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on May 7, 2014
What I'm going to touch on here are the things that I found most important about this machine when I installed it for a client of mine. This machine is perfectly acceptable under most standards for daily computer usage. The stand is perfectly stable, and everything is good. However, there are some things you should be made aware of.

* The keyboard and mouse are indeed wired. That is odd for an All-In-One system. Most of these systems come with a Bluetooth pre-paired wireless set. This may be a good thing for you though, as I have had plenty of calls related to dying Bluetooth keyboards, and people do not know how to change the batteries in them. No, I'm not joking.

* The power cord is not standardized. They use their own power cord.....know what that means? It's more susceptible to breakage. That's right, money for HP....

* The touch screen is great....but .... are you really going to use it? Really? After the first 48 hours?

* Windows 8.... Let me be clear about Windows 8. It's not the greatest, but you'll be ok. Heck, you might even like it after a while.

* The Keyboard and mouse are cheap cheap cheap.

* There are no recovery disks, or Certificates of Authenticity. All of that info is stored on your motherboard, in your bios...but the recovery disks? Make a copy using the tool in the computer. Otherwise when your hard drive dies (and it will) you'll have to buy recovery disks from HP.

A NOTE ABOUT NEW COMPUTER PURCHASES: Word and Excel do not come with your new computer. The best thing I can tell you to do is to get Office 365 for 99 a year! If you don't like that, get [...]

SHORT AND SWEET: All in Ones are expensive. This one is acceptable, but you're making concessions, for sure!
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on February 19, 2014
Got this new on sale at local big box store on sale for $449. What a great deal I got but this PC is worth it at Amazon's sale price for sure. Love this AIO PC. Just got it three days ago and everything so far from my XP tower is working on it with zero issues. Including many freeware programs that I was hoping to keep (PIM's, screen snaps, etc). They all work and load faster. Except Netmeeting (not compatible). I had to re-install programs like Thunderbird and works fine. I installed several programs that say compatible with windows 7, but I guess that means it works in windows 8 ok too, as they have for me.

This is not a high end higher speed processor so it's not best for video rendering, etc. But I wanted a lower price AIO with no touch and good basic PC use. This has been a wonderful experience upgrading from my old XP tower.

The screen is non-touch even though it says it's touch. It's not touch. However, there is a wonderful advantage- it's non-glare! No 'mirror effect' like all the touch screens have! I realized I didn't want touch anyway for non-mobile desktop purposes and use. The non-glare really makes sitting at the screen much more pleasurable in my experience. I will never get anything but non-glare type screen. Also, this is an LED screen, which is much better/clearer then LCD.

I don't care to use the touch interface icons anyway, as I found it's easy enough to navigate the touch icons with the mouse wheel. Move mouse wheel down, the screen swipes left, as if you did it with your finger.

I was worried about getting around in windows 8 because I like the desktop interface and first looked for windows 7, but mine came pre-installed with windows 8.1, and makes using the desktop interface much easier and much like I'm used to. You can work all day in standard windows desktop mode and never use the touch icon mode. You can get a 3rd party program to even have the classic start menu.

The two small internal speakers at bottom front at first sound just ok, but a little better then expected. They make the claim- "immersive surround sound complete with deep bass". Deep bass? hardly. However, the surround sound is impressive! dts surround sound is adjustable and very cool- when playing music/tv/movies, you can make the sound 'wider' with the 'center', 'space', and 'focus' sliders, and in fine detail. Be sure to do that. It knocked my socks off when I adjust the sliders, it's as if the speakers moved apart. I watched a youtube movie trailer in 1080 full screen HD and the dts surround really adds a lot to that movie sound experience! Beautiful HD display with 1080 smooth playback. And HD looks better on LED than LCD.

Keyboard and mouse are USB wired and ok. Keyboard buttons are half standard height so I switched keyboard to full height and size buttons, which I just like better. No HDMI or video out port for 2nd monitor but I got the Diamond HD USB VGA/DVI/HDMI Adapter (model BVU165) and 2nd monitor works great.

