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on July 31, 2011
Bought this from Amazon, as always got it quick. My back ground is I've owned an IPAD and asus windows tablet. After trying them out I was still unsatisfied with the products. It wasn't providing me what I was looking for. I wanted a tablet with good battery life, good aps, experience the 'real' web, do some entertainment (videos, games, music), keep myself connected with social media, and finally do some note taking for work/ everyday things. Looking at the reviews and the advertisements I gave the HP Touchpad a go.

The Breakdown based on a few days exp:

OS: A +
HP OS is probably the highest point in this tablet.
Synergy makes the whole multitasking a breezy and keeps everything in synch. The whole process to get connected with your email, facebook, and calendar is simple.
You can just do lots of things out of the box, no need to go hunting for apps.
No Icons Everywhere in the home screen.
You can browse the WHOLE internet without having black screens because of "missing a plugin".

APPs: B-
HP App market is lacking. You could take in to account that it just launched and will have more coming. If you patient you'll start seeing new ones every week. From whats available NOW you can manage. There are games and several productivity apps worth checking out.

Hardware: B-
This is the weakest thing for me for the Hp Touchpad. Every Tablet in the market right now has : front /back camera, expandable memory slot, hdmi output, and Real USB connections.
HP TP has front camera, max 32 gb memory, and one micro usb connection. WTF... Lacking big time.
If your like me that likes options for inputs/outputs this is a low blow.
Screen for HP TP is great, all the pictures and videos look nice and I think the resolution is fine. The touch response is good too.
Battery is good too. 5-6 hours . If you leave it on all night it will get low on battery. Not much standby power.

Price: B-
The majority of tablets are 300-499 range. The 32 gb TP is ~560 bucks in amazon. Hardware wise its not worth that. A little too steep for the competition.

Conclusion: HP Touch's operating system could just be the seller here for people that are in search for something friendly and do real multitasking. Or people that didn't like android or iOS.
Price and Hardware are big negatives. Probably the best thing is get this when the price drops under 450 or wait for second Generation.
You just got to see what is important to you and what specifically you "need" in a your tablet.

For me I might keep this :)

update 9-9-11
after the prices tanked cause of the announcement of HP not supporting it anymore. I returned mine (full refund from amazon) and actually bought another for 135 from :-)
why did I buy another ?
Because it is just a easy and brilliant product.
HP did announce continued support for the apps and updates .
which is true they have done a recent update and just came out with a new edition of the HP magazine for the touchpad which is a neat ideA to discover new apps.

here are some positives:
+HP gave a 50 buck credit for apps
+free 50 gb of space online
+ found preware homebrew community that releases apps and anything you can think of to add a whole different experience . They have a app to overclock the CPU :-)
+new apps added weekly
+noticed faster internet and processing with updates

with the touchpad being cheaper. Give this a try. Support will be there for a while because over 250k of units are out there and HP is making more. Developers love the touchpad.

update 12/15/11
+ I keep using my TP. The apps are still flowing and the web is just easy to use on this.

+HP fired their previous CEO and the new one announced that palm os will be open source. Open source is like the android. Which is a positive thing because it guarantees is way or form updates and new apps from developers.
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on August 10, 2011

MY VIDEO ATTACHED. (Overclocked at 1.5Ghz)
First of all, whether you are a geek or not,the Touchpad along with the webOS Homebrew community touts big advantages over it's competitors and this has been often overlooked by reviewers. I've attached my video that shows the performance of an enhanced Touchpad running at 1.5Ghz. However don't be mistaken, the HP Touchpad still performs fast with the original speed of 1.2Ghz. I'm just a very busy person and a little obsessed with technology plus I wanted to express what the Touchpad can become (within an hour of your time) if you really wanted to spice things up.

I've had my Touchpad since launch day July 1st and even before the upgrade I have seen significant improvements in my work productivity overall. Previously, I was an iPad2 user and now that I have the Touchpad, I believe there is absolutely NO WAY I would go back to the iPad2. The Touchpad really outshines the iPad2 when you want to be productive. It's more than just a good business asset, I find it really enjoyable for entertainment purposes; great sound, watch movies, 3D gaming and YouTube videos directly from YouTube itself.

After a over a month of vigorously using the device, I feel like I've graduated to "Touchpad Power User." However, I'm still discovering new good things to improve my daily use. One example is to stack 5 applications together and bounce from one another with two button presses. As a personal trainer that is always on the workout floor, this is a handy skill. I often stack the Calendar, Email, Tracking App, Stop watch, and Notepad all together and it gives me the ability to monster-task during a client's session.

1. During set up be patient. The device is always gathering information in the background and you may think that it's completed. You may need to create a webOS account, but it's fairly easy.

