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on July 10, 2014
I almost never write a review for a product but after reading some of the less than stellar reviews on here I felt compelled to chime in. Let's start first by clarifying what this is not - it is not a PC, it is not a windows touchscreen PC/tablet, hence if you are expecting to use it as a windows device then you are obviously going to be underwhelmed. Now that we dispensed with that, let's deal with what it is - a fully functional multimedia device that can be infinitely extended to do so much more with the only restriction being your imagination. Case in point, I have this set up on my kitchen bar countertop facing me when I am either cooking and/or hanging out with the kids. I have paired it with a wireless mouse keyboard (my one complaint with it - comes with wired mouse/keyboard). It is now functioning as a kitchen TV (running the dish anywhere app), our YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. etc. etc. viewing device. The speakers are great too and I have also paired it with my Polk Bluetooth speakers to extend the sound (had it out on the deck over the 4th grilling and it was the hit of the bbq). All my friends were amazed at the functionality and astounded when I told them it cost me less than $300.

If you are on the fence about this - consider that you are basically getting a super-size tablet and TV for the price of a used iPad mini. The speed smokes my transformer TF700 and the screen is crisp and bright. I do have to be careful about where I have placed it (close to the sink and perhaps potential water splashes).
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on October 25, 2013
I highly recommend this product for family use. For $399 you are getting a 21" Android tablet. I'm not a tech expert so I'm not going to detail the specs, but my whole family now flocks to this device. It's an amazing product. I wish HP can market this more to the mainstream crowd.
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on July 11, 2015
Better than expected. Easy setup and I love that it runs on android! I purchased this for school and the touchscreen is just amazing high quality picture and screen size is awesome.
review image
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on March 13, 2014
I'm glad that I ignored all the negative reviews on other sites. This is an excellent device. Yes, it could be thought of as a really big tablet, but it does everything I need a computer to do, and pretty darn well. I use this for my two creative businesses. And it handles it all. I find the OfficeSuite app a much welcomed alternative to the monthly subscription cost for the office software bundle. I really like that I can swipe and touch, but also use a mouse and keyboard. Maybe it's because I'm in the over 50 age group, but a larger screen makes for a more enjoyable experience. Images are displayed beautifully, an important feature because I work a lot with photographs.

I bought this after recently selling a five-year-old iMac. I had a Macbook Air, too, but didn't care for the smallish screen and the poor posture required to use it.

All in all, this all-in-one is a terrific value and a delight to use.
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on March 10, 2014
I have struggled over the past few years to provide computer access for my adult son whom is autistic, and my mom whom is 86. They don't live in the same place, but share a lack of ability to cope with Windows. My aim was to give them easy access to Facebook so that they could see family photos and interact with a far-flung extended family on a daily basis. I got my mom a Kindle Fire, which I believe she could have mastered, but she is a technophobe, and recoiled from the lack of privacy that she perceived came with a Facebook page.

I set up a laptop in my son's room at his assisted living home, but it ran on Windows Vista, took a long time to boot up, and peppered him with pop-up windows requesting access for this or that; stuff that most people dismiss without a second thought. As a result, he never used it.

This beauty is a whole different story. It runs on Android instead of Windows. It takes only about 30 seconds for the thing to boot up, and things like Facebook and Netflix are apps that appear on the home screen; or I should say touch screen. He used it on his visit home this weekend, and was actually excited to have it installed in his room when I took him back. He can be scrolling through movies from Netflix or family photos from Facebook within a minute of starting the computer.

It has only two USB ports, so if you want to add anything more than the included keyboard and mouse, you have to add a USB hub. I did that, and connected a Microsoft game pad, but it was so glitchy as to be impractical. There may be an app available that will fix that, but I haven't had time to research that. Internal storage is relatively limited but more than adequate for the use my son puts it to. I assume that adding an external hard drive for mass storage will be a possibility in the future, if it isn't already. If my son continues to do well with this gem, I may even get one for my mom, though it will probably be another exercise in futility.
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on April 6, 2014
About a 14 months ago bought a android tablet, loved it. When Microsoft retired XP wasn't sure what I was going to do, my husband uses the computer alot for internet, email etc. and dosesn't like change. I use my tablet all the time and hated Microsoft after using android and Apple is out of my price range. When I came across this Android Desktop I couldn't believe it. I did my research and knew this was what I wanted, and what a great way to introduce android to my husband but still feel like he is using a computer with the key board and mouse. The HP product itself is really nice the screen is beautiful, the short cuts across the top of the keyboard are real handy, mouse works perfect. As far as Android in a desktop, it does have a few little issues but nothing that I have not been able to figure out or work around. I love learning new technology even at my age of 54 and my husband 58 after a short little lesson he has been able to figure out what he needs to do to get the task at hand done. The people who gave it bad reviews are those who have