Haven't tried the wireless internet connection yet but it found two wireless in my neighborhood. Haven't used the cam yet.

HP offers software options that pop-up at times, a support program, password manager, etc, that I'm not sure I want running yet or not. HP Support Assistant runs in the tray all the time and recommends I take action (not sure what), and a warranty pop-up came up once, but I guess all PC makers have these. I like the HP Simplepass so you enter one password for all your different passwords, although it doesn't work if there is a security word required to login.

I would get another one of these and a faster processor to run more cpu intensive software, like trader software or digital audio workstation. The pro trading software from Merrill Lynch works flawlessly and fast, but Think or Swim has short pauses and errors when main screen is moved to 2nd monitor. This shows that it's the software causing the problem. Merrill Lynch software is written better then Think or Swim, which is bloated.

All in Ones are great but I do worry about maintenance and upgrades. I'm a DIYer, but never worked inside these and not sure you can or should. This runs quiet!

UPDATE 2/11/2014: Had an error installing the HP All In One printer software for my HP Officejet 5610. Searching help forum had all kinds of different things and steps to try that would take hours. Amazingly I got it to install without doing any of them! I noticed McAcfee process taking up 20% CPU and it had "scanning" in the process name. So I opened McAfee Security and turned OFF Real-Time Scanning, not knowing that would also get the printer driver software to work. It did! HP All In One printer software installed with no error and printer works ok now. So when installing software turn that off and also right click as Administrator on the setup.exe file.

Still lovin this PC. Everything I've tried has now worked (except Netmeeting). Not missing touch at all. I know with touch you can enlarge/make smaller web pages with finger movements. You can do same on keyboard with CTRL+ and CTRL-. I can also move pages up/down/left/right very very easy with the mouse. I think even easier.

An HP notice popped up on my screen to instal a critical BIOS update. TIP: never update the BIOS unless something must be fixed urgently! The update said it improved security. So I did the update. The update went smooth, but it froze the PC. This, about 15 days before 1 year warranty ends. I called support and tech had me try several boot attempts, none worked. He said the motherboard malfunctioned. What? It was working perfectly before the update that HP popped on my screen! He never admitted the new bios caused the malfunction. But I was passed on to hardware tech and got a repair ticket. The good news is I will not be charged anything for shipping or repair. I was told it would take 3 weeks. The bad news is they said they can't promise to recover my data, because the system must be fully restored to like-new state. I have backups but you'd think they could restore just the bios and leave hard drive data as is. The PC I'm using now is my old XP Pro I had in the closet.

UPDATE 2/28/15
Got it back in 12 days, which is not bad. They installed new MB, reloaded windows and recovered my files that were in Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos library. Data files in other folders were lost. I've reloaded everything and it's working good again.
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on February 10, 2014
Love this computer. Really great price, was looking for a desktop but nothing REALLY fancy and at a great price. Love the fact that this uses WiFi (can hard wire if you choose to) giving me the option to put it practically anywhere in the house! Super big screen, Awesome graphics and display! We did not get the touchscreen which would be fun but not necessary to enjoy this computer! it was so simple to set up I was online in minutes! comes with Windows 8, some nice video editing software, a DVDRW drive, and a nice integrated HD webcam. Truly for the price this was an excellent purchase. I did also get the 4 year warranty along with it...just in case!
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on January 8, 2015
I bought this desktop July 2014. Some things weren't right from the beginning, such as it wouldn't let me use a wireless keyboard, but I was told by HP customer service that it was because I didn't know Windows 8.1. In November the computer quit recognizing my printer, then it wouldn't let me log in, quit letting me download, and the DVD player quit. Many calls to HP, many supposed online fixes, but none of it worked. Lots of run around from their phone service reps, passing the buck. Restoration discs were not recognized by the computer, so everything is wiped off but cannot be restored. HP will not replace the computer, even though it's under full warranty, because they said this model isn't replaceable. They sent a subcontracted repairman today to install a new motherboard and hard drive, yet the system recovery discs wouldn't work. He was on the phone with HP for hours because no one would take responsibility for calling a lemon a lemon. Even the repairman says the computer needs to be replaced, as the motherboard is the cheapest, smallest produced. I could have bought the most expensive Apple Mac for the time I spent with this mess.