2. System Restart: Do it properly by going to Settings/Device Info/Reset Options/Restart Don't just hold the power button.

3. Update! Go to Settings/System Updates. Prompt to reboot.

4. Apps open up faster the second time and third time around, you will see a significant speed improvement. Sometimes blazing fast.

5. Get the case. No more complaining on finger prints.

6. If you still want your Touchpad to perform even faster, consider installing Homebrew applications. This is a strong community. I've attached a video with this review so you can see what an overclocked 1.5GHz Touchpad can do. But with Homebrew and open source there's more you can do than just this upgrade.

I thought I'd miss the rear camera of not having the iPad2 anymore, but after some thought I realized that my cell phone camera takes better pictures and video anyway! Apps? I currently have 33 apps installed on my Touchpad and excited with the catalog growth so far. Thickness? With the thin Touchpad case there's not much significance compared to an iPad2 installed in a thick case (mine was plastic.) So the iPad2's thin factor is not much of a difference.

Skype and messaging seems to be under polished. Can't figure out if I'm signed in to Skype and my old Pre will not work in SMS. Perhaps later on? ONE MORE THING! The Touchpad is very addictive. You want to do more because you can, but you drain the battery as well!
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on May 4, 2015
Unfortunately you can no longer register WebOS with the HP servers, which means, if you reset your Touchpad, you will not be able to use WebOS again because during setup it cannot contact the HP servers to register your device and will restart the process over and over in an endless loop.

Fortunately! I got one that has the dual boot software installed which allows me to boot into Android(via Cyanogenmod).

Under Android the Touchpad works flawlessly for me and even charges on the Touchstone charging stand without any interaction or effort from me to get it to work.

The Touchpad has a bit of weight to it, but not much more than any other tablet of it's age and size. It has a good fit in the hand when held. The screen is more than clear enough and it's easy to see.

I was really interested in using WebOS though, even though it's dated and no longer supported. But, Android will do in it's place.

All in all, good tablet for it's age, still runs like a champ and runs Android as well as any other tablet out there.
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on August 31, 2011
Build quality (4/5): The shell is made of plastic. It does feel very cheap, but I don't notice any creaking like my Nook Color. It's still solid in my book.

WebOS (5/5): Out of the box, it's slow. After tweaking and OCing, it's very fast. Love the card view. Multitasking is easy. I'm able to navigate around faster than my android nook color. The WebOS browser is just as good as ios. Very smooth and even supports Flash.

AppStore (3/5): Not alot of apps. Navigating the app store is slow at times especially during heavy traffic. My favorite apps are Audiophile HD, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Kalemsoft media player

Sound (5/5): Probably the best sounding tablet yet. That's because of Beats Audio technology. I don't notice any hissing. I'm no audiophile, but music has nice clarity. It doesn't have booming bass. I used Sennheiser HD 555s for testing. Default music app does not have treble/bass settings unfortunately. You would need to use a third-party app.

Battery life (4/5): About 6 hours under heavy use. I have my touchpad overclocked to 1.7GHz also.

File Type support (4/5): Video support is lacking. Supports mpeg-4, h.264, and h.263 out of the box. If you install third-party apps like TouchPlayer and Kalemsoft media player, you can play alot more file types like avi and mkv. Music support is great. Supports the common mp3, wav formats. I have a lot of Apple lossless files in my library. The Touchpad plays them and plays them well. FLAC is also supported if you install Audiophile HD.

Portability (3/5): It's a bit heavy and slippery. I'm actually afraid to bring it outside. I feel I would easily drop it. I recommend getting a decent case if you must take it around in public. (5/5): Amazing. Touchpad owners get 50GB for free. I have my PDFs and video files uploaded. Very fast uploading. Saves internal storage space.

For a $129 32GB Touchpad(Thanks Amazon!), it's a steal even without a decent app store. If you want to surf the web, listen to music, watch movies, and read books, get the touchpad if you can find one.
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on February 12, 2012
It's simple, actually.
If you have $500-600 to spend and you need a mobile entertainment system, the Samsung, Moto, Acer, or Asus tablets with wide-screen HD and HDMI are for you. No comparison, not even the iPad.
If you have $500-700 to spend and you seek cool status, obsession with clever little apps you can show off, and have kids who play games, get an iPad. No comparison.
If you have only $250-300 to spend and you need mobile productivity, then the HP Touchpad is for you, no comparison. Actually, at $500-600, this statement would still be true, making it a super-bargain if mobile productivity is your objective.

