Customer Reviews: Haier XQBM22-C Portable 4.9-Pound-Capacity Pulsator Washing System with Stainless-Steel Tub
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on March 7, 2006
<strong>SIX MONTH REVIEW</strong>

six months later and still LOVING it (bought in March, now October). Yesterday, I actually washed a QUEEN SIZE lightweight summer comforter in it!.... Now that was pushing it, but the little guy did it!

Just recommended this to a friend who is having a baby too. LOVE it. Still quiet, no leaks AND finally just ordered the wheels for it because Lowe's stopped carrying them for awhile!

I LOVE this washer. I was the one who posted all of the product pictures to help you guys out with it. I got Super Saver delivery and got in like 3-4 days, not bad!

Lowe's offers wheels specifically for this model for about $25. Go to their website and search on Haier castors. Its the Haier Adjustable Caster Kit (Color: White) Item #: 201376 Model: MS15224

Connecting to bathroom faucet
Both Lowe's and Home Depot have the parts for connecting this to your bathroom sink if the faucet is smaller than your kitchen sink. You can do this for under $20.

Parts needed to connect to bathroom faucet that
is SMALLER then kitchen faucet.

Danco Perfect Match [...]:

Dishwasher Snap Coupling Set (1G): 36114B
Small Male Adaptor (12D): 36104B
Dishwasher Aerator Adaptor (2E): 3611B

Remove the existing aerator from your faucet and
attach the adapter in the following order (make sure to put the
rubber washers in each piece as you go):

1) Screw the smaller end of the Small Male adapter into
the faucet
2) Screw the Dishwasher aerator onto the protruding end of the
Small Male adapter
3) Pull the collar down on the Dishwasher Snap Collar Set
breaking it into two separate piece. Screw the piece that
DOESN'T have the plastic collar onto the Dishwasher
aerator. Keep this arrangement on your faucet permenantly.
There is now an aerator on the faucet, so you do not need to
use the old one any longer.
4) Screw the brass looking part of the Dishwasher Snap Coupling
Set onto the grey end of the water intake hose.

To connect the water intake hose onto the faucet, slide the plastic collar on the Dishwasher Snap Coupling Set DOWN. PUSH entire piece onto the metal piece protruding from the faucet, let the collar go (it will move back up, holding the pieces together)

Great, QUIET machine. Sounds like a dishwasher. I have done up to 4 LARGE towels in it with no issues and no off-balance (even though I know my machine is NOT level right now).

Basically, the largest load is about 1/3 the size of what you would normally do. I have done 5 kids pants, 2 adult pants, 2 kids shirts, 2 adult shirts and a handful of undies all in one load without a problem. I have done loads of loads. Large bath and beach towels too without a problem.

Item Returns
If you DO have an issue and need to return this item, Haier doesn't require you to send the WHOLE machine back any longer. I believe you send only the back panel and at least 8 inches of the power cord. They did this to make returns easier.

Overflowing, detergent
DO be careful with detergent. Use only HE (high efficiency) and ~ 3/4 oz for a lage load. I overdid it once, it did not leak but I opened it during the cycle and could see excessive sudse. I think that I was just fortunate:>

Drain Hose
Quality, many people complain about the drain hose quality. But when I went to home depot to look at the hoses, all of the DRAIN hoses they had were of the same type. You can buy a rubber intake hose and USE it as a drain hose if it bothers you so much. But you get this unit delivered for less then $200. Hello? I spend that much in 6 weeks at the laundry mat.

Overall Quality
Also, this is no $800 Kenmoore, dont expect it to be. If you want THAT kind of quality than pop open your wallet and pay for it. Still, for the money, I see nothing wrong with the quality. Its a pretty sturdy little machine and not flimsy at all. If it breaks after 2 months, I won't care, because it would have already paid for itself by then!

Tips and Tricks
Some other reviews mention that the machine retains water after washing. It does and the manual mentions this. To get past this, I do the following AFTER my last load for the day:

1. Turn the washer off after cycle and remove clothes.
2. Turn the Faucets OFF.
3. Turn the cycle selection knob to WASH (do not turn on yet).
4. Disconnect the water intake hose and hold it UP in the air and turn the washer on. This opens the hose to the washer and allows the water that was remaining in the hose to empty into the washer. Turn the washer OFF as soon as the water is finished emptying (no longer than 2 seconds).
5. Turn the washer to the spin cycle and turn ON. This kicks off the drain pump and empties the remaining water into the drain hose. Turn washer off immediately after the water stops coming from the drain hose.