If you have any problems, don't mess with the lowest rank @ HP. Go to Justin, case manager, 1-877-917-4380, site code 88, ext. 2245468. He's the decision-maker. I'm waiting for his decision to send me a new desktop. *fingers crossed*

I will never buy another HP product. Their products and service are just plain bad.
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on April 9, 2015
I bought this computer as a Christmas gift for my son. It has never worked properly. Constantly getting error messages and disk drive failures. I went to the warranty page and come to find out that the item I purchased in November has a Warranty expiration in June. How does that work? With that being said I am going to get it HP as soon as possible and get them to fix this. I do have another HP all in one and absolutely love it. No problems. I thought the only difference was screen size, boy was I wrong. Also don't know that I will buy electronic devices through Amazon anymore as there is no way to go in and have the problem looked at. I will revise this review after I have spoken to someone at HP.
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on August 20, 2014
I've had this computer just over a week and already had to phone tech support because it would not boot up. Can't recall the error message but I was directed to perform a system recovery only three days after getting it! It's only being used for basic web surfing, email and word processing but seems unusually slow.

Aesthetically, it looks nice. The keyboard and mouse have a very cheap feel to them and the keyboard is not particularly responsive.

For the price, the build quality is what I expected but I had expected it to handle basic task a little snappier. .
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on June 15, 2015
This is the slowest computer I have ever worked on - I mean literally!
It came nicely packaged inside a bigger box cushioned by brown paper - and it was delivered on time! (Thank you and 5 stars for that!)
However, it felt like I was using something which had been refurbished for the 10th time (it FELT like it - though it did look new)!
The page divide wouldn't work, two applications took forever to load at the same time (windows app, not web app to think it was an internet disorder).
I have always used Hp laptops and computers so this came as a shock.
It wasn't even the AMD processor, because my current laptop is an Hp Envy with AMD processor and it works just fine!

So... Yeah.

Perhaps my particular item happened to be the bad apple out of the lot, and it is a rare case but as far as review goes for the product I received, this is how it was.
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on September 17, 2014
Approximately two months after owning (as a secondary computer used lightly), the computer powered off while I was using (attached to a surge suppressor). I knew this wasn't good. There was still power from the wall (a little light on back of computer where power cord connects). After close to an hour on support with HP doing silly "tests", they are having me send the entire computer back. My conversations were with two non-native english speakers - had to have them repeat themselves over and over - and they kept repeating my address and phone number wrong. I registered the purchase on the HP site - they should have been able just to look the info up. HP paid overnight shipping both ways though I had to drive the return down to Fed Ex and stay home all day to wait for delivery to sign. The motherboard has been replaced according to their paperwork with "new or like new" product. No other information.
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on February 17, 2014
This computer is nice if you plan on only doing light work with it. Say you want to do some word processing, email and internet; you will be happy and satisfied with this purchase.

I bought it as a development machine, my bad. If you have large programs such as Visual Studio and other development programs you need to run, you will find this computer painfully slow. Still a good machine, but when you purchase this make sure you order additional memory; you will need it!

Shared memory between video and memory reduces your installed ram to 3.5 gig usable by Windows 8. Currently if I open my development programs I used 3.5 gig of the 4 gig installed, without doing any work...

I think this is a great machine, but consider use and make some additional decisions based on how you are going to use it. When needed as described above, get more ram... Home and simple usage, you will be fine.
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on September 25, 2014
Not a bad computer if you don't have space for anything. It works if you need simple, however, anything aside normal web browsing just doesn't work right. The webcam is permanently pointed at the ceiling so it can't see you unless you're standing in front of it. Randomly the display would flash blank and take a few seconds to restore. Also, it's impossible to obtain repair parts, any damage will be required by HP to be sent back to them for repairs. I'd add a star if you could order replacement parts and another if the webcam was adjustable, it'll forever be missing one for speed however.
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