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on October 23, 2013
I never seen this monitor in real life, and bought it after careful sorting through the available reviews. And I was able to get enough info to make decision. I got HP27xi just a week ago, and I already know that it's definitely a keeper.

Well, originally, I was going to give it 4 stars for very jagged edges of the fonts on the screens/menus and in browser(s). Then I realized that I forgot to check settings on the monitor itself. Sure, enuf - on the Monitor menu, under the Image Control I found a setting called SHARPNESS. :] By default it was set to "4", which apparently is too strong and causing fonts to appear "pixelized", which many reviewers immediately were tagging this monitor as defective. Some other reviewers saying that it has "large pixels"... oh, my! No, it doesn't. Not larger than other monitors (just plain funny to me ! :)because most of the LCD/LED panels are made by 3-4 "large manufacturers" like LG, Samsung and of course, Mr. Generic)

With this HP, like with any other monitor - you MUST adjust it to display stuff correctly. Things like pictures and video must be tuned up separately. So, here what I can advice if this monitor will be used with Windows 7 PC/desktop. And Control Panel for Windows 8 is not that different.

PS: before you do anything - please, make sure that you have connected monitor with provided DVI cable! (or HDMI cable, not provided) Just do not use VGA cable... ever ... again. With VGA cable you will see ~30% less than this monitor can do. Your graphics card is VGA only? Time to get new one, with DVI/HDMI out.

Settings on Monitor itself:
- Go to Menu and set Brightness to ~90 - if you like it brighter - go for 100! :)
- Contrast ~90
- Image Control / Sharpness - set to 1 (or 2 max!)
I left everything else at default, for now.

Settings in Windows 7.
- Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools and go to ADJUST VISUAL EFFECTS link. Then on popup "Visual Effects" make sure that option "Smooth edges of screen fonts" is checked. Personally, I have all options checked, except of option "Show translucent selection rectangle" - don't like it! And I have unchecked all 3 options to "Animate" things too.
- Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display - - you can play with option "Calibrate color".
- Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display - - you can fine tune fonts using "Adjust Clear Type text" (make sure that if you running this feature, "Turn on Clear Type" check box is checked !!! - it improves fonts a lot)
- Most important adjustments you can make in your graphics card Properties.
I have AMD Radeon HD6700 series card and it has Catalyst control panel allowing me to adjust Desktop graphics and Video color settings. I finished tune up using this utility. If you have nVidia card - it also has similar tool. If you can't locate it on your computer, you may simply never installed it, or have basic (generic) video driver provided by Windows 7 / Microsoft. If you download and install latest video package for your graphic card from nVidia / AMD site - you will get the latest driver and couple extra utilities. One of them will give you more control over graphics and colors. Use it to adjust them to make all close to your taste as possible. I can't help you with exact settings, it is too subjective and too specific for your computer configuration. You have to do it yourself.
Possible useful settings you need to touch are:
- Brightness
- Contrast
- Saturation
- Gamma
- Color Vibrance (careful with this one, adjust only if you have to or, only a bit)
- Flesh tone correction (careful with this one, adjust only if you have to or, only a bit)
- Whiter Whites (careful with this one, adjust only if you have to or, only a bit)
- Dynamic Range (careful with this one, adjust only if you have to or, only a bit)

You may need to do that couple times, to make it right and final. But in return, you will get VERY nice reward - very pretty picture and video on LED lit monitor. I also have 15" MacBook Pro laptop, which IMHO has the most perfectly calibrated "factory" graphics settings you can imagine, and need nothing what I mentioned above. And HP27xi monitor in my setup, and after tune up is almost perfectly matching it. Almost... MacBook Pro still is a tad better :] ha ha! But, I'm very happy with this monitor and I can highly recommend it.

Hope this helps to understand basics of how to do it right, and eliminate confusion.

By the way, that "hard work" of adjustments explained above and to some point mentioned in other reviews on Amazon, is necessary for ANY new monitor, if you want to get 100% from it! And also, having GOOD VIDEO CARD with the latest driver will make huge difference. If you have old and underperfoming video card - you will miss a lot, and this will be not a monitor problem! Also, if you are using so called "on board" video graphics (usually made by Intel) - this can be a bottleneck too. Better, to invest $100-150 in standalone graphic card. This will significantly improve colors and other stuff. Even may improve overall computer performance.

Good day!

