and select Windows Update. Even though Windows 8.1 comes installed on this laptop, there are dozens of new updates coming out all the time. The Windows Update process alone could take from 10 to 45 minutes to complete all necessary updates. NOTE: If needed, you MUST repeat the update process 2 or 3 times until you receive a message that you have all the latest updates and there are no others to install. Once done, my advice is to go back into Control Panel and turn Windows Automatic Updates to OFF or it will always be running in the background and slowing down your laptop. Ignore all the dire warnings it will throw at you. You can manually update Windows anytime you want to. There is no need to have all these processes always running in the background and taking up valuable processor and memory resources. I usually run Windows Update once monthly, but when finished, I go to Control Panel and I again set Windows Automatic Updates to OFF.

If you choose Custom Setup, you will be walked right through this process and it's easy to complete. But if you choose Express Setup, you will be defaulting them to run automatically on startup which is going to place a lot of unnecessary demand on the processor and memory, slowing the machine down and resulting in negative reviews, when in fact the problem is the user, not the laptop. Simply disable the services that aren't required to run on Startup and it'll be quick and responsive.

SIDEBAR: I note that several of those who 1-star'd the laptop are claiming they selected Custom setup and still experience slow response from the laptop. Okay, pay attention, please...... recall I said earlier "ya can't fix stupid"? That being said, even though you select Custom Setup, you still have to manually go through each and every option listed and you must DISABLE all those unnecessary apps! You cannot simply select Custom Setup and then simply click Next, Next, Next, Next, Next on the prompt screens! You MUST select each app, go through that specific app's settings, and DISABLE ALL (or MOST) of them. If you don't, then all that accomplishes is the same as selecting Express Setup, because all those unnecessary apps are still left running in the background. I realize I'm stating the obvious here, but apparently stupidity runs rampant and knows no bounds (hence, all the silly warning signs you now find on every product you buy, so as to protect people against their own stupidity).

And don't forget to download and install Flash! Although websites are slowly migrating to HTML5, many still utilize Flash, so if you will need to install Adobe Flash player to view many websites.

Plan on 2 hours to complete ALL setup steps and learning to add/remove/relocate apps on the new Windows 8 Start screen, as well as configuring the laptop to run only necessary Windows processes. It's a bit time consuming but well worth the time invested. If you choose to simply hit "Express" settings, then you'll be one of the unhappy reviewers like a few others here. However, if you take my advice and select the custom manual setup and disable all those unnecessary apps, then you'll find it runs quick and you'll be quite happy with it.

While others complained about Windows 8, I was impressed with the number of user-controlled settings that Windows is providing with this new OS, and the new tiled apps with a touchscreen are pretty cool. The new Start Screen and tiles are new and different, but like anything that needs to be learned, I found it to have a lot of features I really liked. You can add and remove tiles to your start screen, organize the tiles into groups, name the groups, etc.

HP has created a website that teaches you everything you need to know to use Windows 8. At the bottom of this review, go to the Comments and click on page 2 where you will find the URL address that you can cut and paste into your browser.

The touchscreen of this little laptop really impressed me. I expected it to be a bit inaccurate and unresponsive like so many smartphone touchscreens are, but in fact it is VERY responsive and accurate, down to the tiniest little box to be checked with your finger.

Picture quality of the screen is not high definition, but that's because it's only a 10-inch screen and high definition detail cannot be seen on a screen that small anyway. However, picture quality is perfectly fine and it does have a High Definition port to connect to a large HD monitor or television. Others have reported excellent video quality when connected to a TV screen or external monitor.

Someone else mentioned slowness in streaming videos, but since I have a high broadband internet connection, I found that videos loaded fast and were absolutely flawless with no buffering or delay. So that user's problem was NOT the laptop, it was her own limited broadband speed.

The sound system on this laptop also impressed me. It even comes with a built-in sound equalizer to customize sound to your personal tastes.