not done there homework (did you not read the specs. or reviews or the question/answer section) and no nothing
about android and have not figured out how to use it. If I did not already have an adroid tablet I'm sure I would be
having some difficulty too. In the end we love it, so tired of microsoft and buying a computer full of stuff and programs
we never will use. There is a App for just about anything you want. I love how things are in sync with The Slate, my
tablet and my android smartphone. We have had this for about 10 days and it is still sitting on my dining table, we love
watching Netflix and can also watch our Directv on it while eating dinner. My husband says we should just hang it on
the wall after all it is a touch screen, But it will be making it way to the computer room real soon. I think this is just the beginning for Android coming to the big screen as a desktop and can only get better from here.
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on November 5, 2015
If you want an easy computer to learn to use. Or you want your computer to work like your phone, so you don't have to deal with two systems constantly, this is the computer Apple should have made 30 years ago when they were Saying that the Mac was "intuitive". Of course, if you have never used a smartphone before, or Android, then sure, there will be a learning curve, just a mercifully shorter one.

It's too bad that the concept of the Desktop phone-Companion seems to have died. Because this is a sweet little machine, and I know a lot of especially older people that would take to this like butter on toast.
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on September 29, 2015
Love this computer! I am not a Windows fan and Mac's aren't in my budget. This is basically a giant tablet with a keyboard and mouse. I put a 16g memory card in so that I was able to load Microsoft Word and Powerpoint for my daughter. The screen is huge, so it's great for watching Netflix etc. and it's relatively portable for a desktop. It can be easily moved from my desk to my daughters or somewhere else to watch as a tv. I totally recommend for the price.
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on May 20, 2014
It is very interesting why some people "expect" this 21-in non portable "tablet", to work like an all-in-one PC. It runs on Android, and expect all you want but it runs on Android. Why expect an Android machine be able to do what a real PC can do? Please research what Android is and what it is not. Please do not buy it because you want it to be a full PC replacement. So you can save your money and disappointment and not complaining making a mistake. Tell a story about how this machine fails or excel as an Android device not how it fails to be a PC. It is not a PC.

Evaluated this machine as a huge Android tablet, it is a good purchase for me. I wall mounted it in the kitchen and it looks great. This Slate works just fine for video, pictures, musics, book reading and cooking apps. Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds run extremely smooth. Touchscreen is responsive and good color. You can touch the screen with just about anything as long as it doesn't scratch the screen. Write with a stylus for a small tablet or a pencil top eraser is a lot easier than writing with your finger. I did not overloaded it with Apps due to the limited RAM and storage. If you have a PC hooked up to the same network as this huge tablet, the included Splashtop app can remotely control the PC (you can see the PC's display on this huge tablet). It is not totally no lag, but it is more than workable. I have ethernet hook up, Wifi may pose challenges for some depends on how robust one's wifi performance is. Overall, I am happy with it as an Android device.
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on May 7, 2014
I purchased the HP Slate 21 nearly a month ago to let the kids watch movies on and play some games. The device is nicely made. The screen is clear and colors appear to be good, not overly saturated. The touch screen is responsive and the onscreen keyboard is very large. The kids don't use the included keyboard nor mouse for navigation. We have installed a usb memory stick to hold multimedia files and there is no lag watching movies from them. We also set it on our piano and display sheet music in PDF format using ezPDF Reader. It allows you to turn pages with an animation similar to a book. Two pages fit nicely on screen. The speakers are more than adequate for the device, better than I thought they would be. I have loaded several apps on it and so far I don't have any issues with landscape orientation. Oddly enough the only problem we have is the Amazon music app does not work at all with an Ethernet connection and we are forced to use the wireless communication, verified this with Amazon tech support. Luckily that works outstandingly and I have had no dropping issues. The supplied HP print app works very well. We print from it to our HP printer without any trouble. I like that the OS was minimal, little bloatware to the system.

Three things would have made this a perfect device for me:

1) upgradeable internal drive (not that big of an issue, except with apps) and more memory

2). The ability to rotate the screen. (this would have added costs but I have some uses for it)

3) An internal battery, even if it were a small one so you could unplug it, move it, and plug it back in without having to shut the device down. The device does boot very quickly so its not a major issue.

For a media consumption device, it is excellent and does it's job well. It is not a replacement for a desktop computer but is a good device for word processing, web browsing, social media, picture viewing and editing, watching movies, listening to music and many other things you don't need a full blown desktop for. To date I have not had the system lock up on me as some people have on other reviews here.
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