UPDATE: one week later and after everyday use - I like it even more. Very pleasant on eyes. And now is 10 bucks less.
Just an observation: it looks like ASUS is using the same LCD panel and hardware to make his model ASUS MX279H, which even looks very similar to this HP, but costs a little more - 330.

I think, it easily [almost] matching Apple's 900 bucks monitor! VERY pleasant on my eyes. And anyone who spends a lots of time in front of the computer will understand how this is important .... the monitor, which is gentle on your eyes. :) Seriously! it is very good. And yes, at Costco, you can get it for 220. Forget those "black Fridays" get the best right now! :)
PS: use DVI-D cable for best results!
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on March 25, 2013
Most people will start the battle of "this is not a 2540x1440 display and only 1080 for a 27" is not good enough." First I will say I have now owned both and that's nonsense. Some people may like the added real estate of a higher resolution screen sure but also at the cost of everything being so small it's hard to read. No I'm not old but a young adult with good eyesight. I like the 25040x1440 displays for there clarity, but not the expense they carry. This is where the HP 27xi comes in.

This monitor is clearly an apple style copy. The monitor is stylish thin and I like that the port hookups on the back as they are not facing down as most monitors. So this makes hookup extremely easy. The monitor also tilts up and down, but can not be adjusted height wise.

the colors are vibrant and sharp and really pop, with plenty of contrast and brightness. It does have a gloss screen which is different from the smaller hp xi screens, which I like. The gloss seems to make the darks darker and more crisp. Text and graphics look excellent. Also this display has very low input lag so hooking up a game console it displayed great performance.

At 27" the resolution on this monitor is very good. There is no jagged or loss of DPI. There was no dead pixels on my display and all the needed cables were included. To get the best picture out of this display insure it is being hooked up to a digital DVI video card or by HDMI.

For the price, picture quality, and overall awsome-ness of this monitor it's really a no brainer! Get one before the price goes up!