1) Multi-tasking: without this, your tablet is just a toy. WebOS on the Touchpad is the only operating system for adults on the go. The others are for kids or people with lots of time on their hands.
2) Skype, email, twitter, MS-Office doc editing, file management, etc. These are the mobile tools you need, and nobody does them better than the Touchpad. Don't see anything to compare with Synergy. The iPad has no ability to sync files at all - that's ridiculously unproductive.
3) Web: WebOS gives you the accurate and complete web, not the pseudo web of iOS and Android. For me in particular, I have Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal sites, so when I'm on the road, I need to go into control panels to modify site content. On the Touchpad, what I'm seeing is the real deal. On the iPad and Android, it's usually some specially-modified version of a site. Not good. Not good at all.
4) Power: with over-clocking to 1.7Ghz, it's 30-40% faster than the tablets costing double. Takes an easy 15 minutes to do, and this together with multi-tasking and the addition of dual-boot Android means I'm close to a laptop replacement.
5) Entertainment: All I want is to play music, or sometimes a Youtube video or TV show, while I'm doing my work. Touchpad is the only tablet that can do this, and the music reproduction is superior to the iPad or the Androids. Who actually sits around and watches an HD movie on their tablet without any interruption for email, texting, or whatever? Seriously? That's what my HD/Blu-ray screen in the living room is for.
6) Downsides: in the productivity sphere, mostly it's about the PDF file viewing and editing, which is the TP's Achilles heel. So I do these on my home machine and will wait a bit for improvements, which are said to be coming. I can live with this for a bit.

With the iPad, I could only do 10-20% of what I needed to do on my home computer. On the Androids, I could only do 30% of what I could at home. With the Touchpad, I can finally leave my (large, heavy) laptop at home 85% of the time. It's truly in an exclusive domain of productivity-per-dollar right there with my Fujitsu high-speed scanner and Dragon Dictation.
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on December 4, 2011
I had been wanting the Touchpad since it was first announced. I was unable to afford it since I wanted two, one for myself and a second one for my wife. Then the "firesale" started and these machines were hard to come by. Luckily, I was able to buy two from a seller on Amazon at a still very decent price.

One of my principal worries were many of the negative reviews which I had been reading on the Internet. Most notably, reviews comparing it to the Apple iPad. I do not own an iPad nor have I ever even seen one but now that I have the touchpads, I don't care.

This unit is a gem! It is very easy to use and the integration of Facebook and my e-mail account makes my heart go pitter-patter. Granted, there are not many apps for the TouchPad...yet. But for what it does have, it's fantastic. Here's the roundup of good and bad.

1) Screen. Gorgeous!. Although my TP got a dead pixel just three day's after I took it out of the box. Luckily, it's to the bottom left corner (landscape mode)so I can live with it. Images are extremely clear and text is very easy to read.

2) Speed. Works for me. Bringing up apps or going on the Internet is quick and easy. I much prefer this to my other three computers.

4) O/S. Sooo easy and it works like a charm. I have had experience with Windows and Apple operating systems and Web OS blows them both out of the water. No comparison.

5) Build. Right out of the gate, I can't stand the back of the unit. It is super glossy and slick which means that fingerprints get on it and seem to stay on it. A matte finish or even a brushed aluminum would have been a much better choice. The rest of the unit is built like a brick out-house. Very nice, seamless construction, nice layout, just a joy to look at and hold.

6) Accessories. The can only go so far with the virtual keyboard before I want to throw the unit against the wall. For typing small stuff, it's fine. but for long diatribes, you will definetly want the keyboard. I do like that the virtual keyboard has the numbers row at the top. It also has a buttom for ".com". Four less characters I have to type in the URL.

7) Charging. This is the easiest I have ever charged anything. I purchased the Touchstone charging base and it is one of the best ancilliary purchases I have ever made. It is much smaller that I thought it was going to be and the actual/original price is way to high. But if you can get it for around $35 or less, then get it. The unit has a range of motion so that you can place the Touchbad basically sraight up and down or practically laying down. Very nice. I also purchased a leather cover for the TP and it charges thru that as well.

8) Covers. Stay away from the HP made protective cover. It's bad and I do mean really bad. I purchased that as a "just in case" and two leather covers from another company. By personal experience, stay away from the HP branded cover. Not good. It's cheap and flimsy.

9) Touch controls. The touchpad is very responsive to touch commands. No problem there.

10) Sound. *wow* Comparatively speaking against other portable devices which I have heard, the speakers on this unit are superb. Very nice. Other manufacturers could learn a few things from HP when it comes down to sound.

11) Video. Streaming video from the Internet such as from YouTube and news sites is a breeze.

12) Three big cons. No support for Hulu. No support for Netlix although I had no problem accessing the site via normal Internet. Startup time for the unit is quite long, around 40-50 seconds. But once it is on, it's on!

