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on December 21, 2012
I spent a few weeks looking at computers from $350 to $800, and over all I found this computer was the best buy. I did add a graphics card but that's not a big deal, and is about the easiest and most important upgrade anyone should do when looking at computers under $600 or so. I used the Intel web-site to compare the difference in the chips and yes there are some differences in the some of the more expensive chipsets but to experience a significant improvement it would have not been cost effect to acquire those minor performance gains. The power supply at 300 watts is ok and will allow you to add a decent graphics card (I added an Nvidia Geforce GT 630). The Beats Audio is better than I expected and adds a nice EQ to the mix. The performance over my two year old Acer 3900 series with an Intel Core 2, 2.8 GHz processor is significant even with the upgrades I did to the old PC. This PC seems to perform well with the pre-installed 8 Gigs of Ram, but I would really like to be able to expand that to maybe 16, but I'm not sure what the limitations of the OS are, and I feel for that for most of us this is not going to be a big issue yet!
(1/1/13) the limitations in regards to Ram are in the MB, but you can upgrade the processor to any of the current Intel processors)

Pro's are (1)The Hard drive (2) the I-3 processor (3) The inside of the case is roomy and not cluttered making additions easy so adding another HD or optical drive should be simple. (3) 3 open PCI slots (4) Simple onboard wireless connectivity. With one Video card slot and three standard PCI slots it does give you room to add and upgrade you're main components, and even swapping the power supply would be easy with the amount of space provided.

Con's are simple, limited to 8 Gigs of Ram. 300 watt power supply (note 300 watts is very typical and is what your going to find in most off the shelf computers)

Over all, at the current price of $429.00 I felt this was the best buy I found, in fact other stores (as of 12/21/12) are selling this computer up from $558.99 to $600 (found while doing a Google Search), so after considering the options this was just to good of a packge to pass on. To see a real improvement meant I was going to have to spend at least a couple hundred more on a PC with minimal gains, and I feel that if you add a graphics card that might set you back $100 at the very most your going to be way ahead of the game. In my case I bought a 2 Gig Nvidia GeForce that will allow me to do anything I want on a computer.

Would I recommend this to family and friends? without a doubt, with the simple addition of a $40-$80, graphics card you will have a solid performing PC that will keep up or pass anything you'll find at or under the $600 mark.

BTW The Beats Audio is Great, I honestly didn't expect that much sound quality from my PC but the Beats Audio is a huge improvement better than I had first thought when righting the review.

I forgot to add a few things I would have found useful when I was researching my purchase.

1. The computer has a 300 watt power supply.
2. There are only two slots onboard for Ram.
3. There is a computer image onboard in case you ever need to restore to factory spec's.

(Update 1/1/13) The two USB 3 Ports are on the front of the PC, and the USB 2 ports are on the back.

The link below will take you to a diagram of the PC with some potentially very useful info.
(1/24/13) I meant to add this earlier and some might find this useful but it depends on the user. The Mother Board is the Joshua-H61-uATX (Joshua). If you use your favorite search engine you can find out just how capable this computer can be. I tried to place a link here earlier to the entire information page on the computer supplied by HP, but Amazon removed it, so hope this helps.
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on December 14, 2012
Spent a couple of hours online with an HP tech in India (surprise!) to get the updated video driver for the dual monitor thing to work and spent a couple of hours in Staples arguing about the DVI-I and DVI-D outputs on the computer (finally found one on the shelf and SHOWED them what I was talking about). The computer is great, really--and the price is great, too. I'm still having a little trouble with the dual monitors in that on startup sometimes everything's fine and sometimes it only sees one of the monitors. And in Windows 8, you have to sign-in so I have to sign in to an invisible screen--then hit the Windows key and press "P" at the same time to get the second monitor to work. This has happened a few times, most recently after a Windows Update. If you turn both monitors on first, it's usually okay. I kind of like the dual monitor thing--but if you don't need it, then the computer is an easy 5-star. If you do need it, it's a 3.5 to 4. Windows 8 is okay after you get used to it--don't be afraid of it. I didn't like the absence of actual CD's for booting up if there's a problem, but making my own was fairly easy and straight-forward. Also didn't like the computer forcing me to use Windows 8 "apps" but you can get around that easily enough. Learning curve? 3 days.
UPDATE: ALMOST 3 YEARS LATER and it's clicking along with Windows 10 installed and working beautifully. Windows 10 solved the dual monitor problems. Was going to replace it with a Lenovo and 16GB of RAM but I figured if it's not broken, don't fix it, still--3 years is pushing it. The thing works so well I might clone the HD, use the clone as the primary, and keep it for another 3 years.
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on December 28, 2012
I purchase a lot of computers. I setup computers for family, friends and customers. I have seen great computers and I have seen computers that were a nightmare. In my experience, HP tends to be in the middle of the pack when it comes to quality. I recently had a customer who wanted an HP desktop so I came across this system (which was priced at $429 at the time) and purchased it. After receiving it, I was impressed with the build quality and the overall speed of the system. Here are some pros and cons:

Fast processor
RAM (8GB is plenty for most users)
Large HD (1.5 TB is overkill for most)
Dual DVI ports for dual monitors (comes with DVI to VGA adapter)

Button to open DVD drive feels flimsy
Squealing noise from power supply (most likely just an issue with the system I got, it wasn't enough of an issue to return it)
Stock keyboard and mouse not the greatest
HP support is lacking

Overall, I would recommend this system to anyone looking for a well configured system for an average user who likes to check e-mail, browse the web and store their files (documents and pictures) and have plenty of space to spare. The system isn't worth anymore than $500, so wait for a deal from Amazon before purchasing if the price exceeds $500.
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on January 31, 2013
Amazon definitely has the best price for this computer, and it's a lot of value for the money. Nothing else comes close in this price range. The only drawback I can see is that 8GB of RAM is all this system can take, which seems odd because it has one 8GB SIMM and one slot fully free.