If you're a hardcore online gamer, you are NOT going to be very happy with the AMD 1 Ghz processor, but then again, this laptop was NOT designed for heavy duty online gaming, and you can't expect an Intel i7 hyper-threading processor in a laptop under $300. You wouldn't reasonably expect to buy a little car with a 1.5 liter engine and then complain that it doesn't go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, right? Understand that in order for HP to make this a low-priced $300 laptop, they had to put only 2 GB of memory in it and a simple AMD 1Ghz processor. If you want something faster, you'll need to step up your price to something over $500. So be advised that for heavy online gamers or for running resource-intensive programs, this laptop is NOT sufficient. However, for normal everyday interactive gaming websites and other operating functionality for 90% of most people, it's great. My daughter has had NO trouble at all, even with 3 different web browsers open (Firefox, Chrome and IE) and 4 other offline applications running simultaneously. When launching apps, there is a slight delay of a few seconds (because you shut them off so they won't bog down the system), but otherwise the 1 Ghz AMD Processor speed and 2 GB RAM is fine for all applications. If you want faster response and the ability to run programs or gaming software that puts heavy demand on the processor and memory, then you'll need to purchase a laptop in the range of $500 to $1,000. But for basic computing, great features, compact portability, and all for $300, you simply can't beat this laptop.

The speed and motion of the touchpad mouse is completely adjustable in the Control Panel, so the people that claim the touchpad is slow and unresponsive are simply proving my point that the nay-sayers are those that have not taken a few minutes of time to adjust and control all the various settings a computer or laptop makes available to users. When you get into a car rental or someone else's car, you have to adjust the seat and mirrors to fit YOU so it's comfortable for YOU, right? Well, in like manner, on any laptop you need to adjust the touchpad to respond to your own touch and speed preference. It's silly to simply accept the default settings and then complain about it! If you don't know how to do something on any laptop or PC, just remember: Google is your friend....Use it! Everything and anything you want to learn is available at your fingertips through a simple Google search. I often use Youtube to watch quick How-To videos to learn anything I need to know.

I took 2 hours to complete all updates and adjust various settings and configurations before gifting it to my daughter, and this laptop works GREAT. For anything I didn't know how to do on Windows 8.1, I simply Googled the question and found dozens of immediate How-To's. Once I was done, I found the laptop to be fast and responsive with a LOT of functionality and excellent build quality.

Oh, by the way: When you open the box, there is a small yellow card with your MS Office activation code. Do NOT throw it away! You will need that activation code when you launch Office 2013 that comes pre-installed on this laptop. It is Office Home and Student 2013, so it only includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint (it does NOT include Access, Publisher, Outlook or SharePoint), but the version this comes with is a FULL version for you to keep. It is NOT a trial version. To me, that makes this laptop a remarkable buy, because Office Home & Student 2013 is a $100 program, so considering the HP build quality, the touchscreen, a decent amount of processor speed and memory, as well as having Windows 8.1 fully installed (no upgrade required), that makes this $300 laptop the number one bargain laptop to be found anywhere in 2014. PERIOD. You can find cheaper ones, but they won't even begin to compare to this one.

All in all, I am very impressed at how much value this laptop offers for such a low price and with excellent build quality. I challenge anyone to find a laptop for under $300 that compares to this one. Go ahead and search away, you will not find another laptop in this price range that has all this unit offers with the build quality of Hewlett Packard (HP). I find it to be THE best bargain in it's class. And that's important to remember: You're looking at a $300 laptop, so don't expect it to have 8 GB of memory and an Intel i7 processor! But for under $300, I am amazed HP has packed so much quality and functionality into this thing.

Just remember: do NOT, do NOT, do NOT select "Express" setup when you first launch Windows 8 (on this laptop or ANY laptop for that matter!) Select the CUSTOM manual setup and disable all the unnecessary processes that are defaulted to run on startup. Yes, it's very easy to do. That way, you'll have a fast little laptop you'll be very happy with.

