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on January 16, 2015
Whisper quiet operation, looks good, and holds a constant temperature. Will update this in the future after a few months, but initial purchase and first week I have had nothing but compliments from friends, and positive experience. It has been a great addition to my bar area.
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on June 29, 2014
Bought this as a gift for my wife. Very pleased with the unit, as it looks good, runs quite, and performs well, especially for the price. We had an issue with it at first that others may need to know about. We originally set it on a counter with the back of the unit about an inch from the wall. After one week, the unit would only cool to 54 degrees, which is just a little too warm to drink chilled wine. I was going to return it to Amazon, but my wife simply moved the unit about 3/4 inch further from the wall, and within an hour or so the unit was at 47 degrees and has now stayed there for several weeks. Apparantly it could not vent properly at 1 inch ffom the wall. This was a simple fix that the instructions did not mention. We are now very pleased with this purchase.
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10-1/8" wide
26" high
20-1/4" deep from back to front of curved door
18" deep with door open. Be aware the door needs an additional 1/2" or so to the right when it swings open.

Also, the instructions say to allow 2" clearance to the sides and back and 4" above the top. It's for freestanding installation, not built-in.

2 meter stiff black with a straight 3-prong plug

Separate upper and lower sections with programmable temps for White (suggested 49-55 degrees F.) and Red (suggested 62-68 degrees F.) When first plugged in both chambers default to 54 degrees. The upper zone is for Red as the possible range according to the manual is 54-66 degrees. The lower zone is for White and can be adjusted between 46-66 degrees F.

The two zones appear to be cooled by separate thermal-electric cooling systems, not compressors. Nice.

Fan noise:
I'd compare it to a running desktop computer or a little louder. Not objectionable, but there. When it reaches temp, it should be a lot quieter.

There's an interior LED light that turns on manually from the outside. All controls are accessible from the panel on the front.

There are two removable chrome metal shelves in each chamber that each hold two bottles, for a total of six in each chamber. The chambers are isolated from each other via magnetic sealing strips, like a big refrigerator.

Regular bottles fit nicely. A 1.5 liter, 13" tall bottle will fit and allow the door to close, but you'll have to remove a shelf to get it in and then if you add a regular bottle, the two are really jammed in there. And now the bottles simply don't fit anymore. Bottom line, don't put 1.5 liter bottles in.

The instructions say that it should not be placed in a garage or other uninsulated area. Apparently thermal cooling systems are sensitive to ambient temperature.

According to the instructions, when the ambient temp is 77 degrees, the lowest temp that the unit can achieve is 50-52 degrees. If the ambient temp is 73 degrees, the lowest temp achievable is 46-48 degrees. If the ambient temp is too low, the unit stops cooling, but of course, it's at a lower temp already.

The hinge pins are on the right.

It's a compact, affordable unit that holds 12 regular bottles of wine at dual temps. it's nice looking and keeps the wine at the desired temps. Cool.
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on September 13, 2014
Been meaning to post an update for several months. Anyways, dropped the rating from 4-stars to 3. Reason being, both units have developed moisture between the panes of glass/plastic. Although I still recommend the units for their intended purchase, I must advise others of this issue. There is probably a fix for this, however I have not searched for one. Nor have I contacted the manufacturer. At the price I purchased at, they have served their purpose. If I find a remedy for this issue, I'll update the post.

Purchase two of these cabinets. One for red wine (set at 58 degrees currently), the other for whites (set at 50).

They sit next to each other on my counter top, 4-5 inches spaced off the wall, 2-3 inches apart from each other. The temperature in my house is kept typically between 78-82 degrees during the summer.

NOTE this is ABOVE the ambient temperature requirements for the units to efficiently cool to the lower end (46-52). This is not an issue for me, though it should be clearly stated. As I write this review, the one cabinet is going back and fourth between 58-59 and the other is holding steady at 53. The 53 is warmer then I'd like but again my house is really warm.

Opening the door, yes the temperature does go up quite a bit. These are small so its expected however, they do come back down to temperature pretty quick

These cabinets are close to my fridge and although you can hear the fans quite well when near them, it's not louder then when my fridge compressor comes on. Have I heard the fans turn off, no, but I wasn't expecting them too.

As a whole, I like the product, the temperature display and led interior lights are nice features. For the price, it's certainly met my expectations.

At this time I highly recommend, I will update this review in the future!

Capacity: 0.57 Cu.Ft.
Voltage: 110-120V
Current: 0.8A
Power: 50W
Net Wet: 17.6lbs
Dimensions: 14.2x10x20.6
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on October 2, 2015
very nice and handy. keeps wine perfectly chilled and looks really nice!
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on January 23, 2014
This has been a great wine chiller. Great price - super quiet - and an incredibly small footprint.

It set up and chilled down quickly in less than 2 hours. Don't believe the review that sites they have had this model for "about 3 years" - this model has only been out since June of 2013. Great buy. Works great. I highly recomend.

One correction to the Amazon description: the lower zone has the degree zone of 46 to 66 degrees holding 8 bottles; the upper zone has a degree zone of 54 to 66 degrees holding 10 bottles.
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on June 21, 2016
UPDATE: After about 10 months the light burned out inside. I can't figure out how to replace it (it looks more like a circuit board with tiny led lights than a regular appliance light). THe user manual makes no mention whatsoever about replacing burned out lights. I though LEDs had a longer life than this.

The troubleshooting/maintence pages of the user guide don't mention that you should keep the air filters in the back of the unit clear of dust. My white wine section was not holding its temp very well. I pulled the fridge out and noticed that each section has a screen over its fan. My screens were covered in dust and cat hair (after 7 months in my kitchen). They popped off and back on easily and I dusted them thoroughly. Now the temps are dropping back down where they belong. The user guide does note that when the room temps are high (such as in the summer) the cooler will not be able to maintain the lowest temps, but so far that has not been a problem.
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on May 21, 2016
So far so good. The design is simple and elegant. Takes about 3-4 hours to reach the coldest temperature (46 degrees). Temperature is actually cold enough for other drinks (I have bottles of lemonade, root beer, and sparkling water in mine). Very quiet operation--a light hum--quieter than my computer. The shelves can be completely removed if you wanted to store something upright in the cooler like bottles of water or soda or something.
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on September 29, 2015
This wine fridge looks great and cools nicely. I havent had any issues and keep it set to 60 and 55 respectively. The light is only on the top half and probably is more for show unless you are hunting around for bottles at night. I do kind of wish there was a bottom light as well. It fits all standard bottles of wine easily and the doors stick out about another inch or two so you get a little extra clearance for slightly longer bottles. I keep mine in the finished basement so noise is not an issues but once it's up to temp the fans usually only kick on every now and then and it's pretty quiet. I'm really enjoying mine so far.
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on March 7, 2015
Just received today! and I am loving it so far. The fridge came well packed in manufacturer box, bubble wrapped, in shipping box. I set the temperatures and then loaded 5 bottles of champagne and a bottle of wine. I also put a thermostat inside at the same time, and the temperature reached the set point within an hour (see pic). I placed the fridge next to the credenza in the dining area and fits perfectly as far as height and depth. As far as noise, I do not personally hear it running while in the dining area unless standing over it. It has a quiet hum when up close. I need now to do my research to see what temps to set the cooler for champagne :) Cheers!
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