I want another one, but I just don't think I have the room... 27" is Outstanding to use. Thanks Amazon and HP
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on March 22, 2013
I ordered this monitor Wed 20 March with free shipping and received it Fri 22 March. That was the first surprise. The shipped box was plain, with no marking, which was good for peering eyes, as the box itself is very attractive and descriptive. The packing was well done and I was surprised as to how light this monitor was. I have, by past purchases, all HP monitors, including a 22", 24" and 25". I just love their brightscreen technology, as it really adds depht to the screen with more vivid colors. I expected no less from this one, plus better picture quality from the previous three that I also am still using. Well, HP did it again! Removing the monitor from its enclosure, I saw a truly work of art. Beautifully designed, expensive look to it, the almost borderless screen is a big difference from the past designs. The brushed aluminum bottom panel really stands out and puts it in a class of its own. The capacitive touch OSD controls are invisible untill you swipe your finger across, then from within. 5 lighted controls show up. So sensitive and addding to its futuristic look. The power light remains on but you might be able to turn it off with the OSD,
Setting up was easy as pie, place the two base components in their slot, tighten one screw, insert monitor till you hear the click, and voila! I appreciate the external power supply, as it is far easier to replace, if needed, rather than returning the entire monitor. OK, so it gets a +10 out of +10 for aesthetics (though still no height adjustment), now for what it is inted to do, the picture. Holding my breath, I gently touched the power button and the new world of IPS was before me. Yes, it is everything HP claims. The colors are more vivid and deeper AND more precise. Viewing angle, which is of no concern to me, is without variation from extreme left, right and up. Concerned about possible input lag, I went through a barrage of fast action FPS games. BF3, COD Black Ops 2, X-Plane 10 64 bit, Skyrim, and other of lesses action but beautiful graphics such as Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2. If there was lag, I did not notice. I observed no ghosting, no backlight leak,and NO DEAD PIXELS! The text really stands out now in a deep pure black, the calibration screen showed no anomalities and the light to dark gray and color scales were all there, smoothly blending into each other as you would see in a rainbows prismatic effect. I had to make no adjustments at all with the exception of placing the Gamma to the "off" position to lessen the brightness and amplifying the black to white contrast. The Enhance+ option was too sharp, but I did not try it on Movies. My only caveat at this time is trying to get the "HP My Display" to run. I keep getting Windows error that it was terminated and unable to execute for whatever reason. No biggie, will call HP.
So, a real bargain which exceeded all my expectations. Yes, this would suffice for photowork. I cannot stop looking at it. Glad I did not buy a low priced 2550x1440 korean monitor with no warranty. However, the Nexius 27" (probably mispelled the name) that Amazon also sells really looks promising. Might go for that also. You will not be disappointed with the 27XI. There is no apparent visual clarity loss due to the fact that the same amont of pixels are in the 24" models, since they are both 1920x1024 I was afraid I would see the spacing, but I sit app 2 feet from monitor and see only crisp, clear picture.The stand tilts and also is attractive. No wobble. I highly recommend this for all gamers and even photoshop users. Cannot do better for this price range.
If you prefer matte screen, than Amazon also has the 27" AOC model which is almost a copy of this one. It wil not disappoint!
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on November 22, 2015
I just bought my 2nd one of these. I love this monitor. HP has since come out with a newer replacement model for it. I bought the newer one, didn't like it as much, and returned it to get a 2nd one of these. The price-performance ratio on this model is outstanding; it is definitely the best quality monitor you can get for its price point. The only "criticism" I can level at it is that 1920x1080 is not a high resolution for a 27" monitor. As a result, there is some small amount of visible pixelation. I think 1920x1080 probably maxes out in a 23-24" monitor; larger than that, and you're gonna see pixels. That said, it's only noticeable if you're really looking for it, and it doesn't bother me at all. As with all HP monitors (I've used many), color saturation is factor set way too high, and too red. If you turn down all three colors 10 points and then turn the red down another 10 points as soon as you plug it in, you'll be a lot happier. These controls are intuitive to set with virtual buttons on the lower right of the screen; you don't even need to read the directions to do it. All in all, one of the best PC values out there.
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on July 23, 2013
Ok, it's "only" a Pavillion, but the extra real estate is wonderful, and friends are jealous. Prior HP w2408h 24" was excellent, but I had an issue with an XFX graphics driver in my Dell desktop (i7-920, AMD/XFX 4820) not liking the updated ATI Radeon drivers. Had to stop updating for the 3-year-old 2408 to work correctly. It was excellent, even doing photos in Photoshop. But the Dell desktop got long in the tooth, was showing some age issues, and when I found a good price for a new ENVY Phoenix 800-030qe (i7-4770), decided to spring for it. And, like many of us do, if ya gets a new processor/graphics card (4 Gb NVidia GT GeForce), a newer monitor is very tempting. Once again, Amazon to the rescue: a good price on this monitor, with a good reputation on Amazon and elsewhere. Not a super-duper, but above average unit, and 3" more diagonal. I found less than 5% "bad" reviews, pretty good for a large monitor. Bought it. Install was easy, and the IPS LED screen can do bright or moderate (easier on the eyes) very well. Colors are excellent, controls are easy. HDMI connection to the NVidia. Plenty of real estate for screen divided into two windows, and occasionally into the 4 it is capable of. Games play well, but I'm not a major gamer. I was a little worried about the observably small footprint of the stand, and miss the 2408's rotate (landscape to portrait), but this monitor is big enough to do just fine with photos and though it wobbles slightly side-to-side on my old floor, it has shown no tendency to fall over. I am still a little concerned with the understandable preference for widescreen (for movies and text), but again, this is big enough to handle what I've thrown at it. The narrow bezel is nice, much less wasted space, and fits almost perfectly into the opening of my hutch, but shows fingerprints like nearly all shiny black surfaces. I see no motion blur. The lower power consumption should be a small, but appreciated benefit. Windows 8 plays well with it, and after 1 month, I have seen no negatives other than the glossy screen's love of reflections. Took care of most of that with turning the screen slightly (2 degrees) away from the window sunlight. So until I find out its long-term value, I find it worth the money, and a lovely screen for all but the most demanding color users.
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on August 11, 2014
I purchased two of these to replace my 7 year old 19" Samsung monitors and am very pleased. The picture is fantastic, and I (and my 3 year old) are very pleased watching videos and surfing the web. The primary purpose for purchasing these is to get more screen size for working remotely. I use citrix and my wife uses a variety of applications. The added size and resolution, make this a complete no brainier at the price I paid - especially with amazon prime and free 2 day shipping.
The assembly and installation were simple, involving 1 screw and of course power and video cables. All cables attach at right angles/ normal to the plane of the monitor - which shouldn't create any clearance issues but is different from the other monitors and TVs I own.
This monitor comes with both a VGA and DVI cable. I didn't need either, but you might. Also this monitor has dvi, vga, and hdmi input, unlike any others I saw for this price and size. IMO this offers some flexibility in the future in case I want to use the monitor for a different purpose in the future. The power supply is external, and utilizes a brick that is medium size.
Lastly, I like the silver/metallic finish on the bottom of the screen and on the stand. For some reason this looks more modern to me than shiny black plastic. The stands are OK, the monitor will wobble if you mess with it, and I would expect any 27inch screen to be similar.
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on March 16, 2014
Purchased this monitor to use as a desktop monitor for my 13" Macbook Pro. Connection and setup was instantaneous and there were no real issues. Big clear HD picture and works great in the laptop desktop combo and matches the design of the Macbook Pro aluminum body.

