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on August 22, 2014
This film is a very good sequel in the Halloween franchise for what it is. #1 It's a horror movie sequel made in the 80's so right away expectations are low BUT H4 is really decent. The story is not necessary for the legacy of Michael Myers but if they were gonna make another sequel anyway,this isn't a bad idea. Basically Mike had been defeated at the end of H2,shot & burned. He's been in a coma ever since and then he "overhears" doctors mention a surviving family member of his,turns out to be a little girl named Jamie. Of course the doctors mention this right around October 31st and also choose to move comatose Myers to a different facility around Halloween. He wakes up and goes on a rampage as per usual. Heading back to his hometown of Haddonfield where Jamie for some reason...lives.

Donald Pleasance adds serious credibility to this movie with his performance. Really good.

Mike is played very Ghostly by George P Wilbur as he moves silently and creepily thru streets and hallways. Wilbur is considered among the best Myers actors. Blah blah blah highlights include the rooftop scene. So on...just watch the film....the ending isn't such a great idea IMO but whatever. All in all,very good sequel for what it is...
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on October 20, 2015
Michael Myers may have returned but Jamie Lee Curtis refused to oblige, having become a BIG star. So they did the only sensible thing they could and killed off her character Laurie Strode, in the bowels of history. Somewhere along the way, while no one was looking, she mothered a daughter, Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd. The poor little orphan was shopped-out to the Carruthers family, where she keeps getting in the way of her faux sister's fun (Ellie Cornell as Rachel Carruthers). Meanwhile, a comatose Michael wakes from his long slumber and heads back to Haddonfield, leaving a lot of bodies in his wake. To no surprise, Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence) also survived the fiery blast that Carpenter and Hill had designed to finish off the pair in Halloween II.
What can be done, can be undone. And so Michael spends another Halloween decimating a police force and destroying a power substation, plunging the town into carefully controlled darkness. Those who aren't murdered rally to make another vain attempt to destroy Michael for good. But. Unfortunately. "You can't kill damnation, mister."
Bless their hearts, they do keep trying.
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on October 6, 2016
For a Halloween movie, it's pretty good. Set 10 years after the terror in Haddonfield, Michael returns to torment his niece. The disc I have is of poor quality, however. It skips and stops and I lose audio at times. I may have to buy another one as I find this disc to be "damaged."
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on June 6, 2012
Let's be honest here, no matter what horror franchise, the original is, and always will be, the best of the series. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. Yet every once in a while there comes a sequel that is actually worth the money that's spent on it by the company and the public.

For the "Halloween" franchise, that sequel was "Halloween 4".

The execs. in charge of the franchise made a hug mistake in "Halloween 3," making it completely independent of the tale of Michael Myers. This film, however, reunites viewers with their beloved blank-faced, sociopathic trick-or-treater they all know and love in a huge way.

Following the events of "Halloween II," Michael Myers is in a coma, severely burnt from his most recent battle with his former doctor Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasance). While being transferred to another hospital, Michael escapes to hunt down his niece Jamie (Danielle Harris) and once again bring terror to the town of Haddonfield.

Honestly, this movie is impeccably made. This is the only sequel that addresses how Michael got another mask. This is also the only sequel that actually instills the feeling of autumn from the very first couple of frames.

The story is not too over done (as it is in the sixth installment) and the plot line is pretty solid for being about a serial killer stalking a little girl. The acting is amazing on all counts. Harris is, believably, one of the greatest child horror movie actors I've ever seen. This makes all preconceived notions about the film fly out the window and lets the audience create their own experience.

When I was younger, Halloween H20 was my favorite installment in the series, but now that I am older I can see the flaws in that film. It was quite the opposite with this movie, where I grew to appreciate it more and more as time went by.

A great movie by itself but an amazing chapter in the mythos of Michael Myers.
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on January 31, 2008
It's about time that they finally got around to making a HALLOWEEN IV resurrecting Michael Myers from HALLOWEEN I and II and got it released on DVD.