To prove my point, if you scroll through these reviews and search for another user named "Donna Mac", she wrote the following in her review: "First of all I made the mistake of doing express setup, made the computer really slow. ... Decided to do a complete factory reset and that seemed to fix all the problems. I did a custom setup and the difference was amazing, everything is now running a lot smoother and faster."

So there you have it! Do NOT select "Express Setup" when Windows 8 launches.

So my hat is off to HP for producing a low-priced laptop with so much quality and value, and I highly recommend this unit. I have worked with many different desktops, tablets and laptops throughout my workday for years, so I think my opinion can be relied upon. Ignore the nay-sayers that don't want to learn how to set up and configure Windows 8. Get yourself one of these. It packs tremendous value and build quality for less than $300. You won't be disappointed.
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on December 15, 2013
Rating technology is tricky since it relys on the acumen of the user. So first a bit about me.
I am an average tech user. I know how to fix basic problems but I really don't care about the small details as long as my device is functional.
Uses: Mainly this device would be for travel or meetings.
It is small 10.1 screen
The battery is detachable, which makes it easier to switch out.
The battery life is decent: I got a little less than 5 hours from a mix of internet searches, video watching and photo editing.
The operating system is actually 8.1.
It came with Microsoft Office Home and Student.
It was very easy to set up.
It is a very functional little computer for a good price.
It has built in Windows security software
The keyboard was just right for me but then I have rather small hands.
It stays pretty cool when you have it on your lap for hours at a time.

The touchscreen is responsive but I found that sometimes it was easy to accidentally go to a previous page or another screen entirely by touching the wrong part of the screen.
It takes an inordinate amount of time to download things (but that could be attributed to my wifi)
They have a somewhat limited selection of "apps" some of them (like a microphone) are already on your computer.
The whole windows 8 interface is more of a step sideways than a step forward.

There is not much information out there on this computer. Not even on HP's website. If you go looking for this elsewhere it has another name:
HP Pavilion 10 TouchSmart 10z-e000 Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)
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on May 13, 2014
I wasn't expecting this to be the fastest netbook in the world, but it was painfully slow when running it "out of the box". Yeah, yeah, yeah, I did the "custom setup" and not the express setup and made sure everything was disabled... but it still didn't feel "snappy" enough. Whenever I clicked or tapped on an icon, button, or anything in the Windows interface, it would randomly respond. I couldn't tell if it registered my input and was delayed, or if it didn't register my input at all. This became frustrating as you can tell. I mainly bought this for my wife to use, and she had the same complaints about the unresponsiveness and slowness of the pc... so it was off to the configuring!

The first thing I did was added a REAL start menu back to the pc, by installing a custom Start Menu program that makes your pc feel a lot more like Windows 7. I found a freeware app called "Start Menu 8 v.1.4.0

The next thing I did was I went to AMD's official website and I updated the graphics/APU driver for the A4 apu that this netbook uses. (things significantly sped up after I did this)

Another step I took to improve the performance was I went into the settings of the netbook and turned off all of the fancy visual effects that Windows 8 uses. I selected "adjust graphics settings for maximum performance" (quality graphics sacrifices speed)

An additional step I took was that I performed a Windows update from Microsoft's website to fix any "hotfixes" that needed to be patched.

Another recommendation I have is to install "adblock plus" to your web browser ( I prefer Chrome) and that will help keep annoying ads out that slow down your browsing, and might block out some adware as a bonus. Installing "Spybot search and destroy" and immunizing your computer also helps.

I've been using this computer for about a week now, and I am satisfied with it. It's not GREAT for my needs (I love pc gaming), but if all you want to do is some more casual activities like web browsing, social media, email, etc (I'm actually typing my review from this netbook), then it's a pretty good little machine. Windows 8 is still a pretty clunky and quirky OS, but if you install a custom start menu you will mostly feel right at home (I'm using an app called "Start Menu 8 v1.4.0).

