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on October 27, 2012
My wife does a great deal of genealogical research that requires reviewing PDFs of old hand written documents and being able to zoom in quickly and easily discern the correct spelling of the name. A much larger touch screen with easy zoom capabilities would be very helpful and speed up the process. We investigated several different models that were all in one, 23 inch touch screen and actually went into several stores to gain a hands on touch/feel and was ready to purchase the HP TouchSmart 520 but the store did not carry it in the configuration that I wanted 520-1070, I7 chip with more memory and larger hard drive. So I had to order it online.

THe PC is GREAT when it works. It is easy to use, like a big 23 inch tablet with touch, zoom, swipe and scroll capabilities. Functionally the HP is better than all the other 23 inch all-in-ones. Now let's discuss the problems.

THe PC started "freezing up" at first a few time a week and when it reached several time a day I called HP Tech Support. I have spent literally "days of my life" on chats/calls with Tech Support. I am not a Novice as I was using PCs back before they were called PCs, pre=Windows, Pre-DOS days, so following through the Tech support scripts that they walk you through are painful, but I have done it. Eventually after spending days on the phone with Techs I was told that my PC had a bad hard drive and I would have to send it back for repair. So I did and waited 30 days for it to be returned. When it arrived back it was still doing the same thing, "freezing up" several times a day. So it was not fixed and the only thing that I know that they did was a wipe disk and complete system restore back to out of the box configuration.

Since the return of the PC I have again spent "days" on the phone with Tech support, doing this, changing that, multiple system restores to factory default, etc. Only to be told "that should fix your problems", which it hasn't "but call us back" so we can waste another couple of hours of your time! Maybe I just got a lemon but it is under warranty and I will keep updating on the latest chapter of the HP TouchSmart 510 story. However, I would recommend that you consider another brand, as I did when I recently replaced another PC with a Dell 23 inch all-in-one that has been working great, so far.

UPDATE 10/27 (Check Back for the Latest Update)
It locked up 4 times in under 30 minutes. I called Tech Support and asked to speak to a manager regarding the problems that I am having with the HP and was put on hold for 10 minutes. Then the representative told me that they would document my request and would be "right back" after about 15 minutes they came back and said that they were still working on it and wanted to know what the best time and number to call back would be. After 37 minutes on the phone with "support" I was told that I would receive a call back from a Case Manager Monday or Tuesday next week. Really! Excellent Customer Service!!!
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on January 21, 2012
I had the i5 version of this computer from last year and the difference in speed to i7 is amazing. The price is awesome. I like how the base swivels instead of having to move the back piece if you want the monitor to tilt. Also, did you know that HP had a tech support - I had an issue with my wi-fi (not at all an HP issue but was IP provider) but one of the potential issue was a broken wifi connection and HP tech support was amazing. They called me back a few times to check if the issue has been resolved. if there is a 5+ - I would give it to this computer!
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on May 31, 2014
This was a replacement for my sister's old XP 17" computer a couple of years ago (birthday present). As an independent travel agent, her setup was way too small, so she wasn't "growing" her business. With this unit, she could easily show more display, it ran much faster, and it brought her into the 21st Century. Her ability was never in question, only her minimal technology that limited "selling" her clients well. A year later, she was concerned that her dislplay was often offset at times, and she couldn't re-center it. After using my limited expertise, we noticed a fly had landed on the upper left corner of the screen. Shooed it away, the screen re-centered. Just one reason I didn't like touch screens back then. We turned the touch capability off, and she loved the unit. With her ticketing service having very specific specification needs, this worked with no problem. Her email was faster and easier to work, Office worked better, and she could actually see much of the data without always squinting into her glasses. Took up much less space on her desk, and the tilt helped as ambient light changed. The DVD player improved the visuals for customers. Just a very nice unit for a small home business. It even used less power than her former computer.
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on April 25, 2012
This is a replacement for a different brand all-in-one desktop. I've only had the computer a week but thus far I'm totally happy with this system compared to the Toshiba I returned. Only 1 problem that created some stress on the initial setup. The setup instructions indicated I needed to install the USB transmitter for the wireless mouse and keyboard. The problem was there wasn't one in the box. So, I went thru the frustration of trying to get one, only to find out it was preinstalled behind a cover in the back. I suggested that they need to update their setup documentation. One other annoyance is the flash of "PC MODE" when you wake up the system or change users. I'm told this is because there is a HDMI port for gaming and the notifcation is to let you know what mode you're in, apparently it can't be disabled. I recommend this HP computer.
Amazon has been great in handleing the return and refund of the Toshiba and getting me the new one quickly.
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on September 16, 2012
The first one had all kinds of trouble booting up and miscellaneous glitches. I thought it may have suffered damage during shipping, but it had all kinds of problems. It wouldn't boot up right, the screen would freeze repeatedly, and all kinds of weird little glitches that made me think a new one would solve the problem. I returned it and ordered another. (FYI, Amazon only reimbursed me $30 of the $70 UPS shipping, cheapest method available).

The second one had trouble with the Touchsmart Screen, and would repeatedly freeze like the first. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT.
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on September 4, 2012
After looking at numerous web site reviews including cnet and pcmag and consumersearch, etc... I decided to purchase this computer for my wife. She does lots of work with our family photographs, and had been using an older laptop. Received the computer, was in excellent shape, started up with no problem. Used windows transfer to move the files from her laptop to this machine. The screen is crystal clear, and the machine runs great and quiet. Have no complaints, and would expect that this will last for many years. Wouldn't recomend if you are a gamer or high end video graphics editor, as this is not upgradable, but for most somewhat normal tasks, this is a great computer. The touch screen is actually much more useful than I would have ever expected.
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on July 23, 2012
I just upgraded from an old HP Pavilion XP computer to this 24 inch all in one computer.

Some time in the future I may find some faults, but right now I am in love!

It is super fast. We just spent 30 minutes talking via Skype to our son in Canada. He was life size and just like he was in the room with us. He said that the image of us was super as well. All the software I have works at the speed of sound. No wires cluttering up the desk.

Going to get a wireless printer so I can get rid of that last wire.

A good purchase. Delivery was really fast and packaging was super.
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on April 5, 2013
I like the screen size. I like the keyboard. I don't find a use for the other screen the magic one? And I never touch it! lol sooo IDK I just liked the novelty of it I guess. I like my cell phone. maybe I will use the other half of it? I over bought! lol But all in all it works fine. I have trouble with the TV I can't get it to load, I can watch movies and such through my television, just won't load its TV, so I think it is something I am doing wrong. I guess I dont miss that either, as I never took time to figure it out.
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on August 7, 2012
I am disappointed that a new item, supposedly off the shelf has not lived up to what was expected.
The keyboard and the mouse, both wireless have been unable to synocronize withthe the the machine.

Now I am faced with the issue of returning the items and have to pay shipping. All help on the Customer Service links were of no use.
Any ideas anybody?
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on July 14, 2012
Got the computer on time and in great shape - thanks Amazon Prime!
Unpackaged and setup the computer within 5 minutes. Powered up - downloaded all the updates - computer worked great. Installed all my files/programs from old computer - no problems. Love the screen ( still like to use mouse & keyboard though ). Very satified so far - I've had it for a month. Only thing that did happen was the HP canvas has a tendency to lock up - I have now disabled it - till I get resolution.

Very happy with the HP product so far - go HP!
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