That's it. works like a charm. Since I normally do 3-4 loads at a pop, it doesn't take much to do when I am all done and keeps the washer dry.

Some other reviews complained about what to do with the cord and hoses as there are no hooks to hang them on. I resolved this easily by buying plastic suction cup hooks from the bath department in Target. For the electrical cord, I used a razor holder suction hook, and got a regular hook for the intake hose and mounted it on the wall side ways. Since my unit is in the bathroom, the hools mounted tightly on the tile wall. The drain hose is too big for a hook, but you can tie a piece of string around the end, then hand it from the string on the hook.

End Notes
7# YES, it DOES play jingle bells.
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on January 22, 2004
This little washer works pretty good. Fast and clean. Save enery and time. Not consuming too much water and electricity.
One thing bad is that the faucet adaptor is not strong enough. It was pushed away by the water pressure the first time I used it. I replaced it with an all-screw adapter bought from homedepot. Then everything is OK.
I realy like this washer.
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on March 4, 2005
I am very satisfied with this little washing machine. The clothes come out great! I was a little nervous about buying this particular washing machine after reading some of the reviews. There are a few people who have said they have to constantly rebalance the load when it is in the spin cycle, so I was very nervous about that. But my machine runs just fine. I think maybe her machine is not level. I have very uneven floors here and I had to adjust the machine to make it level but the spin cycle works great. It stays balanced even when I wash heavy towels. The only thing I don't like about the machine is that you have to empty the lint filter after every load of laundry. It's no big deal though and it is very quick to clean but still it would be nice if it didn't need to be cleaned EVERY time. Oh! I also have not had any problems with leaks, as I took one person's advice from her review, which she said not to use too much laundry detergent, and so I made sure even for my very first load (I figured I would trust the person instead of finding out for myself) and I just use a half of a thing of detergent, instead of a whole one.

One more thing, which I find mildly disturbing and I don't know if it is just my machine or if they are all like this, hopefully someone will email me or something and let me know. BUt I read in the manual that the machine signals a sound when the cycle is finished, and so I was expecting a beep or something like that. But that is not what I heard, I heard the music from "Jingle Bells"!! No kidding. I thought one of my kids toys must have been in the machine or something but no!! It was in fact the washing machine that was playing the tune to "Jingle Bells".... is it just my machine or do they all have the same tune? And is there any way to change it because I really am not a big fan of that song particularly, and since Christmas has come and gone, I don't really want to be listening to "Jingle Bells" every time I do the laundry!! If anyone knows anything about this please email me at: THANKS!!
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on October 14, 2005
This is the washer you should get if you are tight on space. I am rarely at home, always between here and there, but I still can get my laundry done with this guy on the off-weekend that I've got an hour or two to spare on cleaning. In my research, this was about the best mini-washer I could find.

Don't bother getting the cheap kind; it is throwing your money away, and it is painstaking to do such small loads. Also, you would have to wring out your clothes and wrinkle them, instead of having a spin cycle.

I had some trouble with set up - I ended up with two random washers leftover. So sometimes the part that connects the sink into the hose leaks, and sometimes the bottom of the washer piddles on the floor. Still, it's never a big deal, as I keep it in the kitchen. I think I may check the connection of the hose to the machine sometime.

Sears guys I have talked with in the past recommend having something around the base of washers, anyway (they would know, they've heard the horror stories) - I'm sure you could find a plastic bin at a dollar store or something. The drain hose can be annoying to deal with in terms of finding a way to secure it. The booklet assumes you have a utility sink that you can just hang it on, but I have a kitchen sink. We've found that we can actually just lay it in our sink, but do get as much slack out of it as you can before you close the base of the machine.

For leakage, sink adapter, and drainage problems, several reviews here can give you good advice on things you can get at home depot. I don't have a car, but for those of you who do, consider the idea if you need to.

I have a Brita filter on my kitchen sink, so I can easily switch between it and the washer. Also, keep in mind that the temperature that your sink is at is the temperature your clothes are washing at. I have a "lever" sink - the kind that doesn't have two separate hot and cold controls to control temperature. Basically I have it on the cold side when I first put clothes in (to remove stains), and move it to warm for the final rinse (to reduce wrinkles and stretching).

