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on June 12, 2014
Halloween 3 has always been considard the worst out of the Halloween Series for really 2 main reasons. The First being that it veared sharply from what people expected by going with an entirely different story. & 2) people wanted to see more of Michael Myers.
John Carpenter had intended after making Hallween II, to do an anthology like series of movies using 1 to 2 movies to tell a story. But apparently audiences associated the "Halloween" series to Michael Myers.
But disregarding the whole "Myers" storyline, this really is an excellent movie that most people don't give credit to. As a standalone movie, the plotline and acting is excellent. People should give this one a chance & see this again for what it is, a screen gem that deserves credit as a great film
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on November 4, 2016
This is not a Micheal Myers movie. It's a Halloween (holiday) themed movie with a terribly broken protagonist and a shaky plot. Seriously, he is an alcoholic, sexual predator who is supposed to be the morally upright doctor that's saves the day. The practical effects are amazing and I wish there were more children dying to showcase that. Yes children die and also Stonehenge is in California. Repeatable one lines and humor abounds. Check it out if any of this appeals to you.
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on October 28, 2013
okay everyone has their own opinions on the 3rd installment of Halloween, me personally, i not only loved it but the entire concept John Carpenter envisioned for the Halloween movies. which was to make each one different with it's own story, plot, etc... but because of the HUGE uproar over the absence of Michael Myers, Halloween III Season Of The Witch was a commercial failure. anyway as i said i really loved this film and the idea behind it, personally i often wonder what the next Halloween concept would have been like if this idea had caught to the Blu-ray version of this film. it is released by Shout! i mean Scream! Factory and i think they did a marvelous job with the HD transfer of the film. i really love the scene where their touring Silver Shamrock. the masks look absolutely vivid and colorful. i couldn't believe how well they stand out. as far as the audio goes you only get an English Mono channel, but because i'm guessing this movie wasn't successful enough to receive a newly mastered 5.1 audio track, Mono is as good as you're going to get. the disc also comes loaded with newly exclusive behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew of the film as well as a revisiting on-scene locations documentary. if you're a fan of this film or a completest looking to purchase this version of the film i highly recommend it.
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on October 2, 2016
Ok, this movie is terrible. It makes no sense what so ever, and I really haven't come to a conclusion on what the antagonist was trying do. But yet... I love this movie for some reason. Especially during Halloween time. I guess it's just the nostalgia factor. But it always makes me think of the different direction the Halloween series could have taken, but never did. But I think if your a fan of john carpenters work you should def check it out.
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on September 20, 2012
Let's face it. If you're reading this, that means, like me, you too are a huge fan of the only Halloween that didn't have Michael Myers.

Most of the DVD transfers I have seen have been quite sub-par. It seemed that they took full screen footage and added black bars at the top and the bottom to emulate widescreen. Also the transfer of the film itself was grainy and a little muddy at parts. It's also a no frills DVD. No real special features.

The Blu-ray version changes everything.

The transfer from the original source is magnificent. A fantastic restoration job. Everything is crisp and clear, even in the darker scenes. Also, the sound has had a significant bump. There are actually special features this time! You get "Stand Alone: The Making of Halloween III: Season of the Witch", which has interviews with the key cast and director. It really gives an inside look into the decisions about how the movie was made.

You also get an episode of Horror's Hallowed Grounds with Sean Clark taking you to the various locations from the movie. Another great addition. You also get audio commentary with Tom Atkins and Tommy Lee Wallace.

$19.99 is an amazing steal for this great Blu-ray disc. Shout! Factory has done an amazing job. I can't wait to check out their future titles like "They Live" and "Terror Train" and of course "Phantasm II".
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on October 21, 2014
Over the years I've watched the Halloween movies more times than I can count. While most of them were not amazing, when it comes to slasher franchises few have even come close. But up until I picked up the box set I had completely written off season of the witch as a huge mistake. I watched it once years ago just to be able to say I've watched them all. But I went in with a bad attitude and the ever popular ignorant mindset of 'oh Michael Myers isn't in this it has to stink'. And that's exactly how I walked away from it and never watched it again. Fast forward all these years to the release of the box set and after doing my research on why Michael Myers wasn't the killer and John Carpenter's original intent for the franchise I watched it again with a much more open mind. And boy was I wrong, this movie is great. I wont trouble you with a whole synopsis that you can look up yourself but just understand its executed perfectly. This film is more worthy of the title of the franchise than any of the others as it completely focuses on the occasion. The villain is just as emotionless as Michael Myers was only hes not hiding behind a mask to make the presentation easier. If John Carpenter went through with his original intention to make the Halloween franchise a different story with different characters in every entry it would be considered a huge classic by now and not lumped in to the likes of Freddy and Jason. Its tragic that this movie didn't get the attention it deserved, with much luck the people who own it with box set will give it a second chance.
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on May 20, 2015
I am a fan of the original Halloween 1978, the subsequent Halloween Myers sequels are hit and miss.

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch was a Halloween movie that I instantly fell in love with when I saw it back in the 80s on cable and is a MUST WATCH for me EVERY October 31st without fail.

