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on November 13, 2016
Well what can I say about this game, one of the most anticipate game in the year, give some improvements on the game's mechanic, also is the start of a new trilogy followed by the Halo 5: Guardians, well this edition is the standard and now I will review the game, is an amazing master piece in the graphics, one of the better Xbox 360 games in the graphical sense, the controls are better, the vehicles more easy to drive and attack, the new enemies are just like the covenant but with steroids, and the history is the beginning of a new saga that makes the Halo experience more playable and enjoyable.

The multiplayer is good to, it seems a lot like the Halo 3 combined with the Halo 2 multiplayer, a little touches of Halo ODST from my point of view, but is very fun to play Halo in the multiplayer, is remarkable to say that the experienced players will love this, is so familiar and they just be felling to coming home.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 13, 2016
I have to admit: I am an adult and I loved playing this. I bought it for my son, but my husband and myself ended up playing it together and we beat the game. I normally would be ashamed to admit that with a video game, but this was extremely fun. I don't normally like shooting types of games, but killing aliens rather than people made my mind say "GO" rather than "NO". It was fun and I recommend it. Rent it first before you buy it. Most people I know who have Xbox also have this game. So, if you don't have this game, then my question to you is simple: Have you been living under a rock?
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on November 27, 2012
Halo is a great series and this is up there with the best of the bunch.

The graphics that 343 has managed to produce in this game are truly incredible. The textures, color, and lighting are impressive to say the least. The gameplay is fast and the AI is quite intelligent. The cut scenes are truly fact it may trick you into thinking that they are movies instead of CGI rendered scenes.

A lot of complaints about this game come from the fact that the gameplay, especially in multiplayer, has changed a bit. However, I feel that this is where the game actually excels. They have taken the suggestions of gamers and incorporated some aspects of COD and Battlefield while keeping the integrity and physics of Halo. People complain when there is change but I look at this as a step up. Remember also, people complained when Halo 2 came out, then they complained when Halo 3 came out, then Reach, etc. The controls are slightly different and the gameplay is tweaked but I look at these changes as upgrades. You may have to change your game a bit, especially if you are a competitive multiplayer person but if you were good playing Halo 3 multiplayer, you can easily make the transition and evolve into the new controls and features.

The story is good. It opens up a new chapter in Halo and leaves the story wide open for future releases. The actual gameplay is not lengthy but not short either. The co-op play makes the story fly by. There are definitely some challenges in the campaign with intelligent AI especially in Legendary mode. If you are planning to tackle the campaign solo in legendary, be prepare for some serious re-spawning.

This halo does have a new ranking system which allows you to purchase improvements for your Spartan as you level up. These improvements include load-out's, abilities, etc. However, it is much better than the COD system. IN COD, all you have to do to be good is have a lot of you play, your character becomes more and more powerful, leaving those of us with jobs to get assassinated by invisible super hero level characters. In Halo 4, it still has the arcade aspect so even a beginning player with skills can still be competitive. Yes having multiple load-outs and certain powers offers an advantage but not too much of an advantage to make a player dominant simply because of the amount of time spent playing.

Another feature added to Halo 4 is the "Spartan Ops," which are mini campaign objective based missions. They are a lot of fun and can be challenging. Additional chapters for Spartan Ops have already been released free of charge so the guys at 343 are keeping the game interesting here in its first month.

I have played through the campaign once and will certainly play through at least a couple more times. The multiplayer is fast and competitive. The graphics and gameplay are an evolutionary step up from previous versions of Halo. This is what I call a "system," game. The game is good enough that it is worth buying a system for it. So, if you were holding off buying the Xbox, this game alone may be enough to push you over the edge to buy one.
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on February 17, 2014
This game features a lot of new features that are okay, such as player made classes. Though, the game just doesn't stack up to halo 3 and reach. The maps are much to basic and do not even compare to the complex halo 3 maps. In addition you'll notice that you'll die much faster in halo 4 than in previous games, which is disappointing to say the least. This game marks the death of the old ways of halo multi-player. Although i do i have to say i never get tired of using the sticky bomb gun!

The campaign mode is okay, it has its moments in the beginning when you first return as master chief, although it starts to dull and it has some missions that seem to drag on with room type progression, facing the same enemy set-up as the previous room.

In short this game marks a great transition for the halo series. New players who pick up the game will no longer be evenly matched against vetern players with custom, experience build classes. And campaign mode will be increasingly linear (assuming the next halo picks up where halo 4 left off). I wouldn't recommend this halo to long time fans, although new players may find some enjoyment in it.
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on October 15, 2014
Let me just clear this up first, this game is not a Call of Duty clone. It feels and plays like Halo but 343 made improvements to what would've been a dated formula had they had made the game like older Halo's. If you like Halo and have an open mind for change, you will enjoy this game. One thing I've never understood is how Call of Duty is bashed for being the same thing every title yet when a game has massive changes (like Halo 4) then it sucks and isn't a "real Halo." Pure hypocrisy. Now that I've cleared up the basics I'll get on with it. My impression of the Campaign is it actually has a very entertaining story. Fun and fresh missions are met with that great Halo pacing and story. Even better if you play it cooperatively. Spartan Ops (basically that "third mode" that most shooters have) is actually pretty medicore. Missions are boring, dull, and lack that excitement and fun factor they should have. Spartan Ops is basically a side collection of missions that have their own story, only that story kind of sucks. Then there's the heavily debated multiplayer. I really enjoy it, feels fresh and I can stay on it for 2+ hours without being bored. Very happy with the multiplayer, my only desire is that they bring back the ranking system Halo 3 had instead of the standard level-up system most shooters have. (Here's hoping they bring it back in Halo 5.) Overall years later, this game is still fun. If you haven't purchased it yet then get it, it's very cheap now and with a great campaign and online play, this is a very solid package.
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on May 12, 2014
I'm glad I didn't buy this game the day it came out. I would've wasted $60. When I saw a used copy available through Amazon for only $13 + free shipping, I figured I might as well give it a try.

