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on June 5, 2011
I bought this laptop as a family utility machine, it sits in my living room and at least 4 people use it regularly. I was looking for something that was new and had new components, this has a 2nd gen Intel I3 processor along with a USB 3.0 port and bluetooth 3.0. The major pro to this machine is the price along with some new features. The screen display and keyboard are nice as well. It also has a 720P Webcam with facial recognition software and fingerprint reader(it doesn't always work though). For those that care about noise this thing doesn't really make any, my previous laptop fan ran a lot.

I took a star off because the machine has lots of crap software on it. It would be nice if you could have the option of just getting it shipped with the OS only. There are also 3 partitions on the hard drive, 1 called HP recovery, 2nd which is FAT32 for HP tools, and a 3rd for everything else. I'm still working on removing crap software, but it still runs fast and boots in 20 - 30 seconds.

This is not a gaming laptop so if you want it to play the latest and greatest games look elsewhere. You should be able to play most web games or anything that doesn't require a dedicated video card.

Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase. I researched for about a month straight and ended up on this one based on highest functionality for the price combined with the newest hardware.

***Update 8/19/2011***
I updated to 5 stars because I am very satisfied with this machine. The processor is really fast and I really like the USB 3.0 backups are super fast. I don't use the webcam or transport the laptop much so I can't really comment on that. For the price its an excellent machine.
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on August 31, 2011
There seems to be a lot of conflicting reviews on this laptop. Some say they have one usb 3.0 port, some say they have two. I purchased this laptop a couple of weeks ago, and the laptop I received DID NOT have any usb 3.0 ports. If that is a problem for anybody they should probably look elsewhere.

As far as the build quality, this laptop is very nice. I really like the brushed metal lid and the hard plastic bottom seems sturdy enough to me. The webcam is decent enough and the dual microphones perform really well. The chiclet keyboard is really nice, and it's convenient to have a number pad. I find myself using the fingerprint sensor to sign in to windows a lot, and so far I've had no issues. Once again the lack of usb 3.0 might but an issue for some, but I find the four usb 2.0 ports sufficient.

Performance wise this laptop is very good for the price. It can definitely handle web applications with ease, but can also easily handle programs like Lightroom 3, and of course microsoft's suite of productivity programs. I have also done some light gaming with games like Counterstrike Source, Portal 2, and Team Fortress 2 with no problems at all. Anything more demanding than those games, and you should look elsewhere (minecraft gave me lots of frame droppage). One more note, the computer was loaded with a lot of crapware (as expected from hp). I had over 90 processes and 50% memory usage on startup, but I don't consider it a huge issue because it's easily fixed if you want.

Overall this laptop is really nice and I would definitely recommend it to anyone except hardcore gamers and others who would need a dedicated GPU. For the price you can't really go wrong!
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on December 2, 2011
Have had this 4530s for one month now. Did a lot of research before my purchase. For the price it has a lot of very nice specs such as Intel's i3-2310M, 320gb hdd(7200 rpm), 4gb ddr3 memory, reads/writes cds/dvds w/lightscribe, Windows 7 Home Edition (64 bit), fingerprint scanner (pretty cool), blue-tooth, nice working web cam etc. Computer is relatively light for a 15.6 inch pc. It's a nice looking pc with clean lines, smart looks and seems well made. Keyboard is nice with a spill-proof design. Battery pack is nice and small - almost tiny in comparison to the brick-like battery pack of my old Compaq. Set-up was fairly easy though a number of Windows updates are necessary. Didn't find a lot of bloatware. Battery life is OK (maybe 4+ hours) but perhaps I can improve on that further.

For the most part, everything works well. However, I also find the mouse/scroll pad a bit too sensitive and it may take some practice. What I am a bit disappointed in is the screen appearance. Though clear and bright, the matte finish does diminish the vibrancy of the screen. This isn't to say the matte finish is dull in any way - it's just not as vibrant as what you may have experienced on other pc's or what you may see on other pc's displayed in stores that feature pc's without a true matte finish. If you're looking for a pc with a matte finish, this definately will qualify. It certainly minimizes any glare but, for me, I would have preferred a bit more "pop" to the screen - even if it meant the possibility of a bit more "glare".

