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on August 6, 2011
+ Just sit your device on the device and voila, charging.
+ Can charge in portrait or landscape view
+ Exhibition mode which is like a fancy screen saver. When the tablet "sleeps" on the tablet you can show a clock, calendar, a pretty cool facebook app, and whatever exhibition app that you can find in the app catalog.
+ Dock can be adjusted for best viewing angle
+ It charges while the case is still on. It seems like it can penetrate through thick layers (thicker cases, or the cover flipped open) and still charges the device.

- I wish it were more mobile. The cord has a usb on one end to plug into a power supply, but the other end is stuck to the charger. I can't just remove the plug and take the dock with me to work and then plug it into a different cord there.
- With the case on and open, it can sometimes slide off the charger. Not slide off in a manner that'll fall to it's death, but slide off to the point where it's not charging anymore. Rarely happens though.
- Tablet only charges with the camera at the top, or the camera is on the left. In other words, there's 4 ways to place the tablet on the charger, but only 2 of them will actually charge it. To a new user, it's not obvious which way is right-side up, so they could set it upsidedown, and it's not gonna charge.
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on January 17, 2013
So like most other TouchPad users. I bought mine on a whim during the fire sale. I liked it but it DEFINITELY wasn't going to replace my iPad anytime soon. Honestly, I couldn't believe that HP was charging the same amount as the iPad for it. I know this isn't a review of the TouchPad but follow me for a sec. My biggest gripe with the TouchPad is battery life. With my iPad I can let it sit for a week without usage and it might lose 20% of it's charge. With the TouchPad it's dead within 3 days. I even ran a test for HP. I turned off all extra services, wifi, bluetooth, email pings and got less than 3 days without me even touching it. SO, the problem I was having was that I wasn't using it everyday and everytime I went to pick it up it was DEAD.

Well, the touchstone has finally helped fix that. At least now when I'm not using it, it sits on the stand and it's charged for me when I need it! And in case you're wondering it does charge through HP's own case. I unfortunately can't vouch for any third-party cases.

My one grip which knocks off a big star is that the lip on the bottom could be much bigger. If they would've done that for us we could have been able to fold back the front flap of the case and still place the TouchPad on the Touchstone and see the screen. That way it could kinda be used as device with information always at hand or a digital picture frame. A missed opportunity in my opinion.

One last thing: My TouchPad is setup to dual-boot Android and WebOS. The battery life is equally crappy on both. But in case anyone was curious charging via the Touchstone does still work with Android.
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I got one of these to quickly charge my HP TouchPad between uses. I was attracted to it because of the claim that you just set your tablet on the stand and you do not have to mess with plugging in the charger cable every time you want to charge the device. It charges the TouchPad using inductive power like your toothbrush. It is a great place to store your TouchPad when you are not using it and it charges the tablet as quickly as plugging it into the standard power adapter. The stand is adjustable so you can adjust the viewing angle to multiple positions. This is so you can watch videos, read books or browse the web while it is charging.

I have my HP TouchPad in a HP case and the stand charges the tablet right through the case. The tablet charges in portrait or landscape mode but only in two positions. The camera has to be at the top or at the left side for it to charge. This is because the induction charging circuit must be properly aligned with the charging circuit in the tablet. When you set the tablet on the stand and charging begins it beeps a nice tone and lets you know that charging has begun.

While charging you can select to display a clock, a photo, a calendar or whatever you want to program the exhibition mode to do. You can press the off button to shut off the display if you would like to. It is rather bright at night.

I do wish the power cord going to the charger was 2 feet longer. It barely reaches from the floor to the top of a chest were my charger sets. I just purchased a mating USB cable and extended the charger cable by 6 feet and now it reaches where I want it to. It still works just as fast and the extra cable length has not had a negative effect on the charging performance. I also wish the docking ledge was just a bit wider. It fits ok and I have never had it fall off but it is as small as it can be and still work.

Overall it is a great charging stand and it is a worthwhile purchase if you have an HP TouchPad.
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on July 20, 2011
Yes, this thing is awesome. Just like the two stones I have for me Pre.

Cable is sufficiently long. Stand can be set at nearly any angle. Plug is larger than the one for the phones, and oddly missing an HP logo, but is just fine.

The ONLY reason I only gave 4 stars, is because I expected the cable to be detachable like the phone stones. Alas, it is fjrmly wired in to the stone. Doesn't affect functionality at all, but would have liked to use a shorter cable.

To sum it up, if you have a TouchPad (and you should), you NEED one of these! Ditch the cable!
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on December 11, 2012
I bought a Touchpad(TP) when they went on sale about a month after they came out. I don't use my TP very much but it makes a great digital picture frame. I bought this because it powered the tablet without cables and it could stand up. It works while standing upright and on its left side and does its job seamlessly. If you decide to put Android on it, it works with that as well as the charging doesn't rely on any software. It has some tilt to it too which is nice to get it at just the right angle. It is pretty small and holds the TP nicely, but the TP won't fit on it if it has a case on it. A nice feature is when you set the TP on it, it turns on the clock app by default. When I'm on my pc, I lift the TP and set it back down quickly and have a great clock. If you own one of these tablets, and use it at all, i would highly recommend this.
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on October 12, 2011
Well, I have been a fan of touchstone charging for awhile. I have had a Palm Pre+ phone for about a year and a half and use a touchstone. I even bought an extra touchstone charger, for the phone, for travel.

