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on October 24, 2013
I love taking pictures and did a lot of research on picture frames. Most of my pics are on the computer and I wanted a way to see and share them with others.
Our family is very happy (ex: son/wife sees pics and says “I remember that time when… , or turn back so I can see the image again”) with the purchase, and I would highly recommend this frame.
- Easy to use and upload pictures, esp. using memory card (using 8 gig, so it holds several hundred of images). Just copy pics from laptop/computer on memory card and insert it into the frame’s slot. That's it. Internal memory on the frame is ok and only allows 25-35 full image (4-5 Meg full resolution) pics.
- Images are high resolution, clear and colorful----can adjust color, contrast, brightness, etc.
- Nice color brown frame and matte that makes it look classy and blends easily with home decor
- Easy instructions to read and use
- Good value

- Haven't been able to get timer to work---time when pics come on / turns off automatically. I just manually turn it on with remote and then it turns off in a couple of hours.
- Panoramic mode - nice, but sometimes cuts original images at top and bottom. You can switch to original mode, but then you’ll have space at left and right of image. Panoramic mode works for 95%+ of my images.
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on July 15, 2013
The frame is beautiful, and the resolution is sharp for a screen this size. Works great, has basic features you'd expect (control the slideshow speed, random, etc)
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on January 11, 2015
The only pro - nice wood frame.
The major cons in the order I encountered them - This DPF comes with only a quick start guide (QSG) which is mostly pictures so be prepared for LOTS of trial and error flipping through screens and self-teaching during setup. The QSG says the "full" user guide is on HP's website; it downloads to a PC fine in .pdf but won't print completely even when converted to Word7 or to .txt. THUS, be prepared to toggle between windows on your PC if you are trying to set up the DPF from your PC and copy photos from your PC to the DPF by referring to the "full" guide. If you try to display pictures using a memory card, you cannot mix landscape with portrait orientations unless you don't mind pictures being displayed on their sides. BUT, you can manually load those pics to the DPF's 250MB max. internal memory (maybe 170MB usable, the rest I guess is for the DPF's program) and then manually turn each sideways frame so it displays properly. Be sure to resize each of them to 600KB or less or the internal memory really fills up fast. You can let "Smart Copy" resize for you, but I found this to make some pics fuzzier than need be or funnily cropped when they displayed. Budget about a minute per pic to resize using a photo editor on your PC then another minute per pic if it needs rotating after copying to the internal memory. RE: support - be advised that the email support address HP gives for this frame in the "full" user guide is invalid; the emails are returned to you. Also be advised that the 800 number in the "full" guide for this frame gives you a static-filled line to an answering machine (after 15 rings so be patient) that say something like, "Hello. For service, leave name and number. Thank you." I think it might be an HP contractor. Also, be advised that calling HP's regular support number will, ultimately, end up with you on Hold and eventually you will be disconnected - at least the three times I called this happened; never did talk to a support person other than the ones who said they didn't work with DPFs. Finally, be advised that the FAQs on the HP website for the df1010v2 have pictures and steps that don't quite match this particular frame so be prepared to do more trial and error. RE: using the HP forums, it appears that other purchasers had the same setup and display problems I was seeking solutions for; they are still waiting for somebody to post solutions, too. What display problems was I calling about? Well, after two days of setting the frame up (total time about 6.5 hours in 45 minute chunks) and two days of its displaying the pictures just fine, half the screen went blank, and the pics began being doubled up in the other half (that is, part of each picture would appear in about 3/4 of that one-half and a smaller sliver of that same picture would appear in the remaining piece). I never did find the "Warranty" information for this frame - it is not included with the product, and searching for it on the HP website was frustrating; it seems that the frame has a 16 character serial number, but the HP website REQUIRES the entry of a 10 character serial number or it will not display the warranty. Consequently, I don't whether my frame is covered or not. I thought all products sold in the US had to make their warranties, if any, available. I guess I was wrong.
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on September 11, 2014
Did not like. Photo opening size ratio does not fit standard photo size. Pictures get chopped off at. Top and bottom. Would not load a lot of my pictures, said it could not recognize them. Just normal pics. I sent back.
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on February 6, 2014
The frame works great! I did have a few cons on the model I purchased:
1. The program came with folders that were already named and there was a limit of five.
2. I don't believe the instruction manual quite meets the specifications of my model. There is a greeting/opening message screen when the frame turns on. Supposedly you can put whatever picture and message you want when it turns on. In the manual it shows how to do but when I try on the frame it won't allow me to complete the set up.
3. The remote is specific to the sensor. You have to make sure you are aligned and in range for it to work.
All and all though the frame is very nice. It has a sleep time feature and even though you cannot create your own folders you still have the option to group albums. I also enjoy the matted look. I also did not have any problems with the seller. I received my product in the appropriate amount of time. It was in great condition, contained all of the equipment and worked great.
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on September 23, 2014
Picked the digital frame as a gift and honestly, it struck a good chord. Pretty happy with it. And I must mention the extended services of digihill, in going out of the way to customize the delivery for me. I wanted it specifically personalized and it was pleasantly surprising when they not only agreed to do it, but also delivered it exactly the way I wanted it to be. Thank you for making it happen :)
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on October 25, 2014
Quick answer if you care; this does need to be lugged into AC to work. The note on the battery on Amazon led me to believe I could run it without plugging in. No can do but that was to me only an irritant.

It seems this product has a serious limitation on how many photos it can do a slide show on. I thought that with an SD interface I could put, oh say a couple thousand picture of my daughter on it and just let it randomly show them. The good news is it took a 8GB card and can read it fine. The bad news is it seems to pick some 40-50 picture (I admit I didn't count) that only took five minutes to get through and then recycled the same bit. I put North of 900 photos on it for the test run. Prior to this discovery we planned on buy five of these and SD cards as gifts to the grandparents, etc. It just isn't worth it to show a lousy 100 photos and that's being generous in my estimate. I guess I'll try one or two more products.

Should any manufacturer PLM, etc. read this consider the following. We all have cameras everywhere and coming up with a few thousand photos is quite easy. Products need to be able to deal with this and let us get full value. Lastly TELL consumers how much you can work with. For all I knew this could only accept a 2GB card or could work with a 256 GB card but the info does not seem to be anywhere.

Perhaps the internal memory can random a slide show on more pix but who cares when it only has 256 MB. I'm not even inclined to see. It has an "album" concept but that only works with the internal memory so it is essentially useless. Even if it could who wants to keep shuffling tiny little albums manually? At the least I don't care to.

On a positive side it does look nice I guess...

Last point; for me this product may be my last foray into ANYTHING by HP. HP has gone the way of Sony; a once good brand that seems to manage only so-so to bad products anymore.
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on August 13, 2016
Looks good, but has many technical problems. For example pictures are not loading or something loading and sometimes not (the same picture) Then sometimes it turns off on its own and hard to turn it back on. For that price its a shame. They should do a better job manufacturing this.
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on December 20, 2013
I bought this for my mom for x-mas and I almost want to keep it for myself. I was a little worried about how the pictures would look but the clarity was outstanding. The color of the frame was really nice as well and it was very easy to download the pictures onto it with a few different options. Really great buy and one of my favorite presents this year!
P.S. This frame also came within 24 hours of me ordering in perfect condition.
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on August 24, 2015
I am medium happy with this frame. It displays pictures alright. It does not support all picture sizes and formats, so sometimes you may need to tap into your photoshop and customize the size of the picture to make it acceptable for the frame. Small memory, but has room for more. All in all, not bad but not great... for the money kind of a bummer.
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