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Hundreds of on-demand premium workouts from Orangetheory, SWEAT, Aaptiv, and more.

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Always getting smarter with new features and programs to help you build healthier habits.

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Members get full access to Halo’s suite of tools and features.

Halo is a new approach to improving your health — a membership that provides you with innovative tools, personalized data and insights, and an ever-growing library of programs designed to help you discover what works for you.

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Hundreds of premium on-demand workouts, daily meditations, sleep and nutrition support, and more.

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Body composition

Analyze body fat percentage—a better indicator of health than weight or BMI alone.

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Track active and sedentary time, intensity of movement, and steps.

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Analyze your sleep patterns, like how often you wake up in the night.

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Tone analysis

Analyze your tone of voice to become more aware of how you sound to others.

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Always getting smarter

Halo is continuously improving its features and inventing new ways to help you improve your health. Let’s go!

Membership that grows with you

Halo members have full access to our ever-expanding suite of tools, features, and programs. Non-members can still use the Amazon Halo Band and Halo app to access basic features like steps, heart rate, sleep time, and sleep tracking.

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Membership looks good on you

With Halo’s wide range of high-performance silicone and soft-woven fabric bands, you can switch up your style without missing a (heart)beat. Which is important, because the more your Halo Band measures, the more valuable your data and insights will be.

Designed with privacy in mind


Health is personal, and your privacy is our priority. That’s why Halo uses multiple layers of security to keep your data safe, and makes it easy to download or delete your data at any time. When it comes to your personally identifiable health information, no one will view it without your permission, and we’ll never sell it.

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