You can't beat the price of this netbook, but if you aren't comfortable at configuring and customizing pc settings then you might want to spend a little more and look elsewhere.
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on April 26, 2014
**UPDATE September 8,2014**
I've had this notebook for 4 months now. First, an update on the "power supply" notification after startup that I mentioned in my initial review. HP has released a new BIOS version that addresses power supply recognition. If you have this issue, go to the HP support website and update (flash) the BIOS to the latest version. It's simple to do, and you'll be guided through the steps. Just be sure you leave power plugged in while you are doing it. I started getting a "battery capacity" warning just after startup, and the battery icon showed "Unknown Remaining". Updating or reinstalling BIOS corrects this too. I still like having the 65 Watt power supply anyway (see below). It's only $25, stays cool, and the battery charges at full rate even when running high resource applications.
I'm happy with battery performance.
I found the default touchpad settings were not satisfactory. If you have problems with random clicks, menu items appearing unintentionally, or missed clicks and swipes, or if you want to try out the new tricks this mouse can do, go to "Control Panel" and "Mouse" and "Settings" on the "Device Settings" tab, and go through each setting one by one until it's set up according to what's comfortable for you.
Windows 8.1 took some time to get used to, but eventually I began to understand why Microsoft changed things the way they did. A lot of recent changes have been made based on customer feedback, so download all of the Windows updates before you get started.

Pay attention to the other reviews about doing "Custom Setup" the first time you turn on the computer. Choose a time when you are not rushed to do a proper setup and you'll prevent trouble appearing later. Go ahead and setup a Microsoft account at now to get ready to take advantage of all Windows 8.1 and a Cloud has to offer. It will save a lot of time during computer setup if you already have an account, and you don't need a new e-mail address. You can now get a Microsoft account using any existing e-mail account, including Gmail, Yahoo, local ISP, or your own website's mail. Windows 8.1 takes some getting used to, but if you are a Windows user and have used a touchscreen such as an Android device before, it will be a breeze. If you're one of those still holding on to Windows 95/98/2000 and resist learning new technology, expect a big learning curve requiring lots of time and patience, but well worth it. Vista/7/8 users won't have too much more to learn once you learn where they rearranged everything. XP users... It's just time to bite the bullet.

Now, the note...... If you look at the PDF "Datasheet" for this model (bottom of the item page) you will see that it is supposed to come with a 65 Watt "Smart AC Adapter" (the power supply you plug into the wall). However, HP is shipping these with 45 watt Smart AC Adapters (stamped 45W in tiny print on the adapter). You will likely see a HP warning pop-up after Windows starts that says "The Smart AC Adapter you have connected will power your computer at a reduced performance level, and resource intensive tasks may cause your system to not perform at its highest level." Then it says you can buy a higher rated one from HP. When you find your way to the support webpage for this model about batteries and power, it will tell you that "newer computers require a 90 or 130 Watt AC adapter". While I believe the whole thing is aimed at HP selling accessories, the fact remains that the spec sheet calls for a 65 Watt adapter. I corresponded with a lead parts rep who researched it and said they don't even sell 90 or 130 Watt adapters for this model. I agree that's overkill and applies to the larger notebooks instead. However, if someone orders a replacement adapter, they send a 65 Watt adapter. I have one of the older HP 10" Mini's and it uses a 30 Watt adapter, and this model should operate fine with 45 watts of power available. However, I do not know if these new "Smart" adapters have a method of throttling down performance when a 45 Watt adapter is attached, or if it is even possible. When running on battery alone, there isn't an adapter connected at all. The answer is yet to be revealed, but I would NOT let it affect your decision to buy one of these. At 288 bucks, you're still getting a great price, even if you have to buy a 65 Watt adapter later, which is only 25 bucks from HP directly. If your 45 Watt adapter gets hot when your battery is charging AND the applications you are using use a lot of resources, or if your battery doesn't charge when you use resource intensive applications, you definitely need to opt for the 65 Watt Adapter (HP part number 710412-001).

