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on March 1, 2013
I bought this laptop to use as my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). I wasn't looking to spend too much, but I wanted a minimum spec, which this laptop filled. Most important was a dual core processer. The i5 in this machine is plenty powerful enough for my use. I also wanted a 7200rpm hard drive - this one has it. I did upgrade the RAM to the full 16GB (an extra $88 in Crucial memory) - the machine comes with 4GB and is upgradable to 16GB. That upgrade took all of 1 minute. All in, I spent under $700 for a laptop that could have easily cost $900 or more.

I love the look of this thing. It's big, with a large screen. Might not be a great traveling laptop, but for my needs it is exactly what I want.

Everything arrived in new condition. Fired it up out of the box and installed the updates. NO bloat ware to deal with at all, really. Just some HP tools that you don't need enable. This laptop is clean and PERFECT for my use. No processing issues when recording music - I get about 4 or 5ms latency using ASIO drivers - I can get similar latency with the WAVE RT driver as well. The Windows rating on this system is 5.9 out of 7.9 which is pretty respectable.

I'm running Mixcraft Pro Studio 6.0, Superior Drummer 2.0 & Melodyne Editor 2 without any hiccups.

I'm extremely pleased with my decision to go with this laptop. Yes, it comes with the Windows 8 upgrade but I'm not touching it! Windows 7 Pro is very stable and what I'm sticking with in this particular instance.

I would recommend this laptop of you're on a budget and looking for performance without a bunch of frills. There's no office productivity software pre-installed so if you're buying this for business purposes make sure you have all of the software you want to run. I'm sure that's one of the reasons the price is so reasonable.

For the home audio enthusiast, this is a great entry point platform for your audio recording and editing needs.
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on July 6, 2013
As a very experienced laptop and desktop user, this was my first experience with a laptop by HP. I was always satisfied with my experience with their desktops and printers so it did not surprise me that I found this laptop very satisfactory to my needs. It has a decent battery life and it has excellent ventilation; this is the first laptop I have had that does not burn my lap after an hour of use as it has a vent to the side (just remember to not block it obviously). This facilitates doing work during a busy week without having to sometimes shut the laptop down to cool down.

When I am not at work, I am able to easily run Sims 3 on this computer without it freezing or being glitchy thanks to the 2.5 GHz processor; the graphics are quite nice and not at all "pixel-ly" in the game. In fact, it runs the game much better than my last laptop, which was expensive.

The USB ports transfers files very quickly from your flashdrive to the hard drive.

The video quality for a DVD or a video clip on this laptop is very good, but it would probably not be satisfactory to a user who mostly uses a laptop for this purpose. iTunes runs very nicely.

I like that the laptop updates its system (drivers, BIOS, etc.) and you can either put those updates on hold if you need to shut down or do not have the time to oversee them or you can let the updates take place without interrupting your work. Also, you can choose how to secure the computer when you log on; you can do a password, facial recognition (the webcam takes care of this), or fingerprints (there is a finger scanner).

My last laptop was a Dell Inspiron 15 that cost me over a grand. It had a good run given that it had such mixed reviews, but after my experience with this HP laptop I would never spend as much as I had on my Inspiron on another laptop ever again.

Pros: ideal for work and light gaming, battery life, user friendly, ventilation, sound
Cons: system updates can be time consuming, logging into Windows takes a little longer even when you just have a password
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on February 17, 2014
I may want to say that I've only had this computer 2 months or less but it has all the features I needed for my work at home and I was familiar with system as this is my 2nd HP windows 7. So far no issues and it seems to meet my expextations
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on April 19, 2016
I love Apple Tablets & Phones (as well as my iPod Nano for running!) but I absolutely hate the macbooks. Glossy screens, complicated commands, foreign keys, microsoft office 2011, and so on keep me tied to the PC. So I went for this laptop TWO YEARS ago since I didn't want to spend a ton (got this for $600 two years ago) and wanted a big screen, comfortable keyboard, solid battery, and a matte screen. Plus the laptop looks really nice. This laptop was pretty good when I got it but I just recently (after two years of owning it) upgraded the hard drive to SSD (Samsung Evo edition) and the computer rocks! It was really easy to clone the drive and then swap it out. Plus since installing the SSD my computer fan runs much less frequently and the computer stays pretty quiet. Now my computer boots up quickly and programs (like iTunes) load up almost instantaneously. Before this upgrade the computer took a couple minutes to boot up and even longer to load up heavy programs like iTunes and Excel. I also added another 4gb ram stick to give myself 8gb of ram. So if you can get this computer cheap it's a very worthwhile work computer that allows for some fun too - just swap out the hard drive. I'm also going to try swapping out the wifi card for dual band but I'm not sure if I'll run into white list issues or not. I'll update this review when I do.


I updated the wifi card with a dual band and I must say I truly love how much it's been improved and how simple it was.


I simply downloaded the drivers, disabled my current wifi settings, and then under network and settings double clicked on this wifi card. It allowed me to reconnect to my wifi and replaced the new card into the default settings. This computer flies!

In total I paid $600 for laptop, $25 for a new Wi-Fi Card, $40 for the Extra Ram, and $150 for a 500 gb SSD. Plus $20 to Apricorn for the Cloning Software and cable. (Note the cd didn't work for Apricorn, so I just googled and then downloaded the program for free from their website).

That means I spent about $800 total and I now have an awesome ultrabook computer. It is a little heavy but that is because of the CD drive. Otherwise this computer is phenomenal. I'd rather spend $800 for a PC ultrabook with a 15.6" matte screen, comfy keyboard, solid trackpad then spend way more on a Dell or Mac!