Here's how I do a load:

* Reset to "low" water level. Turn the sink on to cold, start regular wash. When it starts to swish, I add less than ¼ cup detergent. (Never add too much; too little is better than too much.)

* I gently drop clothes in to about halfway up the tub. I reset to "high" water level.

* I set my cell-phone for half an hour. When it rings, the final rinse is about to begin. I change the sink to warm and add half a measure of Downy. Both these measures reduce the wrinkling you get when you air-dry clothing.

* Wait a little longer, and jingle bells plays (off-key. To turn off the jingle bells, just push down the washer button to "off".) Take out clothing immediately and hang. (I purchased a well-rated Polder drying rack on Amazon. Happy with it.)

I have only had an unbalanced load once. I could hear the pain from the other room, and then the washer stopped. Again, it was only once. I suggest you read the manual. (I heard someone say they just opened and closed the top, which isn't helpful for an unbalanced load - you actually need to rearrange clothes!) I never needed to level the washer. I think people who are having problems are either stuffing their washers with clothes or haven't leveled the machine. Another possibility is that they're misinterpreting the pause and clicking right before drainage as a problem.

As far as "babysitting" the machine goes, I wouldn't say it was necessary. You should stay around more often than you would if you had a regular washer, but usually I'm doing chores in my apartment on laundry day so it isn't a big deal.
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on September 10, 2005
The washer comes with a 4-foot long water intake hose. I needed a longer one, and simply bought a 6-foot standard washing machine fill hose at a hardware store. 7 US dollars, problem solved. The user manual, which explains in detail the machine's parts, and how to attach the hoses and where to place the drain hose, does not explicitly tell the user exactly how to use the machine for the first time.

E.g. once hoses are attached securely to washer and to faucet, and drain hose is placed properly, plug washer into electrical outlet. Then, turn on the water at the tap, cold or hot, as you desire. (if you get leaks, tighten connections! be sure to use the rubber washers) On washing machine, pull up knob at desired cycle to start. (water will begin to fill tub) Put in detergent (you may need to experiment, i use far less than 1/4 cup). As tub is filling with water, load clothes LOOSELY no higher than just below rim of internal tub, do not stuff them. Remember that water or suds spilling or splashing over the rim of the internal tub may leak out of the machine. So don't overload or go too heavy on soap or other sudsy things like Oxy-clean.

Once you turn water on at the tap, the washer takes over, you don't need to turn water on and off during the cycle. However, you must manually change the water temperature yourself at the water tap, if you desire, say, a hot wash, and then a cold rinse. Not a biggie, but the manual should say that.

When using the "Heavy Wash" cycle, you may wonder why the machine seems to go idle, repeating a clicking sound. It's ok -- the pulsing agitation will resume by itself. That's how the heavy cycle works, by alternating its pulse action with a soak period several times.

i run my washer in my apartment bathroom--the water source is at the bathroom sink, and it drains into the bathtub. No leaks, works well, very quiet.
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VINE VOICEon December 21, 2005
I got my Haier XQBM22-C Portable 4.9-Pound-Capacity Pulsator Washing System with Stainless-Steel Tub yesterday - Tuesday, December 20 (from Amazon - with free shipping and a $25.00 "HoHoHoHo" discount! - total price: $144.99) - after ordering it just last Friday. Four days from order until arrival is fantastic, especially this time of year. Amazon is truly amazing!

It took but a few minutes to unpack and set up the washer. The process is very easy. I did my first load ("medium" size) and everything worked to perfection.

Today, however, I tried a "large" load and I put in too much Tide(R). Well, you guessed it - suds all over the floor (and you should have heard the comments made about me and my intelligence by my wife!). Haier recommends "high efficiency" laundry detergent and they aren't kidding. We'll be buying some tomorrow.

The washer, having no agitator, is very "easy" on clothing and its overall washing cycle is rather fast. It performs similarly to a front-loader (or one of the new agitator-less "high efficiency" top loaders). The stainless steel drum is a really nice touch - this is usually found only on the most expensive washing machines. It spins rapidly (it even re-balances the load itself in most cases) and extracts the water very well, thus minimizing drying time.

I notice that there are some differences between the operating manual which can be downloaded from Amazon's site and the printed one which is supplied by the manufacturer. The downloaded version is more helpful concerning operation (though the "setup" procedure in the printed manual is more accurate).