Now.... Back to setup. The April 2014 Microsoft updates for Windows 8.1 included a lot of tweaks and feature changes based on user feedback. Therefore, once you're finished setting up, go ahead and download the updates before loading your own software and configuring everything to your own liking. Be sure you look over everything and get the optional updates in addition to the critical updates. Once that's done, if you're an average or above user, go to Control Panel and tweak things such as mouse pointer sensitivity and speed, and other things the way you're used to. Be aware that the "Settings" menu added in Windows 8.1 doesn't have everything. You'll still have to go to Control Panel to find everything, especially advanced settings.

Next, to optimize performance and gain some speed, I would go ahead and uninstall applications that you know you'll never need. Since Windows 8.1 has Windows Defender built in and is intended to replace Microsoft's security software Security Essentials (optional free anti-virus and anti-malware used in earlier Windows versions such as XP), I uninstalled McAfee (trial) to get rid of the constant nagging to buy a subscription. If you hang out in dangerous places or want extra security, you might feel better having a more interactive and comprehensive security suite such as Bitdefender, but be aware that these applications are often the culprits that cause sluggish computer performance.

OFFICE 2013 STUDENT VERSION. YES!! IT IS INCLUDED with this HP model, and it IS a full working version, NOT a trial version. To unlock it, open Office and activate it using the serial number (key) printed on the yellow card that came in the box with the computer. Look for it loose in the box. It's not in the bag with the other documents.

I had to return the first notebook I received because of a letter key that was not aligned correctly and would type when lightly brushed over. That was just a random manufacturing glitch though. Amazon had a replacement on the way same day. Other than that, and the possible issue with the Smart AC Adapter, I have been impressed, especially with the features and performance. I like the convenience and portability of using a small device, but I also need the ability to run production software to keep up with work. Added with the touchscreen features, this provides it all at a cheap price. The keyboard is almost full size (91%) and it's easy to connect a larger monitor and accessories, or dock when needed. It's too early to know where battery performance will settle out at, but so far so good. Everything else is as good or better than the specs and descriptions.
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VINE VOICEon September 16, 2014
I've had this notebook for 8 months, and I love it. Do the custom install! The problems people seem to be having are with understanding how to use Windows 8. This is not a computer problem. There is nothing wrong with this HP notebook. The touch screen works great. It's not the most powerful notebook on the market, but if you take time to do a custom install, read the instructions for WiFi hook up, and learn how to use Windows 8 and how to go back and forth between the old and new interfaces - the metro and the desktop - you cannot lose at this price! It is so versatile. I simply love the ability to toggle between using the keyboard and touch screen, especially when it's dark and I can't see the keyboard. You get a full version of Windows that covers a huge chunk of the cost of this unit too. It also prints over WiFi seamlessly with my Epson Workforce 3420 printer. You can print using the apps or through the desktop, whichever you are using at the time. Versatility.

You MUST do a custom install like the one favorite review says or you will bog your memory down to a stand still. I did leave my Windows Update on automatic download and install though because that's where you get the updates to your antivirus software (Windows Defender) and OS vulnerabilities, and you do not want those out of date!

To speed things up you can also go through all of the apps and delete the ones you know you will never use. I deleted the Wild Tangent game apps and others because they drain performance and are no more than a tease. I will never use many if the apps. Then be sure to go to the Store app regularly to download updates to the apps you do use. That is the only place they update, and it will keep them running smoother. Most importantly, turn off all the streaming app tiles that you can. Most of the app tiles have the ability to auto update, which uses power and memory constantly checking for updates. I only leave the weather app running because I want to see that frequently. It may take a few more seconds to load an app this way, but it really speeds up overall performance.

If you're still not sure about Windows 8 - play with it! Do a tutorial. There are some apps already installed to teach you. There are so many cool features that are so different than previous operating systems and much more intuitive if you use a smartphone already. If you still don't like it, the latest updates allow you to work off of the desktop pretty much like before. If the touchscreen drives you nuts, you can still use the mouse and keyboard. If your tiles are all over the place, you can group them Into categories separated by invisible bars, name the groups, and resize the tiles.

