Customer Reviews: "iJoy-2580" Premium Robotic Massage Chair
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on June 27, 2010
I got this chair for my wife last Christmas, and she absolutely loves it. She loves it so much that she's actually become convinced that she married wisely, when in fact she could do a lot better than me. If she were ever to make that critical realization, I would surely be finished. Amazingly, fifteen minutes a day of rolling, compression, kneading, and percussion seems to be all it takes to keep her from figuring this out. Sometimes she goes a few days without a massage, and begins giving me troubled glances as if wondering why there's a misshapen ogre wandering through her house (and wearing a wedding ring, at that), but then she sits in the chair and all is right with the world again. The iJoy 2580 keeps the horrible truth far, far away, where it belongs.

I love the chair too. It has a strength to it that you'll simply never get from a cheaper product, like those massaging pads that you hang over the back of a regular chair. Sure, the pad is more portable -- my attempt to install the iJoy 2580 in my Honda Civic resulted in a hernia and some bewildered head-shaking from the guys at the auto body shop -- but you won't get nearly as good a massage. Also, while shopping around, I tried a few chairs that cost upwards of four times as much as this one, and I honestly wasn't all that impressed. The really expensive chairs do have some advantages, of course. They're designed to look more like regular recliners, typically have longer warranties, and sometimes have extra features like built-in massagers for the calves and feet. But to me, they didn't offer any improvement over the 2580 in terms of the quality of the back massage. The iJoy series is an excellent balance between cost and function.

A few caveats: if you're over six feet tall, as we misshapen ogres tend to be, the massaging heads may not reach as high on your back as you'd like unless you adopt atrocious posture, and deliberately injuring your back in the pursuit of relief for back pain seems a bit counterproductive. The massage feels a little less effective higher on the back too, perhaps because the farther the heads get from your seat, the easier it is for them to shift your whole torso from side to side, which of course won't feel as good as the same action operating on you when you're motionless. It still feels good, though, and on the lower back, it's wonderful. Sitting in the chair a day or two after doing heavy deadlifts (or anything else that will produce muscular soreness low in your back) is glorious. It's proven durable so far, too. We've had it for six months and it's held up to regular use without even a hint of a problem. Buy one, and save your marriage!
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on January 28, 2012
My wife bought me an iJoy massage chair from Sharper Image in 2003. My lower back was feeling stiff so I ran through a lower back program. It really loosens it up...feels great.

I thought to myself, most people only put in the effort to complain about products or services. Well, I decided to give up a thumbs up. My chair is 9 years old and works as good today as it did when it was new. I am a 240 lbs. guy, and it has held up to my weight, which some recliners can't do.

It feels great, does the job, and is built to last. My only motivation for writing this review is I've decided to turn over a new leaf and start recognize those companies, products, and services which have exceeded my expectations. Good JOB iJoy!!! Keep building them!
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on May 21, 2012
I bought my first Ijoy back in 1998 and it finally died in 2012. It worked wonderfully without fail right up until its last day. I loved this chair and it worked better than many of the more expensive models that I have tried. I am now purchasing the 2580 to replace the last one and hope they have improved the qulaity so that I can get at least 16 years out of this next one.
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on January 24, 2011
I purchased this directly from the manufacturer and not through Amazon. This chair is great overall for its price. It is not feature packed like the really expensive massage chairs but it works well and I mostly use the "percussion" massage mode. I think the chair I received has a slightly stronger right side massage than left but that is probably just my chair and I am right handed anyways so its ok with me to loosen that side up more.

If you are anywhere above average male height 5'10" then you will think the rolls don't reach high enough. It does recline however so it can reach much taller people in height.
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on January 3, 2012
I'm so pleased with this product! It's the perfect size, especially for women. I use it every day, including the drink holder on the right arm rest! It's far enough forward so it doesn't interfere with my arm resting on it. The controls are built into the arm which I was a bit apprehensive about at first as other massage chairs have a hand held control connected by wire. I actually like this format better! I'm able to easily reach the controls while reclined and I like the no clutter, simple built-in look. The chair is a soft-ish leather-ish - not rock hard. The chair is able to recline to almost horizontal position which I love. It increases the intensity of the massage and also the electric recline let's me set the recline angle at any angle I want! It has wheels on the back side for easy moving. It also has an outlet built-in for a laptop or reading lamp or whatever you want. The head cushion is adjustable and can be moved forward and backward. Lastly, I am able to get different intensities out of it: soft, medium, and hard. Soft I insert the cushion that came with it. Medium I use "as is." Hard I can get by unzipping the slightly padded chair backing and leaving it turned down to receive the massage. Settings are great too - 4 different styles of massage, different areas to zero in on, and the ability to move the action anywhere you want on the neck/shoulder area, back, and low back. Great product!
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on October 9, 2012
I had my doubts about these when they were purchased for our college "relaxation room" but they are awsome and really do the job! They don't take up too much room either and we have 2 side by side. Our students love them.
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on October 22, 2012
We purchased this chair brand new in the box. We had a problem with the remote buttons not working. We reported the problem. It took 2 weeks to get a replacement pad insert and the top part to tell you what the buttons are for was not sent. 9 days later the top part comes in the mail torn and looks like it was used. Multiple phone calls to Chair Envy and Human Touch and extremely poor customer service. Not returning email messages, not returning phone calls, transferring my call to multiple people to waste even more of my time. My recommendation is to buy a different product at a reputable furniture store where you can take try it out and if there is a problem, you can bring it back.
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on November 20, 2013
It's o.k., but overall very disappointing. The message, despite its various settings, becomes monotonous. The worst feature is that the rollers in 'resting' position protrude right behind you neck.... Not comfortable. Chair looks fine, takes up quite it of space. The resting position of the rollers is, however, kind of a fatal flaw in my opinion.
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on March 14, 2015
I purchased my first iJoy chair in 2003 in a pink suede. By this time the suede was getting a bit tacky - especially since I take out the padding to get the most out of the massage. Only the rolling mechanism was working so decided it was time to "give it up." I ordered the 2580 and absolutely love it. They have added three new features that I love as they concentrate on the rolling feature I prefer. I use this chair every night as my "reading chair" - the only disadvantage is falling asleep! The downside is that the chair is so low to the floor and I have terrible arthritis in my knees. It is a challenge to stand up, but maybe this can be considered a knee exercise (?) I also have a small footstool that I use to raise my legs off the floor. In short, I can't be without my iJoy!
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on August 27, 2015
My only complaint is material started peeling after a few years
review image
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