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on December 9, 2011
We were looking to purchase a computer for my mother-in-law. We have an IMac and she likes the footprint of the machine but wasn't totally comfortable in the IOS environment. We were looking for an all-in-one and after quite a bit of research comparing Lenovo, Dell, Gateway, and HP decided on this machine as the best trade-off between features, performance, and footprint. There was some concern that the 20" monitor would be a little small, but we have come to realize that this is perfect and will allow her to easily re-locate the PC if she want

This is an ideal machine for anyone looking for an all-in-one with enough horsepower to run most everyday apps in an easy-to-use, attractive package. The TouchSmart capability is quite useful and fairly well implemented and will certainly help those that are less computer savvy interact more intuitively with the PC.

I've got to say, HP has done an excellent job providing a seamless setup and user experience. Compared to a couple of recent Dell laptops and other machines I've setup for family, friends, etc. this was by far the most straightforward and painless setup. The utilities installed to help with setup and maintenance/Support allow the user to quickly get the pc setup and running. The HP support and maintenance utility that's included works great and helps insure that the latest drivers & updates are installed. There is a little 'bloatware' installed that is easy to clean up, but it's not any worse that other systems I've recently encountered.

From a performance standpoint, this machine has the AMD Llano fusion based quad-core processor (A6) with integrated video. The processor performance is good and the graphics is excellent. Other than heavy video-editing or hard-core gaming - This machine will do just about anything. This will be an ideal machine for my mother-in-law and provide everything she needs for years to come.
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on December 24, 2011
Okay, so my wife and I have been looking for a new computer for a long time. Its been a process because we wanted different things. She wanted an all-in-one computer that was inexpensive and I wanted one that could play some video games. This computer is the perfect compromise. Now that the back story is over Ill get into whats great about this computer.

First of all this is not a dual core processor like its listed. This is a quad core machine. Also the graphics card is DX 11 capable so it can play all the latest games. You can also allocate up-to 2Gs of your RAM to the graphics card. The fact that this computer also comes with 6G of RAM and a 1TB hard-drive just puts this computer over the top. If you want a decent gaming machine without the giant tower and for a decent price this is it.

The monitor is beautiful. Its listed as 20" but its a wide screen aspect so it doesn't seem like its 20" at all. Its got a great sound. The beats audio gives it a very rich sound. The only problem is that the speakers themselves don't get very loud. To hear Pandora in the other room you need to nearly max out the speakers. But that said there is no distortion whatsoever when the speakers are at max volume. The machine also comes with a built in web-cam and mic and they work just fine.

The system also comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I have no complaints about the mouse though the keyboard is very light-weight and seems sort of flimsy. However, my wife says she likes the lightweight because she can then place the keyboard in her lap and lounge in the chair to type.

The set up was super simple. You just have to plug it in and press the power button. Your keyboard and mouse will connect wirelessly automatically. One confusing thing is that the instructions show a bluetooth adapter that you have to plug-in, there isn't one because you don't need one. You do have to go through the process of registering your machine and the whole initial set-up process which takes a few minutes but is very straight forward.

This computer is definitely worth the price. And I have already recommended this system to several friends and family members.
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on February 3, 2012
I'm cheap. I bought this as a replacement for a six year old tower and a 12 year old CRT monitor, ol' sparky. The PC itself works well and is plenty fast fr most applications I use, Office suite, surfing, etc. The touch screen interface by HP is nifty, but I find myself and most still using the mouse. Yes, it does come with a good deal of bloatware, but it won't slow you down significantly and you can always delete it.

Set-up is very easy, but be warned. Mine did not come with a 'dongle' for the keyboard. I spent 15 minutes tearing everything apart. Then decided to try out the keyboard without it. It turns out I didn't need it, but the directions stated so.

Overall great.
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on March 6, 2012
Our desktop computer went down about a year ago. Since then my wife and I have been sharing my laptop and I really needed to get another PC in the house. We decided to go with a desktop since my young boys are starting to get school work that can be done on the computer and they want to go online and check out stuff as well. I liked the concept of the all-in-one design and a wireless keyboard & mouse. For the small difference in price the touch screen was a plus.