Though you must clean the lint filter every time, this is really no bother as it is extremely easy and convenient to do. The filter in the water inlet must also be cleaned monthly (depending on use), but this, too is reltively easy to do. (I can't get my fingers in to remove that filter; a pair of long-nose pliers made removing it easy.)

I do wish the unit had wheels - this would make moving it much more convenient, though its handles are well-placed and moving it is not really that big a deal. It is not too heavy and its weight is well-balanced; it is not awkward to carry.

I do have a question - WHO the h*** thought up "Jingle Bells" for an end-of-cycle alarm? Oh, brother!!

We bought this machine as an "extra" machine to use when we have only small or delicate loads or for use when our "main" washing machine breaks down. It is certainly an excellent purchase - the quality is high and the price is definitely right. I think we'll be using this little machine more often than we had initially anticipated.

I recommend it to anyone who has any need at all for a small automatic washer, either for use in an apartment or for an "extra" machine, as in our case.

And buy it from Amazon! They're terrific!

(This unit has been discontinued. This Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer appears to be its successor and should be equivalent.)


Update: December 14, 2006

I've had this machine for exactly a year now and I am as happy with it as when I first got it. The only issue I had was obtaining the caster kit which took many months to arrive (from PartStore<dot>com - an excellent company with which to deal). But it finally DID arrive and now it is much easier to move the machine next to the sink.

I have nothing but praise, so far, for the machine itself as well as Amazon's sales and service. I have some misgivings about Haier's responsiveness to customers as they would not answer either my questions or queries from PartStore as to when the caster kit would be available. They do make most parts available from PartStore, and other suppliers, so parts should be no problem, if ever needed. I ordered a few extra lint filters as that seems to be proprietary for this machine. Most other parts appear to be "standard" types.


Update: December 17, 2007

It has been almost exactly two years now since we got this machine and I have to say that it remains excellent in all regards. I generally use it for washing underwear and often we use it at the same time we use our larger (regular) washing machine. Then we put both loads in the dryer. This saves us a lot of time.

I have purchased every replaceable item that I can from the above-mentioned PartStore. I was able to get the Caster Kit which makes moving the machine much easier. Unfortunately, that item is no longer being made by Haier - I'm glad I got it when I did. Other than a few proprietary items made for this machine, which I purchased, most of the machine appears to be made of common components which should be easy to obtain in the event of a breakdown.

My wife and I have been very satisfied with this machine, both in terms of its quality, and its price as sold by Amazon. Where else could you get a machine of this capacity and quality at a price of $144.99, which INCLUDES shipping?

As I said above, Amazon is truly amazing!


Update: December 23, 2008

Well, another year has gone by and my Haier washing machine is still working perfectly.

I bought a number of "spares" from "just in case" but, so far, I have not had to use any of them.

I must say that the $144.99 I spent for this machine is just about the best $144.99 I have EVER spent!

If this machine is indicative of Haier appliances in general, then I can confidently predict a bright future for them.

The next time I am in the market for any appliance, Haier will definitely be on my "short list."


Update: December 16, 2009

Here I am again. Still another year has gone by and this little washing machine continues to perform as it did when new. What more can I say other than the following: if this product is typical of Haier's quality, then the company is definitely a winner!


Update: December 17, 2010

As this unit has long-since been discontinued, this will be my final comment on this machine.

It is now five years old and it still works as it did when it was new.

I can think of no better attribute nor can I think of any better compliment.

Haier makes newer models of portable washing machines (all at higher prices, unfortunately). If you are in the market for one, I STRONGLY recommend that you consider this brand. I had read of some peoples' problems with this particular model but I can say absolutely that I have had NOT EVEN ONE issue with it.

I bought a range of spare parts, the ones which are unique to this model - just in case; it seems that that was money wasted. I have never had to use any of them (other than to replace the lint filter once - I am quite careful with it). Most of the parts making up the machine are standard items which can be found in any local plumbing supply store.

Of all the items I have purchased from Amazon over the years, this product is by far the best value.

If and when it breaks down and cannot be repaired (and that eventuality does not appear to be happening any time soon!), I shall buy another Haier model.