Ok I'm getting off my soap box, but I use this notebook much more than my other laptop or desktop now. I don't miss the DVD player because I can stream Netflix. There is plenty of harddrive space and USB ports if I want to hook up portable harddrives or an external DVD player. The memory card slot works great for extra memory storage. This notebook comes with Microsoft One Drive loaded - cloud storage that works without a hitch to sync up with my iPhone One Drive app for documents and photos. Way better than iCloud.

OK, really stepping down now.
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on December 14, 2014
OK, I have to admit I thought I'd made a big mistake by not seeing this laptop before purchasing online. The text on the screen(s) was so tiny I needed a magnifying glass, which I couldn't find. Took awhile to locate where I could change the text from 100% to 125%. Ctrl + had no affect. Sorry, don't remember where I found that change. Didn't want to mess with resolution. Next hurdle was I couldn't find anything "Google"! I dislike immensely "Internet Explorer", but was the only option to access the internet. Most everything I use is Google based. Next irritation was while I was trying to download Google Chrome browser, I kept getting an irritating pop-up from McAfee that spyware, etc was trying to attack my new PC. Kept telling it to get rid of it, but it persisted. I finally installed Google Chrome and extensions "Ad Block/Ad Block Plus" and "History Eraser". Next was to download "Trend Micro Internet Security". I've used that on all my PC's and never had an issue. Uninstalled McAfee and installed Trend. WOW, what a difference. I could finally enjoy arranging, unpinning and pinning features I wanted on the START screen.
Several have mentioned to select Custom install at the beginning, but I just went the standard route. It's been awhile since I setup a PC, Still in Vista on my older laptop, so there's a learning curve to jump to 8.1. Since most devices are touch screen today, the touch screen/keyboard combo is easy. Happy customer now...
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on January 25, 2014
HP PAVILLION Touchsmart10-e010

First, let me say that I got this HP laptop after trying two different Asus 1015Es, neither of which, among other issues, would stay connected to the internet. I really liked the Asus but anyway, it just didn't work out and the HP Pavilion Touchsmart was the same size and pretty much identical specs, or at least very similar.

I read all the reviews and heeded other reviewers advice to bypass the Express Setup, which so far has prevented the endless downloads noted by some reviewers.

Another problem noted by some reviewers was that the included Microsoft Office could A: Not be successfully Activated and B: if you were successful in Activating it, you could not then subsequently find it. Here is the solution to both:

I discovered that the key to successfully getting the enclosed Activtion key to work is that you first have to register the device with HP online. Once I did that, I was able to easily activate and download the Office software. HOWEVER, no Office icon appeared anywhere, so I had to search all over to find it.
To actually find the program go to:
c: program files/Microsoft Office 15/root/office 15/
There you will see a ton of files that I have no idea what they are or what they do, but once you are there, look for the icons for Excel, Winword etc that say "application “way over the right.
Next, hover your mouse on the program icon you want, right click and then click on "send to desktop" or "pin to taskbar" and you are good to go.

WARNING: Unless you are an expert, which I most definitely am NOT, don't mess with all those other files because as I say, I have no idea what they do.

