Customer Reviews: HP OJ 7610 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax
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on September 23, 2013
My new 7610 seems to do everything right except print on 4x6" label stock. It starts printing way up off the top of the page. If you have a 7610, maybe you should check it with 4x6" paper. It may be a design defect, or it may be that my unit is defective. I don't know yet.

The user's manual for this unit is in the Help file on the enclosed disk, which you can copy to your hard drive and place an icon on your desktop.

The help section of HP's website is a disaster. Links that don't work, search feature that is nearly useless.

Edit 9/24/13: I got a replacement 7610. It also can't print on 4x6". So I will try an Epson WF-7510.

If you want to preserve your sanity, don't call HP tech support. Just return your printer to the retailer.

Edit 9/26/13: The Epson WF-7510 prints 4x6" labels perfectly. I never heard back from HP tech support. It's been 4 days since they "escalated" my issue.
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on September 2, 2013
I suspect this is a brand new product. It arrived in record time, in perfect condition. It was easy to unpack, assemble and set up. I connected via USB port with no problem. The quality of print is exceptional and the printer has had no problem interfacing with my computer and the stuff in there from my previous HP printer (a 6-year-old dinosaur). The color is excellent. It does a great job on photos, spreadsheets, you name it. I also like the energy efficiency of this printer. So far, it does not seem to be an ink hog. The start-up cartridges did actually give me the number of copies estimated. This little guy is a real workhorse. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a great printer for home or small office. It also does just fine on heavy paper, card stock and regular 20 lb paper. What's not to like???
Just for the record, I don't do tablets, i-anything, berries or wireless whatevers; just straight-ahead slow mo dial-up. Yeah, there's still a few of us out there.
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VINE VOICEon September 29, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It should be noted that this fine hard -working printer does NOT have duplexing ability (printing on both sides of the paper). Most artists would probably not want to print their artwork on both sides anyway. and this printer is great for banners, etc. If you must have duplexing, it can be bought separately for $50.00 from HP.

The 7610 is HEAVY- 44 pounds in the box and an older person may need some help getting it out of the box and setting it up. People who salivate and get excited waiting for their goodie to arrive will be glad to know my 7610 was at my door in four days. The machine is easy to set up, even for a mechanical klutz like me.

*7610 comes loaded with HP 932 Black and the three colored cartridges, 933 Yellow, Magenta and Cyan.
*Power cord, phone cord (but not USB cord)
*Set-up poster-instructions
*Getting started Guide

The directions say you can print sizes from 3X5 to 13X19 but I have not used the smaller dimensions. One reviewer complained the machine would not properly print 4X6 cards.

The scan bed glass is 11X17 and you can cover that area in one pass.

The document feeder is automatic and will hold up to 250 in the paper tray. The printer will tell you how many papers your current ink supply will accommodate.

The color buttons on the printer cover all desirable functions, the work flows, simply navigate. It's all right there at your fingertips.

HP ePrint allows you to print from your smartphone or tablet from almost anywhere (well, maybe not from the moon), using wireless direct printing.

The 7610 is an energy-saver. You can preset this e-all-in-one with Schedule ON or Schedule OFF. The directions say you can conserve 40% in energy.

I have found, with the exception of black, which doesn't matter, it's better not to use generic colored inks rather than genuine HP ones. If you buy the HP replacement cartridges online you can get a discount or a coupon or some perk.

HP's slogan is :"kick it up a notch." I think you'll find the 7610 All-in-One does just that!
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on November 3, 2013

Easy to set-up. Price was shockingly low (though now I see why). I purchased this printer with the desire to economically combine multiple items I have into one. I had a wide format Epson printer, a standard Canon all-in-one and an 11x17 scanner which as you can imagine, takes up quite a bit of space if all left out (I obviously didn't leave them all hooked up all of the time). So my eyes lit up when I saw the seeming answer to my conundrum in the 7610. Note, the basic functions seemed to work (although I continuously received a fail status on the FAX test even though I confirmed that my faxes went through fine). While large, the footprint wasn't so large that I felt like the space didn't warrant the device.

The BAD:
As a preface to this, know that I am an artist and amateur photographer and as such, while I don't expect gallery quality prints from an inkjet, I do expect it to hold up pretty well in photo/art printing category. However, the color output is below average in my opinion, with photos looking washed out when compared with prints from my older Canon MX882 printer. With my artwork, dark colors and blacks had a horrible amount of noise in them, and this is while printing on high quality 13x19 glossy photo paper. Also strangely enough, despite the fact that the printer is able to produce such large prints, you'd think that edge-to-edge 8x11 printing would be easily feasible...apparently not. If there was a way to do so, I couldn't readily find it, but I admit that I didn't look too long for it since you shouldn't have to in my opinion. The paper tray is clunky, and there is no way to feed papers through a rear tray, which makes me question how easily the printer could handle multiple large format prints without jamming.

