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on May 14, 2012
I had two 23.5" Asus monitors, and I was looking to move those two to one workstation and upgrade to a larger monitor on the other.

I began searching Amazon for a larger monitor with good reviews, made by a reputable manufacturer. I found this monitor and after doing much due diligence, purchased it. From that moment on, I have been thrilled with my decision.

Upon taking it out of the box, it became apparent that this was a beautiful looking monitor. Granted, that's not the most important criterion, but it is important. It is quite thin, yet feels very sturdy as well. It was fairly easy to assemble, requiring a two simple steps to put the base together. I enlisted my wife's help, but I probably could have figured out how to assemble it solo if needed.

Now on to the functionality - I have an early 2010 MacBook. I was worried that since HP disclaims on its website that this monitor may not work with Macs, that I might be in trouble. This was not the case. I did have to use a DVI-to-MiniDisplayPort adapter since my MacBook only has a MDP-input. Plugging everything in (DVI+adapter, plus a power cord of decent length), the setup worked flawlessly from the get-go. The monitor cycled through the different input possibilities (DVI, VGA, HDMI), and picked up that the DVI was active. The resolution snapped into place immediately; I did not need to adjust at all.

The one drawback on this monitor is that it does not have an adjustable-height feature. This is likely not a problem for most people, as you don't want the midpoint of your 27" monitor sitting up too high. But I am 6'7" tall, so I needed to use a stand. The one that I had adjusted it too high, though, so I ordered an adjustable-height stand from Amazon to replace it.

I give this monitor five stars, as I knew about the only drawback before I ordered, and as it wouldn't affect most people. Great value for the price; way to go HP!

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on April 9, 2011
I've used comparable Viewsonic, Samsung, and Acer, and this HP 2711x beats them all. Text readability over long periods is extremely important to me, and while the HP doesn't even approach an NEC, it certainly is better than the others mentioned.

Extremely lightweight. The difference was like "night and day," compared to my NEC Multisync 24" LCD.

Although there is no comparison with the NEC's superb text rendering, this isn't too bad, especially after I adjusted text size, fonts, etc.

Graphics: I'm still working on it. The display seems washed out (compared to the NEC), but perhaps that will improve with further adjustment.

Big price difference, though! You really DO get what you pay for, and with my other health care concerns now, I simply cannot afford a new big display NEC anymore...the 4 year old NEC goes with my "old" computer, onto an extra desk. This HP is the best alternative, I think. (The large screen size makes the somewhat blurry text more easily readable.)



Video is okay, but...this unit just does NOT suit my special needs of very crisp text. I had to go purchase the best -- a NEC Multisync PA271W:

NEC PA271w-bk 27-Inch 2560 x 1440 1000:1 6ms Widescreen LCD Monitor
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on February 26, 2013
This monitor is flawless.
I love the clarity and glossy glass. Many reviewers complain about the reflection, but I have mine in a dark room with one overhead light. I do not have any reflections in my room. This monitor is perfect for a room without bright lights shining on the front of the monitor. I play online games like World of Warcraft as well as work from home. 1080p video is awesome for both. The size is great for gaming and allows me to have two word documents open side by side while comparing documents without squinting. There were zero dead pixels although this is led so translate that to zero dead led's. The monitor was packaged carefully. It was easy to assemble and set up.The base easily attaches, plug in power and video source and you are done. Your operating system will identify the monitor and it will display without adding the drivers. Of course you can always add them and tweak the system for the perfect color balance. I did have to turn down the brightness since it was set at 100. Fifty was good for me. Green was slightly prominent, but setting it 3 points lower evened out the color. I also have the 25" version of this monitor and I am glad I upgraded. I was initially concerned it might be too big, but it isn't too big.
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on April 1, 2013
I was unlucky buying my first monitor replacement. Picked a Samsung 27 from Costco even though I was tempted by this one. My reasoning, I was standing in front of the Samsung and it just went on sale. The Samsung has a good rating here too so I bought it. Not bad at all. After two hours it started to flicker. Tried everything. Returned for replacement. They had no more. Unlucky? Came home and ordered this one. Arrived two days later here in CA.

Now comes the lucky part. I joined this owners group, LOL Aside from the flickering let me compare a few things between the Samsung and HP. The HP mechanical stand mechanism is obviously superior. Samsung hinges with rubber friction and no metal components. It feels much weaker and wobbly. I even put some folded paper under the right side to make the screen level. Had to keep bending the screen tilt because it slipped back down. It worked but not like this one. Picture quality: without having them side-by-side it is impossible to be objective. I do a lot of photography and after some brightness correction on both I "think" this one is warmer in the white to grey tones? The colors will take some experimenting. Colors are excellent already.

Is bigger better? My old monitor was a top of line Dell 21" ($1K 6yrs ago)? Measured 20.5" diagonal. Super crisp screen. Basically the same as this but this one is 27" across. So I see the same pixels but larger on this one? It was difficult to read the words on the Dell they were so small. Super crisp but small. Got some RX glasses to match focus and distance for the Dell. It worked well. With those same glasses I am pushing this screen further and further back to get the same sharp crispness. Much easier to see IMHO. Does that mean a 25" would have been a little more like my 21" Dell? A small screen gets big when you sit closer? Of course it does. I suspect some folks buy giant TVs and do not gain that much if their room is not big enough to back away far enough? bigger better? This monitor is easier to see and read but less easy to see the whole width in prime eye focus? The sides are in my peripheral vision. It is a nice effect.