Opening the packaging to booting up the system was a matter of a couple minutes.... plug it in and turn it on. I'm very impressed with the simplicity of startup, registration, and such. It was as easy as starting up a laptop for the first time.

The touch screen works very well and is both useful and fun. The apps that come with the system are mostly good for a family situation (typically any software that comes on a system preinstalled just needs cleaned off the hard drive).

I'm glad that HP got away with their combersome software I have dealt with in the past that always seems to end up bogging everything down. The magic board is simple and really "cool" for the kids.

Overall I am extrememly pleased with this system. 6Gig of RAM & quad core processor make it way faster than I need at the present time (but that changes so rapidly and I try to get bigger than I need so they stay relevant longer). With the 1T hard drive I am not concerned about my family filling it up anytime soon. With the system being WiFi I don't have to worry about sometime in the future having to deal with a room layout change either.

I'm happy I chose this machine.
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on April 5, 2012
I received and started using this computer on March 7. Have spent quite a few hours getting the files transferred that I wanted from the old computer and still have to do the pictures. Have really enjoyed watching the Amazon Prime instant movies and TV shows. Everything was great until a few days ago when I started hearing a rattling noise upon starting the computer. Didn't happen every time I logged on but happened twice last week and yesterday and today again. I suppose it is related to a fan noise from what I have goggled so far. The noise so far has gone away after a few minutes (10 or less) so far so I will continue to investigate. It is just disappointing and the first time I remember having any product problems gotten from Amazon.
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on January 25, 2013
Do not purchase from through Amazon. Wireless adapter that controls the keyboard and mouse was not in the package. When I called HP I was passed around for 45 minutes until I got the right department, which informed me that there were only 34 days left on my 1-year warranty, even though I had just opened the computer! They *may* be sending me an adapter, but I have to send them my receipt.

Old computers sold on Amazon lose their warranties, more trouble than it's worth? Can't wait to get this Touchsmart up and running- it looks like it'll be awesome. *checks watch*
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on October 5, 2012
I bought this home desktop computer especially for my daughter studies in school. I was told by a Senior Sales representive from HSN that this brand was one of their better brands that did not have a lot of problems or complaints. Also, research showed me that this was a better brand too. I bought it on sale at a good price and it works great. It is fast enough for me, and I wanted Window 7. Let someone else test Window 8. I only used 56 billion bytes on my old computer with about 40% unused on my old hard drive, but it was very slow. According to PC buying information online, I got the trillion bytes hard disk to keep my computer in good and fast performance. Obvious, I did not need it for my needs at this time, and I almost got the 500 billion bytes hard disk at the same price. Also a decent ram was recommended for performance including type, but this allows your computer to have future expandable growth too. For a common guy like me, who mainly check emails, do research online, and play computer games, it was a smart and good buy. I also chose a desktop for easier typing, and this is a touch screen with online keypad plus a narrator (on or off feature). I love the wireless keypad and mouse. It already has a built-in wireless router, which make it mobile in the home like a laptop.
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on September 12, 2012
I purchased this as a back up to my desktop which I use daily. This unit was for the kids and other adults in the house. It functions just like a normal computer or you can use the touch features for anything or any program. It runs wirelessly on my network and the speed is great. It also provides for just one power cord and it is ready to run. I would advise anyone thinking about buying the next generation of computers to start with this model. I normally use a 10GB I9 quad core daily. So I compare this computer to it all the time. I'm constantly impressed.

Not only did it arrive with free shipping it arrived in 2 days. Thank You Amazon!
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on September 19, 2012
My desktop died over a year ago and we got along fine with an HP laptop and our two Kindle Fires, but when my laptop started to act up (not starting without a fix) I began shopping around and decided that the All-in-One would provide everything my wife and I would need for our home office. When the laptop dies, I'll get another, but I must say the convenient setup of the All-in-One and the big screen along with touch features is working out well. In time, our grandchildren will probably get even more use of the touch screen. Great product.
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on February 13, 2012
This was the best purchase I ever made! I had been working on an 8 year old HP desktop, that was beginning to make some crazy sounds. So when I set this one up and got it all hooked up, I was amazed. I never realized how good high speed internet was till this computer came into my! I would recommend this to anyone. The ease of use, the picture quality, size of the screen, and easy set up make it a best bet for anyone.
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