Long story short, the poor print quality and limited settings has me packing the 7610 up for a return. I think that this printer would work well if you do not have a discerning eye when it comes to print quality OR if you don't really have anything else to compare it to. But when your older printer produces much better prints and is easier to use than the newest model on the shelf, it's time to look elsewhere.
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on October 2, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Officejet printer, so far, seems really fabulous.
What I love:
It's huge, and the whole top lifts up to scan something massive like a map.
The copying feature is smooth and fast just like a mega-bucks professional office copier.
Print quality seems brilliant. The all black setting for text documents uses color in the black, which makes it a penetratingly deep black, rather than the usual grayed out of a simpler B&W printer.
Photos come out pretty good with good photo paper. Like any photo printer, pictures look dismal on plain paper anyway, so buy good photo paper.
What's not so wonderful:
It's huge and heavy. This thing is meant to land on a table or cabinet and stay there.
Instructions not very clear nor all-inclusive. Still trying to find out how to change the output size.
Color correction is either not available or I just can't find it in the directions, either. Yes, it will print in color off the computer or as a photocopy, but colors are not true. Still, it makes a "reasonable" facsimile of the original.
Like many copier/faxes, it muddied the output print of a gray scale item on textured paper. So, that's not something that copies easily and it doesn't bother me that this didn't get it perfect.
Like most multi-color ink printers, the cost of the ink modules is painfully high, however it is still too soon for me to report on the actual number of copies.
If I could change one thing - it would be to include a better, more detailed instruction booklet.
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on December 6, 2013
Fantastic printer, which was bought to be used in my home office. I had decided on this printer, since I had made the buying decision for the last printer at my office, an older HP officejet 8600 pro/plus/premium thing. I had purchased that over 3, possibly closer to 5 years ago.

While it functions a lot like my trusty ol' 8600 (amazing amount of pages per cartridge, quite heavy and forceful when printing, and solidly reliable), a lot of my personal con's were dropped with this 7610. Such as... a generously sized flatbed, quick set up time (one hour on the 7610 vs 4 hours on the 8600), and speedy printing times even on the super B size (13"x19").

I also love the fact that I can email myself documents that need to be printed while I'm away, and it prints automatically!

Now, with the device being fairly new, my first one did arrive with an odd problem. Between HP support and I, it appeared the scanning feature of the printer stopped working after I had downloaded the newly released update for the printer software. HP was good about sending a new printer out to me, and giving me about 10 days to setup the new printer, and package the old printer. A piece of friendly advice, if you have to send it back. Keep that blue baggie bag. It's MUCH easier to get the printer out of the box, rather than putting it back in.
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VINE VOICEon October 24, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Great printer. Easy to set up but the scanner is impossible. I spent an hour trying to get it to work and then my husband devoted another hour trying to get the scanner to work. We enabled, disabled, rebooted, troubleshot, checked the HP website, followed all directions, verified network connection. The printer sees the computer. The computer sees the printer. Everything else works and it does print beautifully but as soon as we try to scan something we get error messages. So we'll keep trying and probably have to make a call and talk to someone to figure out precisely why the scan feature will not work. It shouldn't take 2 people 2 hours to not figure this out so either we're missing something obvious or the FAQ and HP website forum are lacking in detail. Don't expect to find any answers in the enclosed booklet which is mostly how to set the printer up and the usual specs and such, with three pages explaining how to set up the fax and not one word about how to set up the scanner.

I'll update this review when/if we get the scanner to work.

EDIT 25 October 2013

We called HP support after struggling and spoke with two people. In the end, it was decided that there is a hardware issue and the unit will have to be replaced. The customer service initially offered us a refurbished printer and I refused, insisting we have our printer replaced with the same model. A new HP OJ 7610 printer is being sent to our home and we will send the old one at no cost to ourselves. Just some frustration, a lot of wasted time, and now a few more days of waiting. We were told the new printer will be here on 1 November. I'll update this review when the new printer arrives. Good thing we have a second computer that has a working scanner!

EDIT 29 October 2013

Although we were told we would not be charged anything, apparently someone at HP charged $1 to our credit card. I realize that $1 isn't much at all but it is the principle of the thing. First, we were offered a refurbished (i.e. used) printer to replace our brand new out of the box one and now we were charged anything after were told we would be charged nothing? I may be dropping my 3 stars rating to 2 stars at this rate! The replacement printer should be here in 3 days.
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on January 4, 2014
An astoundingly capable piece of hardware for this price. I've exercised all of its mechanicals for about a week, and it pretty much just works. Print quality is perfectly adequate, scanning works well (though usually with a slightly crooked image when the sheet feeder is used), and it's super-fast compared to desktop inkjets and scanners I've owned.

