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on July 17, 2000
Having been in the HTML world now for a number of years, I am constantly looking for better references and tutorials. Elizabeth Castro has done both with this excellent book on HTML. Again and again I find myself turning to this book to find ways of doing things that I used to do in JavaScript (the "Gee I Didn't Know HTML Would Do That!" syndrome). What I like most is the format of the book; an excellent index allows the reader to easily look up specifics. The book contains some of the following chapters: Text Formatting, Images, Layout, Links, Lists, Tables, Frames (a big problem area for a lot of web programmers, well presented and explained here with some pretty neat hints and tips), Forms, Style Sheets (happily, this is heavily explained with four chapters dedicated to it's many facets), Scripts (wow! An HTML author who finally admits there are other languages out there! The author even spends a little time on the basics of JavaScript, however, she stays true to the focus of the book, only showing enough to wet the appetite before moving on), debugging (this is another biggy rarely covered by HTML authors, again well done here). The author spend some time even on publishing a web site. The problems and solutions to getting: a domain name, web host, transferring files, getting listed on search engines, etc. Several appendices: Tools, Special Symbols, Colors, and Tag Compatibility are covered. The index is very well done. This book is a must buy for any serious web developer.
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on October 5, 2001
This is the best basic HTML reference book around. Like all the Visual Quickstart books, it is thorough, quick, easy, clear, concise, and leaves you feeling like you've done a great job. You can read it straight through, or skip around to any chapter or any one/two page subject you choose to learn about, depending on your mood and need. I also have the much bigger 'HTML - The Complete Reference' book by Powell, but find it unwieldy to maneuver through in both size and verbiage. This book doesn't have that problem. The HTML Visual Quickstart book is broad in reference, well written and small enough at 383 pages that I can easily carry it around with me. I can quickly understand what I want to know, and move on, without any unnecessary text. If I had only one HTML reference book, this would be it. I refer to this book often, and use it to show others examples of how to code what they want. I really like the tips at the bottom of each subject, and I use the color chart and corresponding hexadecimal codes at the back of the book. The sections on Forms, Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript are wonderful because they are so often needed in coding good-looking, professional and functional web pages. My HTML 4 Visual Quickstart book is definitely not for sale.
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on February 22, 2013
About 10 years or so ago when I wanted to make my own website I bought HTML 3 for the World Wide Web, third edition, and having no former experience in making a website with html language I soon had a couple of websites up on the internet.

When I saw this 4th edition of HTML for the World Wide Web on I bought it and I am happy with my purchase. The author Elizabeth Castro gives easy to understand instructions along with photos to help you out. Both editions 3 and 4 that I own have been invaluable to me in making my own websites and learning the in's and out's of html language.
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on January 6, 2017
If you are starting out in learning HTML, this should be your BIBLE. Easy instructions and explanations. This was my everyday book when I first started learning about HTML in 1999. Highly recommend for beginners.
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on June 21, 2002
I knew *nothing* about HTML and making web pages before I bought this book. Within just a day or 2 I had some simple pages up. A few weeks later I had a nice family site up and running, along with a few sites for friends.
This book covers everything you need to know to make simple web pages. Unfortunately it doesn't help you make more dynamic web pages. There's either not much info or no info at all on cgi, javascript, css, or DHTML. This book is pure HTML, which is really all the basic web page builder needs.
The book is well written and the examples are very easy to follow. I'd recommend this book to EVERY HTML beginner. But if you want more advanced stuff, you'll have to buy another book or 2 after this one.
- on a side note, I wouldn't recommend the Visual Quickstart Guide: "DHTML and CSS for the world wide web". Most of the examples in there could be accomplished with straight HTML, and a lot of times much more easily.
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on April 10, 2003
This is an excellent book for beginners or near beginners. To get started you can hardly ask for more. The "visual" style, where you see the code highlighted in a sidebar, was incredibly valuable to me, showing exactly what had to be done.
You'll be able to have a decent looking site up in short time.
The book's section on css stylesheets is truly an excellent, working, introduction. My advice: start using style sheets. Despite their initial pains, they will pay off handsomely.
The drawbacks of the book are two: it's limited in scope. If you want to do server side scripting or setup a database you'll have to look elsewhere. It's chapters on javascript are also very limited.
Second, when you want to do something not straight forward, you may not find it here. That's OK in a way. Experimentation is a true way to learn.
These are not criticisms, for this this is an INTRODUCTORY book. As such it is truly admirable. You can't go wrong.
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on December 12, 2000
This book is well organized and thought out. After the simplified explanation of what HTML actually is, the book progresses through HTML in an order that truly mirrors the path a new user would take. Chapter 3 starts with simple "Text Formatting", then chapters 3 and 4 deal with images - exactly order in which a first time page author would need to work. Page layout of the book makes it very easy to follow and understand the current topic. Every page has a brief explanation of the tag or attribute being discussed and pictures of both the HTML code as it would appear in a text editor and how the code would appear when displayed in a web page.
This book does really keep to the basics, after writing a couple of pages you'll be ready for a more advanced reference, but HTML for the World Wide Web will make those first few pages painless and easy.
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on May 30, 2003
I have been a Webmaster since 1995 and found that there are still times that I need to look up a tag that I use infrequently. I was tired of looking things up online and finding that my online references no longer exist. This book gives me everything at my fingertips. The chapters represent categories, and there is even a great appendix that lists all the tags with brief descriptions. One other thing that I typically need is a table with all symbols that I rarely use but may need on occasion -- all on one page! There is also a flap on the back page of web-friendly colors and their hex equivalents.
For beginners, everything is laid out in a logical order and is easy to follow. Picture examples make this book easy to follow and easy to flip through and find exactly what you need.
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on December 14, 2000
I found this book to be a good desk resource when I was creating my own site. Elizabeth Castro has been able to demonstrate good examples of web development, or should I say HTML development with visual code examples as well results of the code. Another trick I licked was how she explained how the different browsers' handled the HTML code. One thing I did not find very useful was in chapter 4, Creating Images, which the Elizabeth Castro focused too much on a single product and how that can help your web site. In that case then we can list various application/products that can do the same, enhance your web site. Overall the book is a good reference; it is for beginners and more for the designer then the coder. Have fun coding.
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on May 23, 2000
Well, it is an excellent reference too. All items are provided in a succinct and interesting format. For every tag shown there is a graphic/example/code showing how it is applicable and what are the pitfalls. I believe the book covers at least 99% of all the tags and issues involved. Also provides the details on W3Cs efforts to standardize the HTML and HTML rendering. Has good notes on future of each tag, whether it is deprecated or not, differences in implementation by Netscape and IE and other browsers. The amount of detail the book has is amazing, but all of it is presented in a interesting and informative format that any body could appreciate. Has a very good index and it is possible to find information on any tag or an attribute with just one lookup.
I have not found the book to be lacking in any way. It does exactly as it advertises, a quick start guide. Has a little bit about the applets and scripts but approaches it as it would apply to HTML tags. Has good information on the Cascading Style Sheets.
A wonderful book to learn HTML4
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