This was a great Halloween addition, despite George Wilbur's role as Michael Myers not being as creepy or as sophisticated nor as convincing as Nick Castle role as Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN I and Dick Warlock's role as Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN 2, since Michael didn't do his heavy-breathing the way Myers did in both HALLOWEEN II and the original, plus the music score in HALLOWEEN 4 wasn't quite as good nor as creepy as the music scores used in both the first 2 HALLOWEEN's.

On the other hand, HALLOWEEN IV made a great resurrection by bringing Michael Myers back in the Fall of 1988 after HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH bombed at the box office back in the Fall of 1982 along with the fact that me and a lot of other Halloween fanatics had wished for Michael Myers to come back as well as another HALLOWEEN addition to the Halloween saga to plot a revenge in his hometown(Haddonfield, Illinois) after 10 years trying to repeat the same disaster and ordeal he caused in Haddonfield back in the Fall of 1978 with Donald Pleasance reprising his role as the now fire-scarred obsessed Dr. Loomis hot on Myers trail again unsuccessfully attempting to prevent another disasterous Halloween night in the remote Haddonfield.

It's just too bad they had taken so long to make a HALLOWEEN 4, which didn't finally come out till 6 years after the cheesy unsuccessful HALLOWEEN 3 came out, because between Halloween sequels that took place between the original and HALLOWEEN III, they ended up waiting 7 years to make another Halloween sequel with Michael Myers in it, since the last Halloween installation with Michael Myers prior to HALLOWEEN 4 was HALLOWEEN 2, which theatrical release was in the Fall of 1981, which was a pretty long time to wait to bring back the successful character of all the Halloween movies.

Therefore; in HALLOWEEN IV the producers had to improvise by revising the story & conclusion to what supposedly ended up happening on Halloween night of 1978 since HALLOWEEN 2 concluded with Loomis and Myers presumably dying off in the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital fire explosion, but in this flick Loomis and Myers miraculously didn't die in that hospital fire after all, but had nearly burned to death after Loomis set Myers on fire during that hospital expolosion leaving Myers in a presumed 10-year coma until he finally awakens from it in this movie on Halloween Eve of 1988 to relive his killing-spree.

I don't think director(Dwight Little) did as good of a job with HALLOWEEN 4 as John Carpenter did in HALLOWEEN I and Rick Rosenthal did with HALLOWEEN II.

Therefore, I think HALLOWEEN IV probably would've been better and quite a bit more shocking if John Carpenter had directed it, since he did a phenomenal job making HALLOWEEN I along with all the music scoring he did in both the original and HALLOWEEN 2 along with using his creative phenomenal HALLOWEEN Theme that was also used in HALLOWEEN I and II, which reminds me that HALLOWEEN IV came out the same year that both FRIDAY THE 13TH-PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET-PART IV: THE DREAM MASTER did, since FRIDAY THE 13TH-PART 7 was released in the movie theatre in the Spring of 1988, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET-PART 4 was released in the Summer of 1988 and HALLOWEEN 4 was released in the Autumn of 1988.

The one thing that baffles me that didn't make a lot of sense about HALLOWEEN IV is how was Michael Myers able to see again and how was Michael Myers able to know that his kid sister Laurie Strode(Jamie-Lee Curtis) was dead and how was Michael to know what his niece Jamie(Danielle Harris)even looked like since Michael had both his eyes shot out in HALLOWEEN II and had been incapaccitated in a deep-sleep for 10 years after Halloween night of 1978 and how would he even know to track his adopted niece instead of his sister, since Laurie was no where to be found and was supposedly dead already, since Michael had never even laid eyes on Jamie along with the fact that Michael had already been in a coma before Jamie was even born.

The other thing that baffles me about HALLOWEEN IV is in this sequel; the fictional remote town of Haddonfield is bigger, prettier, more colorful, and quite alive for a town that is located in a secluded area, but in HALLOWEEN I the city of Haddonfield was like a ghost-town since Haddonfield was smaller, quieter, less colorful, and even more rural than it was in this movie, but perhaps it was due to the fact that the filming locations in HALLOWEEN 4 took place in Salt Lake City, Utah back in the Spring of 1988, but in the orginal HALLOWEEN the filming locations took place in the L.A. Area, especially in Pasadena and Hollywood which was why producers had to import Autumn leaves during its filming in Southern California back in the Spring of 1978.