I recommend Haier portable washing machines unreservedly.
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on January 10, 2005
I have had this machine since November 2002, and I am glad that it has lasted this long. I bought it after our daughter was born, because I figured we'd be doing a lot of small loads of laundry all the time, and we were always running out of quarters for the landlord's machines. I still use it for almost all of our laundry, but only because I am incredibly cheap and want to get my money's worth out of it. It cleans our clothes well, fits nicely into our apartment, hooks up rather easily to our sink (especially since we have it on the dolly), and saves us quarters.
That said, there are several things you should know about this machine before you buy. First, you will be doing small loads (about 1/2 to 1/4 regular) so you will be doing many more loads than at the laundromat. Second--you should only use about 1/4 the amount of soap that you regularly use. Using more will cause a minor flood. I notice several reviewers mention this. It took me a while to realize that too much soap in this machine was the problem. Adjusting the soap level was the key, and I haven't had a problem since. Third--and this is absolutely the most aggravating thing--this machine does need "baby-sitting" as one reviewer put it. Unless you are doing a very very small load (and not even then sometime) it will never make it through a spin cycle without going off balance and shutting off. (and there are 3 spin cycles, so you'll be doing a lot of re-adjusting) You can't just put the clothes in and come back when it's done, you have to be nearby, if you want it to get through the load. This is the part I hate most, and the reason for my low rating. I just can't wait to live someplace where I can buy a washer that will get through an entire cycle by itself. On a final note, I've had a couple of repair issues, but keep in mind my machine is 2 years old and gets very heavy use. (...)
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on July 24, 2006
I spent over two years debating this machine. Based on previous customer reviews and the sad state of my building's "laundry facilities", I became nearly forced into the purchase & what a wonderful outcome! My only regret is not having enough confidence to spend the money for a larger model.

Despite what other less-than-favorable reviews say, this machine *IS* a gem. It takes longer to go over the manual than it does to hook it up. What has to be done? Put a panel on the bottom of the machine, make sure the machine is level (no rocking), screw in the water inlet hose. Wow. That was tough. NOT.

My biggest concern was that my sink faucet seemed larger than the connector. Guess what? I unscrewed the hose's connector, removed one of the washers (leaving one remaining) and the connector screwed to the outside of my kitchen sink faucet.

I haven't experienced *any* leaks. My thoughts are that it's from overloading the washer & putting in too much soap. People who have a tendancy to stuff commercial washers most likely have a tendency to add too much soap to make up for their "habits". This machine has done about 25 loads of laundry within 3 days. I pushed this thing to the max. Stuffing clothes in like it's a commercial front loader will not do the job. However, an adult washing their daily "outfit" will find this machine not only capable, but a real money saver.

Don't freak out when you put the machine on "Heavy" or "Normal" and it seems to do nothing. These are pre-washes that include long soaks each as well as filling the washer repeatedly. The most common was would be the "Light" wash, which is your 21 minute start-to-finish cycle.

*IF* you have an overload of suds, add a liquid fabric softener to the water and it will nullify the soap. Even though one ought to put no more than one ounce of soap into a load, fabric softener will not effect your wash (other than to make it softer), so you needn't worry about that.

Anyone who's considering this machine should feel confident in making the purchase. When and if this machine dies on me, I will replace it with another Haier. Except next time, I'll get a bigger one.
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on August 22, 2004
I've had mine for 6 months and love it more each week! Washes clothes as good - or better - than laundromat. Just be sure connector is tightened at top to prevent leaks, adjust the leveler prior to using the first time, and don't overload it. It's whisper quiet and does a great job. I have recommended this fantastic little washer to all my friends, esp. apt. dwellers with no washer hook ups. Read for more reviews and tips for this terrific little washing machine. I wish I had known about this washer years ago.
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on January 21, 2005
I really like this washer, it is small, space saving and cheap!!A GREAT washer for 2 persons! We are living in an apartment, this washer is great for us!
For the "installation" problems pointed by previous reviews, I want to say that it is not a problem at all!
I did it by myself without my husband's help.
The installation is very simple and I even do not need to read all the instruction for install it. (But it is better to read the instruction first).
I can connect the tap directly by using their "sink adapter"(water hose). You just need to insert the "inlet jointer" to "the water hose"(they are already in their position when I receive them, so maybe you do not need this step). And then connect them to the hose, then connect the hose to your washer.
There is a small trick for the connection: it is much easier to connect the "sink adapter"(water hose) to your tap first, and then connect the "sink adapter" (water hose) to the hose. The order may be important, since I felt hard to connect when I try to connect the "sink adapter"(water hose) to my tap last.
I do recommend this cute item.
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