The Intel graphics also leave a lot to be desired, but for a small cost, you can upgrade the video card to an Nvidia (which I did) and you'll probably also want to do the easy upgrade of the power supply. You only have to remove 4 screws and it comes right out. I got this $40 power supply so I could add the excellent Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti, which requires at least 450 watts...

It should be noted that though this looks like it comes with a wired mouse and keyboard, it comes with a terrific wireless mouse and keyboard set instead. That was a nice surprise.

The surprise of Windows 8 wasn't so nice, though, which I hated. I quickly reformatted my hard drive and went back to Windows 7 Professional instead. The drivers are available on HP's website for everything including Beats Audio in a slightly different model that uses the same hardware... look for the P7-1380t.

Update: I just couldn't believe that 8GB was the maximum RAM on this computer, so I took out the DIMM and took a photo of it so I could look for one like it. I found the exact match on Ebay for $40. It just came today, and I popped it into the empty slot. I now have Windows7 32-bit reporting that I have 16GB of RAM. So, 8GB is NOT the maximum RAM for this computer.
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on January 15, 2013
Everything about this computer is well worth the price tag. My only sticking points are Windows 8 (Metro is ugh), and the lack of a dedicated graphics card. Intel, I love you, but your integrated "HD" graphics are horrendous--at least, for anyone who plans to do more than browse the web or watch DVDs (I edit HD video and run games at 1080p). However, this problem is easily rectified as the system comes with an open PCI-express slot and plenty of room inside for adding a graphics card of your choice (I ordered the GeForce GTX 650 ti). It's also very simple to upgrade the power supply if, like me, you find a 300w psu inadequate for your gaming needs.
Overall, I'd say as long as the price is below $450, the system is worth it. Any more, and I'd look elsewhere or wait for the price to drop. Also, as I said before; Windows 8 is, for lack of a better term, totally nasty. If you don't think you can put up with the Metro interface--workarounds are available, but if an OS requires workarounds for you to find it usable, that's not a good sign--then this is not the computer for you. Metro only has to be dealt with when you first log in (unless you bypass using ClassicShell or equivilant like me), and whenever you have to use a program that doesn't have a desktop interface. Few programs are Metro only, so with proper planning Metro is easy enough to avoid. The real problem is with backwards compatibility. Windows 8 is fairly new, so not a lot of programs have been written with it in mind. Most Windows 7 and Vista programs work flawlessly, but at XP and beyond things start to get iffy. Those with legacy games might want to look for a system with Windows 7, or plan on downgrading (for a fee of course. Microsoft doesn't just give out software)

As a last little add-in, here's how the system scores on the Microsoft index:
Processor - 7.2
Memory (RAM) - 7.2
Graphics - 4.4
Gaming Graphics - 5.5
Primary Hard Disk - 5.9

With the new Graphics card:
Processor - 7.2
Memory (RAM) - 7.2
Graphics - 7.4
Gaming Graphics - 7.4
Primary Hard Disk - 5.9

As you can see, the lowest scores are now my highest scores. Put a little extra money into it, and this system will kick some serious behind.
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on January 13, 2013
I shopped a lot of mid priced desktops before choosing this one. I am glad I picked this model. It has everything I need and is surprisingly fast. I was concerned about the 8gb ram limitation but I can not find a way to do anything that comes anywhere close to using it so I think it will by a non issue. Windows 8 will take some getting used to but after a week or so I was more comfortable and navigating without having to use help or Google answers to my questions. Of course you are going to get Windows 8 everywhere you go now. All in all this is a great product and I would definitely recommend it.
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on December 31, 2012
Very fast; everything I hoped for and more than worth it for the price!

Quite pleased. Setup was a breeze and runs flawlessly with Windows 8.
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on March 1, 2014
I've owned HP computers for a long time and I've always liked them. That's why I keep buying them. I waited a year to review the computer because it takes a while to find out how good they really are. The p7-1410 has been a good machine despite Windows 8 that came pre-installed. Once 8.1 came out it fixed a few of the annoying new features of 8. About a month ago I started getting a message flashing on my machine that my hard drive is failing and I'll need to replace it soon. It's past the warranty so there is not much recourse for me. I just keep everything backed up and then replace the hard drive real soon. I only give it two stars because a hard drive should not fail this soon. I expected a little better from HP.
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on March 14, 2013
Computer works great. Hard to get used to Windows 8 but am catching on. I have had my new compter for over a month now and I have no major complaints. It's amazing how little time start-up takes when you turn the computer on. It is up and ready in 15-30 seconds!! My old HP with Windows Vista Home Premium was slower than dirt at start-up. I just wish this new Pavilion would have came with pre-installed games, especially the ones I always used which were simple ones like Free Cell and Solitaire. Evidentally, you have to purchase some games separately and you can still have Free Cell and Solitaire but they aren't the same. I am still trying to figure out some things.
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on July 26, 2014
i'm using it to write this comment, & have had it for 6 months now without any issues. it let's you make a recovery disk to, which is nice. i love windows 7 too, as i've had windows 8.1 & was unimpressed. the graphics card on this one seems proprietary, but can play all of the latest games i've bought thus far - i'm a gamer! i mainly use this computer for business purposes, but it's fast enough to do almost anything with. another home run for HP!
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