So far at least, I am loving this little laptop. Considering the price, I think it’s a great buy. Yes it is a bit slow when compared to a more powerful device, but what do you want for $300, especially considering you get the usually very expensive Office for free.. I have the full Photoshop program loaded on mine and it works perfectly. If you need a device for business and need to whiz through your work at lightning speed, then you may want to look elsewhere. But for me, I am very happy – at least so far – with this device. Again, I heeded the advice noted by other reviewers and chose Manual Setup and I am very happy with the performance of the device. By the way, the speakers are very nice too and the screen resolution is fine.
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on April 23, 2014
This little laptop is awesome! It works great for surfing the net, using Microsoft office (which is included free), streaming movies, and just about anything else you may want to do. I do not know about online gaming, but with only 2gb of ram I would think you may need something a little more powerful for that. For everyday use I could not recommend this laptop highly enough. The mouse pad works just as good as any I have used, and the touch screen works better than I could have hoped. When zooming in on pictures using the touch screen, I expected the picture would get out of focus. This was not the case. The picture quality stays clear and crisp. I did use the custom set up instead of express as suggested in other reviews, and have had no problems with this computer being slow. Everything loads and plays fast. For the price, I can not imagine you will find a better laptop on the market.
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on October 4, 2014
first off I will say that if you are ordering this computer, or already have it and are having trouble, read the review by D. Cushman. he has some great ways to help you make the most of this little machine.

I will be the first to admit that I am awful with electronics. I get frustrated, overwhelmed, and annoyed. but I wanted my own little computer just for me and I really wanted to know how to run it! so I did custom set up. unfortunately, i did not take the time to really understand all the questions and that caused my computer to run sooo slow. we have multiple other electronics and they all start right up with wifi - this computer would run for 5 minutes and still not connect to the internet. so I read his review. I reset my computer to factory settings and when I went to set it up for the second time I went through EVERYTHING. I will tell you that, so far, that has made all the difference. it took some time for sure (especially because I had to remove everything and then I did a windows update) BUT it was well worth it. I wish I had taken the time when I got it so I didn't have to spend so long re-doing everything but now I have a great little computer.
I know such a small computer is not for everyone but it fits my needs perfectly. I can move it from it's main home into my craft studio easily because it is so light. because it is so small I barely need any room to have it on my desk while I am working on other things. the touch screen is nice for things like pinterest and there is lots of memory for all the pictures I take of my work so I can easily organize them and not worry about needing a memory card for extra space.
I definitely recommend this computer if you are looking for something small and easy to use. just be prepared to spend some time in the beginning setting it up. And remember to read that other review which, aside from calling names to people who are not very technologically savvy (not nice Mr. Cushman), it is a great way to be sure you will set things up correctly to get the best out of your little puter!
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on February 19, 2015
I ordered a used like new one from Amazon Warehouse Deals, but Office was not on it as stated, and the packaging was not original as stated in the listing for the particular used one I ordered. Amazon refunded for the returned item and gave a discount for the troubles I went through on these orders as I reordered a brand new one. I suppose it was a gracious respect for an old customer who has spent a lot with them. The new one was setup to the best of my ability following the advice of the gentleman who suggested custom set up. It was easier than I expected, but the machine was still slow until I uninstalled the aftermarket virus program that HP or someone had included. There is the scary moment when you are online and have to hope that Defender is really there and will come on when you uninstall the active program. I like Defender, and several IT friends do too. Before uninstall was finished dumping the name brand antivirus, Defender hopped on duty, and I updated it. With the computer still working slow, there were dreaded moments when I thought the two processes would lock it up. When the antivirus was finally gone, Defender updated quickly (considering it was packaged over a year ago and way behind), and the machine took off like a rabbit. Now, I turn on Automatic Updates and do an update, then turn them off. It runs well, and only drags a little on some websites that seem to have too much going on them in the way of advertising and such, namely Fox News and CNN. My internet service provider's website, where my e-mail is located, seems to drag things down a bit too. It also has too much going on. I believe, as do my tech friends, that Defender works better and slows the machine less than name brand antivirus and anti-malware, because it is a program by Microsoft for Microsoft products. This is exactly what I needed and wanted: a small machine with a changeable battery that I can fit in a classy little 10" Swiss Gear tough sleeve and carry anywhere as a writers notebook. I hope it lasts a long time. Imagine the reading material available now if Hemingway, Faulkner, and Steinbeck could have carried such a notebook back in their day that could complete a book and its cover and publish and register the copyright all from some cafe in Paris or roadhouse in the San Joaquin Valley.
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