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on December 18, 2012
UPDATE: Whether damaged in shipping or defective when the screen is white one can see vertical shadows on the screen. This doesn't bother me but might bother others. Other buyers had mentioned weird noises coming from the TV speakers and I can confirm this. Here's to hoping it is resolved with a firmware update. Also, connecting to the digital out for the TV tuner audio has sped up the channel changing significantly, not sure why but I'm not complaining either! Was worth the $330 but any higher price I'd be wary. Make sure to purchase with a credit card that offers buyer protection or extended warranty to cover your butt.

Do NOT expect this model to do deep rich black tones, otherwise colors are good and picture is bright and clear.

Slender thin design is nice, front bezel looks good and was thinner than I was expecting. Paid $335 in late Dec 2012 when the price dipped low for a few hours on this model. Bright clean picture and a nice non-glossy screen to keep glare down. Easy assembly with 4 (included) screws and a (not included) common phillips screwdriver. Was surprised to find a decent quality remote with batteries included. TV is light enough that a single person can unbox and setup without help. Unencrypted QAM signals from my cable provider come in looking super at full 1080 resolution. VGA input looks amazingly good even though my PC has old cheap onboard video. No dead pixels or other weirdness anywhere on this set even though the box shows that Fed-Ex was less than gentle with it during shipping.

Slight LED light bleed on right hand side which matches with damage to the box. Seems like more than a coincidence to me so I'm going to blame Fed-Ex for that one. Not bad enough for me to bother with returning it. The slight LED light bleed is really not noticeable unless the entire right side of screen is completely black.

This model does an "OK" job with the color black and can be made "good" with time and tweaking of the color settings via the menu.

This model takes almost a full second to change channels when using the built-in HDTV tuner. As with most low end digital HDTVs it took 10+ minutes to scan my cable TV connection for available digital and analog channels, thank goodness that is a one time routine! For the price point I am not at all bothered with these minor cons.

There is a menu option for loading new firmware, presumably via a file on a USB thumb drive connected to the set. Model is so new it is not listed on manufacturers website but at least they included the possibility to add new and improved firmware later on. Maybe they will release a new firmware later to help with the time it takes to switch channels?

If you plan to route the full HD digital audio from the TV's built in HDTV tuner you'll need a digital coaxial input on your receiver. For older 2 channel audio systems one could use the headphone jack output on the HDTV with an inexpensive cable that has a headphone jack on one end and RCA left and right outputs on the other end.

Have not tested the 2 HDMI ports yet. The VGA port, component input and built in HDTV tuner work like a charm though.

It's like a big bright inexpensive PC monitor but with an HD tuner, woohoo! The picture quality would make you think it cost more than it does. Perfect for low budget home theater or kids room etc.
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on December 17, 2012
Just got this set today. I have it hooked up to a Pioneer 5.1 receiver with a decent set of surround speakers and a small sub in the bedroom. This replaces a 32" Emerson LCD that I got on Black Friday of this year (yes, already). The price was right on Amazon - so why not? It looks incredible, especially for a budget set. I just tested it with a Casino Royale 1080p DTS torrent through the VGA input (from a computer), and simply put - it looks incredible. It's nice and bright. The internal tuner picture quality is decent, it's OK, but that's to be expected from a budget set.

The TV is 2 feet away from the foot of a queen size bed on a TV stand.

Yes, the internal speakers sound like crap - but with a set like this - would you want to USE the internal speakers? What a waste that'd be. Great receivers and surround sound speakers could cost you as little as $200 - $250 nowadays. Invest in a setup. It's worth it. I like the fact that the TV has an RCA-type digital coaxial output. I have never been a fan of digital optical because it relies on light, and internally brittle cables.

It's a 3 of 5. It does have uneven and strange light leak, but it is less noticeable when you're actually watching something.

For the money, it's a 5 of 5 though. Buy it.
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on December 17, 2012
1. Super light, I can put this up on the kitchen counter top all by myself easily, my last 47" & 52" were both like 100lbs. My HP 30" LCD monitor is only 4 lbs lighter. It makes a BIG difference if you like to swap your gadgets often.
2. Great color, I don't mean rich color, I don't care for unrealistic over saturated color, I mean the color is dead on. I have the color temp on normal, contrast 0, brightness 45, sharpness 0. At first I feel just a tint of green once awhile, then I set color to 45, and it's perfect. As another reviewer point out, skin tone is great.
3. Use very little energy, this thing barely gets warm, I'm guessing it burns less then a 100 watt. I don't know why, but my energy bill is ridiculous, which is why I try not to use my projector except for movies now.
4. Great viewing angle, I have to go > 45 degrees off axis before registering a drop brightness/contrast.
5. Great picture, bottom line, the picture is great.
6: Dirt cheap, seriously? this is currently selling for 349 SHIPPED. The next cheapest 46" LCD is 398, next cheapest LED model is 500.