The campaign is unmemorable. This is the only installment in the franchise that I have yet to revisit the single player upon completing it on Legendary. I do so with the previous Halo games made by Bungie and still replay them to this day. I find the level-design in Halo 4 to be quite poor. There are only two missions in particular that I enjoy. The rest follow the same linear format of, "run here, press this button. Run over there, press another button."

I, unlike the majority of the fans on here, find the relationship between the Chief and Cortana rather stale. It's another cliche rendition of a machine falling in love with a human. I understand that it was necessary for 343i to detail her rampancy for the sake of the plot, but I wish they had done so differently. There are times when she's sad, irritable, and stressed, and there are other occasions when when she's happy and humorous; she's a lot like a woman who's experiencing premenstrual syndrome. Some of the dialogues between Cortana and John were quite sappy and cheesy. Examples:

Cortana: *goes AI crazy* THEY REPLACED YOU! Sorry!
Chief: It's okay.
Cortana: How? How is that okay? How is me putting you at risk because I can't keep it together okay?

At the end of the game:
Cortana: *touches Chief on the chest* sigh..I've been waiting so long to do that...

The multiplayer is fun, but it doesn't feel like Halo; it's the bastard child of Call of Duty and Halo. I also dislike the game's ranking system (SR1-130 in contrast to Halo: Reach's military-like ranks). But most of all, I hate the new armor permutation. 90% of the helmets are grotesque. The Spartan-IV's look like cheap action figures. I prefer the gritty look of the Spartan-III in Halo: Reach.
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on June 4, 2014
First off: Don't listen to what anyone says about Halo 4 being like Call of Duty. It's not. Sure there are loadouts and perks and support packages, but in my opinion those are not owned by Call of Duty. You can't have rights on a game standard. Now, onto the game.

I will start off with the multiplayer because I find it RIDICULOUSLY fun, and the majority of Halo players play multiplayer much more than the campaign.

I have never been good at any of the other Halo games' multiplayers, because I never found any weapons or if I did find a weapon spawn point, someone had gotten to it first. In Halo Reach this was a big problem for me. Sure I got a few kills here and there, but it never was... fun. But it has all changed now.

There are still hidden weapons around the battlefields, but now there is this thing called ordinance drop. Basically if you get enough kills, you get to pick one of 3 advantages that will be shot down to the ground from an invisible frigate. Usually these choices are either a really exceptional weapon ( Railgun, anyone?) or a new set of grenades or a abilty perk, like superspeed or a health boost. This has changed the game for me, and now I am usually at the top of the leaderboards. Sometimes first, but seldom past 6th.

I was skeptical at first because Bungie, the legendary creators of Halo, sold Halo to a new developer, 343 ( it was that and the fact that 343 is a character in the Halo games who is a complete backstabbing bastard). But alas, I was not disappointed with 343. They aren't better than Bungie, but they certainly aren't worse. I loved the new graphics engine and the new armor looks(MUCH better than Halo Reach armor. If you don't believe me, go look at the CQC armor. Bleh). So, Multiplayer concept, check.

Multiplayer Maps:

The maps on Halo 4 are freaking incredible. Ravine is stunning, filled with forerunner tech mountains and grassy knolls. Impact is just breathtaking, as you are in space. But the most spectacular map by far is RAGNAROK. Ragnarok is a remake of a classic Halo 3 map called Valhalla. It. is. Beautiful. There is a spire on each side of the map, with a sea behind one and a mountain behind the other. Marvelous. I never felt that any f the maps were too small, but I think that Adrift could use some work.

Multiplayer Rating
5 Stars


The campaign in Halo 4 was a little iffy in my opinion. When you start out you fight the classic aliens called the covenant. They are about the same. Grunts, Jackals, Brutes, Drones, Elites and the like. I didn't like the elite's new makeover. They look too... pale-ish. Play it and you'll see. But now there is a new alien species. Yep, a whole entire freaking species to worry about. They are called the Prometheans. They are silver and orange robot-alien things. They come in 3 types, Knight(Tall, dark, and incredibly frustrating when they teleport), Crawler(just about as annoying as drones. They are like dogs, fast and agile and like grunts, fun to punch in the face), and Watcher(Watchers fly around like drones and can revive dead Knights. Yeah.). The campaign was iffy because of these new aliens. Oh, and they removed the FLOOD from the campaign. Yep. The missions were okay, but these new alien willt ake awhile to get used to.