However; my guess on why they had decided to bring Michael Myers back and were prompted to make HALLOWEEN 4 was due to the fact that HALLOWEEN 3: THE SEASON OF THE WITCH had toppled so badly at the box office with very poor reviews back in the Autumn of 1982 after it was released in the movies back in October 1982, since HALLOWEEN III had no Michael Myers, no Dr. Loomis(Donald Pleasance), no Laurie, and no Sheriff Brackett(Charles Cyphers), especially no Michael Myers, but the only reason why HALLOWEEN 3 was unrelated to HALLOWEEN I and 2 was due to the fact that John Carpenter & Debra Hill only agreed to produce another sequel if HALLOWEEN III had no Michael Myers since they felt Michael had run his course.

Overall, HALLOWEEN IV was not a bad flick, even though HALLOWEEN 4 wasn't quite as good as the first 2 HALLOWEENs, but was still way better than HALLOWEEN III: THE SEASON OF THE WITCH was, especially since HALLOWEEN 3 was the weakest sequel to the whole Halloween saga and was totally unrelated to the rest of the Halloween installments, especially from HALLOWEEN I and II.

The only thing I find kind of odd is why didn't the producers use Michael Myers new mask that he used in this HALLOWEEN IV on the cover & poster of this sequel instead of using the mask that he used in the original HALLOWEEN which was actually a STAR TREK Capt. Kirk mask spray painted with white, but in this sequel, they used a more self-made ghoulish Halloween mask that was a little more sophisticated & ghostly, but a little less creepy.
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on May 19, 2017
Bought this for my brother as he's a fan of the series. He loves it!
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on November 22, 2013
Halloween 4 Limited Edition Tin is great being Horror fan I have always loved the Halloween movies and Anchor Bay have done us proud by producing these collectible tins all those years ago what you get in the Halloween 4 Tin is you get a 4 page chapter book and dvd in a cd case the only thing I would of liked Anchor Bay to have is a 48 page chapter booklet on the film other than that this is a great set if you are a Horror Collector this set is for you
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on February 14, 2015
After part 3 taking a sub-plot twist which i thought was awesome. This movie starts with a little girl being chased by Mike and kills her family. This movie has Dr. Loomis on full alert and he is pretty much running the police force because he goes nuts all the time. This is Donald Plesance' best film in my opinion. Plenty of gore and suspense to keep you going. Fans of Halloween will love it.
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on June 12, 2006
Halloween 3 was intended as an experiment to include different stories and concepts. The response was negative to say the least and John Carpenter had no involement with the rest of the series, not even as producer. Moustapha Akkad (financer of the first three films) bought the rights to the series and after seven years, Michael Myers returned to screens.

This movie was intended to as Akkad stated "Go back to the basics". I personally feel that the series didn't go back to the basics untill Halloween: H20 ten years later after this movie. This movie was still a fun ride and has the most haunting opening title sequence in the entire series. The characters are well developed and performed by a strong cast. This movie was highly praised by fans of the series, more so then the other sequels. Donald Pleasence returned to play Dr. Loomis and he's still the heart of the series. Director Dwight Little lifted the infamous shot in Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock. You will see this in the gas station scene. Just like the other sequels, this isn't a great movie but still enjoyable and good quality horror.
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on January 30, 2016
This was the last good Halloween sequel until Rob Zombie`s acquired taste reboots. It sucks that the other sequels are so embarrassingly awful but on the plus side its crazy how it worked out with this one and the first two working as an awesome trilogy with this one having a kick ass wicked ending to close off the trilogy. The ending really is something. Just a shame they didn't do anything with it for the next sequels. Halloween 4 definitely holds its own with the first two and is just as well made. It has a very similar feel, tone and atmosphere to the first two (which is why it works so well obviously) and characters you care about. The cast and performances are rock solid with assistance from great directing by the underrated Dwight H. Little. My recommendation is to strictly watch parts 1, 2 and this one ONLY!
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