1. I can always use more dynamic range. I have no complaints in properly lit studio scenes. but in some outdoor news type videos, there are some blockiness.
2. I have some backlit over spilling out on the right edge of my unit.
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on August 8, 2013
I purchased this television set during Christmas 2012 because I thought it was a good deal. However, it is NOT worth a penny I paid for it. First, I'd like to review the product itself. The TV is very thin and light, as most LED tv's are nowadays, that's the only pro. The con's: there will be backlight "bleeding" throughout the edges of the display, you can see it on scenes that aren't even very dark. They are very pronounced on the corners. The tv set, for whatever reason, has a horrible time displaying red's. when there is a lot of red, such as a scene with an actress in a red dress, there's almost no shading or definition.

now my personal issues with my set. i received a set that had a line of dead/bad pixels that is about 7 inches or so long. also, they sent me a bad remote control that is not sending out an IR signal. I called customer service several times, they use US and off-shore support (i can discern a foreign accent when i hear one, i am of Asian decent). When you get an American it's great, when you get off-shore support, they will look over the notes, put you on hold b/c they have to contact someone else, and then get back to you, but they can't really do much beside enter notes to your account and give you an update here or there. if you have an issue with your set, customer service requires 5 or 6 pictures of the set. Some are stupid, why do i have to send in a picture of the front and back that displays the Haier logo? do many people try to trick you and send you issues of another manufacturer's product? i doubt it considering your CS. After reviewing my pictures, they sent out a tech to verify. the Tech told me what i thought, the set needed to be replaced. Tech said they will let Haier America know and for me to follow up w/ Haier. A few days later, i call Haier and they said they're waiting on the Tech. I told them everything was submitted to them and a recommendation for replacement was put in, this is where the off-shore support has no idea of what's going on. After an escalation, i get a manager on the phone and he says he will send out a replacement and for me to fill out a form. I fill out a form for a replacement and have to send in the actual label off my tv. well they're not very clear which label they wanted because one person said to send in the label with the serial number. that is incorrect, you must send in the actual label with Haier's name on it, so it just displays the model number. after a week or so, i get a call that i will receive my unit within two weeks. well, that's not true, it MAY ship in two weeks. it has now been over two weeks and including back and forth mailing of documents, Tech roll out and everything, it's been over a 7 weeks. THIS IS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! RUN AWAY. DO NOT BUY A HAIER product. it will fail and you will be left with horrible support.
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on December 21, 2012
I bought this TV after researching affordable tvs to replace my to small 24" beautiful Samsung Suncmaster P2470HD LCD TV -great picture, perfect uniformity and great contrast due to its conventional CCFL LCD.I just wanted some TV for my kitchen between 42-47 so I picked this one for $338.Got it 3 days later and returned it next day because:

1. The TV is not the same as pictured in profile - not so thin and it had bump with all connectors that is definitely not shown on the item gallery.This was deceiving and does not represent the actual look of the TV

2. The sound is flat , weak but that was expected for such a low priced TV

3. The menu is very limited /no control of the backlight etc/, no input dedicated buttons on the remote control

4. Poor build quality.Even slight squeeze on the frame around the LCD panel will show you why.

5. The worst part - Horrible backlight bleeding/see my photo/, awful contrast , basically there is no black color. All that backlight bleeding with this poor contrast makes watching any dark scene miserable.
The only good think I can say about this TV - it is bright and colors are OK.
Despite it's low price , I don't think it's worth it. I'm also not sure how reliable would be in long run.
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on January 27, 2013
I bought this TV before x'mas, the delivery is great and I got it really 2 days after I ordered. Most important, when I open the box & installed it well, it's really exceed expectation: I have to say it's a GREAT deal though it DOES have few defect (will list out below)! Before I bought it, I checked those reviews as well as price comparison with other brand in Amazon and other sites like Bestbuy/Wal-mart. Someone mentioned the sound is a mess but I didn't have the feeling at all: the sound is quite well to me at all (maybe because I;m not the AV genius); What my really amazed is its picture quality: clear, bright, natural.... I cant say any defect in picture quality at all: it's real HD profile when you watching HD TV, the feeling is great (I don't have blue-ray DVD, no comments on those blue-ray quality yet). Also, few men also mentioned it's Chinese brand, underlying that it's a fake product & can't expect high quality,,, but to me, I thought it's not true..... think about price, for all other brand, you can't image <$400 for a 46in 1080p HDTV (almost all >$550). So overall a real Great deal!
But the TV does have a defect: when I explore different TV program quickly using remote controller, it will be stuck: I added few channels into "favorite", then switch channels between those favorites, almost every time TV will be stuck there if I change channels quickly: screen will be just blue there,,, no image nor audio out anymore... you have to plug out power cord from wall then re-plug in it to restart whole TV.... it's a real bug, I have asked Haier's support line, however no response from their technical team. I have exchanged a new TV from Amazon, but it's the same issue... Finally I just accept it to do those favorite channels more carefully... if there is no such defect,,, I will rate it as a full 5-start; now it can only be 4.5 star :)
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on January 4, 2013
On first start-up, it was clear that something was wrong. The menus were unreadable at times. The screen "refreshed" (a term I use lightly, as it never cleared old pictures) about once every 3-4 seconds. The whole screen was blue with horizontal lines all over it. Maybe a thousand stuck pixels down the right side of the TV.

