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on April 10, 2014
This phone arrived in an AT&T box. Upon putting in my T-mobile sim card into the phone, the phone would not work. I contacted both T-mobile and AT&T and was told the phone was not unlocked. I contacted the seller, who stated they must have had a bad shipment come in. Amazon was very good about returning my money.
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on October 18, 2016
Malfunctioned straight outta the box, not 1 phone but 2. One received on Friday 10/07/16 wouldn't power up. Ok that happens so I tried another one. Received it on Friday 10/14/16 and would u know it powered up but only to a frozen brick tile screen. If I see sold by Breed I'm strolling further instantly without a 2nd thought. Never ever experienced anything so inconveniently disgusting..... Unbelievable!!!! By the way I tried sending my review but couldn't because it required a star rating. Of I could have sent it without that requirement it would have been 0 stars!!!! Uuuugghhh
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on March 7, 2014
I bought this phone to be used abroad (international GSM provider) and had three main goals in mind:
1- Unlocked to be used freely outside the US
2- Install Right-to-Left language for Interface/UI and keyboard
3- Get latest Android on it.

Number ONE was provided as the phone is indeed unlocked.
Number TWO
Right off the bat, AT&T version doesn't come with any other languages besides English, Spanish and French!
No way to install anything extra.

Number Three
With no AT&T valid sim card installed, I couldn't get any updates for the phone.

Following the "Manual" instructions found here:
[Goto google_dot_com and search for: htc-one-x-sense-5-update
use that as you see here exactly and the link would be the first result]

you can install the latest official update for this phone Android 4.2.2

Which resolves point number 2 and 3 together in one shot as after the upgrade I have so much
more language options to choose from.

Happy user now with no issues.

EDIT: Amazon removed my link, although it is an official link! Replaced with instructions to get to that page.
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on February 10, 2016
review image
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on December 8, 2014
I absolutely love HTC, but this phone has proved to be a major disappointment. Everything about it works very well except for one critical function, the alarm clock...

This phone has caused me to be late to work and miss important appointments many times. I consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get the alarm to be reliable. It's unreliability is probably the worst part, because you never know when it will not work; every morning is like a game of Russian Roulette. The only real solution I've found is to disable the lock screen, which is obviously a stupid thing to do when your personal information is on the phone, so that is not an option. I've downloaded other alarm apps, all of them eventually failed to go off. Extremely frustrating...

With the exception of the alarm, I haven't had any other problems with it. I bought it because it works on the mobile networks in Europe, and for that purpose, it has worked just fine. So if you won't be needing to use the alarm, or you don't mind getting yelled at by your boss every now and again, this would be a great phone for you.
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on November 16, 2014
I've had this phone for about 8 months now, and I honestly am disappointed with the shape its in,considering how great I have taken care of it. It crashes constantly, and is always getting too hot to touch that I have to let it cool off for awhile, even when I've hardly been using it. It's supposed to be factory unlocked even when I changed the APN settings for the phone, I had no internet connection or any service unless I was using AT&T.

The phone worked great the first month or so that I had it, but after that it went downhill. It is also quite slow, even when it has plenty of storage/memory left.

It is advertised as having Beats Audio, which only works when headphones are in, and you honestly can't tell a difference. The speakers are very quiet, and the phone constantly crashes when I'm trying to make or answer phone calls. Also, it does this annoying thing where it puts itself on vibrate/silent mode.

Great buy if you're looking for a phone that will last a month tops!

The only positive thing about the phone are the cameras.
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on October 30, 2013
I've been going through phones left and right lately looking for something I like. I decided to go with a nice android after having an iPhone and a Nokia Lumia. I wasn't looking to spend more than $200, but I found this phone and decided I'd give it a shot.
So, I ordered it. And to be honest I was a little upset with my "3 to 5 day shipping" when it took a week to get to me. But oh well, haha. I can wait. So, I get this phone and I'm pumped to get it, so I take it out, look at it and I'm frustrated. The screen is all scratched up, and I was just like "Did they really sell me a phone in this condition?" But I took a second look and realized it was a screen cover. Screen was pristine and the rest of the phone looked good too.