Pros: Great picture, easy set up, large viewing area, and style. PRICE PRICE PRICE. 27" LET Monitor for a third of the price of the Apple monitor.

Cons: Lack of customization of resolution. Flimsy plastic stand makes the monitor rock back and forth on the desk, this could have been made out of aluminum and stabilized the monitor better. Lack of speakers or peripherals to add them. I would like to have speakers built into my monitor. Yep a more expensive monitor would have had this so I guess you get what you pay for. Could use some mounting points on the back so you could mount it to a swing arm or stand.

Overall impression is this is a very good monitor for the price. Beats shelling out $1000 for the apple version. Although it is not nearly the quality of the Apple monitor it is a very nice fit for most people. I do a lot of video and photo editing with this monitor and the color profiles have not been an issue for me. I'd say it isn't perfect but pretty close. A very good buy at this price.
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on September 10, 2014
I am not sure what more I can add for a review that has not already been said. This is truly a remarkable monitor. One of the best I have seen. Crystal clear and bright. I cannot think of a single thing that would be a down check.

Update. After using this monitor for two days I am very, very impressed with it. The picture quality is outstanding. Very bright whites and very deep blacks.

One thing that others have pointed out is the so-called light bleed at the bottom edges. I have not seen any of this on the monitor I have here. I even went so far as to create a totally black picture and sized it to fill the entire screen. No light bleed at all anywhere on the screen.

I have not played around with the screen adjustments yet. And quite frankly I may just leave them alone because out of the box this monitor looks great!


I just bought and received my second of these monitors. I am now running my new build dual-head. I had to get real creative in getting them to fit side by side on my desk here. They look great together.
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on May 1, 2015
My Friends,

This is a beautiful display in every way, shape, and form (factor). Just sitting on my desk it looks like a piece of artwork. I was a bit hesitant about the silver for, I like my electronics all black. Touch sensors on lower right corner to turn on off and settings. Which is very neat, clean, and very convenient way of using and hiding all the controls. Lots of screen with its massive 27 inches. It looks bigger than a 27 inch because the frame/bezel is so thin and is blacked out except the bottom. This puts the flat in flat screen is very thin. However, it does not have the holes in rear for VESA wall mounting. The hp logo even looks great. It's uncolored and blends in well with the frame so more focus on screen not the logo. Comes with one HDMI and other standard connections. I use all HDMI connections on all my devices. I would have liked two HDMI connections but for the price, I couldn't refuse. This is an IPS (in plane switching) screen which is better than your standard LED flat screen. For under $200.00 and free shipping, I was sold! I was used to using my hp HD lap top screen. Documents and emails are so much easier to read. For example, when reading documents it looks more like it would if you reading off a printed document not a screen. (Kind of like comparing watching 480i television vs. 720p television.) That's a big difference. I have my all my devices on 1080p and this screen is the best, I ever used. Videos are now so life like. I should have gotten this sooner. Got this shipped in just a few days from Amazon for free. This would not be just an upgrade. This will change your life and change your world so get this!

Cost - < $200.00
Shipping - Fast
Features - Lots
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on September 10, 2014
I have a 17" laptop and I have alot of pain and issues when I work on my pc.
Finally invested in this monster to see if things can be improved abit. Turns out it is worth every penny.

- doesn't require any screw driver to assemble (amazing design!)
- putting the stand together took less than 2 mins
- plug right into my laptop and works immediately
- The size and height of it allows me to sit back alot more and in a much better sitting posture
_ I love the design. The silver trim looks more high-end than the 17 inch monitor (all black plastic) i purchased earlier

- quality is great but there are some small gaps between the front silver panel and the screen (not big deal)

- to adjust the brightness, just touch left to the power button
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