Upon turning on the cable (using component - my DVR's HDMI port is broken but component works fine), the sound was fine but the picture appeared through a gray-black-blue haze so thick you couldn't tell what it was. Almost like looking at a faded photograph negative.

I'm sure this is a defective unit, but it gets one star until I've seen proof that Haier will work with me to get this situation fixed. So far, I'm very frustrated and I'm sure I'm going to have to spend 20 minutes figuring out how to cram this stupid thing back in its box to get a refund or exchange. If I'm pleasantly surprised by Haier's customer service and end up with a working TV, I'll revise this rating.

Edit 1/9/2012: Haier's customer service was not good at fixing this problem in an expedient manner. They tried to send out a tech, which would have taken ~1 week, best case scenario. Called Amazon for a return and got amazing results. Truly awesome job by Amazon's return department. New TV was out within 2 business days and I finally get to review the thing based on its actual performance.

It's a decent looking, dumb (as opposed to "smart") TV with not a lot of frills. At this size/price, I don't see how you can expect to do better than that. My current TV, without the issues Haier gave me in trying to resolve the issue, would receive 5 stars for exceeding expectations for the price. Deducting for the fact that one was nonfunctional and Haier's service, I'm putting it at a 3. Amazon gets 5 stars for its customer service.
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on September 29, 2013
Have had this for about a week. It's pretty much the cheapest 46" you can buy, so expectations are pretty low. Overall it met or exceeded expectations, with a few exceptions.

The picture is nice, crisp, clear. There's no ghosting/blurring on fast action (sports, Michael Bay movies, etc). It doesn't have that "fake" or "digital" look that some LCDs have. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the picture. The range of the display leaves a bit to be desired. Using media reference designed for high end plasma's, this has about a third of the range (adjusting whites and blacks, AKA contrast and brightness). I wouldn't expect a low end LCD to have the same range as a high end plasma, but unfortunately you have to sacrifice a little to get a "balanced" picture.

The overall build quality is nice. It has a nice matte screen (not glossy), so it does pretty well at not reflecting ambient light. The bezel, buttons, inputs, etc are all very nicely done, you wouldn't know it was a budget TV from any of those. Only time will tell how well those hold up.

One big and one minor negative. For the minor one, there are two really bad hotspots in the upper left and upper right corners. It's only noticeable on _really_ dark scenes (think of scenes at night in the recent Batman movies), and even then only if you're looking for it. It's very visible on solid black screens, but those don't really happen in normal viewing.

The major negative is mine came with a stuck pixel. Unfortunately it's green (so visible on any dark or neutral colored scenes, not visible on light colored scenes) and it's near the middle of the screen. Haven't done much to try and un-stick it yet. Haven't reached out to Haier yet either. This one stuck pixel is the reason for four stars instead of five.

Overall this is a solid purchase for the price (even with the stuck pixel). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking for a good budget LCD.
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on March 2, 2014
Sticky drops? After 12 months or so we found drops or small bubbles on a potion of the plastic housing (the back of the tv). It looks like mold would. It is on the bottom strip and center upright piece, both on the back of the tv. It's evenly distributed and not on the rest of the tv. No, it's not a spill or anything we did. It has secreted from the tv! What the heck! I have no idea what it is. Oil? Maybe.

Hissing sound? I have heard the hissing others spoke of.

Sound is poor. I have to have the volume way up due to the poor sound.

Display good. I am not a tv guru but I can tell the display is not as good as my other (Visio low end) tv's.
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on January 17, 2013
I went through two of these TVs at a $330 price point. Should be a steal for a 46" LED right? The back-light bleed on these sets was so disgusting, I cannot stand to look at them. I've never even noticed this problem on a TV before but these were so bad, it made me realize what the term meant. All around the edges, bright white splotches are noticeable when any dark colors are on screen. I'm horribly disappointed even though my expectations were already low. When it happens to two out of two purchases, it's not a coincidence, please avoid this garbage TV.
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