This phone is fast and useable
It's a very attractive phone. The screen is vivid, and the way it's designed just feels and looks good.
The main camera takes good photos and videos. The slow motion video is definitely a plus. Doesn't serve much purpose, but it's fun to mess around with haha.
It's just a good, well rounded phone.
Oh, and the Beats Audio definitely improves sound quality. Even if it's just a fancy equalizer.
And with moderate use on a 2G network the battery lasts me all day. (Some games, some music, lots of texting and snapchat, and maybe an hour of phone call each day.) I take it off of charge at 6:30 AM and put it on to charge with probably 30-40% battery at about 10 or 11 when I usually go to bed. No charging between. And keep in mind this phone IS used.

I don't have a lot. Sometimes the keyboard glitches out.
I'm kinda upset that this is the American AT&T version and not the international one. But I couldn't find the international on Amazon for less than $350 used.

This is a really solid phone. It works well, it's attractive, it's fast, and there aren't many things wrong with it. There just aren't. So, if you're looking for a relatively cheap but good android phone this one would be the way to go.
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on December 25, 2012
I ordered this phone because I was going to be going overseas for several months, and wanted to have a phone that I could use anywhere in the world. The International version of the HTC One X, while offering better hardware configurations, fit very well. I use T-Mobile while in the US, and with the new tower integration, I am able to receive 3G speeds within the Seattle area.
Additionally, I have been able to use microSIM cards from SMART in the Philippines, as well as other providers in Taiwan and Singapore.

The phone is powerful. It's slim, and while it's a plastic phone, the plastic is high quality and very sleek. (Warning- don't drop it!) The screen is incredibly bright, and while it has Gorilla Glass, people seem to say that the quality in this department is iffy, some are indestructible, others get scratched by merely looking at the screen with an ugly thought. So I've been using a Skinomi screen protector, which has done the job relatively decently (but with the usual characteristics, fraying at the edges, yellowing tint, etc).

My main gripe about the phone is that the camera lens sticks out the back, and the glass cover is prone to scratches. The glass is not gorilla glass but merely a high impact glass, which is easily scratched. I have a rather ugly slash that if it were a tiny bit more to the side, would have interfered with the sensor while taking photos. This is a huge issue for such a great phone.

Secondly, the battery life is abysmal. With my mobile data on, my phone after 10 hours of use has dropped into a dangerously low 25-30% charge. Using wifi, my phone also results with the same charge. If you do not have them activated, the phone of course will behave like any other phone, hardly taking up any juice. But I've had to purchase an external battery charger in the case I'm out for the day. It's a bit annoying, though I know all smartphones currently have this issue.

All in all, the phone is great. I paid a huge price for mine since I bought it early, but now the prices have fallen to the point where it's worth taking a look at these phones. Even if they're 'old news', they're still extremely powerful and can handle pretty much anything still out currently.
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on March 21, 2014
Hello dear people, I have to say , the service was great the delivery time was amazing, the cell is working great, but there is a problem and I don't know if you guys can help me with it, the company, in colombia(south America) which provides my cell service, needs to register the cell into some national database, and in order to to this, they require me for the IMEI number in the bill, i have shown them the bill you gus have sent me, but they insist in telling me the IMEI number must appear in the bill, I was wondering if you guys could provideme a copy of the bill which contains such number which to my understand is kind of the ID number of the cell (IMEI 355330050730292) that is the IMEI number, I will be more than glad if you guys could send me a copy of the cell phone bill containing the data of it plus this number, because failure to provide them with this , they coul block my cell phone.

Best regards

Carlos Mauricio Álvarez
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on March 13, 2015
After only one month, the proximity sensor stopped working, that means, that when i started talking, the screen was not able to get blocked and made me miss a lot of calls, and also, it was the cause that the phone batery could not last more than a couple of hours. After, around five (05) months using the phone in those conditions, the htc one x Suddenly stopped working, what happened is that, without any reason, it lost the Imei code, after that, there was no way to make it work again. I could only use it with a wifi conection, as if it were a kind of tablet. A couple months later, the screen just stopped working at all... All This, in fewer words, was money sent to the waste can. I feel Angry and deceived. I will never again buy an htc product.
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