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on January 15, 2016
UPDATE! January 2016

So my wife uses this printer for business. She's lost clients because she turns the printer on and it won't print! Reading the other reviews, this is apparently a common problem with this printer system. If I hit the power button on the printer, it will give me a 'paper feed and power button' blink error. Then when I open the ink access panel, the inks will not auto-slide over and the printer is effectively stuck in a non-responsive error loop.

But I discovered the sequence that works. I'm frustrated that I had to discover it, because it means that HP is full of incompetent programmer and managers, but it's a $200 printer that I can't return and HP customer service literally told me that they're not going to help me even though the printer still has 9 months of manufacture warranty on it (Thanks Mike!).

So this is the sequence that makes my printer work. Perhaps it will help someone else out there.

In the off position, I put a piece of paper in the feeder tray and I open the ink cartridge access panel.
I turn it on. I let the ink track run its checks and then it will slide over. (This actually only happens if the panel is open before I power it on.) I then click both inks open and closed, then I close the ink panel and let the printer go through it's start-up checks.
It is now ready to print!

Stupid? ABSOLUTELY! Is HP (sales, product, and customer service) incompetent? ABSOLUTELY! But I'm stuck with this printer because HP customer service won't talk to me about it (apparently this printer is a thorn in their side) but, at least for my printer, I figured out how to make it work. Take that HP. You are horrible and I won't ever buy another HP product again, but this printer is necessary and "must" work, so I found the process that all your engineers missed, and you customer service won't admit to.

So if anyone else is having a "printing problem" then try my power-up method. Maybe it'll save you hours of headache that I have experienced (with HP customer service, then with the product itself.)

Original post: October 2015 WONT PRINT! It keeps giving me errors. Either no paper, no ink, tray not open, even when everything is correct. Then when it does spit out a single page, it gives me errors for another hour! This is a business printer! Why did I spend $200 on this!!??
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on November 28, 2012
We travel a lot , but still need to be able to print when we are out of the office, this printer is the quickest, and lightest we have been able to find. It was a little spendy but now that we have used it, couldn't be happier.
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on August 25, 2013
I got my HP OfficeJet just a couple days ago. In summary, it's a small, portable inkjet with decent print quality. Setup was easy. There's a battery that snaps onto the back for when you're traveling. I did not buy it for portability, however. I just wanted a small printer to use on occasion when I need to print something from my Macbook Air at home (OSX 10.6.8)

A couple issues with this device:

1) PDF Print Compatibility. It shows a printer error every time you print a PDF. It gives a code 13 message. I researched online and found out it can't recognize certain fonts in a PDF... so I'm out of luck. The posts were pretty old. HP should have fixed their drivers by now. the workaround is you have to print all PDF's as a photo under advanced settings. It will print them that way.

2) Goes into Error Mode every 5-7 pages. When I do print, every few pages it hangs and goes into an error mode where various lights flash. Unfortunately there is no troubleshooting guide that comes with the machine. I looked (again) online and found key on the HP site. However my error code: printer power button flashing, page reset flashing, bluetooth flashing, R and L printer lights flashing was not listed (they had a bunch of other sequences but not mine). Anyway, the HP guide tells you in most instances to reboot the printer. I had to do that 4-5 times to print a 36 page PDF document.

3) Battery Indicator: When I first set the machine up, the battery indicated showed it was recharging. After a couple reboots it stopped doing that. Now I can't tell the battery state, except I know it's charged since it works unplugged from the wall.

In summary, this device has way too many problems for a $200 machine. Somebody is asleep at the wheel at HP. If you're considering this machine, you'd do best to consider an entry level conventional printer. This machine is not worth it considering all the problems associated with it.
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on September 21, 2015
Not Compatible with Apple products. It works on a Mac desktop but NOT on any other Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad. The fact that this product is promoted as "Bluetooth" capable and prints from "a variety of tablets and smartphones" would lead one to believe you could print from your Apple devices. This is NOT true! After spending about 5 hours troubleshooting why I could not pair my Apple devices to the printer via bluetooth I learned the following:

Apple devices print wirelessly but not via bluetooth. A very significant piece of technical data that is conveniently left out of both the Amazon and HP product specs! This printer itself is also NOT equipped with any other Apple compatible printing features such as AirPrint or ePrint so you absolutely can NOT use this printer to print from an iPhone or iPad!

