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on January 4, 2013
I purchased this ultrabook after thoroughly researching and doing my homework and so far it's amazing. First off, this ultrabook is FAST. It boots incredibly quickly. Awake from sleep is almost instant. The SSD is very quick as well. However with the recovery partition, you have about 70GB available to work with. This could be a deal breaker, but it will do. Keyboard is very spacious, and the backlight is very nice. Speakers leave something to be desired, but work fine. I've read reviews about the mediocre screen, but honestly, I haven't noticed anything that bad about it. Maybe I am not that much of a resolution freak, but I am satisfied. Overall a great buy and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a very nice ultrabook.
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on January 12, 2013

Light, beautiful, thin, and hardware is powerful enough for daily use and working task.

SSD disk is fast when saying reboot system from sleep , hibernate and power off .

HD4000 is good for playing HD movies. I tested a 20G sized movie, you can drag to any position with zero lagging.


screen resolution is just 1366-768. I'd rather a 900p.

battery life can't reach 8 hours described in ads.

overall, I love it very much. I will recommend it to friends.
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on October 13, 2012
I own a small business computer network management company. I have worked on hundreds of computer networks over the years and have recommended countless laptops for clients. I primary live/breath inside Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. All the fun stuff a computer can do has always been left to my iPad. I have always admired the Mac Air but know that to get full Outlook functionality that I want and full functionality of the websites that I use in my business, I need Windows and Internet Explorer--though the functionality issues between Internet Explorer and other browers is lessening. Still, Mac OS looks very cool, but I still need a PC in the business word. I still consider Apple products primary consumer products and Apple has their hands plenty full just supplying their loyal Apple fanatics. More power to them!

Still, I'm tired of corporate looking PC's that are just NOT SEXY. I had a very un-fun HP ProBook for the last few years. I only used it because I had to and it was cheap. It felt so slow. But, I hate changing computers so I just dealt with it. A few days ago I had enough so I went on a big search for my new laptop...knowing everything I know as I'm deeply entrenched in the computer business.

Lenovo gives us HUGE incentives to buy test models of their computers. I thought for sure I was going to buy a Lenvo X1 Carbon but the reviews were very concerning. I looked at Samsung, Asus and a few others...nothing was really standing out. Then I made my way back to HP..suprisingly....

You know what? Good old HP had lots of good reviews on various thin laptops so I pressed on looking at the Envy line. We have sold a lot of HP Folio laptops to clients and those have worked really well and clients love them. Still, they are a bit too corporate looking for me. Then I came to the HP Envy Spectre XT. All signs pointed to this laptop.

Verdict? I LOVE THIS LAPTOP!!!! I love my computer again!!! The computer is fast. The 13.3" screen is perfect very crisp and sharp. The keyboad feels and works fantastic. Each key has its own LED and it look very cool. The trackpad feels and works very smoothly and intuitively. I like the advanced gestures for scrolling through webpages.

I do wish HP would work on their AC adpaters so they are smaller and less bulky, though this model has a smaller AC adapter than I'm used to which is nice.

If you want Windows Professional, there is a verion of the Spectre XT called Spectre XT Pro you might want to consider..but I only find Windows Pro necesssary if you MUST connection your OS to a corporate domain. But, with all things going Cloud these days, Home Edition will work fine for any personal or home office user.

So, bottom line is you want a cool 3 pound laptop and want Windows for personal use or work, this laptop is a great fit. I'm very happy.
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on March 1, 2013
I was really happy with the laptop and Amazon's shipping. The laptop arrived in a well packaged box. Inside was a piece of beauty. The laptop is very sleek, very lightweight (considering its not plastic) and very fast!! HP has done an awesome job with the 13" line... I would buy it again..
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on August 7, 2013
I bought this for my wife, who was looking for a lighter laptop to surf the internet, check her Facebook page, and watch some YouTube videos. So far, I've found nothing to complain about. Worked great right out of the box, and hopefully it has a long productive life.
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on September 25, 2012
I looked for a long time to get the computer I need, and this does the trick perfectly. I upgraded from a 3-year-old Acer 11.6-inch screen running Intel Celeron and 2MB RAM. It was a workhorse, but it is slow. I need ultra-portable because a travel with a work laptop, too, and I need my own computer and I have to carry both on to the plane.

So I had these requirements: ultra-portable (see above); fast (just because I am impatient); backlit keyboard (so I can use on a plane or watching TV in low light at night); long battery life (I need to work and watch a full movie and listen to music on a cross-country flight and be able to use in the airport beforehand); and good sound (because the Acer stunk in that department). Check in all regards.

Unlike the other reviewer, I think the fan noise is minimal to non-existent (maybe there was something wrong with that one). And it runs very cool.

Complaints: The solid state hard drive is fast, but I thought I'd get a little more out of the 123 GB size. I ony used 65 GB on my Acer and had 235 GB to spare. But this machine, while it says 123 GB, has a D recovery drive that leaves the C drive with 99 GB. After all the software and my basic music and pics and documents, and after I load a few rented movies for a trip, I am down to 48 GB to spare. I have a bunch of flash drives and a 500 GB portable, but still, that is cutting it closer than I expected.

My only other complaint is that the plastic around the screen seems a bit cheap. My work laptop is an HP Elitebook, industrial-grade, and I think I expected a bit more integrity from HP. It closes more delicately than I expected with a plastic-against-metal sound that is a bit inartful. That said, it is the only "cheap" thing I could note. Everything else seems world-class so far: great keyboard feel, the backlit keyboard is attractive and functional, I like the trackpad (just the right umph to make it work without being touchy), and it looks and feels solid, like a Mac book Air (except for the noted concern).

Okay, one more little concern. My Acer rated at 9 hours, and it was good for 7.5-8.5 with my use (more than enough). This HP rates at 8 hours, but I'd say I am getting only 5.5 to 6.5 out of it. Still enough for what I need, but I liked the extra-security of the 8.5 hour machine (in case I forget to recharge before I get on the plane).

As for bloatware, I didn't think it had any. There was a 2-year Norton subscription which is fine, and it comes with (a huge plus for me) Adobe Photoshop (a $200 value at least). Nothing else but necessary stuff.
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on November 1, 2013
i bought it almost 2 years ago, still works great. 128gb is little bit small storage but i can live with it somehow, its not the issue.. battary life is still like it was new. highly recomended
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on January 14, 2013
easy to set up, very light, excellent screen, very fast loading programs, excellent notebook computer for those looking for a light laptop.
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on April 26, 2013
The laptop is really fast, sleep and light. However the case came off the screen after being used for 5 months. Contacted HP and they are sending me a box to ship back to them to repair. Will update the review once I get it back which is estimated at 2 to 3 weeks.
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on February 3, 2013
The computer itself works fine. The one problem is battery life. When I read the consumer reports review for this computer it claimed it had 7 to 9 hours of battery life, I'm lucky to get 5, it's usually 3 to 4. The other problem was with the seller, Digital Media(not sure exactly..just writing this review from memory). The product came late #1, the product was already opened #2. The product's warranty had been activated a full six months before I got the product #3. I had to call HP to get the computer running and had to preform a full system restore( not sure this is normal as I have never had to do this with any other brand new computer I have purchased). HP was extremely helpful and started my warranty over from my purchase date. Product would have gotten 4 stars, but seller cost it a star and will guarantee that I never use that seller again. I will try and update the exact name of the seller.
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