Seriously this computer is awesome! There are videos to that explain how to replace the Harddrive and Wi-Fi card. It literally took 10 minutes to physically replace them (Longer to download programs, update drivers, and clone the drive). If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask in the comments section!
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on September 19, 2013
Very good laptop. Make sure you create a system restore point once you buy it and start using it. You can always go to that point without using any disks. Also, those who love the fingerprint login must be very careful because maybe that info is stored online and if HP's database is hacked your info can be abused.
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on March 7, 2014
IT Pro here..loving the 64 bit OS...ram upgradable to 16 GB if need be. Great price for what you get. i5 processor is fantastic. Ballin' on a budget for sure, but don't let that get you down. Not a gaming rig, but this lappy has what you need if you are dealing with excel macros or PPT files. Big screen and that clutch numeric keypad for your accounting needs! I am happy with what I got for the price...does not disappoint! Plus it's got that brushed aluminum anointment! Battery life is more than adequate. This lappy is legit, please believe! Exceptionally happy with my purchase of this product, as I always am when dealing with Amazon.
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on August 1, 2013
I recently retired and this has been a great asset for personal/home use. Very easy to set up and configure. Love this laptop so far.
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on August 18, 2013
Great notebook, with solid feel and decent performance. I increased the RAM to 16GB and installed a Corsair SSD. It is blazingly fast! I also like the fingerprint reader. The only thing I don't like is the button to open the CD/DVD drive. It requires a very hard press to make the disk drawer open.
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on April 10, 2014
I hate, hate, hate Windows 8 and I knew they were rapidly phasing out the sale of desktops and laptops with Windows 7. So, even though I didn't really plan on buying a new laptop for another 12 months or so, I decided to snatch this one up right away knowing that it was probably my last chance to get one with Windows 7. So, I snatched this up and loaded it with all my programs. (That's the worst part about switching over to a new computer is reloading all your software and files.) I was pleasantly surprised at how fast this laptop is and how easy the keyboard is to type on. I like that the keys are separated from one another rather than being practically glued together, making typing harder. It makes for greater typing accuracy, especially if you're a fast typer like I am. I also like having the 10-key set to the right since I have difficulty typing in using the numbers above the keyboard. If you can still get one of these and if you're on the fence about getting a laptop with Windows 7 vs. Windows 8, I can tell you (after having used BOTH operating systems) that Windows 7 is awesome and Windows 8 sucks rocks like you wouldn't believe. (By the way, if you're stuck getting a Windows 8 system, Google something called "Start Dock." Trust me, you'll need it. For $5, you can get that missing start button in the lower left-hand corner that Windows 8 decided to conveniently leave out to, probably as a inside joke to piss everyone off! Who knows why Microsoft does what they do?! Windows 7 is durable and user friendly like XP was. Windows 8 is like the Vista or ME dismal failures, hard to use and unstable. Avoid it at ALL COSTS. (I'm extremely computer literate and Windows 8 is the HARDEST operating system I've had to try to learn so far. Isn't it supposed to be getting EASIER to use as time goes on? Shame on you, Bill Gates!) So, my advise to you...if you can't get this laptop, try to find one with Windows 7 otherwise you're screwing yourself. Otherwise, keep what you have (if it hasn't died or will keep working for another couple of years) until Microsoft puts out a better operating system to replace the piece-of-crap Windows 8. And if you can still get this laptop with Windows 7? BUY IT RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!! (Trust me, a lot of people are snatching up Windows 7 laptops and desktops because they don't want a computer with Windows 8 on it.)
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on December 7, 2013
A very average laptop. If anyone is a gamer, this laptop is NOT the one to choose. It will be able to handle medium to low end graphics but the integrated graphics card just does not have very smooth graphics rendering and tends to lag on even the average gaming graphics of today. The keyboard layout is counterintuitive compared to most other laptops. Every thing is shifted to the left because of the number pad on the right and the keys are smaller and more scrunched up, especially the arrow keys. It makes it difficult to get used to typing.

The DVD player also has lag issues. I'm not sure if this is isolated to my specific laptop, but if the DVD has even the slightest bit of dust, dirt or scratch, the dvd processing will hang quite a bit.

My biggest issue is with the screen. I'm not sure if this is characteristic of LED screens but it has a very narrow viewing angle. Viewing the screen at an angle even slightly off 90 degrees will darken your view in the corners and edges. Even when staring at the screen at a 90 degree angle, the very edges of the screen still have some darkened whites and faded out blacks.

The fingerprint security is also extremely buggy. It has a difficult time detecting fingerprints and System restorations, BIOS resets, or system updates can sometimes cause the fingerprint data to be corrupt so that even if it says that your fingerprints are recorded, it will not recognize it.

The laptop is very quiet however and the built in speakers are very good, with surprisingly substantial bass and volume. The RAM that comes with it is paltry but you can easily add extra RAM because its so easy to get inside the laptop...no undoing of any screws, just push on a latch to open. The spill resistant keyboard is great...no more getting crap stuck under keys or having to remove fragile plastic bits to get under the keys to clean it up.

This is a laptop for everyday use, and its i3 processor can handle the vast majority of things. For a full multi-media experience, get something else.

UPDATE 12/6/14

Minus one star. The built in webcam and microphone has mysteriously stopped working, most likely due to broken wiring near the hinges of the laptop that connects it to the motherboard.
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