As for having a USB 3.0, unfortunately I can't say for sure. I thought I had read that the new USB 3.0 uses a new USB symbol that is a bit different than the standard USB 2.0. I only see the standard USB symbol on this particular model. From what I have read, the USB 3.0 slot is supposedly on the left side of the pc and to the left of the standard USB 2.0 (there are 2 USB slots on each side of the pc). I thought I had read somewhere that the USB 3.0 symbol appeared next to the USB 3.0 slot. I don't see any special markings designating any of the 4 USB slots as USB 3.0. There is an updated version of this model with a different model number and now with Intel's i3-2330M as well as some other spec differences (no bluetooth, though). Perhaps that model has a USB 3.0. Not sure if I'll miss a USB 3.0 but seems like I see it more and more on other pc spec sheets.

Ordered my pc from Amazon through CAP67. Not familiar with the seller. Delivery, though, was amazingly fast. Paid just an extra $6 more than standard shipping for "expedited" shipping. Ordered it from Amazon on a Tuesday morning, got a "shipped" noticed on Wednesday and had it up and running the very next day! Can't beat that.

Haven't tried the cd/dvd player or the lightscribe but I'm sure that will work fine. I'm not a gamer so can't offer any comments on the gaming side though with such a matte finish to the screen, I can't imagine this would be a gamer's first choice.

All-in-all a nice pc with a very nice bundle of features/specs and at a very reasonable price. A more vibrant screen would have made this the perfect choice but still quite impressed.
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on June 11, 2012
Let me start by saying I don't relish writing a bad review (I have rarely had to do so, and it pains me when I have to) but I have had nothing but problems with this notebook and HP's strange configuration. Finally got to a place where I felt comfortable using it and updates from HP arrived via it's useless HP Assistant which disabled my wireless adapter. After contacting their technical support (they try to charge you for almost everything except dialing the phone)I determined that I may need to use the restore disk to try to correct the problem. Once I looked closely at the restore disks I discovered they are for Vista (which I hate and have avoided like the plague) despite the fact that Windows 7 was loaded on to the computer (this was provided by WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS through Amazon so beware of them as well). And guess what, the 90 day warranty had expired and I had to pay for the disks that were never sent to me. The only saving grace was that the young man in India was quite nice and patient.

I have owned several notebooks (Toshiba, Compaq, Sony, Dell, and now HP) and of the lot HP has been the worst! If you are considering buying RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to come back and provide an update. The initial tech who was so helpful got back in touch with me after sending the disks I needed, and worked and worked to correct the problem until he got me back up and running. I can't say that everyone at HP offers this type service but this was my experience and was the reason I increased from one star to four stars. I am also more comfortable with the configuration (after accepting that there are some things in it that I have to give up control over) so the notebook is finally beginning to live up to it's promise and meeting my needs.

Again, now a lot more pleased with the response I received from HP and feel a lot better about the laptop and the company. WHO KNEW!!!!!
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on September 4, 2011
I have wanted a laptop for quite some time, but I have been put off by high price and uncertain value. However, when this came along, I was more interested, because I have owned several different brands over the years (starting with a Tandy 1000) and currently have a HP desktop that had performed well. Not a techie, but aware the i3 processor is new and a low price from
Amazon (six months no interest on Amazon store card)this seemed like a deal not to pass up.
No trouble getting started with it, hooking it up to my wireless connection was difficult more for the human factor than anything else. The keys seem bigger, and spaced apart a bit better. Since I currently have a Norton trial version, I haven't done much online tasking that may get me in trouble, but the speed online has been (so far, it is new) very good.
My only disappointment, really is that I find I hate the touch pad, and again, this is personal preference. Also, as new computers go, it didn't come preloaded with software I will never use. The only other complaint (and this may in the end turn out the opposite) is that HP has preloaded it with its own security software. So, with windows, norton, and HP, I would think I would be well protected in cyber space. For me, it is a comfortable laptop to use, but I yet have to try out its portability. I still need a bag for all the cables and accessories, so that is later in the budget. So, for someone new to laptops, five stars for now. If I hit any bumps, I will amend my review.