Best of all for home users, its network capability means that its (substantial) size is no problem; you can put it anywhere, even the basement or a closet. My Windows 7 workstation saw it immediately and made it available; Windows Vista required the HP software to be installed first, but otherwise worked easily. If you're a Linux user, CUPS will autodiscover and configure this printer (when told to look for it) with no hassle.

It does have some bugs and misfeatures, particularly when a USB key is used to transfer scans and print jobs. It botches saving of multipage PDFs in color to a USB drive; all but the first page ends up blank. Works fine if you save in black and white instead, or if you scan to a PC over the network rather than use a USB key. It also has disappointingly limited ability to print documents directly from a USB key; it seems to only recognize and offer to print images, which isn't all that helpful. I wouldn't expect it to natively understand every document format out there, but it'd be nice if it could print postscript or PDF documents directly. None of this is relevant if you're printing and scanning from a PC, as most people will.

The touchscreen interface is less annoying that you'd think; the menu interface is decent, and the panel tilts for easy viewing and access, but it's still a real pain to enter a strong wireless key on the tiny keyboard. (It does support WPA2, though the documentation won't tell you that.)

The average consumer probably has no idea how to evaluate the security implications of "ePrinting". Suffice it to say that if you use that feature, every document you print is being sent to some server on the internet, and you'll have no control over where it goes, how it's used, or how long it's retained. Anyone concerned about privacy should obviously not use this feature.

Related: this unit constantly talks to HP over the internet, even when "web services" are turned off, which is not ok with me. I have no idea what information it's sending or how it's being used. I finally resorted to configuring my home firewall to not allow it to talk to the outside world, which had no effect on its functionality.

When installing the PC software, take extra care to click all the links within the dialogs, as they will lead you to important configuration decisions (such as turning off the aforementioned "web services").

Finally, as every owner of a consumer inkjet printer should know by now, the business model for this type of unit consists of selling you ink cartridges (that's why such good printers are so cheap to purchase). Expect to be bombarded with shopping links and ink status at every turn in HP's software and touchscreen interfaces.

Caveats aside, this seems to be a very good, full-featured home-office-style printer/scanner, especially at its very attractive price. It remains to be seen how much ink will cost me in the long run, since I've not yet used up a cartridge.
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on March 14, 2014
I bought this printer about six weeks ago, primarily as I had use for an 11x17 scan bed. The print quality isn't as good as my other HP printer, a 9800 Deskjet. What's especially annoying is the 7610 halts ALL printing once ONE of the ink cartridges runs out. EVEN if you select a BLACK INK ONLY print, the helpful little window pops up and prompts you to buy ink direct from HP and will not let you continue your work flow until you schlep down to the store and buy ink.

HP's user interface, whether in setup, customer service or the user interface is consistently abysmal - second only to Western Digital. My guess is they only have their engineers evaluate their products before they release them into the wild. How else can you explain the near universal tone deafness when it comes to respecting their customers? I'll be sure to take a hard look at other manufacturers as my business grows - you can bet on that.

Update 10/30/15 This printer has given up the ghost after an ink cartridge (of all things) brought it to a halt and HP isn't really concerned with backing their products or providing customer service. One expects a company run by engineers would have difficulty with a human user interface and you won't be disappointed in your assumption. At every level, from setup to ongoing service, HP and this printer in particular have been a consistently disappointing experience, and by that I mean they have failed me. I now have probably $200-300 worth of ink to post on Craigslist (I don't like running out) as well as carting the behemoth back to Office Depot for recycling.

In short, save yourself a headache and look elsewhere. HP doesn't care.
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VINE VOICEon September 30, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is my first printer and it is amazing! I don't know why I waited this long, but I've been missing out. Its also a deep brown color, but in the picture it looks black. I like the color, but it may be an issue for others.

This wireless printer does it all, its prints (obviously) but its also makes copies scans and faxes. I use to have to go to one place for printing, scanning, and making copies then go to a completely different place to fax. However now I can do it all at home which saves time and money.

This is a printer that doesn't print front and back which is no big deal for this family. With all the included instructions and material set up was a breeze ( and I'm not super tech savy).

The included ink is a huge bonus that way I was able to make sure it was working properly. It doesn't include paper I'm not sure why I thought it would. So make sure you have some because you'll need it for set up.

The pricing on the ink doesn't seem to bad, especially considering all the money ill save from being able to do any paper work I need at home.

Being able to print from your smartphone or tablet is a huge and is coming quite handy. I've started couponing and so far this printer has held up to the task of tons of printing from multiple devices.

Overall its a great printer that would work well from a home office or a small business. Looks sharp and performs as it should, well done hp.
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