I bought this for the tablet, and it works very well. The best thing about it is the exhibition mode while charging on the stand. Nice to have a clock or some other app displaying while it charges. (Mine is usually set up and running the Matrix app).

If I worked at a desk, this would be on it. It is one of the very best features about the WebOs tablets is touchstone charging. All your iPad buddies will be bragging, but they won't be able to do this.

The cool factor and convenience make this worth the price.

A Rare 5 star rating from me.
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on November 11, 2011
I, like many late night insomnia sufferers, got a few touchpads at the firesale. I got touchstones to go with them. The concept is really great. The touchstone is small, a little larger than 1/4th the size of the touchpad (when I first saw the pictures I assumed that the touchstone was roughly the size of the touchpad). The touchpad sets on it and charges by magnetic induction. No plugging in is necessary, you just set the touchpad down! This is a really cool concept. The touchpad can be placed either horizontally or vertically (but only upright vertical or a horizontal in a certain direction, so you do have to pay attention to how you are placing it). When the touchpad is on the touchstone, it can be set to display things like the time, weather, your schedule, pictures, etc - it knows its on there and will stay on displaying this stuff if that's what you want it to do.

I thought wow this will be really cool for using it as a picture frame when we aren't using it. That's where the caveat comes in. You can charge the touchpad in the original oem case, it will just barely sit on there and will charge. However, there is nowhere to flip the cover when this is happening. It cannot charge with the cover flipped to the back between the touchpad and touchstone - that's too much stuff between. The way the touchstone and cover are designed, you either have to leave the cover in front of the touchpad (okay for charging, but kinda useless for displaying something) or flip it to the side sticking out wildly (not really very good looking and increases the possibility of you knocking the touchpad off the charger). I don't think it would charge in the case with a non-oem case as the oem case is the thinnest of the ones I've seen and it barely manages it, a thicker case would not work I don't think. So this kinda puts a damper on using the touchpad to display things while on the touchstone. Sure, it will work - I could take off the case each time and set the touchpad down. But then where do I put the case? The draw of the touchstone/touchpad combo was how clean it looks and how easy to just set it down and pick it up, having the remove the case each time and leave it lying around kinda defeats that.

- Looks sleek
- Charges well
- Will charge in the OEM case
- Doesn't require plugging the touchpad in - just set it down
- Touchpad recognizes its on the touchstone and will stay on and display stuff

- Cover/touchstone combo is clunky
- Will probably not charge with a non-oem cover
- Shifting the touchpad slightly will cause charging to stop, this can happen easily if the touchpad is somewhere like a kitchen counter

Overall, its a neat device and I bought one for each touchpad, despite the fact that since I got the touchpad on firesale, even at the significantly reduced prices the touchstone was still a significant cost in comparison to the original tablet. We do use them we just unfortunately do not use it the way I had hoped. The design is neat, but HP clearly didn't think through the case/touchstone combo well enough. Then again, the whole line has been put on firesale for a reason, so I don't think its a dealbreaker - its just a little short of what I was hoping for.
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on December 20, 2011
Purchased this item "slightly used" from a great seller (Wall Art Corner) and they shipped it out right away even though I wasn't expecting it for a week or more. The item was just as described and works really well. My biggest issue is trying to use it with my HP cover on the TP. If you leave the cover closed, then no issue. However, that defeats the purpose. The problem is that it won't sit in the dock properly when the cover is placed behind the back and it is just goofy when the cover is open and just hanging there. The technology is great though and I am looking into other covers that would allow me to use it more easily.
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on April 15, 2013
So happy I ditched the charging plugs that came with our touchpads. Three of the four had died and stopped working within three months and we were all depending on the one last plug! I am now on Amazon to purchase another touchstone charging dock because I have been SO very pleased with my first purchase. It has worked perfectly for all our HP tablet's, we've had it for six months now. You do have to make sure you sit it properly on the stand for it to charge. If you don't, it typically makes a strange noise, which alerts me to the fact that I placed it wrong. I am VERY happy with this product and YES, would purchase again!
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on September 30, 2013
For anyone having charging issues with your Touchpad (we've gone through 2 chargers and a replacement model), you probably know how frustrating this machine can be. After the warranty expired on our non-charging replacement Pad, we could either throw it in the trash, buy an entirely new one for $385 or send it via Fedex to a specialty repair store in San Diego, (somehow there's nowhere in the Bay Area that even wants to touch the thing). Enter the Touchstone Charging Dock! It arrived promptly, and we simply plugged it in and placed the dead as a dog Touchpad on its side onto the lip of the charger. Somehow the Touchstone charges the Pad right through its casing. No faulty wires or cables to connect. The pad automatically started charging, so needless to say we were very happy. It does seem to charge rather slowly, but given the fact we thought our Touchpad was going to be a complete loss at this point, we have no complaints. It has received a completely new life thanks to this ingenious gizmo and hopefully will last us for many years to come!
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