Take the pledge: when Amazon buyers rave in the hundreds about a product its a clue of quality. This monitor has a lot of happy buyers and I am another. Sometimes lots of reviews might also mean the product is older and been around long enough to gather more buyers but this one has a lot more HAPPY buyers.
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on August 13, 2011
This is the second of these monitors that I've bought. I've come to really like it. But there are some pros and cons. Here are my observations.

Very nice colors
LED lighting is bright and even, and should last a long time
On-off button on the bottom of the bezel is easy to find and use
Easy to assemble monitor stand
VGA, DVI and HDMI connectors
Works well both as a TV and as a computer monitor. Large enough to be a TV, but not so large as to be unwieldy with the computer. (But for TV use, you'll need external speakers.)
Very light and portable -- easy to move from room to room

Monitor stand is not adjustable, except for a narrow range of tilt
*Very* glossy surface, lots of reflections depending on how your room is lighted

I've used several types of monitors, and I'm very happy with this one. The glossy surface works especially well for watching movies. For the computer, I find I'm repositioning it sometimes to minimize reflections. This is a disadvantage of glossy screens, but I'm still very happy with this monitor overall.
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on June 7, 2012
Without spending a diatribe of words reviewing this monitor, simply put: The unit I received has been the best lower priced monitor I have ever owned since 1985.
It has very intutive controls on it that work very easily and has settings that are customed selected for Movie, Photo, Gaming, Text, and Custom. They all seem to work for what they were intended.
Best controls I have seen on any monitor period.

I am a gamer and took a chance on this monitor because it runs 60HZ rather than the perfered 120HZ that is all the rage in multiplay these days.

So far it has done outstanding in game play, at half the price of some of the other monitors.

I put it on a stand to get it a little higher for my own comfort level tilted it to my satifaction because I ware glasses and my seight is not the best in the world.
This means I sit right in front of the monitor so everthing is perfect on the screen, however off axis it losses some brigthness but of course that is not a problem to me.

For games and movies this is the sharpest screen I have ever seen and color is very good. In the game World of Tanks, In the river and streams at certain angles of reflection you can see texture and color of the sky and mountains on the surface of the water. talk about vertial world, WOW! It dont get much better than this.

I also have a Samsung 23 inch and 25 inch monitors, and think the HP is much better in all respects.

This monitor deleivers good bang for the buck.
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on May 19, 2013
I was in need for a new monitor when my old dell monitor was fading in color display, I reviewed many monitors in brick and mortar stores, then went to amazon for the best pricing and shipping, the monitor arrived on time and in new box, with bubble rapping, once I plugged it into my laptop, its colors were outstanding. HP really has great equipment and would recommend it to others, I am an demolition estimator and use a takeoff program to calculate my estimates. Its so nice I will definitely up grade to a larger monitor when this one wears out. So far I have had this monitor for about 1 year and has performed with-out fail. One touch on and off button. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and smaller monitors are to much strain on my eyes, I miss it when I am at home working from the laptop, but you cant carry around a 27 inch monitor every where you go. Do your research and for the price its the best monitor for its size.

Great job HP

TH / Retro Environmental, Inc.
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on March 25, 2011
I got this a couple weeks ago all i can say is that it is one of the very best 27 inch monitors out there next to the expensive a@# dell sharp or the deep pocket mac monitor, trust me when i say u won't be disappointed,I'm using this for movie editing and etc.. i am going to buy another 1 soon as in a couple days soon. It is very clear and when i ordered it at first i started to regret getting it because of the fact that i was thinking the monitor was going to be to big but now i got it and it is a perfect size for what ever u r doin on the pc, the only problem is that im use to it so i can't down size now. And i read the reviews before i bought this and it amazes me how picky other people are about certain things like the complaints of the floppy stand or the glare of the screen,i mean if u really concentrate on that rather than what u bought it for,than i guess u kind of notice those imperfections with your magnified glass. but i sure don't!!
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on April 15, 2011
many years of good service and still going strong owner of a 24" HP w2408h 1920x1200 resolution.. Would of liked to get another one moving the w2408h to a new system and wanting a new monitor for the older system.. Just didn't have the budget to purchase a second w2408h. Wasn't sure about the HP2711x with the mixed reviews but it was above minium requirements for my adobe software incase something happened to my other monitor. For the price I was willing to take a chance for what I needed.. Very pleased my two systems are set up next to each other I don't see a difference for general use the HP2711x holds it own in color and crispness, no lagging testing it through my video cards virtual world software,, keeping up with the graphics and depth was flawless. Arrived quickly, perfect conditon no seen flaws or defects, set up easily am using it on DVI-D with the cable supplied by HP in the box... It does have a reflective surface but no more then my HP w2408h looking at it at certain angles if your looking for it, doesn't take away from or interfer with viewing (not for me) it may never be a hp2408h, but the hp2711x was worth the price for the quality it delivers and more that it advertises it will...
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on September 25, 2012
First off, Amazon gets 5 stars, the 3 stars are for HP's quality assurance. The first monitor had shadowy waves in the top left half where the light source emits from. I called Amazon's help line and they immediately had a replacement unit sent to me by overnight, it took 2 days because it was too late to ship that day. DO NOT CALL HP like some reviewers have, CALL AMAZON THEY ARE WONDERFUL. I used the defective one for those days until the new unit arrived. I then boxed up and returned that one to Amazon with their prepaid return label. NO COST TO ME. I have been using the new one for about 10 days now and so far so good. No issues, it's a bright clean display. Only downfall would be that it has a small reflection problem but I'm willing to deal with it for the price and size of the monitor.

In summary, I recommend the monitor after using it. HP needs better quality assurance. Amazon is wonderful and I make almost all major purchases through them after researching elsewhere. If you order it and it's defective, remember to call Amazon, not HP.
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