13) Battery life: I have been able to go from 7pm on up to 3am the next morning non-stop before I got the "20% battery remeining" notification. That is awesome!

Best thing of all, my wife loves her Touchpad as well. I'm her hero! She has seen me with several laptops, two PDA's and she never knew what I found so appealing about those devices. Now that she has her own portable device with the Touchpad, she can barely put it down. I jammed her Touchpad with recipe apps (she loves cooking) and games and she can literally be on that tablet for 10 hours each day. And she can now watch her Korean Soap Operas in bed at around 4am (no, I am not kidding).

If you can get your hands on a Touchpad, do so. You will not be sorry. -Koa-
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on January 12, 2016
Originally purchased on Aug 21st, 2011. The TouchPad is still working 4 and half years later. The great thing about the TouchPad is that you can install Android on it. I am currently on Android 4.4 (KitKat). It is a neat device if you want to tinker with it and learn how to root /install custom Android ROMs. It is a great starter toy. Just make sure you have the original HP TOUCHPAD OEM Charger that comes with it otherwise you will disappointed when the TouchPad does not turn on.

PROS: Developer Support Community (moe specifically jcsullins) on xda-developers website; I personally love the home button LED light
CONS: weight (feels like you are carrying a brick); glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet; needs OEM TOUCHPAD Charger at all times to charge otherwise if on a custom ROM, the battery won't charge.
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on March 21, 2014
I had recently bought the first edition Kindle Fire a year ago. I was not pleased with how the Fire was to me - as the customization, is not what I wanted in it. Even after I flashed it - it was crap. So I reformatted it, gave it to my niece, and went on the hunt to find this guy.

First, I got this at a STEAL in the Warehouse for $99 - when they are normally still $300 - even though they are not made or supported any longer. I am a techy girl with a computer degree and I wanted something I could flash, customize and more.

Second, when I got the tablet, it was BRAND NEW - I was simply stunned as I expected it to have a scuff or something. It didn't. :) The only thing I suggest is being VERY CAREFUL charging it. The charging port will come loose if you jam it in there or are not careful about it.

Third, I was able to flash this to CM10. I was very pleased with how easy it was on the XDA forums I found where to do this. I dual booted it with the choice of CM 10 and HP Web OS in case you needed to reformat as you will need Web OS if that's the case.

After a year, this tablet is still going strong. I have not killed the storage space - still have half of it. I read on it constantly with Cool Reader, play games on Facebook and more. This thing totally surprised me and there are GREAT accessories for it on Amazon.

If you find it cheap in the Warehouse - GET IT!
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on June 8, 2012
I got this tablet about 2 months ago. I bought this one over other products mainly because of the inexpensive price, but took all of the reviews into consideration as well. Since I received it, my mother and I have used it daily and have had no problems with it. I should disclose I do not own other tablets and have only used some briefly, but as far as I can tell this one is great. I love the WebOS it works flawlessly most of the time for me. Don't be delusional in thinking any tablet or system will be perfect 100% of the time after all it is just technology which always has some glitches.
There are enough apps available for me in the HP catalog. I don't understand the obsession and complaints that there aren't enough apps when just a few years ago they weren't even around so maybe people are relying way too much on technology.. Anyways, they work fine and download quickly.

Also, luckily a month after I bought it the system updated and a camera/video app appeared along with a clock and calculator app. Camera/video works well. It may look a bit fuzzy at first, but I think the quality is good. If you don't like the quality then buy a camera since that's their job...

I can't think of any complaints for it except that the cord to plug into the tablet for charging is a little loose so I have to be careful to make sure its charging and not touch it which can be a little annoying.

do your own research on it, but I am very happy with this tablet. Think about why you want the tablet and what you intend to use it for. Remember it is not a phone, a camera, an actual desktop computer, or an ipod it is a tablet.
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on August 17, 2011
I'm very happy with my purchase. The touchpad supports java and flash, so I can visit all the sites I normally go to, the battery life is great, and the multi-tasking is very smooth and interfaces very well. I'm able to read sheet music while I have the track playing in the background. -I downloaded the need for speed game and I was totally blown away by how beautiful and smooth the graphics were.

One thing you should know though- you have to have wifi to even be able to access it at all when you set it up for the first time... I had been without internet for like a week when it got here and was kinda bummed when I couldn't do anything with it. I got it set up finally and it really exceeded my expectations.

Edit 8-21-11

I have changed my score to 3 stars because HP has abandoned this device and this operating system altogether. I don't expect updates or developers to continue making apps for it. It is still a good product now, but I expect a device like this to be developed continually through updates and new apps. I'm returning it for a windows tablet.
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