Do NOT buy this printer if you want to print from iPad or iPhone!
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on July 17, 2013
I have to have a battery powered, car rechargable mobile printer for my job. Given that it rides around everywhere and is exposed to significant temp and humidity swings in the car, I can understand it maybe not holding up forever. But, I'm on my third of these printers in 3 years. Fortunately, HP keeps repairing them under warranty, so I have a spare to fall back on. The bluetooth failed on one and the cartridge carrier belt broke on the other. Other than that, they work great, with pretty good cartridge life. Being on the road all the time exacts it's toll on these units.
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on April 22, 2016
HP OfficeJet 100 Wireless Inkjet Printer Model L411a Product CN551a "Hellraiser" by Hewlett-Packard® ... Printer from Hell, the HP OfficeJet 100™ Wireless Inkjet Printer Model L411a Product CN551A .. This is unquestionably the single-most disappointing printer from HP I have ever owned. During the course of the past year, after the original was deemed by HP Central Hardware Department as being defective, and no fewer than two (2) replacement printers from HP, this dreadful mobile printer still does not work. The underlying problem is that the hardware and/or sensor that communicates between the color cartridge print head and the internal printer hardware does not function correctly, and continuously gives an error reading, "blinks" continuously, and will not print. Since the color printer must work correctly even for basic black printing, the printer is effectively hobbled and worthless. To-date, I have had a total of three (3) of these printers, i.e., the original, and two (2) factory authorized replacement printers from HP. All of them have the same communication problem and FAIL to print. I have gone through several very pricey HP color cartridges. This is NOT a cartridge problem, rather it is a HP OfficeJet 100 mobile printer engineering-design failure. Our corporation had standardized on HP brand products, but this "nightmare" has caused us to rethink our business relationship with Hewlett-Packard. Cannot recommend this model, buy at your own risk, or wait until another model is released by HP, or buy from a competitor.
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on December 5, 2015
I brought this portable printer for work as I work in an insurance office and I do not like leaving a printer in the office (I come and leave as I please). First look, it is quite big and heavy for a portable printer, comparing to a co-worker's Epson portable printer. Second look, I was able to put it together quite easily as the only complicated thing was putting in the ink cartridges. Thirdly, installing the software was a pain. I have to install it twice, and printing is still shady.

Pairing it on Bluetooth on my computer and phone was easy but I couldn't get it to print. I gave up since I would be primarily be using it for office work. So I decided to have to print via USB cord. But I was astonished that the said cord was not included (I had to go out during lunch break and buy it at my nearby Best Buy), and still it won't print. A problem stating that there was a problem with the print queue.

By the time I finally got it to work properly, I had ordered a Canon iP110 portable printer. I couldn't have this as a regular thing since I needed a portable printer for work.

Having both portable printers, I was able to compare both units. HP Officejet 100 was definitely easy to put together. Installing the software, Canon wins it as I had to install HP twice. Setting it wireless was a breeze for the Canon iP110 (wifi connectivity) compared to the HP Officejet 100 (Bluetooth connectivity). Both printers print very cleanly (when I could get it to print on the HP) although the Canon has a quiet mode which I think its genius to have). Size-wise, the HP Officejet 100 is bigger and heavier than the Canon iP110, even opening the lid/paper feeder was a pain (I was scared to break it every time).

Setting up was super simple
Print (when it wants to print)

Software Installation
Bluetooth connectivity
Prints quite loud
Heavy for a portable printer
Paper feed/lid

Bottom line: I'm returning the HP Officejet 100 and keeping the Canon iP110
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on September 30, 2015
The printer worked for 2 days, then refused to print ever again with the helpful message "printing error." I wasted about 30 hours on HP's website trying to use their troubleshooter, uninstalling and reinstalliing software, etc, etc. The literature that came with the printer does not address printing problems, only setup problems. They provide no phone number for tech support. After calliing CS and wasting an hour being transferred around, I spent another 2-3 hrs.with tech support, who finally concluded the hardware wasn't working. Duh. They offered to replace the printer with a reconditioned one. Given the apparent problem with hardware quality, I declined. Who wants to have paid nearly $200 for something of this quality? Fortunately, Amazon's excellent return policy saved the day.

Printer: F
HP service: D-
Amazon customer service: A+
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on December 24, 2015
This is a cheesy little printer, but it works off a battery and is very compact. That's what I was looking for, so I'm happy, and the price was reasonable. But you wouldn't want this for your main printer if you print more than every so often. The paper doesn't feed through well, and usually requires help. The print quality is great. It does use a lot of ink self cleaning all the time.

UPDATE: After just over one year of using this printer on a very light basis, it stopped working. I got on the phone with tech support, and after having me try a few simple things, the guy announced that the printer was broken and would not work any more. He encouraged me strongly to purchase an "upgraded" printer which he said I would be much happier with. He started to get aggressive about this, and I hung up. He called me back three times, but I didn't answer, and finally he just left a message to call him back. I originally through this printer was a fairly good deal for what I wanted, but now that I know that its life is little more than a year, and only using it every so often (a few times a month for a few pages at a time), I have revised my opinion downward.
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on August 3, 2013
Driver issues and inconsistencies make this printer a no-go. Don't let it tempt you; it just won't work consistently.

This printer is the perfect size, and, on-paper, sounds like a great portable printer. However, networking over USB and bluetooth just don't work consistently over any platform. It is hit-or-miss, and always misses when I need it the most (ie time sensitive work that needs to be printed). The greatest chance of success is when it is plugged in directly via USB, but I didn't buy a bluetooth printer to just have it taking up room on my desk with a USB cable strewn about.

The main selling point of this printer - portable and wireless - comes at the expense of terrible drivers. Pass and find something else.
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