Campaign rating

Spartan Ops

Various missions that involve Prometheans and covenant. It was okay.

4 Stars.

So, overall, Halo 4 is a marvelous game, five stars, if you like both the multiplayer and the campaign. But if you are buying it only for the single player, 3 stars. Thank you for reading.
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on December 24, 2012
When I first heard that bungie was no longer doing halo games it gave me many doubts that 343i's games would not live up to the rest of the series.

First off, the campaign: the graphics in this game are absolutley gorgeous. Smooth textures and animations. The new motion capture was perfect. The story didn't feel so much as a continuation of the previous story but more of a new beginning for a new series. Excellent voice acting and outstanding music. They seem to be setting it up to go more deeply into master chief's personality. I would easily give this 5 out of 5 stars.

Next up, spartan ops: this is a fun little mode set up kind of like a tv show with a new episode each week containing 5 levels each. It doesn't really take the place of firefight (which I never really was a big fan of firefight) but more a second campaign in some ways. All the maps are either a chunk of the campaign or just a plain multiplayer map but adding aliens adds some more dynamics to the maps made for multiplayer. This mode is much better on co-op with a few friends. I would give this part 4 out of 5 stars.

Now onto the multiplayer: this has to be the best part of the entire game. It is worth buying xbox live just for its multiplayer. to start off the loadout system has evolved to something much like modern warfare but it actually fits halo quite well and everything is very balanced. The pace of the multiplayer has been increased to be a bit faster than that of halo reach. The weapons feel like they have all been beefed up quite a bit and the new armour abilities are amazing bringing many new strategies and dynamics to the gameplay. I would give this section 6 out of 5 if I could.

There are many other things I could add to this review but to see just how amazing this game is buy it yourself and play it. If you even have the slightest interest in sci-fi, action, or fps game then you are sure to find this game a masterpiece. This game is definately the best halo yet and definately the best fps and definately my personal favorite so far. I am now anticipating halo 5.
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on December 12, 2015
As the Halo series progresses, they are definitely not averse to change. The first halo was great, had a phenomenal plot and action was good. The second was good. The third was okay, though multiplayer was a bit like 2 v 1 always beats the 1.

Pros: same good ole science fiction shoot em up. The plot is engaging, and the action is good.

Cons: In Halo 4, the graphics style was updated. I miss the more cartoony look of the elites and grunts in the previous versions of the game. As is now, the enemies are harder to distinguish a push over from a super elite. The weapons have less ammo / seem to be under powered. vehicles seem to be more fragile and the vehicle weapons now overheat? Cortana is creepy. They took the whole female image way too far. and not even in a good way.
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on December 6, 2012
I will start by saying that I’m a causal Halo fan, I’m hardcore with RPG’s like Skyrim and Mass Effect, but with Halo I’ve always played about once all the way through on normal mode, and sometimes on Heroic on Co-op.
That being said, I enjoyed the game-play best in Halo 4. The action and timing was smooth, enemies were tough but not impossible, the graphics were a huge improvement over Halo 3, voice acting was spectacular (Hello Jennifer Hale!) and the new weapons, abilities and stages where a fun new challenge to master. Some of the new vehicles were also a blast to play through. (SPOILERS ‘the second to last level was reminiscent to Star Fox 64 for me. END SPOILERS)

However, if you’re looking for a great continuation on the Halo story, you might not to take this game too seriously. A lot of elements didn't add up for me, and bits of the story that connected each act were missing, it’s possible that these are/will be explained in Comics, books, or some other media, but in all honesty, I’d rather it was just addressed straight up in-game. It’s also possible that these inconsistencies are explained by miss-able sound bites on computer terminals or other such thing, like the voice recordings in Halo 3:ODST, it’s still not a good tactic in any case.
The biggest detail that I was continually left confused on was why I was fighting the Covenant, AGAIN.
Remember, I’m a casual Halo fan, so I might have missed something, but it never seemed to be mentioned in-game, and none of the characters addressed it. After the way Halo 3 ended, this part of the game jarred me quite a bit, and I’m still confused. I also take issue with the redesign of Chief’s armor and Cortana, mostly because it’s physically impossible for Chief’s armor to have changed the way it did while he was in status and total lock down, I don’t care how good Cortana is, she couldn't have upgraded that much. Speaking of Cortana, she looked downright weird, and I know they used a body model this time, but I think they would have been better off just sprucing up the Halo 3 model.
The most major turn off for me in this game is that you utterly fail to do the thing you originally set out to do, and Cortana dies. It’s a sacrifice she makes for chief and the last scene between them is touching and heart breaking, but it’s still a shot to the gut. Granted, I saw it coming, but I’m still not pleased, there is no Halo without Cortana, and unless the next games are about bringing her back, I don’t think I’ll be shelling out the money for the next round.

End Spoilers
So overall.
+Fun Game play
+Fun Mechanics
+Great shooter

-Confusing and poorly executed story
-Design changes that weren't necessary and didn't make sense
-Unpleasant twists that die hard Bungie fans will not appreciate.
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