There really aren't many cool horror movies that actually deal with the holiday of Halloween itself as a means for the story. There will always be the avid Myers fans that hate this movie because it's not about him and he is not in it, except for the fun and cheesy commercials promoting the original Halloween 1978 as the TV movie of the night for Halloween and then "Be sure to tune in for 'The Big Give Away' At 9..."

To the avid Myers fans I say there are copious Halloween Michael Myers sequels (and remakes) readily available, with high accumulative body counts, so feel free to delve in to those as needed for your Michael Myers fix.

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch represents a fun and entertaining look at the Halloween holiday from a fresh perspective with witchcraft and trickery at it's core, leaving the heavily trod slasher ground behind, thankfully. If you can wrap your mind around a Halloween horror film about Halloween and not a slasher movie I think you're bound to have fun and enjoy the ride!

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch is a great little Halloween horror movie about Halloween. Personally I can't imagine October 31st without popping the Blu Ray disc in my player and singing along 'Six more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Six more days to Halloween Silver Shamrock!! Yay!!


The Technical presentation of Scream Factory's Blu Ray release offers a decent video transfer and the 2.0 DTS HD Master Lossless audio track is ample but nothing special. There is no doubt Halloween III: Season of the Witch could use a nice video restoration and 5.1 lossless audio remix but I think that maybe asking too much.

I would normally say that this Scream Factory Blu Ray edition is as good as it's going to get for this film; but alas, Universal is releasing their Blu Ray version of this film in a few months so it will be interesting to see if they do some sort of more extensive video and audio restoration or if there will be any new and worthwhile supplements. I have no idea what the Universal release will be like but if they're using the same transfer as the Scream Factory I don't see any reason to buy Universal's Blu Ray version unless you're a nerd complete-ist (like me) or perhaps there are some revelatory bonus content or lost footage, which seems doubtful.

The bonus content on this Scream Factory BRD release are quite good. The interviews, commentary tracks and Horror's Hallowed Grounds episode are fun and super entertaining. Fans of this film should be pleased with Scream Factory's BRD release of Halloween III: Season of the Witch.
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on December 31, 2014
I've always enjoyed this entry in the Halloween series, back when they thought it would be fun to do a different Halloween themed movie every year, rather than retread sequels. In some ways, this is like a Doctor Who episode without the Doctor, or a Quatermas story without Quatermas. A seemingly innocent factory hides a terrible secret that could mean the end of the world. It's a fun movie that, like Halloween, can be sweet and scary at the same time. And you'll never get that damn song out of your head. "Happy, happy, Halloween! Sil-ver Sham-rock!" Also, it's fun to see all the cameos from the two previous Halloween entries. Anyone with a really good ear for voices will recognize Jamie Lee Curtis's voice as the curfew announcer and phone voice in the town of Santa Mira. The town's name itself is a call back to another classic film, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." So put on your masks and watch the magic pumpkin! If you dare!
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VINE VOICEon October 1, 2012
Let's get right to it: You and I already know that, some 30 years ago, the producers of the "Halloween" franchise took a gamble that didn't pay off. Not only did it not pay off, but few horror films--sequels or not--have been as reviled as this one. So let me tell you upfront that I always kinda liked it.

Now, to the Blu-ray. Given the film's reputation, it's pretty amazing that we even HAVE a Blu-ray of it, let alone a bonus-packed 30th anniversary deluxe treatment. So if you're only of the few fans of Halloween III, stop reading and go ahead and order your copy. For the rest of you, I have to say that I am very impressed with the HD upgrade Shout Factory has done. No movie from 1982, and certainly not a low-budget horror film, is going to be as sharp as a new movie. But there are moments in this one that come close to looking brand-new. A standout scene is when "Little Buddy" and his parents visit the Silver Shamrock factory. The orange of the jack o' lantern masks positively GLOWS. The film does contain a lot of night shots, and even those aren't overly grainy. The sound mix also seems right. . .for better or worse, get ready to have the Silver Shamrock jingle lodged in your head all over again!

There's a breezy and informative 33-minute documentary, "Stand Alone: The Making of Halloween III." It's nice to see the original actors like Tom Atkins and Stacey Nelkin, and director Tommy Lee Wallace share fond memories of the production. No ones takes themselves too seriously, acknowledging the film's failure while still expressing pride at being part of it. Atkins comes off particularly affable, all the more enlightening since his performance as a leading man is rather dull.

Wallace waxes nostalgic in a sporadically amusing commentary track, while a tour of the film's locations is pretty boring. Finally, there are the (lame) teaser and full theatrical trailers for the film. Oddly, even with a decent collection of special featuers, the disc does not have a scene menu that allows you to start the film wherever you want.

Although it may not sway the hardcore haters, this well-done presentation of a cult film should be embraced by the few who "get" the film. And you know, 30 years is a long time. . .I hope that those who might have been "on the fence" about it or simply haven't seen the film since 1982 will consider giving it another look.
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on December 5, 2016
I remember watching this in the theatre and reading the Fangoria. Too bad Carpenter's original idea to tell a different horror story every Halloween didn't take root. Instead it became, "Let's drag Michael Myer's out for tired sequel after sequel."

Even though the ending has some logic issues (someone calling 3 networks to cancel a commercial and having it stopped) was a head scratcher. It still is a great little horror flick.
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