November 25, 2011: Black Friday. I suppose I could have waited, and purchased something more impressive for less, but so far, this little laptop serves me well. I did purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard, but that was more for my own preference. I still often use the notebook keyboard, but never have like touchpads. The only thing I wish I had done differently: get the i5 processor. The i3 is ok, but gets bogged at times. Otherwise it is still a great little notebook for me.
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on September 8, 2012
The PC works fine, I suppose, but the sound is awful. I didn't find out until it was too late to return this piece of junk because music wasn't played through it until after 30 days. Now that every possible other thing has gone through trouble shooting, it has been determined that the sound card (which is part of my main board) is the problem. That's just the way it sounds. It's worse than a transistor radio with a 1" speaker. Even through headphones and external speaker systems. These speaker systems sound beautiful when connnected to other computers or an iPod.

I am now stuck - HP won't do anything about it and the seller can't either. A reall bummer if you enjoy listening to music through your computer.

I have had several other laptops and the sound was always excellent on Dell & Toshiba. I did not purchase "music" models before; I've always had just a basic laptop for personal and business use. So it's not like the others were souped up for music - they all had decent sound cards. But not this!
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on December 8, 2014
This laptop has been a nightmare. I bought it 3 years ago and haven't been able to use it. It constantly crashes and I have sent it to HP three times and try have drastically failed to resolve the issue. The harddrive was relaced and it continues to have the same issues. I own several dell desktops and a notebook and a mackbook pro, and I have never ran into the issues I have had with this HP. I don't know if it is this model or just this particular notebook I received because the problems it has prevents me from using the machine. I can't even use it long enough to deactivate or transfer my expensive softwares that are downloaded to it, costing me rrn more aggrevation, time and money!! HORRIBLE!!
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on November 12, 2011
Bronze laptop is beautiful and matte screen is a joy to read during the daytime. This is just what I was looking for, minus a lighted keyboard. If HP incorporates lighted keyboards into this design, I will be in heaven. Price was very good and delivery was flawless. Set-up takes about 15 minutes, not counting all the Windows updates, but still this is much easier & less stress than getting a new computer ten years ago. My old laptop did not make the ratio correct for streaming to TV, but this one does it perfectly, filling the whole screen with the programs. Comes with Windows Starter -- may not need to purchase separate Windows anymore, more money saved. Terrific purchase, so pleased.
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on April 25, 2012
After reading the mixed reviews here and elsewhere on this laptop, I was initially reluctant but decided to try it anyway. I am so glad I did. I bought this to replace a company supplied laptop that just wasn't functioning like I needed it to. Needless to say, I am online all day for work and also use it for personal computing. I couldn't be more pleased with this laptop. It is fast, user friendly, quick setup and so far, it works like a charm. I am not a gamer so I can't speak to that but I did upload photos, easy and crisp picture. Personally, I like the number pad on the side and the "touch" of the keyboard. The track pad is a little off to the left which will take some getting accustomed to but I read that that is for ergonomic reasons so I'm not too concerned. As far as looks, this computer is sharp. For those not concerned with every technical spec but are just looking for a high functioning, multi-tasking computer, I would highly recommend this one.
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on September 2, 2011
I bought this HP 4530s to replace a laptop given to me which had a very small hard drive but was completely adequate for what I wanted. However, I kept wanting another that was newer (the other was 4 or 5 years old). So I researched and found this one. It is awesome and I do love it. I think it may replace my PC and become my main computer. My PC has a 22" screen but that may not be enough. As usual, Amazon got the computer to me amazingly quick. I ordered it one morning and had it two mornings later. I can hook this laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable and sit in my easy chair and work and/or play to my heart's content. This is definitely a good buy. The crux of purchasing any computer is to know what you want it to do. This does all that I want and more!

Addition to Original Review:
After owning this laptop for 6 months, I still love it. However, it does not allow me to play only one track of a split track CD which was one of the main uses I had for the computer. When I purchase my next laptop, I will check that out first.
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